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Others say I'm not using anything original here. I know Ranma's mother being Mystique is a common cliché, but that just means it's a popular idea. Besides, Ranma gender-bending because of an X-Gene mutation instead of the usual Jusenkyo curse seems pretty original to me.

To better explain Ryoga's powers: Like I said before, he is a teleporter like Kurt, only he can teleport over extremely long ranges because his body can store so much ki, which also greatly enhances his strength and durability. Although Xavier compared him to Logan Ryoga more resembles Luke Cage in this regard-his body is extremely hard to injure, but he doesn't heal as fast as Ranma or Logan. As to his teleporting, the longer the distance he teleports, the longer it takes before he can do it again. For now his teleporting catches him by surprise, but with time he'll be able to teach himself how to control it-although his family genetics will cause him to always go a littlebit off....

Chapter 10:

It was late at night at the Xavier Institute. Most of the students were in bed; it was a school night after all. Logan and Genma had gone to the tavern they enjoyed frequenting, and Ororo was going through catalogs looking for materials to help rebuild the greenhouse that Ranma and Ryoga had destroyed.

Professor Xavier was at Cerebro. He was scanning the Brotherhood Boarding House getting a reading on it's newest member. Cerebro's scan said the boy was from China, his name was Mu-Tsu, and his powers were defined as a combination of limited telekinesis and teleporting. Basically he could teleport inanimate objects into and from his hands anywhere within a half-mile range and control them as if they were extensions of his body.

Xavier filed the information away to tell the students later. He began to use Cerebro to search for other mutants when all of a sudden a loud scream sounded from the mansion above.

Kitty was awakened by her roommate's scream. "Rogue!" she shouted. "What's the matter?"

"Ah-ah had a nightmare!" The door opened, and in walked Scot, Evan, Jean, Kurt, and Ranma. "What's going on?" Scott asked.

"Rogue had a bad dream," Kitty said, then looked at Ranma. "Ranma-why are you a girl?"

"Wha-oh!" Ranma closed her eyes, and shifted back to male. "I guess her scream must have surprised me enough to trigger the change."

Scott walked over to Rogue's bedside. "What was the dream about, Rogue?"

"There was this woman, running from a castle, with a baby in her arms," said Rogue. "There were wolves chasing after her, and mysterious man wearing a red cloak floating up above. They came to a rope bridge over a ravine, she tripped-and the baby fell into the river!"

"Gott in Himmel,vhat a nightmare," said Kurt.

"Yeah Kurt," said the Southern Goth. "But Kurt, the strangest part is-the baby looked a lot like you."

Scott, Rogue, Kurt, Ranma, Xavier's voice echoed in the minds of the teenagers, meet me in my study. The rest of you, get back to bed. You all have finals tomorrow.

As they walked to the door, Ranma asked, "Do you ever get used to that, or does it still creep you out?"

"You get used to it," said Scott, "but it's still creepy."

"-and you say the woman then saw the baby being lifted out of the river by a young man and woman?" asked Professor Xavier.

"Yes," said Rogue.

"Kurt," Xavier turned his chair to the blue-furred mutant, "does any of this sound familiar?"

"Yes." Kurt crossed himself. "Mutter and Vater said that vas how they found me." He sighed. "But vhy vould that appear in Rogue's dream?"

"Perhaps they are repressed memories," said Xavier, "that Rogue picked up from when she touched you, right after you just met."

"Memories?" Ranma yawned, he was tired. "From that long ago? How could Kurt have any memories from when he was just a baby?"

"I don't remember them, Ranma," said Kurt. "I mean, how could Rogue absorb something that I can't remember?"

"Sometimes we still carry memories from those days buried within our subconscious," murmured Xavier. "And Rogue, there was something else. You also had another dream right before that one."

Rogue nodded. "Yes. This woman-the same woman I think-was handing another baby to a man. This wasn't the same baby. He looked normal-no offense, Kurt-but the man-" Rogue stopped, and stared at Ranma.

"What? What about that guy?" asked the pigtailed mutant.

"Ranma, I could be wrong. The man was a lot slimmer, and he had hair, but he looked and dressed a lot like your dad."

"You mean-you got something from me? From when I was an infant?"

"Yes, I believe Rogue has," added the Professor. "Now I'm going to probe your mind Rogue." Xavier placed the ends of his fingers to his temples; ordinarily he would have touched Rogue herself but her energy draining powers prevented him.

As he delved into Rogue's mind, he saw the dreams she described-the castle, the wolves,the fleeing the floating man and the familiar metallic voice he spoke with. He also saw Rogues other dream-and man inside indeed did look a lot like a young version of Genma Saotome.

He broke off the probe and opened his eyes. "That infant indeed does resemble Kurt. And Ranma, the man-he looks an awful lot like your father."

Kurt thought for a moment. "Ranma, didn't you say that you're mother left you with your father when you were a baby?"

"Yeah, that's what the old man told me," said Ranma. "You mean Rogue could have picked up when she left? Just from touching me?"

"It's possible," said the bald professor. "It's getting late, and the four of you have finals tomorrow. Best you get to bed."

As the children left, Xavier wheeled behind his desk He was certain he knew who the floating man was. And he was also certain who the woman in both of Rogues dreams was too.

When Logan and Genma got back from that bar, Xavier knew he would have a talk with the latter. He'd once casually asked about Ranma's mother, and all Mr Saotome said was she was a shape shifting mutant who left because she had enemies and she didn't want to endanger her son. Mr Saotome seemed reluctant to say anything else, and Xavier respected his privacy. But now he would have to ask again. That first time aroused suspicions, yet he knew of several mutants who could change their shape. But now he was certain.

Tomorrow he would have to pay a visit to Mystique.

Raven Darkholme was in her office, sitting on her desk. The files Mousse had downloaded from Cerebro were turning out to be quite revealing. To her surprise, it included Tatiwaki Kuno's sister Kodachi. She'd known the girl was powerful, but what Charles had learned of her from Cerebro-and that girl who was committed at the same place was even more powerful.

I'll have to find some way to get them out and bring them to Bayville, she mused. Boy would Pietro be in for a surprise!

"Ms. Darkholme," her secretary's voice buzzed over the office intercom, "Professor Charles Xavier is here to speak with you."

Principal Darkholme shut off her computer and openedthe disk drive. What does he want? She wondered as pressed the intercom button. "Send him in."

Ranma shared a third period study hall with Rogue, Kurt, and Evan. "I walked by Principal Darkholme just before third period, and she gave me that look again," he told the others. "Why does she keep doing it?"

"Probably just scouting you out," said Evan; they'd told Ranma after his first day when he described Darkholme's behavior that she was really Mystique, a shape-changing mutant who was the power behind the Brotherhood. They'd also told him about how she'd manipulated Rogue into thinking the X-Men were her enemies, then tried to kill both her and Scott on that spelunking trip a few months before Ranma came to Bayville.

"Ja, but yesterday, I noticed she vas kind of looking at me funny too," said Kurt. "I've been here longer than Ranma; vhy vould she take a sudden interest in me?"

"You know how disturbed that lady is," said Rogue. "Let's forget about it and focus on studying for our finals, 'kay?"

"Gotcha Rogue." Ranma turned back to his books and notes and was looking at them with such intensity Rogue and Even were puzzled.

"What's with him?" Evan asked; Ranma hadn't struck him as the type who cared much about his grades.

"He told me the Professor and Logan promised if he finished his finals vith a B average, he could use Logan's personal Danger Room exercise programs," said Kurt.

Evan and Rogue's jaws dropped. They'd both seen the Danger Room setups Logan personally used, and Ranma was pushing himself because he wanted to take part in them? Mah lord, he must have taken some major blows to the head when his father was training him, Rogue thought.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Principal Darkholme screamed.

Charles Xavier turned his wheelchair to the office room. "Very well," he said. "But in case you are wondering, they both turned out to be fine lads."

She had kept up her calm demeanor very well, and carefully guarded her thoughts. But she appeared agitated when he mentioned the loss of her sons, and when he brought up the subject of a castle in a dark forest, she exploded.

Carefully he weaved his way through the mass of students, careful to avoid any of his while he was there. They would surely ask what he was doing, and he did not enjoy lying or keeping secrets from his students.

He'd been unable to ask Mr. Saotome like he'd planned; Logan had brought him home from the bar barely able to stand on his feet. Apparently they'd gotten into a drinking contest with some out of towners and while Logan's healing factor kept him from getting intoxicated, Mr. Saotome was drunk enough for both of them. He was in no shape to be asked questions, and Professor Xavier wouldn't probe into the inner reaches of another's mind without that person's express permission. Probing a drunk man's mind was unreliable anyway; Xavier would just have to wait until Genma sobered up.

He shrugged. At least they hadn't gotten into a brawl. Xavier remembered the last one Logan had gotten himself into; he'd wrecked not one bar but three.

He'd gotten outside, and touched his forehead; fortunately in her final outburst Mystique's mind had revealed the general location of the castle. Logan, I have the coordinates for the castle, he thought.

Logan was in the Blackbird, sitting at the pilot seat. Apparently the castle was in northern Bavaria, sever hundred miles out of Munich.

He'd have to go this one alone: the kids were all at school, Ororo was busy ordering materials to rebuild her greenhouse, and Genma was still hungover from last night. Logan blamed himself for that; he should have warned Saotome he'd been pushing his limits. But with his healing factor enabling him to drink so much he ofton forgot what was safe for normal humans.

He gave the signals and the roof to the hanger opened. I'm headin' to Germany, he thought to the Professor. To find out just what was in Rogue's dream.

He had a feeling he wasn't going to like what he found.

Kurt had just gotten out of his world history class, relieved it was finally over. The last part of the exam covered the history of WWII. Told from the American viewpoint of course, Kurt thought wryly. Even though he knew what Germany did during that war was nothing to be proud of, and what his fate would have been under the Third Reich, Kurt Wagner was still a German. He remembered stories his adopted grandparents told him of how the American and British armies had looted their village, and there was one elderly woman from Berlin who as a girl was raped by invading Russian soldiers.

He found his locker, worked the combination, and opened it. He quickly threw his books in.

"Why you in such a hurry?"a southern accented voice asked. Kurt turned and saw Rogue standing there, along with Ranma.

"The professor said he might be able to find some more information, about your dreams" said Kurt. "Aren't you the least bit curious?"

"No," Rogue, "Rogue muttered.

"I am, some," said Ranma. "I mean, that woman you saw, in that dream with the guy who looked like Pop-she could be my mom." Ranma sighed. "Ever since I could remember, it just been me and Pop, traveling around Japan. He never talked much about Mom, and when he did, he was always vague."

"I definitely know that that baby in your other dream vas me," said Kurt. "Didn't you ever wonder vho your real parents vere, Rogue?"

"Yeah, sometimes," said Rogue. "But I always had Irene," she named the blind woman who had raised her. "I mean, she could be real strict at times with me, but still-,"

"Mutter und Vater were great too," Kurt said, "and so vere the rest of the family. But I've alvays vondered about my real parents. And I'm going to find out!" Kurt touched his image inducer, instantly changing to his real appearance. Ranma and Rogue started to cry out; Kurt wasn't supposed to show his real face in public. But before a word got out, Kurt vanished in a mist of brimstone.

Unknown to Ranma or Rogue, another student was watching from behind an open locker. The Hispanic-looking boy closed the locker door, and stepped between the locker spaces. Aft making sure no one was looking, a ripple slid from the top of his head, changing his form to that of Principal Darkholme.

"Are you serious?" Pietro asked Principal Darkholme;they were behind the football bleachers. "I've seen the security systems around that place."

"Don't worry," she said. "You're fast enough. And remember, I did get you out of detention for this," Raven Darkholme added.

Pietro grimaced; okay, so he kept looking at his open hand while he was taking his physics exam. He didn't have anything written on it; unlike most of his house mates he didn't need to cheat to pass. But he really enjoyed making it look like he was, especially the looks on the teachers' faces when they caught him but couldn't find any hidden notes or answers written on his body. But Mr. Varnsen was not amused; since he had no proof he couldn't expel Pietro but gave him detention for disrupting the class. "I mean, seriously, what are you trying to tell the girly boy and the blue furred freak?"

Raven shot him a dirty look. "Remember, I still have those Lego's and Jane Fonda videos." Pietro shuddered, and took off at what was even for him remarkable speed.

Unknown to either Pietro or Raven, a pair of eyes were looking at them from behind tinted sunglasses. The person those eyes belonged to reached into a jacket pocket, pulled out a cellular phone, and dialed a secret number. Magneto would need to hear about this.

"Yes, that's what I'm saying," the voice said over the communications system. "Mystique sent Pietro over to the Xavier mansion for some reason she wants him to deliver a message to Nightcrawler and that new guy they have."

"Very well. When Pietro returns, ask him what the message was. Remember, Mystique must not meet with either of them."


"Very well. You are dismissed." Magneto was pleased with himself. He had considered giving this duty to Pietro but decided against it. His son had always been a disappointment to him; Pietro cared about little more than amusing himself and chasing after girls. This boy would prove to be much more reliable.

"Magneto, come here." Magneto walked over where Taro was standing, in front of the security monitor. "There's a plane landing just outside the castle."

Magneto smiled as he saw the Blackbird lowering to the ground. So Xavier had learned about this place, had he. Well, that meant he had to abandon it.

Magneto punched at the computer keyboard, glad he'd had the foresight install the self destruct device all those years ago. "he looked at the monitor again. "Wolverine."

Taro smirked at the figure who emerged. "Looks like a runt to me."

"He may not be very big, but he is formidable," said Magneto, "even for someone like you." The Master of Magnetism walked over to the nearby window. "I've set the self-destruct initiative to commence; it will explode in twenty minutes. I want you to watch the monitor; if he makes it past the first two obstacles, stall him. But don't take too long, I don't want you to get caught in the explosion." Magneto had his doubts that the explosion would finish off Wolverine; that man was nearly impossible to kill. But at the very least Xavier's pet berserker wouldn't find what he was looking for.

Kitty Pryde was laying on the sofa in the living room, reading an English translation of her favorite Japanese manga. She looked a little closer. When that half-demon turns into a human, he looks an awful lot like Ranma, she thought.

A sudden gust of wind blew by her. Did somebody just open a window?

Charles Xavier was sitting at Cerebro. He had just placed the headpiece on to search for more mutants, when all of a sudden he felt the signature of one he knew all too well. Quicksilver.

Kurt and Ranma were in their room; Kurt was hanging from the chandelier by his prehensile tail;In his hands was portrait of himself and his parents, taken at his first communion.

He sighed at the memory. Unlike most Catholic children's, that had been a very private affair; the only other people attending were Father Johan and a few members of the Wagner family. They kept it low key, because Kurt didn't wear any of the makeup or coverings he normally did when he went out in public. On that day, he wanted to stand before God as he took part in the ceremony of bread and wine looking as he naturally did.

Looking back, he began to wonder about his natural parents. Why had they abandoned him? Was it because of his appearance? He could actually understand that; all his life whenever he'd first met someone his looks usually startled or frightened somebody. Even Scott and Kitty, who were great people, reacted badly when they first saw him. The only ones who hadn't were the Professor, Ororo, Jean and-

"Ranma?" The pigtailed boy was doing push ups on the floor. He was doing them when Kurt entered the room and he hadn't stopped. Doesn't he ever stop exercising? "Ranma?"

"Yeah?" Ranma finished his push ups and stood up.

"When ve first met-you didn't act all that surprised by the vay I look. Vhy?"

Ranma shrugged. "I dunno. I guess, since I turn into a girl and my old man becomes a panda when he gets wet, someone who looks like a blue oni just didn't seem all that strange."

Kurt frowned "Oni? Oh, you mean like that alien girl from the Japanese anime show Kitty like so much."

"Yep. Besides, you also look a little like that picture Pop showed me of my mom. She had blue skin and gold eyes too."

"Oh." He looked like Ranma's mother? "You'll have to show me that picture sometime."

He'd just finished speaking when he heard a knock at the door. Kurt teleported to the floor, then opened the door. There was no one there, but a an orange envelope lay at the floor.

Kurt picked up the envelope and opened it. "What does it say?" asked Ranma, who'd stopped doing his push-ups.

"If you two vant to know the truth about the dreams," said Kurt slowly, "come to the new mall construction sight. Come alone, the both of you."

"'Come alone, the both of you?'" repeated Ranma. "Who could have written that."

Kurt frowned. "It looks like a trap."

"Maybe." Ranma walked over to the closet and pulled out his X-Man uniform. "But if it is, at least we'll be wary."

Wolverine was getting irritated. When he walked into the castle, he was met with a an electrical field that sent enough volts into him to power a small city. After managing to shred the generator he was shot at by several laser cannons, set to levels much higher than the ones used in the danger room. If it wasn't for his healing factor he'd be a corpse by now.

All right, Wolverine thought as he walked up the stairs to the upper floors, I've made it past the electrical field trap and the shooting trap. There's bound to be another, either the big rolling boulder-trap, or the lackey left behind-to-fight trap. Add in the fact that this is set in some spooky German castle, and the whole thing begins to seem like a rip-off of some old action movie.

"So, you made it past Magneto's traps," a voice said in Mandarin Chinese. "I'm impressed."

Wolverine looked up and saw the voice belonged to a tall Chinese boy dressed in a green silk muscle shirt and baggy trousers with metallic fingerless gauntlets on his hands. Securing the the pants to the boy's waist was a pair of-pantyhose?

So it's the Lackey Trap, then. Wolverine bared his claws. "If you step aside boy," he said carefully, his Chinese wasn't as good as his Japanese was, "I won't hurt you."

The boy chuckled softly. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that." he said, and took up a fighting stance. By his body language, he seemed to be a very able fighter. Wolverine sniffed. He smelled-human?

Never mind. The boy was standing in front of the third door to the left That must hold something Magneto doesn't want me to see, Wolverine thought.

The boy leaped at Wolverine, who blocked his kick, and slashed at his belly. The boy blocked which his left gauntlet-he was very fast, and stepped back through the doorway he was guarding.

The doorway led into a short hall; at eh other end was a-waterfall? Wolverine kept kept attacking the boy. His opponent seemed able, but kept on the defensive as he retreated back through the hallway. As another of his slashes was blocked, Wolverine wondered why Magneto would leave such a weak underling to deal with him.

The boy ducked backwards, avoiding another slash-than walked through the waterfall. Wolverine followed him-and stop just after he stepped past the falling water.

He was inside what looked like a very large laboratory, with various beakers, test tubes, and electrical equipment set up on the tables. And standing right in front of him was a creature that resembled a thirteen foot minotaur with a pair of ridiculously small wings sprouting out of it's back.

"Okay, here we are," said Ranma. He and Kurt were at the construction site, just like the note said. They were dressed in their X-Men uniforms; if they were heading for trouble, they wanted to be ready. "Whoever left that note said he or she would be here."

"I am here," a cloaked figure said from behind the shadow of a building skeleton.

"Who are you? Ranma asked.

The figure stepped forward. "You already know who I am," a deep feminine voice said as she removed the hood from her cloak, "my sons."

Ranma's jaw dropped. This woman looked just like the one in his father's photo. Kurt's eye's, however, widened in horror. "M-mystique!"

Scott knocked on Kurt and Ranma's door. "Kurt? Ranma?" He knew they were inside;he'd seen them go in only a few minutes ago. "The professor says he may have-" he opened the door, only to find it empty. Scott looked up; no Kurt wasn't on the ceiling. Suddenly he looked at the bed, and saw the note lying on the bed sheet. "Oh no."

Logan ducked under another table as that winged man-bull thing threw another electrical apparatus at him. Man, but that creature was strong! About like the Juggernaut, but without the animal rage. It seemed to observe Logan and calculate it's next move instead of attacking in all at aggression.

There was no sign of that boy he had chased in earlier. Wolverine gave a quick glance at the waterfall he'd chased the boy through. Could it be, the Canadian mutant thought, that guy's like Saotome? If so, no wander Magneto would recruit him, even if he wasn't a mutant.

Wolverine dodged a thrown beaker full of water that shattered on the wall behind him. Spring of drowned- the broken label read. Whatever it was, Wolverine was glad none of it had gotten on him.

Ranma looked at Mystique. "They-they told me about you." Mystique just stood there. "They said you're a cruel, manipulative b-," the word Ranma used rhymed with witch- "who tried to kill Scott, and you've caused-" Ranma never got to finish that sentence, for suddenly the Blob landed Right between him and Mystique.

Dammit! Mystique cursed mentally; it wasn't supposed to go this way! She turned to the Blob, who was dressed in his torn vest and wife-beater uniform. The Toad leaped in front of the obese mutant, and Avalanche appeared at his left. Metalstorm stood on a raised raised platform just behind Blob, while with a sudden gust of wind Quicksilver materialized, leaning on Blob's left.

"What are you trying to pull Mystique!" Nightcrawler shouted.

"You fools!" Mystique shouted at the Brotherhood. Oh how she would punish them when this was over! "Get out of here!"

"No can do, boss lady," said Toad.

"Yeah, added Quicksilver, "we got orders from higher up."

Metalstorm quickly shot out a string of chains at Nightcrawler, and wrapped them around the demonic-looking mutant. Nightcrawler ported out of the chains and grabbed Wild Horse, then ported with him up onto the building construction.

"I'm on it!" Toad leaped up and landed on the hook of a crane beside the structure. He shot out his tongue, but Wild Horse quickly grabbed the prehensile organ and pulled him forward. Toad's head hit a beam, and he fell to the ground.

Avalanche sent a tremor to the construction. The building skeleton shook and Nightcrawler and Wild Horse fell. Nightcrawler hit a pile of sand and lay there, unconscious. Wild Horse, on the other hand, managed to get to his feet but was quickly grabbed by Blob. The pigtailed mutant strained to break free, but Blob was just too strong.

Avalanche smirked. "That was easy."

"Wrong!" A red beam hit Avalanche square in the chest, knocking him back against a support beam. "It just got a lot harder!"

Wolverine jumped at the minotaur-like creature, but it just swatted him back as if he were a rag doll. How was he going to beat this guy if he couldn't get at him?

Suddenly, the beast turned and with it's left fist,smashed a hole through the wall. Leaping outside, it's wings began to flap and the creature soared of into the night sky.

How can such small wings carry that thing? Wolverine wondered, then thought, Why did he fly off all of a sudden? Wolverine's keen ears then became aware of a loud ticking sound. He looked, and saw what looked like a digital clock boing backwards strapped to several sticks of dynamite-and less than ten seconds left. Great, he thought as he ran through the hole that creature had made. I completely forgot about the-stall the guy-until-the-bomb-is-about-to-go-off trap!

He had just cleared the castle when the bomb exploded.

Avalanche looked at the X-men, who were all assembled at the construction sight. "Blob, you hold the girly-boy while we take care of these losers," he'd said. C'mon, let's get them!"

Toad lashed out with his tongue at Spyke, who extended a bone spike from his forearm. Using the bony protrusion as a quarterstaff, Spyke let the organ wrap itself around the spike, then pulled. Unable to unwrap his tongue in time, Toad was jerked through the air and his head slammed against a dump truck.

Cyclops was about to put his hand to his visor to fire, when all of a sudden the devise disappeared. "What happened?" he cried as he immediately closed his eyes.

Metalstorm chuckled as Cyclop's visor appeared in his hand. "Three down, four to go.

Jean cried out to Scott, then saw a grenade fall right in front of him. She sent a force field around the grenade, holding the explosion. Then another appeared in front of her, and she had to put a force field around that. One more fell in front of Even, and and after contained that explosion, Jean was too exhausted to repel the chains that emerged from Metalstorm's jacket and wrapped around her.

"All right, four down, three to go." Metalstorm's mouth twisted into a smirk underneath his sunglasses.

Shadowcat snaked up behind Blob. Carefully, she phased through him and pulled Wild Horse from Blob's arms. "Thanks' Kitty!" Ranma said. Kitty blinked. Why was Ranma female?

She had no time to asked, for the Blob had yelled, and started to chase after them. "Let's split up, said Ranma as they ran away from him, then shouted over her shoulder. "C'mon Fatso! Try to get me if you can!"

Enraged, Blob ran after Wild Horse, who'd gone to the right. Smiling, the pigtailed redhead stopped just in front of a cement mixer. "C'mon, Tubby!" she shouted. "All that flab making you slow?"

Blob roared, and the ground underneath him shook. I thought Alvers was the one who made earthquakes, Wild Horse thought, as Blob got closer. He's building up enough momentum-

Blob reached out to Wild Horse; why was that girly-boy just standing there? All of a sudden the redhead had grabbed his wrist and kicked at his ankle, tripping the fat mutant and sending him into the cement mixer. Before the Blob could react, Wild Horse turned on the switch, causing the mixer to turn and turn, preventing Blob from punching his way out.

Quicksilver was having the time of his life taunting Cyclops. "C'mon, bind boy!" the speedster shouted as he kicked Cyclops in the stomach, then ran away before Cyclops could open his eyes. "Try to hit me! I dare you!" He dodged another blast then appeared right in front of his opponent's face. "I'm too fast!"

"But not for me!" Quicksilver was so busy tormenting Cyclops he didn't notice Wild Horse-until the pigtailed girl tripped him and pinned him to the ground. Quicksilver tried to break away, using all his speed, but even as girl Wild Horse was stronger than him. The red-haired mutant smirked, then knocked him cold with a punch to his temple.

Avalanche, seeing his teammates taken out, sent a tremor through the area, hoping to set the X-Men off balance. But Rogue had touched the chained Jean, and using her borrowed telekinetic powers, lifted Avalanche off the ground, and sent him into a dump truck.

Spyke was busy fighting Metalstorm. He'd managed to use his spikes to break the chains Metalstorm had wrapped around him, and fired bone spike back at the Chinese boy. Metalstorm batted them aside with a large mace that somehow appeared from within his sleeves. Jeez, just how much stuff does he have in that jacket, the blond African American wondered. He couldn't keep firing spikes at the guy; soon his skeleton would weaken from the loss of calcium.

"Ranma," said Cyclops, "point my head in that guy's direction. Wild Horse nodded, and turned Cyclop's head toward Metalstorm. Cyclops opened his eyes and sent Metalstorm flying with an optic blast.

The Chinese mutant landed on top of a nearby rain puddle. The X-Men all ran up to him, only to be surprised by a white duck emerging from the pile of clothes. The duck looked around, then flew off.

"What was that?" asked Kitty.

"Could it be," said Wild Horse, "that guy's like Pop? He could have fallen into one of those cursed springs, and now changes into a duck when he gets splashed?"

""Possibly," said Scott. Kitty had found his visor among Metalstorm's clothes, and handed it to him. "Even so, he's still dangerous. We're going to have to ask the Professor more about him, and get a simulation based on him for the Danger Room.

"Wait a minute." Rogue had spied Mystique trying to sneak away. "Not so fast, Mystique! We've got some questions to ask you!" Mystique looked at them, then turned, changing herself into a raven, and flew after the duck.

Rogue started to lift herself into the air with Jean's telekinesis, but Cyclops grabbed her leg. "Let her go, Rogue," he said. "We've got enough to deal with right now."

"Yeah," said Wild Horse as she lifted Nightcrawler up and slung one of his arms over her shoulder. "Man, have we got a story to tell you."

"Oh, Ranma," Rogue asked, "why are you a girl?"

"Damn!" Ranma shifted back to male. "I did it to try to slip out of Duke's grip. Didn't do any good; that guy's stronger than Ryoga."

"-I'm telling you Charles," said Logan, "that place looked like the kind of place Dr. Frankenstein would have been comfortable in."

"Poor Kurt," said Xavier. They were in Xavier's laboratory; Xavier was checking a sample of Kurt's DNA and comparing it to those he had taken from Genma and Ranma. "So Magneto is genetically experimenting on mutants. I never would have thought he would go so far."

"There's more." Logan told about that minion he'd fought with, and how he'd changed when he got splashed with water. "What's more, I saw a piece of a smashed beaked with a label that said it contained water from those same springs that made Saotome a part-time panda."

"So he's dabbling with sorcery now?" Xavier said, not breaking his concentration. "What lengths that man will go to."

Genma was sitting in a nearby chair, his head in his hands. "I can't believe it," he said in a low voice, "after what you say she's done, I can't believe it's her."

Ororo sat next to Genma; as much as he irritated her she wanted to comfort him now. "I know it's hard," she said, "but it's true."

Genma lifted his head; his eyes were moist. "She said she left because she had enemies after her," she said. "Where they you?"

"I don't think so," Xavier moved from the computer keyboard. "We didn't know of her until five years ago; that was long after you say she left you and Ranma." He turned and wheeled his chair to the door. "Come, we have something we need to tell Kurt and Ranma."

"I can't believe it," Kurt said, staring over the balcony. "I've wondered all this time, and now I've found out that Mystique-is-my-mother?"

"Yeah, tell me about it." Ranma was staring down. "I don't know that lady like you do, but after everything you've told me about her-" he looked up and stared at Kurt. "And we're brothers."

"Well, maybe she's just messing with you," said Rogue; she had joined them on the balcony. "Ah mean, you know how she is. This could be one of those games she plays."

"I only wish it were so." The three looked and saw Professor Xavier wheel his chair out onto the balcony, followed by Mr. Saotome. "Kurt, we cross examined your DNA with Ranma's. We have found you indeed are brothers. And Mr. Saotome-" his eyes turned toward Genma, "-is your father."

They all just stood there quietly for several minutes. Xavier spoke up. "Rogue, why don't we leave these three alone? I'm sure they have some things they need to discuss in private."

After the two left, Genma walked over to Kurt. "You know, this is awkward for me too," he said. "I've just found out I have two sons. She must have been pregnant with you when she left."

"You must understand," Kurt said, "I vill alvays think of Christian and Gretchen Wagner as my parents."

"I don't blame you boy," said Genma. "From what I've seen of you, they've done a good job of raising you." A lot better than you could have, Genma's mind spoke in a rare moment of complete honesty.

"But I can't just call you Mr. Saotome anymore," Kurt continued.

"Just call me what Ranma does," Genma sighed.

"Very vell," Kurt smirked, "you stupid old man."

Genma chortled. "You're Ranma's brother all right; you've got the same snide sarcasm. Of course," he paused then went on, "there are going to be some changes, concerning our morning and afternoon training sessions."

"Really?" Was Mr. Saotome going to go easier on him? While he wouldn't mind that, the others would resent him for getting special treatment.

"Since you are my son," and Genma's mouth turned up in a grin, "I'm going to have to go a lot harder on you."

"Yeah." Suddenly Ranma circled his arm around Kurt's neck. "And I've got fourteen years of older brother stuff I have to make up for!" and proceeded to give Kurt several noogies.

"That also means," said Kurt, who then ported out, and appeared over the window behind them, "that I've got just as many years of annoying little brother stuff to make up for!" He held up Ranma's shirt and trousers, and Ranma was suddenly aware that he was wearing only his boxers.

"Why you!" Ranma leaped after Kurt, who ported into a nearby tree. Ranma jumped at the tree, and Kurt ported back on the balcony, laughing.

He still wasn't crazy about having Mystique as his mother, and he wasn't sure about Mr. Saotome as a father. But Ranma as a brother-that might not be so bad.

Kurt rubbed his head. If he'd lay off the noogies.

Mystique groaned at the sound of the pager. When she'd gotten home, she'd found out the the Brotherhood had been acting under orders from Magneto. She couldn't punish them for ruining her meeting her sons, or Magneto would have punished her. As much as she despised the man for all he had done to her and her family, she was no no position to defy him yet. So she did the only thing she could do.

She got drunk.

That was why she'd called in sick that morning; she wouldn't be able to maintain another shape until the alcohol left her system. While it wouldn't look good for the Principal to be absent during finals week, it was her first in the six years since she'd taken the job; they'd overlook it.

Groggily, she reached to her counter lamp table and picked up her pager. It was Kuno.

As she made her way to her study, Mystique wondered what new mutants Kuno had found. So far none of what he'd found seemed worthwhile; that Mikado Sanzenin's X-gen only seemed to enable him to attract lots and lots of girls. One playboy in the Brotherhood was enough!

"Ah, Madame Raven," Kuno seemed amused as his visage appeared on her holo-projector. "What troubles you today, if I may ask."

"I got drunk last night," she snapped. "You got a problem with that."

"I have found another mutant," Kuno answered.

"And what is this one's power?" Mystique asked snidely, "the ability to reach into a dimension inhabited only by mallets, grab one, and send it back after it's used?"

"I don't know." answered Kuno.

"You don't know?" Mystique answered back.

"That's the problem," said Kuno. "I sense the presence, but nothing else. It's as if I'm being-blocked."

"You're being blocked?" Mystique was intrigued; something that could block Kuno's Cerebro-like ability must be powerful indeed.

"Yes," said Kuno sadly, "but I do know the location." He spoke the name of the prefecture, the district, the business where the mutant was supposed to work. "I can't give you anything more, I regret," he said.

"That's well enough. You are dismissed." Kuno's image faded and she turned off the holo-projector.

Apparently this mutant was able to block Kuno's powers, and prevent him getting a full reading, maybe without even knowing. Such a mutant must be powerful indeed.

She looked down at the location she'd written. It sounded almost like the kind of place Pietro liked to go. That settled the matter. She would at least be able to punish the speed-demon, by taking along some others, in case that mutant needed 'persuasion' to come along. But she wouldn't take him.

End of chapter Ten.

In case you're wondering, 'girly-boy' is becoming the Brotherhood's nickname for Ranma, much like they call Cyclops 'Shades' or Nightcrawler 'the bue furred freak.'

Okay, before anybody flames me, I know that in Marvel Comic's Kurt's father is a demonic-looking mutant from another dimension. But not everything happens in X-Men:Evolution as happened in the comics, and Kurt's father is never revealed in the show. And it made more sense in this story for Ranma and Kurt to be full brothers,given the age difference I gave them.

The next two chapters will both take place during the episode 'Grim Reminder,' but won't include the events from that story. Don't worry, those events will still happen, they'll just be off camera. One will have Ranma going through that time of the month again, when a purple-haired Amazon shows up in Bayville. And Mystique goe to Japan with Mousse and Lance, to seek out the new mutant that Kuno had found. Who do you think it will be?

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