But Une, I Want A Baby - Chapter 7

The next thing Une heard was glass smash. She looked quizzically at Treize across the table to see what was akin to a 'Kodak Moment'. He was sitting there mouth agape, eyes wide and his arm raised slightly where his fingers held an invisible glass where seconds ago it was resting in his fingers full of wine, that was until it slipped. He was so shocked that he hadn't even noticed that the wine that fell had soaked his leg and stained his trousers.

"You're what, my Lady?" Treize asked when he finally got round to breathing.

Une got closer to the table. Held Treize's hand and said "Treize, I'm pregnant."

Treize was still frozen, one million and one thoughts going through his mind, she looked so deep in his eyes that she could practically see his thoughts.

A smile spread across his lips "Really. When did you find out? Did you know before you left for space?"

"No, no. I didn't know before I left for space. I only found out after I was shot and woke up in hospital when Sally told me."

"Why didn't Sally tell me? She knew how worried I was about you."

"I asked her not to. I wanted to tell you myself, somewhere like this, when we can both enjoy it."

"You made the right choice, Lady. I would have been more worried if I'd have known all that."

"Now that you know, Treize... What do you think? Are you still keen on having children?" Lady Une looked up at him, a little worried that his experiences with Maria may have put him off kids altogether.

Treize let out a snort, a happy snort, but a snort non-the less. And almost yelled, "Oh, of course I am, Lady. I couldn't be happier!" He stood up quickly and picked Une up out her chair and hugged her as close as he could with out her gasping in pain from her injury.

His spontaneity grew when he stood up on the cream leather guilded chair, grasped another glass sitting on their table and a desert spoon and clinked the two together a few times to get the attention of all the posh people in the restaurant. When they saw it was His Excellency Treize Khushrenada himself, they soon shut up and gave him their undivided attention.

"Ah, Lady's and Gentlemen, for those how may not know, my name is Treize Khushrenada. And I have a wonderful announcement to make: I'm going to be a father!" He smiled as he looked around the room and saw people clapping, cheering, gasping and whispering.

Treize stepped off the chair and stood directly in front of Lady Une stared deep into her chocolate eyes and slowly lowered himself down to the floor till he was on one knee. He held both her hands in one of his and reached into his pocket, pulled out a black velvet box. He opened it up, his eyes not leaving hers for a second.

If anyone in the room was only half interested before, they were falling over their tables to listen in now.

"Lady, I would be the happiest man in existence if you would do me the honour of being my wife."

Une broke out into a huge smile and threw herself onto him, injury ignored, "Oh Treize, I will. I will be your wife!"

When Treize stood up and held her to him Une could feel tears in her eyes. There was no way she could be happier that she was right now.

~*End of Chapter 7*~

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