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Jacob's phone call had woken me up

The shrill echo of the ringing phone bouncing off the silence of my bedroom walls and dragging me out from my easy slumber, forcing me back into the reality of another long day.

Who the hell was calling me at five o'clock in the morning? I asked myself glancing at the red neon of my bedside alarm.

Nobody ever phoned with good news before nine, especially on a Sunday. Actually nobody phoned me much at all anymore except Charlie and he knew better than to phone me this early, he knew the hours I was keeping these days.

Rolling over, I snuggled deeper into my duvet and willed the phone to stop.

It worked….. For about a minute then the ringing started again.

I knew I didn't want to answer that phone, the rings definitely had an ominous sound to them but I also knew somehow that if I didn't it would just continue to ring.

Taking a deep breath I reached across my cluttered bedside table and picked up the receiver.

"Hello" I croaked trying to clear my throat.

"Bella it's Jake, um how're ya doing?"

"What's wrong Jacob?"

He was acting way too casual and since I hadn't spoken to Jake in nearly five years I knew this wasn't a social call. Well that and the fact that it was five am and I was having difficulty breathing due to the rising lump in my throat.

"Just tell me what's wrong" I said sounding surprisingly calm.

"It's Charlie" Jacob answered slowly "He had a heart attack, I'm so sorry Bella."

And with those words Jacob's phone call shattered the perfect little life I had built for myself. Smashed right through my impenetrable bubble and ripped the hole in my heart wide open.

Charlie was dead and for the first time in twenty years I was going back to Forks. Back to face the ghosts of my past, back to bury my father.