Ch. 1 –– Affinity

Kindred Spirits

"Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis."

-Teilhard de Chardin

(Reality and Imagination - two cornucopias which have never touched - brings forth two similarly different individuals...)

"'Take me away... A secret place... A sweet escape... Take me away...'"

A sentimental song poured out from the indigo-haired maiden's lips in mere whispers.

The earphones plugged firmly within the holes of her ears succeeded in drowning out the hostile exchange of spouted insults between her two siblings from the next room over. Hinata chose not to intervene and stop the two from annihilating each other; instead, sought refuge within the confinements of her bedroom. The soothing music - sung by none other than Natasha Bedingfield - flowed into her mind and soothed her heart into serenity.

"'Take me away... To better days... Take me away... A hiding place...'"

Her delicate pearl eyes drooped in concentration, the naturally curled eyelashes sweeping across her eyes for every time she blinked.

Hinata guided her dominant right hand to sketch the likeness of a preteen male - a solemn frown gracing his apathetic face. A proud and spirited flame long extinguished within his sharp, charcoal eyes. Spiky hair as pitch black as the purest onyx - reflecting the richest of blue sheen - blanketed his cheeks with long velvety bangs. His face handsomely sculpted with a diamond-cutting knife - fashioned with maturity rarely found among the common youth.

"'There's a place that I go that nobody knows where the rivers flow and I call it home...'"

Indeed, he has starred in every night of her dreams for God knows how long. Ever since she could no longer put her true self out in the open without the guarantee of freedom and safety.

This world, reality, held too much abuse and negativity - beyond the amount Hinata could possibly tolerate.

There are countless of people who demanded certain expectations to be met and hiss with disappointment when failure is the undesired result. The moral of compromise seems to be blatantly ignored when family, friends, and lovers continued to instigate fights amongst each other. As if working for an agreement was too difficult to achieve. And who would've thought there existed true heartless individuals in the world who took pleasure in belittling others - using deception and lies to twist the truth and harm the people they hate for the senseless of reasons.

"'And there's no more lies and the darkness is light and nobody cries - There's only butterflies...'"

Unfortunately, the shouting and yelling increased in volume. To the point it exceeded the music pounding in her ears. Hinata grimaced from the words of perversity blending in with the calming lukewarm melody. It contrasted each other far too greatly for her tastes - it was unorthodox.

"I told you not to go in my room without asking, you damn bastard!"

"Hanabi! A girl your age shouldn't be using that type of language!"

"Go and piss off! And stop trying to change the subject! I've told you over a million times and now I'll say it again: Get. The. Hell. Out. Of. My. Room!!"

"What's your problem? All I'm doing is putting your clean clothes from the laundry back in your room. No need to start BSing about it..."

"Whatever. Finish what mother has told you to do and leave. I'm still talking with my boyfriend on the phone."

"Hanabi... How many times has Dad lectured you about having a boyfriend?"

"I lose count after the thousandth time and who asked you?!"

Hinata sighed, thinking it wise to go to sleep. Now. Before they decided to drag her into the fight, which was the last thing she wanted. It wasn't in her nature to favor one side over the other, thus the reason why the family dubbed her as the 'harmonizer.'

Pulling out the earphones from inside her ears, she turned her Ipod nano off and decided to put away her art materials for the night - getting everything set for tomorrow morning when she leaves for school. Her father had constantly instructed her with an absolute strictness to always be prepared for the next day, because one could always forget things in the brink of dawn.

Ah, yes... her father. The same man who's the very root of her stress.

"Neji! How long are you going to take to complete a simple task?"

Speak of the devil.

She rolled her eyes, knowing full well his attempts in quelling the two riled dragons spitting fire at each other would end up being futile.

"Hn. Your daughter here is behaving like an intolerable, spoiled brat. All she does is talk for hours and hours on the phone with that idiotic boy–."

"His name is Konohamaru–."

"Like any other normal ungrateful girl on this planet–."

"I am a girl, if you haven't noticed–."

"Stop it you two!"

Wanting to escape the onslaught of verbal daggers tonight, she hastened to get to bed, slipping on a tank-top and clean pair of underwear, before discarding her previous dirty clothes into the hamper. Then, she literally threw herself onto the cushiony mattress and curled into a ball, groping for the pillow and shoving it over her head in hopes to block out the noise.

"You don't see Hinata acting like this little miscreant!"

"Well excuse me if I'm not Little Miss Virgin Mary! Hinata this, Hinata that - that's the only thing I ever hear from your flapping mouth! If you love her that much, go ahead and marry the damn prude! See if I care."

"That's enough out of you, young lady!"

Alas, to no avail. It was apparent she had to change tact.

By envisioning the handsome boy from her dreams brought a small smile to her lips - at the same time succeeding in muffling the loud raucous to a low buzz. For some strange reason, this boy possessed the innate ability to draw all of her worries and negativity into a condense ball - letting it float away into space, disappearing forever from the crevices of her mind.

Thanks to him, she could sleep soundly tonight.


The darkness was... palpable.

Hinata raised her hands to feel the unexpected texture of leaves against her flat palms. Soon weaving through the thick foliage of darkness with a tentative curiosity, the young girl cautiously navigated forward despite the fear of what might be waiting for her in the unknown.

She had this gnawing feeling in her gut that something was calling to her. Someone... wanted for her to come. To let her know he had an existence... and that he was waiting...


Sasuke felt a single heartbeat.



b-bump b-bump

...and then another...

b-bump b-bump b-bump b-bump

Until it became incessant. Someone, other than himself, was here. Somehow, someway... he wasn't alone anymore.

Wisps of air puffed out from his nose as he walked across the desolate plain of stark white snow. It stretched on for miles and miles for the eyes to see, suffocating the already dead grass and stagnant soil beneath its cold temperature. Trees with their opaque trunks and pale-colored leaves littered the entire land of bitter isolation, stripped of all organic properties essential to nature.

His shoe-clad feet crunched along the powdery snow as the snowflakes ceased to fall from the forgotten heavens, having long been whisked away by the fleeting wind. The stormy clouds tainted the lustrous sky with its profound waste of despair and hopelessness, mirroring the boy's own. It slowly drifted toward the opposite direction of his destination, as if being repelled by this positive force.

Sasuke's hands were jammed into his shorts' pockets - a vain attempt to thaw out the cold. His line of sight was fixated on that single area where the opaque trees clustered together to create a wide threshold of a forest. The darkness surrounding it didn't daunt him. No, he knew what awaited inside, and that was more of a reason for him to quicken his pace.

Time in this dimension of fantasy was undefined. It neither flew passed in a blink of an eye nor agonized Sasuke with it's snail-like speed. By wanting to reach the remote location hidden within the hollowness, he willed the distance to disappear - pushing aside the black foliage to venture onwards. To resist the emotion of fear was vitally important. If even for a second, Sasuke slipped up and warped on a miserable event of his life... well, he learned the hard way of dwelling on it for ages.

Suddenly, rays of light flickered through the rustling leaves, bushes, and trees until finally - Sasuke exited the depths of misery and into sun-kissed clarity. To think she was here of all places...


The color of health, vitality, life.

It painted nearly everything - with the exceptions of exotic flowers given their individual colors. Emotions of various wavelengths radiated from the aromatic plants, which Sasuke guessed all belonged to her.

Despite his nose crinkling from the sweet scent roaming in the fresh air, he strained his eyes to follow the sparkling rivers streaming throughout this entire clearing. So pure and clean - with hope as its nourishment.

Next, he lifted his gaze to drink in the intense sunlight bathing the whole area with tender love - an iridescent ring framing the white-hot star, which was implanted within the mesmerizing azure sky.

This clearing was created dependent on the dreams of the beholder. In other words, Hinata Hyuuga.

Though a little distasteful of the bright and blissful atmosphere, Sasuke admitted everything looked utterly magnificent, but refused to idle any longer. Thus, he wandered around, seeking the young girl who supposedly wound up here - due to an unearthly reason.

Perhaps it was Fate?

Such a possibility did exist. How else could she have arrived here in an imaginary world where only he resided when there were countless of other dimensions to end up at?

No point in pondering the issue. All that mattered was that Hinata was here somewhere and he swore to find her before she could randomly disappear someplace where he might not be able reach her.

Her heartbeats...

b-bump b-bump b-bump b-bump b-bump b-bump b-bump

They sounded louder, closer...

His heart practically raced from anticipation in toe-to-toe with her heart - as if they were connected to act as a whole. Sasuke wanted to meet this girl, to know what she was like, to feel her as if she really, truly existed. He needed to see her.


Sasuke halted.

There she was, straight ahead. A smile tickled his face and he stepped forward, but immediately deadpanned when seeing her sprawled out unconscious on the lush grass. Did she get hurt? Got attacked by anything dangerous? He wouldn't know, he hadn't seen any creatures inhabiting this world. So what happened...?

Next, he immediately rushed over and knelt down beside her, to thoroughly assess the damage.


...well, Hinata had a considerable lack of clothes on her, making him a blush a little. Nothing seemed wrong with her, though. Not a scratch, bruise, cut, or scrape– on the contrary, she looked completely serene on the small blades of grass. Just in case she was indeed asleep, Sasuke placed two fingers on her neck and felt its steady pulse.

So he was getting scared for nothing, huh?

Sasuke sighed, letting his touch linger on her skin to relish the warmth she radiated before withdrawing his hand to study her unconscious profile.

The images he had envisioned of this girl didn't do its justice.

A shame her eyes weren't open, yet, but if his memory served him right - a neutral smile stuck to her sympathetic face. A mirror reflecting an evanescence of hope within her clear, glass eyes. Unique, trimmed hair painted a glossy black - delicate like the softest satin - twin long bangs caressing her unblemished cheeks. Her short tresses decorated her porcelain doll face - an embroidery of blessed beauty insinuating her kind innocence.

Yes, this was definitely her; and, it was her in the flesh.

Sasuke would hate to wake her up when she looked so peaceful, but... what if her time here was short?

He knew, above all, Hinata came from a different world, Reality. She had to go back sometime, right?

Even though they haven't properly met, he didn't want to part from her so soon. At least, not until they get to know each other. He wanted to learn everything about her, spend as much time as he could with her to fulfill the empty void of his lonely, isolated existence. Nobody has ever entered this world since Sasuke came; it was a miracle alone he found Hinata snoozing here like a sleeping beauty.



The first thing she saw was light.

A male figure hovered over her slightly, his head thankfully blocking out the glare of the sun directly overhead. So heavenly - how the searing hot rays of sunlight made his face glow.

From what she could see, a thin smile adorned his usually forlorn face, betraying the soft glimmer of curiosity behind the emotionless veil of onyx irises. After witnessing the subtle hint of light within his pupils, she claimed to be wrong - his eyes weren't dull and lifeless at all. They were simply unlit of any emotion.

Hinata then moved to sit up and Sasuke backed away slightly to give her room as she raised a hand to rub her drowsy head. After re-acquainting herself with her bright surroundings and recalled how she got here, she decided to focus her attention on him. The boy of her dreams.

His onyx eyes deeply penetrated her own pearl-tinted orbs, reflecting the same exact fascination.

It was then they knew–

Their pain could be finally shared, be finally understood by someone who cared.

Isolated from the world she lived in, surrounded by a myriad of people, and yet still feel so alienated to their abnormally normal lives - she felt so out of place. But here - here - it's like she belonged. With him. Free to be who she was inside. Not only timid, but thoughtful and empathic.

Cast away in a world where imagination ruled and nobody had dared to trespass this sanctuary, Sasuke forgot who he was, where he was born, what his past was like - everything. Alone in his thoughts, his emotions open to no one, his sense of self withering, his patience thinning - he fervently wished for someone to cross him - and like magic, she appeared.

One thing had brought their two souls together, linking them as one for an entire lifetime:


To be alone together - why not?

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