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For Them All

Lukas packed up his briefcase slowly, methodically, relishing in the monotony of the task, the control. The ritual helped calm him, helped him forget about the case, about all he'd watched Dr. Hill and her boyfriend go through. He hated rape cases in general, hated seeing the looks on those women's faces as they sat before a jury and were forced to rehash their entire lives; but this one, this case, had been even worse.

Knowing that there were people out there who would exploit advances in technology to do something like that had made it worse. How many unsuspecting women out there would unwillingly and unknowingly have to go through it?

But, then, that one juror, the one who'd returned for her coat, had said it, hadn't she?

"You didn't win it just for her."

She was right, he hadn't. He'd won it for them all.