There were lights flashing everywhere, people asking him if he was ok. But he couldn't say anything. It's not that he didn't want to; he just… couldn't. But why would people ask him if he was ok when he surly wasn't; not after a crash like that. He could barley keep his eyes open before he fell into a dark place.

When he woke up, he was in a white room; the smell of some kind of medicine filled the room. An IV full of blood was hooked to his arm. It tingled where the needle poked through, but not unpleasantly.

The creaking of a door opening brought his mind back to room as looked to see who came in. It was a doctor, a woman doctor. She had blond hair and brown eyes with a big bust. He tried to say something to her, but nothing would come. Not even the smallest of sounds.

The woman saw him and smiled sadly at the poor boy. "Please, save your breath. Your name is Naruto Uzimaki, right?" He tried to speak again, but soon gave up and only nodded. "My name is Tsunade. I have some… terrible news for you." He nodded for her to continue. "Both your parents… died in the accident. And you… lost your voice too; it's unfixable."

Naruto said nothing; all he could do was stare at her with wide depressed eyes. He motioned his hands for some paper and a pencil. Once he got some, he wrote, "So what will happen to me now?"

The woman nodded and sighed. "You've been in a coma for about a week and in that time; I've found someone suitable to take care of you. His name is Iruka Umino. He's a kind man and loves children. He deals with this kind of thing all the time. He said he'll pay for everything."

Naruto's eyes widen more and almost seem to tear up. He would have never thought that someone would do something like that. But what about his brother? Tsunade seem to know what he was thinking and answered his thoughts.

"And don't worry about Kyuubi; he's fine. He just got a little scratched up is all. But he's been worried sick about you. He said that he'll be staying with you and your new foster father until you feel more comfortable." Naruto let out a relief sigh and settled back down.

"When will I be getting out?"

"In a couple of days; and during that time, you could meet your new guardian. He'll be teaching you how to do sign language so you could speak without having to write it down all the time." Tsunade explained to him.

He nodded and closed his eyes; feeling very tired all of a sudden. Maybe being mute isn't so bad. But not did he know that life was going to become more difficult in the future.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEE- SMASH! Sasuke smirked from under his covers as he felt the alarm clock smash under his demanding fist of fury. How many times must I tell Onii-chan that I don't need an alarm clock? Well, there's nothing I could do for now, so I should get ready before Itachi barges in here.

He got up, took a shower, and got dressed for school making sure he looked good for his first day of school. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and smirked. His raven black hair was nice and tidy, his pale skin held no visible scars, and his the school uniform fit just right to show off broad shoulders and his chiseled chest. What can he say; he's a fine work of art for a seventeen year old.

He quickly grabbed his bag and ran down stairs, grabbing a piece of toast off of his brother's plate as he ran by. He heard an irritated growl come from his older brother and smirked triumphantly. But before he could get any further, Itachi's voice stopped him.

"And where are you going so urgently?" His dark voice said smoothly. Sasuke stopped and turned around.

"Shikamaru has something he wants to show me and I'm trying to get there early before all the good seats by the window are taken." He replies before speeding out the door and hoping into his Chevy Camoro (sp).

He speeds off towards the school, wondering what Shikamaru wanted to talk to him about. He wheeled into the school's parking lot and parked his car, closets to the school entrance. He pocketed his keys and ran to the principle's office to get his schedule. He then went to look for his good friend Shikamaru.

He found him in their first class together, biology; lying his head down onto his arms on his desk by a window. His hair was up in a pony tail, making it look like a pineapple. Sasuke casually walked up to him and sat next to him heavily on purpose, startling the sleeping boy.

"Glad you're awake." Sasuke says with a smirk, getting a lazy glare form the sleeping boy. "So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Shikamaru placed his back onto the table and grumbled out boredly, "I can't remember." Sasuke looks at the head on the table with an angry look.

"So you made me come this early in the morning for nothing?" He asked furiously.

"Yep." Sasuke growled and placed his head on his hands. "At least it's not that early and that we got a window seat, right?" Sasuke sighed and nodded; can't argue with that. "But I do know there's this new kid; he's supposed to be disabled or something."

Sasuke was about to answer when the bell rang. Students filled the room and sat in their now assigned seats just as the teacher walked in. We got Kakashi again? And he's right on time. Kakashi was strange and mysterious man. He had white spiky hair and some kind of mask hiding his lower face. Something about allergies. And something covering his left eye.

"Ok class," he started, "before we get started, we have a new student that will be joining us from this day forward. But I must warn you, he's a little disabled." He chuckled, his visible eye making an upside down U. "You can come in now."

I watched as the door slid open and as two people came in. One was blond and the other was a red head. The blond caught his attention immediately. The boy's hair was sun kissed and his sparking blue eyes shined with shyness. The boy's skin was tan with some kind of marks on his cheeks, making them look like whiskers.

The redhead's hair was long and spiky in a way with blue eyes just like the blond. He was taller and older looking with wide shoulders and a muscled chest; the tank top he was wearing didn't help any either.

"Ah, Naruto and Kyuubi. It's been a while since the last time I seen you two. How's Iruka?" Kakashi spoke to them like they were old friends. They probably were.

"He's fine, kinda stressed." The redhead replied with a boyish like voice, making the girls in the classroom swoon.

The man then turned his head towards Naruto, making the blond nervous. "So how is little Naruto? Well I can't really call you small any more, now can I?"

The blond smiled, making Sasuke blush, and started to sign something to the teacher. "I'm fine, made a few friends while I was in the halls." Kakashi looked at the blond, not understanding what he just signed.

Kyuubi sighed and translated it for the man. "He said he's doing fine and that he made a few friends." Kakashi ahed and nodded his head. "You didn't look at the book that I sent you, did you?"


Kyuubi sighed and rubbed his hand through his hair, Naruto smiling in the back round. Sasuke watched as the scene played out, along with the other students. The raven couldn't tell if the boy was deaf or mute.

The redhead groaned. "There's no point in arguing right now, so Naruto needs to find a translator who can translate for him. Because I can't, I have work to go to."

"Ma, I understand." Kakashi turned towards the class. "Who here knows sign language?" The students looked at each other, shaking their heads.

I do! Sasuke shouted in his head. Come on Sasuke, raise up your hand. Slowly, Sasuke raised up his hand, surprising the classroom, not everyone knew he could do sign language. When did raise up his hand, Naruto looked up at the raven and blushed, looking away.

"Ah, Sasuke, thank you for volunteering for being Naruto's translator." Kakashi perked up, making the raven looked at his teacher in surprise. "Why don't you have a seat next to Sasuke, Naruto?" The blond nodded before turning towards his brother, signing something.

"You'll pick me up after school, right?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi smiled and signed back.

"Of course I will. Then we'll get something from Ski-Mo's for dinner."

"I love you Onii-chan."

"And I love you Ni-chan." Kyuubi rubbed his hand through the blond's hair, making it wackier. He turned towards the door and slid it open. He stopped and looked over his shoulder, giving a two fingered kiss to the girls that were in the front. "Bye-bye, cute kittens."

The girls squealed as he walked out the door and slid it shut. The boys rolled their eyes and watched as Naruto went to sit next to Sasuke. He was even cuter up close. He nodded his head towards the raven then looked up ahead to listen to Kakashi teach the lesson.

Who is this boy and how does he know Kakashi? And is he mute or deaf? Sasuke thought to himself. Through out the whole lesson, all he could do was think of the situation at hand. Before he knew it, the bell rang. He watched as the blond packed up his notes into his bag and slung it over his shoulders.

He must be mute after all. "Hey blondy, mind if I show you to out next class. I mean I am you translator and our schedules happen to be the same." The blond looked up towards the raven before blushing and nodding.

The next couple of classes went well and Sasuke translated every word correctly, much to the blond's surprise. At lunch, they sat together, waving off any girls that wanted to sit next to them. Sasuke waved a couple of guys over and watched the blond as Naruto watched them sit down next them, nervously.

"Who's this?" A redhead asked a tattoo of love on his forehead. When Naruto looked towards him, he was surprised to see black eye shadow around the redhead's foamy green eyes. He looked liked a raccoon.

"I don't remember you being around here." A brunette spoke this time. He had long brown hair that reached down to his butt and lavender colored eyes.

"Yeah, who are you?" A spiky brunette leaned forward towards the blond. His eyes were brown with two red triangles on his cheeks. "You're kinda cute." The blond blushed at this.

"Leave him alone, guys." Another brunette spoke. He looked exactly like a girl in a guy's school uniform. "What's your name sweetie?"

"My name is Naruto." The blond signed. They looked at him like he was weird or something. Sasuke saw the blond's discomfort and decided to help the poor kid out.

"His name is Naruto and he's mute." The raven replied for the blond. Naruto looked at Sasuke gratefully and smiled. "Naruto this is Haku," girly man, "Gaara," redhead, "Kiba," triangle guy, "Neji," guy with lavender eyes, "and here comes Sai."

Everyone looked to see a tall teen with really pale skin and black hair. He almost looked like Sasuke. He smiled at them, a fake smile that Naruto could see, and waved at them. He looked at Naruto with an expression and sat down next to Gaara.

"Hey babe." Sai greeted the redhead, wrapping an arm around Gaara's waist. Gaara gave a small smile and blushed a light pink. He leaned his head on the boy's shoulder and sighed.

"Hey." The redhead replied back. The two ignored the others and got into a heated discussion of when their next date would be. The others did as well, talking to one another. As for Sasuke, he watched the blond to see if there was any sign of disgust for how Gaara and Sai acted like. But as he did, he saw Naruto smiling at them like it was a normal thing. He gave a relieved sigh and kept watching the blond as Naruto watched everyone else talk.

That's when he noticed a small twinge of sadness in the blond's face as watched everyone else talk. Poor guy. I bet he wishes he could talk. "Uh, Naruto?" The blond turned to face the raven. "Were you always mute, or did you become mute in some kind of accident in the past."

The look on the blond's face made Sasuke wish he could take his words back. Naruto looked like he was about to cry. But the blond took a deep breath to calm himself. When he did, he started to sign.

"I was in a car accident four years ago that made me mute and killed my parents. A semi ran into us from the front, killing my parents instantly. But as for me, the seatbelt wrapped around my throat and squeezed hard enough to ruin my vocal cords. I haven't been able to make the slightest sound after that." The blond explained.

Sasuke looked at the blond with sympathy and signed back. "That must have been pretty awful to lose your voice." The blond shook his head and smiled.

"It could have been worse. I could have become deaf, blind, or paralyzed."

"Do you always look on the bright side of things?"

Naruto smiled. "Yep."

Sasuke shook his head and smiled back.

Whew, am I tired. I went to an all girls sleep over party last night and didn't fall asleep until it was around 4:30 am. I then woke up 8:30 am and left around 12:00. And I can't go back to sleep, so I decided to type my new story for you since I'm up.