Hello my friends,

I just thought I would give you a small sampling of what I have been working on.

This is not going to be the sequel to Shattered but it will be Shattered from Edwards POV.

In this story I will answer everyone's burning question;

How did Edward become disfigured?

I will also be explaining;

His life as a nomad

What happened to his family? (The disbanding of the Cullen Coven)

His time in Alaska with Tanya, and why they weren't a good match.

And finally, what he has been doing to keep himself distracted for twenty years.

I hope you join me for this story

Thanks, J bug

In Search Of Sunrise


The cottage was cold and damp.

If he had been alive and his lungs had been working then the breath that escaped through his lips would have been pearl coloured in the moist air.

But Edwards's lungs had not taken a true breath in over one hundred years.

He simply breathed out of habit

Nor did he notice the cold and damp of the small run down cottage; it merely served its purpose, providing him with shelter and seclusion.

The light was just starting to fade from the grey sky as Edward pushed his wooden chair back from the scratched and unstable work table. The chair making a scraping sound as it echoed through the silent room.

He had no idea how long he had been sitting at the table staring into space it may very well have been days.

Time had very little meaning to him anymore, and it often escaped him completely.

He was however feeling a familiar burning in his throat and knew that he would need to hunt very soon.

Glancing at the calendar that hung beside the table he tried to focus on the date.

What day was it? Friday, no, maybe Tuesday, he thought suddenly anxious.

What was the month? Was it summer, winter?

I can't even be sure of the year he realized miserably, standing suddenly and walking to the entrance of his one room cabin.

Opening the door he peered into the coming night, a gentle breeze moving his unruly copper brown hair

It was Twilight, he observed through the frame of the door, the leaves on the surrounding trees looking black now against the darkening sky.

"The safest time of day" he said to the silent room "the easiest time but also the saddest, in a way… the end of another day, the return of night"

He spoke these words, aloud like a mantra in his smooth, silky voice, his mind moving to another time and place as he closed his eyes.

Edward stood like a stone, unmoving, remembering. He was very good at being still.

A sudden waft of the cool night air made his nostrils twitch involuntarily and he opened his eyes smiling wistfully

The stars had just started to appear in the dusky sky, like street lights suddenly being turned on, one by one

"She likes the night; he spoke aloud again "for without the dark, we'd never see the stars"

Then instinctually he started the hunt, chasing down the sweet odour that was burning his throat, the innocent deer never had a chance.