Claire's story

Claire, she grew up to be such a beautiful girl. She was 15 now and her birthday was coming closer and closer. Every passing minute was like a slap on the face for Quil.

Like everyone knows, Quil imprinted on Claire when she was two and has waited 14 long years to tell the secret, and now that Claire has matured Quil can't seem to keep his thoughts straight. He promised Sam years ago that he would only tell her when she turned 16, and that was really hard for Quil.

Claire was 15 and close to 16, physically she would be the same, just maybe a few weeks older. That meant nothing to Quil and everything to Sam. Claire matured to be one of the most beautiful girls that Quil has ever seen-even the guys at her school were servants to her needs. Claire had round cheeks, that she had ever since she was born, she had slanted and fierce eyes, her hair was long and curly the cutes nose you had ever seen. Her skin was light and clearly showed that she was of native American decent. Quil couldn't keep his eyes off her. She was slender and had always worn clothes that glowed that fact.

Quil was aching to tell her. One day, a week before her birthday, she had shown up at his house in the shortest shorts he had ever seen, and a revealing tank. His eyes popped and he was suddenly fighting the urge to tell her everything.

Claire was not ignorant of the fact that Quil was a werewolf, she had know ever since her 6th birthday party and Paul got into a fight with Jacob and he morphed-she remembered being very scared and the nightmares that followed, but felt better when Quil told her a bed time story. At first she just thought that everyone were protectors, but as she grew older she learned about other things that comes with being a werewolf-like immortality, Telepathy, Regeneration- and imprinting

The thought of imprinting fascinated Claire, she almost burst into tears when she learned about Emily and Sam's story. She felt so awful that she decided that imprinting was the most horrible thing that any one could do, she started to hate the idea. Quil wasn't too pleased

Clarie's best friend in the whole wide world was none other than Quil Ateara. She was like a little sister to him, and well Claire wanted to be much more than that to him. Of course she had to return the favor. Every now and then Claire would get asked out, but she'd turn anyone down-she was saving her self for Quil. That's only the reason why she wore revealing clothes in front of him. She smiled in satisfaction as she saw his eyes pop, but quickly gloomed down when he suddenly needed to leave the room.

"Boys" she sighed

Claire had other friends- Nessa and Leah particularly.

She hung out with the female werewolves because she was fascinated with them-they who never had to age-were around her age group and she could relate. Her Aunt Emily and Kim were to old to talk too. She liked to talk to Sammy, Emily and Sam's child but he was only 12 himself.

Claire sat on Quil's couch. Sitting exactly from where he was sitting-feeling the warmth of his presences it made her feel a bit better

"Uh, Claire!"
Claire's head looked up, but no one was there, she recognized it to be Quil's voice.

"Claire! Are you there?"

The voice direction was from up the stairs

"Yea!" she yelled back "Whats up?"
" know...come back later...I am ..uh.. busy right now!" Quil struggled

Claire was fighting a tear


Her voice was all soggy and cut, she felt as though she was stabbed a hundred times in the heart.

Claire left Quil's house broken and hurt.

He must not really want me she thought.

Quil upstairs watched Claire-full of tears walk to Emily's house, it was like a sharp stabbing pain burned him in the pit of his stomach

"No, I can't" He said "Just a week, I promised Sam"