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Note: Okay, bit of an odd IP today. Remember that wonderful lady author I rant about, keem? Well, she's got an equally wonderful story Cupidity on the go right now, and that's where this scene comes from. I don't want to spoil for anyone who's reading or is going to, but in short...Matsuda winds up at Near's building at the same time as Gevanni and Lidner. He's sent to the cafeteria with Lidner while Gevanni does something else, and then he goes to join them. keem totally gave me permission to do this and I fluffed it up with a pathetic little mess here. But I kinda like it so I'm posting it anyway. I just get the feeling that calling Lidner 'cute' would be the last thing any man will do. And that Gevanni would just watch the destruction in glee.


Little Lamb

Prompt: 31. Words

When Gevanni enters the cafeteria, it's all he can do not to laugh.

The place is, of course, completely empty, except for the two figures sitting at a table at the far end of the room. Lidner is her usual self, clipped and cleaned and perfectly turned out, and intimidating to her fault. And there, sitting opposite her, is one of the most easily intimated men Gevanni has ever met.

If bones could liquidate, he thinks, Touta Matsuda's would be doing it right now.

Lidner is sitting across the table from him, a cup of coffee untouched in front of her He fingers are steepled neatly a little way below her chin, and her eyes – very piercing, and very blue – are fixed on Matsuda.

And the man just doesn't know where to look.

Even as Gevanni watches, he tries to start up conversation three times. The first time, he is staring at what looks decidedly like a cup of hot chocolate, and he asks what she thinks of the new Kira that's appeared. The second time his eyes keep jumping between the table and a low-hanging light near the coffee machine. He asks if she likes it here.

The third time, he appears to have lost all sense of coherency, because he asks how her mother is and then comments on how pleasant the wall paper is, in bad English, staring at Lidner's nails.

She doesn't say a word. She simply watches him. Matsuda fumbles, and flails, and stares around the room, and doesn't seem to noticed Gevanni at all, and then makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

"So," he says, blissfully unaware of the torment he's about to undergo. "You're really cute."

Lidner's eyes flash and her nails go white. Gevanni turns on his heel, and leaves the cafeteria.

There's a coffee machine in the hall, anyway.