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Spyro had been at the beach for over two hours, still bleeding. He wondered if anyone would come and search for him or would they just assume that he went crazy again and started to destroy stuff. He could think of one person who would be searching for him though, Cynder. He actually hope that she never find him. He didn't want Cynder to see his dead body on the beach. It would crush her heart and he couldn't do that to her. He did want to see her one more time, but if she came before he died it would probably cause more pain to her if he died in front of her. He stopped thinking and just waited for death to take him.

Cephas landed in front of his cave content with what he had done. Cynder was waiting there for him.

"Where have you been?" Cynder asked.

"I was walking around and I ran into some trouble," Cephas replied.

"What kind of trouble?" Cynder questioned.

"Monkey problems," Cephas said, "I ran into a group of four apes of Malefor's army. They attacked me and I killed them. I managed to escape with a few wounds."

"You need to get to a healer," Cynder said as she saw the wounds.

"No, it's ok," Cephas replied.

"Let's at least wrap them up," Cynder suggested.

"Ok," Cephas sighed.

They went into his cave and quickly wrapped up his wounds and left to go for a walk.

Spyro couldn't help thinking of Cynder.

"How much do you love her Spyro?" he asked himself, "Are you willing to just lay here and give up while the Dark Master is hanging around with Cynder?"

He closed his eyes and tried to move, but it was painful to do so.

"Come on Spyro," his mind told him, "This is your test to prove how much you love her. Do something, do anything."

Spyro thought hard and came up with one thing. His closed his eyes and tapped into the powers of Convexity within him and unleashed it into a beam. The beam of Convexity raced into the air and continuously flowed from Spyro's body. He only hoped that Cynder would see it.

Cynder and Cephas were walking through the village when the night sky was illuminated with a purple tint. They both turned towards the source of the light and saw a beam of purple energy, piercing through the growing storm clouds.

Cynder took off with Cephas following close behind. Cephas knew this was some last pitiful attempt to talk to Cynder before he died. At least he would enjoy watching him die.

Cynder's speed increased, as she knew what this possibly could be.

"Spyro hold on," Cynder thought, "I coming to help you."

Spyro continued to unleash the power of Convexity though it was draining him of his energy. He stopped the flow and thought that that was it. The dark clouds above began to pour rain onto the land. He did as much as he could and now he will be lost forever. The beam flickered as Spyro stopped the flow of energy and died away.

Cynder was nearing the beach as the beam flickered and died.

"No, no, no, no!" Cynder screamed over the storm, "No Spyro hold on!"

She dived towards the area where the beam came from and quickly landed. She looked around the boulders and finally came upon a bloody heap that was the great Spyro the purple dragon.

She rushed over and sat down next to him and asked, "Spyro?"

Spyro's eyes opened and he saw Cynder.

"Cynder," Spyro said with a dry voice, "I knew you would come."

"What happen to you?" asked Cynder.

"I was attacked by the Dark Master," he replied.

"I thought he was gone," Cynder quickly answered.

Spyro began to breath more erratically and unsteady and Spyro shook his head to answer.

"Spyro, hold on. We'll get you to the healers," Cynder said as he edged closer to death.

Spyro shook his head again and his breathing continued to worsen as he pointed to Cephas and whispered, "…dark…" which was barley audible over the sound of the rain.

His message was incomplete as he struggled for air and eyes closed. Cynder shook Spyro and yelled his name. She was unsure what completely happen.

"Why did he point to Cephas and say dark?" she pondered," I'll figure it out later. I need to help him."

She picked him up and took off to the healers with Cephas slowly following with disappointment.

The healer was working on Spyro with Cynder and Cephas waiting next to him. Cynder was in tears as she watched the one she loved lay on the floor still bleeding and ripped apart like a dead animal.

The healer stood up and walked behind the two waiting dragons to get some potions and herbs.

Cynder reached out and grabbed Spyro's hand. She held it hoping that it would give him strength to come back.

The old female healer came back with the necessary items and continued her work. After five minutes of applying the items, she left again. As she was about to leave the room she told them that she would have to get her mate to finish since this was beyond her skills.

A moment later she came back with a large dragon with a pouch at his side with various items for healing. He stopped as soon as came in.

"The purple dragon," he whispered in shock.

"Yes," his mate replied, "He doesn't have long so you must hurry."

He immediately began his work. He asked his mate to get him some sort of strange plant they kept in the desk behind the two sitting dragons. She walked over to the desk and got out the plant and brought it to her mate.

On the way back she noticed that one of Cephas' horns had blood on it. She walked back behind him after delivering the plant and noticed that the large wound in Spyro's chest was caused by a horn and Cephas' horn was a perfect fit.

She went into the desk, grabbing a blue potion and came up behind Cephas, opening the veil. She quickly brought a claw up and pressed it against Cephas' throat. Cephas lifted his head up and breathed in deeply out of instinct and noticed a strange smell. His eyes then saw below his nose an open veil and his faded away and passed out.

Cynder moved away from the healer and was scared.

"Nothing to worry about young dragon," the female healer said, "I'm not going to do a thing to you."

"Why did you do that?" Cynder questioned.

"Because your friend here was the reason the purple dragon is nearly dead," she replied.

"What?" Cynder asked.

"I saw blood on his horn and I realized that the wound on the purple dragon's chest was caused by a horn and your friend's matched to the size perfectly," she explained.

It then hit Cynder like a train. All the little things began to add up. Cephas must have attacked Spyro, which is why he was hurt. Then she realized what Spyro had meant.

"Cephas is the Dark Master," she thought, "That is why he pointed to him and said dark."

Cynder now felt horrible for all of this. She nearly caused the death of the dragon she loved and the return of Malefor who would enslave the Dragon Realms like he did thousands of years ago.

The female healer took Cephas away and Cynder sat next to Spyro and held his hand again. The male healer was nearly done and checked him over to make sure he didn't miss anything. He wrapped Spyro's chest up and then left telling Cynder that he could do no more and only time would tell if he would make it through this.

Flame and Ember were at the temple telling the Guardians what they had learned about Cephas. At that time the female healer came into the temple dragging Cephas behind her, unconscious.

"Is this the dragon you two are talking about?" asked Ignitus.

"Yes," Ember said, "That's Cephas."

The healer said, "He tried to kill the purple dragon."

"What?" everyone present asked in disbelieve.

"He is being treated at this moment, but I'm not letting anyone else see him," she ordered.

"Who is there?" asked Flame.

"A black dragoness with a strange crest on her forehead," the healer described.

"Cynder," Ignitus said, "It is probably best if she was there with him. Thank you. We'll make sure to deal with him."

"You are welcome," The healer said bowing her head, "He should wake up tomorrow morning."

The sun was beginning to rise and Cynder was still waiting by Spyro's side. She had partially regained control of her emotions, but she couldn't help crying, especially seeing the scar that was on his left side of his face. A painfully reminder that he will always carry. The injury seemed to change his appearance. She remembered the innocent and happy face of Spyro during the adventures and the times a few months before. Now though it became the opposite. The wound gave him a look that he had a rough life full of battles and fights and it seemed to make him look sad or depressed. She could only hope that he would forgive him for this.

She was growing tired from her vigil. She had stayed up through out the night encase Spyro stirred. Her patience paid off because Spyro had opened his eyes and coughed.

Cynder waited until he caught his breath and asked, "Spyro?"

He turned his head towards Cynder and asked, "Yes?"

"Oh thank God you are alive," she leaned over him and gave him a light hug, careful not to irritate his injuries.

"Cynder can you help me sit up?" Spyro asked.

"Sure," she said as she helped him sit against the wall behind him.

"I have to tell you two things," Spyro spoke with a serious tone.

"Ok," Cynder said.

"Ok first Cephas is the Dark Master, he attacked me and left me to die," Spyro started.

Cynder interrupted saying, "I know I found out last night."

"Second I was wondering…how much…for your…love?" Spyro asked.

"Nothing," Cynder replied.

"What?" Spyro asked, "Are you saying no?"

"No," Cynder quickly said.

"Then what are you saying…" Spyro asked, but was cut off when Cynder put a finger to his lips and gave him a kiss.

They broke and she said, "It isn't for sale since you always had my love, but someone came in before for a time. We were never dating we were just hanging out. I did it so you might work up some courage for when I ditched him."

"Oh…"Spyro said thinking over what she said, "Thank you for waiting."

"It was well worth it," she smiled and threw her arms around Spyro and Spyro hugged her back. He ignored the cries of pain his body was sending and enjoyed having Cynder so close.

"Oh Spyro, I love you," Cynder said with a happy tone, "I can't tell you how long I have waited to hear you say that."

"How long?" Spyro asked a little out of breath due to the lengthy embrace that was still occurring.

"Ever since the Night of Eternal Darkness," Cynder replied.

"Oh, I should have told you sooner," Spyro said, "That is around the same time when I fully understood the feelings I had for you. I wish I was able to ask you sooner."

"Yeah," Cynder replied, "I noticed that you were having a hard time and that was when I knew for sure that you liked me."

"Yeah," Spyro said, "And now here we are. Together finally and you are nearly killing me."

"What?" Cynder asked.

"I can't breath well and this hug is making it harder," Spyro explained reaching the end of the supply of air in his lungs.

"Oh I'm sorry," Cynder said as she pulled back.

"It's ok," Spyro reassured her, "If it wasn't for this nice hole in my chest I would enjoy the hug more."

"I'm sorry though Spyro for all of this," Cynder said as some tears rolled down her face, "I have caused you so much pain."

Spyro moved closer to her and pulled her into a loving embrace, growling slightly from the sudden pain of the motions, but was able to say, "It's ok Cynder. If it wasn't for this I may not have worked up the courage to tell you for a long time."

Spyro held her as she cried, stroking the back of her head and neck, which seemed to calm her down.

Cynder regained control as she helped Spyro up and escorted him back to the cave.

Cephas woke up and was chained to a wall in a room with two small slits that acted as windows. Light poured into the room from these slits. He had get out of here if he was to live so he discarded the form he was in at the moment and reclaimed the shape of his former self. The chains that held him weren't long enough to contain the Dark Master's form and broke.

"It's about time I got out of that pitiful form," Malefor said, "I the Dark Master can't be held prisoner by the weak!"

He destroyed one of the walls and exited the temple, looking for Spyro and Cynder.

Flame and Ember flew back to their cave as fast as they could to see if Spyro was back yet. They landed and ran inside and found Spyro and Cynder sleeping in each other's arms.

"I guess he finally told her," Ember whispered.

"Yeah looks like it," Flame agreed.

"Maybe we should go out for a little bit and give them some time alone," Ember suggested.

Flame nodded and they left.

About ten minutes later Cynder woke up and looked at Spyro's wounds. She didn't need to unwrap anything because Spyro took them off since he stopped bleeding. She was surprised that he wasn't in a lot of pain since his wounds looked horrible.

Spyro woke up an hour later and smiled at Cynder, giving her a kiss. They decided to take a walk and Spyro suggest that they should walk on the beach since he enjoyed it there.

They walked to the beach instead of flying because Cynder was unsure if Spyro would be able to fly without being able to get the amount of air needed into his lungs. They had a great conversation about the adventures they had several years ago. Cynder had asked him how he used Convexity and Spyro told her the secret to tapping into its power.

They were half way to the shoreline when a large black dragon landed in front of them. They backed up and it was none other than the Dark Master. He wasn't as large as he was two years ago, but was still an impressive fourteen feet tall.

"I see that the purple pest survived," the Dark Master said, "It's a shame that you won't have a chance to recover."

"I'm going to kill you this time Malefor," Spyro growled, "You can't escape death forever."

"That's what you think," the Dark Master replied.

Spyro turned a looked at Cynder saying, "Cynder, I want you to leave."

"No," Cynder said, "I'm not leaving you ever again."

"Cynder," Spyro said.

She gave him a kiss to stop him and said, "Spyro I don't care. I'm staying with you."

"Ok," Spyro replied.

Spyro reached into Convexity hoping to kill Malefor before he could harm Cynder. His eyes glowed purple and was about to unleash it on the Dark Master when he noticed something unusual.

He looked at Cynder and her eyes were glowing purple as well. Spyro nodded to Cynder and she nodded back and they both unleashed the fury of Convexity on the Dark Master. The one being who had caused them so much pain and fear in life.

An explosion of the purple energy came from both of them and seven dragons made of Convexity energy followed and they flew towards the Dark Master and exploded when they hit him.

A great roar sounded, but slowly faded and the first purple dragon there ever was, was no more. Malefor the Dark Master who had eluded death for thousands of years finally found it.

Spyro and Cynder returned to normal and Spyro asked, "How did you use Convexity?"

"Well I did what you said and remember my body absorbed some of the Convexity energy two years ago," Cynder explained, "And I heard what you said to me."

"What?" asked Spyro.

"When you thought I was unconscious you said that you loved me," Cynder said with a smile and began to laugh.

Spyro simply shook his head with a smile and said, "Come on let's get to the beach before the sunsets."

The two reached the shoreline a short time before the sun was setting so they went up on a cliff that was nearby and watched the sunset from there.

The sun slowly sunk in the sky and painting the sky with beautiful shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple.

Spyro and Cynder loved it and Spyro was wondering if Cynder wanted to move into his cave. She said she would love to and they shared a kiss just as the sun disappeared from view and that ended the first of many days of their love.

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