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(A/N: As far as I know, 3 people including myself would like to see the sequel to Hisana: Origins, The Quincy War. I already wrote the outline for this story. So I figured, why not write it then? Enjoy!)

The Quincy War: Chapter 1, Invitation for War

Am I lucky or unlucky, Rei-chan? The war has officially started, and we've sent limited teams so far into the real world, hunting down our enemies, the Quincys. It's been a week into the war, and we've already lost 6 members from our division. They were unseated officers, but a loss is still a loss. Byakuya-kun hasn't been sent out the front lines just yet. Neither have most of the captains. The only division I know of that's working at it's full potential, is the 4th division. A majority of the members of the 4th division, have been assigned to work with the outgoing groups. Even Garasu-kun has been sent to the front lines. Miya-san has been sick with worry for him.

I haven't been called out to battle. I've been attending the 12 division headquarters for full day shifts. Is there a chance that I will never see the battles? Never fight, or get to close to danger? I feel kind of sick, not being able to go out there. But what's happening now are just intial strikes to open the war. We need to lower their numbers as fast as we can so we can have a greater advantage against the Quincys. Right now, our only advantage has been that they can't enter our world. To be honest, no ones ever heard of a Quincy that has entered the Soul Society. I was told by Teesai-san it was because, all Quincys would go to Hell when the die.

That seems pretty rough. But that's the punishment for sinning against the order of existance, or so they say. I really don't know what to think about that. I've just been mindlessly pumping out Kido crystals. It's my own way of, prematurely killing Quincys. I've been so bored, just spinning my kido spells, over and over again. Captain Urahara started playing music with his, recording device monster. It's a small green monster that can remember music, and replay it for us when needed. But even that is not enough to kill my anixiousness. During my breaks, I would do things like vertical push ups. Or going for short jogs with the other shinigami who have been set to work on Kido crystal production.

I really want to see Byakuya. But he's been so busy. So many things are eating his time. Meetings, battle formation practice, his duties for the 13th division, Byakuya-kun must be exhausted. Even Yoruichi-san hasn't been home much either. I've got no one to talk to really. The only person who I've been speaking with recently is the 12th division's 3rd seat, Kurotsuchi Mayuri. He seems kind of cold and unfeeling. But he's actually very passionate when he speaks. He's got blue hair, and golden eyes. Very strange looking, but handsome. Actually, I really don't think he's cold, he's really just indifferent when it comes to some things. The other folks working at the 12th division seem kind of scared of him, but I think he's alright.

I finished up for my work day and left for home. There was not much meaning, eating alone in the Shihouin manor. It seemed so empty. Even some of the servants of the house left their duties at the manor to help with preperations for the war. I didn't have anytime or energy for phsyical training. Crystal production is so tiring. I was told to eat more, but I seem to be losing weight. I have a lot of snacks and sweets in my room. I've been mindlessly eating at home, everyday for a week and a half. I kind of want to go down to Rukongai and visit Rukia and the others. But that wouldn't be allowed for me. It's too far and I don't have the energy to waste. I continued eating from a box of chocolate cookies.

"This is boring, Rei." I sighed to myself.

"Don't be so bitter, you're in a better position than others right now." She said to me.

"I'm aware, but that still won't stop this anguish I'm feeling inside."

"It's only for another few weeks."

"Don't you want to get into the action? Cutting down Quincys left and right! Releasing, Rage of Winds!" I talked with an excited tone.

"As exciting as that sounds, there's no way that can happen just yet. So just be paitent and eat." She said.
"The Soul Society is trying to make me fat!" I pouted. "Man, I'm bored!"

There was a light knock on my door. Is Yoruichi-san home? I wondered.

"Come in." I said with some energy in my voice.

"Kazehana-san." Miya said as she steppped into my room. "You have, chocolate on your face.."

"Oh? Oh yeah." I said while finding something to wipe my face with.

"I wanted to thank you, Kazehana-san." She said. "For the kido crystals you made. They're really helpful."


"Garasu told me that the members of the 4th division that have been deployed, were giving the kido riffles to use." Miya smiled at me.

"Oh well, I'm happy do though things for the Soul Society. I'm glad it's helping out Garasu-kun directly." I smiled back at her.

"That was all I needed to say. If you need anything else, please feel free to ask." She said.

"Okay. Thanks for stopping by."

She left my room, and I felt like I was in higher spirits. If I know what my crystals are up to, I can feel a lot better about it. All right, I'll do my best tomorrow! My crystals are already protecting the lives of other Shinigamis. That makes me feel, good! Yes, I can live with that, Rei.

"It's about time." She said in a soft voice.

I think I should head to sleep. Making crystals do eat up a bulk of my energy. Captain Urahara told me that the more energy you use up, the more it grows back. Like digging a hole, or some metaphor like that. The more deeply you dig, the more room for dirt. I think that's what he said. It's something very near that.

I fell asleep on my futon, not thinking about anything. I woke up early, feeling sort of lazy. Ah, I haven't been exercising much at all. Maybe, I should go for a run after breakfast. I jogged all of the way to the 13th division headquaters. They're already stressed without me! Byakuya was in the office early, and was completely hidden by the piles of paperwork.

"Byakuya-senpai, you in here?" I pretended to not know if he was in the room or not.

"Hisana-chan?" His voice held some surprise.

"I came to visit before I go over to the 12th division." I said with a happy tone.

"Oh, well then, come in." He sounded happy.

I made my way through the maze of paperwork. Where do the trees to support this massive amount of paper? The whole world is going to run out one day! I made my way to wear Byakuya was and stood by his side. I gave him a small wave.

"Hisana-chan, seeing you here, it places my feelings at ease." He smiled lightly.

"I feel the same way, senpai." I smiled at him.

"So, how are the crystals coming along?" He asked me.

"Um, good. I've just heard about the 4th division putting them into use. It sounds kind of strange, because they're not a combat division."

"They too need to be protected." He stated the obvious with a blank expression.

"I'm just glad I have some far reaching influence." I laughed out loud.

"I'm glad Hisana-chan is in high spirits." Byakuya's face was so handsome as he spoke. I could have fainted.

"So, I'll see you later sometime then?" I said hopefully.

"Of course."

I left the 13th division HQ to head over to the 12th. Ah, I hope that green monster has more music. I released Rei and started to work on the next kido crystal. Today's spell, #54, Haien. So far, we've made Kido crystals with spells ranging from 1 to 50. But we're going to need the higher level spells, might as well make one now.

I punched the number into my chart, to notify the 12th that I was making a 54 kido spell crystal. I started the spell, and watched it grow into a tiny, dark purple ball at the tip of my zanpakuto. It was pretty dangerous, when I thought about it. Because if I ever lost control over this kido spell, the whole room would be burned down.

The other kido crystal creators, were staring me, cautiously. Was I really casting such a dangerous spell? Of course, I'm bored and I've got guts! I'll take responsibility if this goes bad. I kept spinning the spell until the crystal was solid. Man, that was tiring. The energy it takes to cast a higher level spell is so much more draining.

I took my lunch break and had lunch with Mayuri. It didn't seem like anyone wanted to sit next to him for some reason. But I think he's an okay guy. Misunderstood, but I think he's one of the best people working here.