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Chapter one:

What-what the hell is THAT!" Ranma Saotome shouted. He had come to the Training Ground of Cursed Springs, or Jusenkyo, with his father Genma, and had just knocked the latter into a Spring. What emerged and jumped back on the the pole sticking out of the spring was not Genma, but a giant panda wearing Genma's stretch-out Gi.

"That one Spring of Drowned Panda," replied the short tubby man wearing a Chinese Communist Party Uniform. "Very tragic story, about panda that drown in spring 5000 year ago. Now whoever fall in spring take body of panda!"

"Hey you didn't say anything about-" Ranma was so busy talking to the guide that he didn't notice the panda that had been his father swipe at him and knock him off his pole.

"No!" Ranma cried as he fell towards the pool-and hit the ground just at the edge.

"You very lucky, Mister Customer!" shouted the Guide. That one Spring of Drowned Girl. Very tragic story of young girl who fall in spring over 1500 year ago. Had you fallen in spring you would-" suddenly th Guide stopped and blinked.

"What are you staring at-?" Ranma suddenly became aware of how high his voice sounded, of a heavy weight on his chest-and missing between his legs.

"You no fall in spring-but you still young girl."

Charles Xavier was at Cerebro, scanning the Psychic Spectrum for mutants. Suddenly he felt a buzz that meant only one thing. A new mutant's power had been activated.

Charles punched at Cerebro's Keyboard console, and a picture appeared of a young boy in his mid teens, of seemingly Asian stock. Appearing alongside the picture was the data: NAME: RANMA SAOTOME. AGE:16. NATIONALITY: JAPAN. MUTANT POWER: UNKNOWN. CURRENT LOCATION: QUINHAIX PROVINCE, CHINA.

"What do you mean, you can't reverse it?" cried Ranma. He, or rather, she was in the Jusenkyo Guide's small hut. The Guide had changed Genma back by pouring hot water on him-and explained that from now on Genma would change back into a panda whenever he got splashed with cold water. But there was nothing he could do for Ranma.

"If this was from cursed spring, then you be like father," the Guide said ruefully. "But this not it. I Guide here for many year, and first time I see someone change without falling in spring!"

Angrily Ranma grabbed the guide by the collar! "BUT I'M A GUY!" Suddenly she felt her body tingle and grow in size; her rather enormous breasts flattened against her again muscular chest; her arms and legs grew longer and thickened. Warily Ranma felt a certain spot below the waist. "ALLRIGHT! I'M A GUY AGAIN!"

Genma's now human face looked rather grave. "Ranma my boy, I'm afraid it might happen again."

"Huh? What you mean?"

"Ranma, I'm afraid it's time I told you about your mother..."

Charles Xavier had summoned all his students and staff into the Cerebro room. "I have to tell you that I have discovered a new mutant." He wheeled his chair and pressed a button on the computer console. "His name is Ranma Saotome, a young Japanese boy who for some unknown reason is currently in China. The western Quinhaix province to be precise."

"But that's nothing but backwoods and mountains," said a short, scruffy man who looked somewhere between thirty-five and fifty. "I know, I've been there. What would a Japanese boy be doing there of all places?"

"That's what I want you to find out, Logan." Charles Xavier wheeled his chair around to face the others. "I want you, Scott, and Jean to take the Blackbird and head for China. Find this Ranma Saotome, learn what his power is and how he deals with it. In fact, I'd say it's very possible we may have a new student here very soon."

"My mother's a mutant?" Ranma cried out. He had no memory of his mother; for his entire life it had been him and his father traveling the countryside, training in martial arts. The few times he'd asked his father had just shown a picture of a very proper looking Japanese woman, in a traditional Kimono, with auburn hair tied up in a conservative bun.

"Yes," Genma nodded. "More specifically, she could change her shape. This-" he said as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out another picture- "is what she really looked like."

Ranma took the picture. It showed a woman whose facial structure was similar but had blue skin, gold eyes, and red-gold hair. She seemed dressed in a sleeveless white dress with a belt of little skulls around the waist.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier!" Ranma shouted at his father.

"Because boy, you must understand. Your mother had enemies. Powerful Enemies, who wanted to use her and her powers for their own ends. That's why she left, and I took you on this training journey. She didn't want them to get their hands on you, and she hoped you would have a somewhat normal life."

Ranma slumped as he took all this in, and suddenly noticed that he had become a she again. "What happened?" she cried.

"Actually, Mr. Customer," said the guide, "you change several time while father talk to you."

Logan, Scott Summers, and Jean Grey were in the Blackbird, flying over China. "Okay, here it is," said Logan. The jet was in stealth mode and hey were all dressed in their X-Men uniforms; they weren't going into any heavily populated area but f they did draw the notice of the Chinese Government they didn't want to be identified.

Jean Grey touched the temples of her forehead. Before they left Professor Xavier had her feel Ranma Saotome's psycich aura, so she could identify him when they found him."I've found him!"

At the pilot seat, Logan slowed down the Blackbird. "Alright Jean, tell us where he is."

"A little to the west of us," said Jean. "There."

Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops looked at the computer screen scanning the area. "I don't see anyone who looks like him."

Jean opened her eyes and walked over to Scott. "I feel him." She looked at the screen and frowned. "There. Those three people being chased by those women."

"None of them look like him."

Jean pointed to a short red-haired figure. "That's him. I know it!"

"But that one's a girl." It was kind of hard to mistake, the way those mounds were moving up and down on the person's chest.

"I know but it's him!"

"You just had to go and eat that food, didn't you?" Ranma-chan shouted angrily at her father as she ran.

Genma-panda held up a sign. HEY YOU ATE IT TOO!

"Only because you were eating," muttered Ranma.

The Jusenkyo Guide had taken them over to a nearby village of Amazon Women, in the hopes that the tribe's elders might know of a way to help Ranma deal with his/her predicament. It turned out the tribe was having a special tournament that day. Ranma and Genma-who had gotten splashed a few minutes earlier and turned back into a panda-sat at a table full of food and ate as they watched.

That was the first mistake.

It turned out that food was meant to be the prize for the tournament champion, who-a young, beautiful purple haired girl that had just won-challenge Ranma immediately. Ranma accepted the challenge and won.

That was the second mistake.

Immediately after being knocked off the fighting log, the Amazon girl had come up Ranma and kissed her on the left cheek. Immediately the Guide grabbed Ranma by the arm and began to run.

While they were running, the guide told Ranma the girl had just given her the Kiss of Death-that to lose to an outsider woman meant that a Chinese Amazon had to give her the Kiss, then track her to the ends of the earth and kill her-and she started immediately after them, along with her fellow tribes women.

Suddenly, however, the trees right behind the three separating them from the Amazons. Ranma looked up and saw what looked like a black aircraft hovering a few feet above them. And standing in an open hatched behind the cockpit were a boy and a girl who looked a little older than her dressed in what looked like some strange sort of uniform. The girl waved her hand and suddenly Ranma-Chan, the Guide, and Genma-Panda, all floated up and into the plane.

Ranma looked down at the Amazon Women shaking their fists-then saw to his relief that he was male again. "Thank you strangers," he said to his rescuers. "Thank you very much indeed."

The two looked at him in confusion. "I'm sorry, but they don't speak Japanese," said a voice from the cockpit. The speaker got up from his seat and walked over. "I've set the plane on Auto-Pilot. My name's Logan, and these are Scott Summers and Jean Grey." He indicated the two.

Ranma bowed to Logan. "Ranma Saotome."

"Yeah we know. We came here to look for you." Logan took a lit cigar out of his mouth and his eyes peered into Ranma from behind his mask. "And forgive me for asking this, but weren't you a girl just a couple of moments ago?"

"I can't believe it," said Scott.

"Me neither," agreed Jean.

The Blackbird was landed in Jusenkyo just outside the Guide's hut. The guide demonstrated Genma's curse in front of them. Then with Logan and Guide-who happened to know English-translating, the Saotomes told Jean and Scott their story.

The three mutants contacted Professor Xavier and told him everything. "You say he changes genders? And he doesn't know what's causing it?"

"That's what I was able to get Charles," said Logan. "I tell you, I wouldn't trade places with that boy for the finest cigars in Cuba."

"It must be difficult for him," agreed the Professor. "Have you asked him if he would be willing to come here to the Institute?"

"I told him about it." answered Logan. "He's talking it over with his father."

Several feet away, Genma was discussing the matter with his son. "Ranma my boy, I really think you should take their offer."

"Why?" snarled Ranma. "I'd have to go to another country, and learn a whole new language."

"They're mutants like your mother-and like you. They may be able to help you with that problem of yours."

"Oh yeah right. You're just thinking you'd get to come along with me, and get free room and board."

Genma looked genuinely hurt-because that precisely was what he was thinking.

Still, Ranma thought about it. It would be nice to have a roof over his head and a comfortable bed; and to be with other people-he'd been on the road nearly all his life and rarely had time to really know people-the only real friend he could remember was that okinomyaki-seller's kid Ukyo.

Ranma and Genma walked over to where Scott, Jean, and Logan were sitting. "Okay, I've made my decision, Ranma said to Logan, who'd translated to the others. "I'm coming with you guys."

"Very well, Ranma." said the professor through the computer screen. "I'm sure, given time, we will be able to help you learn to control this ability of yours."

"Great!" said Genma cheerily. "When do we leave?"

Logan stared at Genma, and so did Scott and Jean after he'd translated for them. "Mr. Saotome," said Scott, "the Institute is for students only. Most of them visit their families on holidays or families visit them-well, There's Ms. Munro and her nephew Even, but she worked for the institute before he became a student."

Now Genma's heart sank. Without Ranma, he'd be nothing but a wandering tramp. He doubted even his old friend Soun Tendo would take him in without Ranma to betroth to one of his daughters. Ranma grinned at his father. "Well, I guess it's sayonara, Pop."

"Now wait a minute," said the professor from the computer screen after Logan interpreted. "Mr. Saotome, didn't you tell us you had been traveling around Japan, training your son in martial arts?"

"Hai," answered Genma, which the Professor knew was Japanese for yes.

Xavier rubbed his bare dome, as if deep in thought. "Logan, I believe Mr. Saotome may be helpful in training the students in hand-to-hand combat. It would be helpful to the X-Men if they know ways of fighting beside using their powers-and take some of the work off of you."

Logan examined Genma Saotome. At first glance the man looked like a fat slob, but Logan was not fooled. Genma Saotome carried himself with a grace and quickness that belied his enormous belly. The Canadian mutant had known many such men in his long life and thought it likely this Saotome guy could even stand up to him pretty well.

He translated Xavier's words, leaving out what the Professor said about the X-Men. Genma immediately grabbed Logan's right hand with both of his. "Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Logan winced; if it wasn't for his adamantium skeleton Genma would have broken every bone in that hand.

"Well, I guess I'm stuck with you," Ranma said glumly. He wasn't really that upset; he did sort of care about his father. And if the old man has some other students, he might ease up on me.

He could hope, anyway.

End of chapter one

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