A/N - This one-shot was inspired by and made for asylumzero, and I know you (asylumzero) wanted Rachel to use bondage as revenge like he did to her in my story, but I decided to take it one step further (actually, changed it completely, hahaha) since I thought the idea of Rachel being in control for once would be kind of interesting. Hopefully it's not complete crap...hope you like it asylumzero! ;0)


The barium lights flickered overhead as Rachel irritably crossed her arms, her blue eyes boring into the elusive clown prince of crime's as he continued to grin back at her. Always grinning...always laughing.

With an unexpected shiver, Rachel forced herself to appear intimidating as she snapped, "I'm not going to ask you again, Joker...what do you have planned for Gotham?"

"Planned?" Giving a derisive snicker, he plainly returned, "Well whoever said I had anything already planned? I mean, do you ac-tu-a-ly think I have a puh-lan?"

Spurred onward by a sudden burst of fury, Rachel took the Joker by the throat and slammed his head back against the wall, her nose mere inches from his as she snarled, "Do not toy with me! This isn't one of your games!"

"No? Well it should be" he smugly returned, his shark-like eyes growing almost predatory as he licked his lips. Showing her his shackled hands, he mockingly purred, "Y'know, I've always loved a woman who takes control of a situation. Are you going to pun-ish me, by any chance?"

Disgusted by his insinuation, Rachel's eyes widened when she discovered that the Joker was telling her the truth, his arousal shamelessly tenting his pants as he leered at her like a pre-pubescent teenager.

Infuriated by his lack of respect, Rachel tightened her grip about his throat before growling, "Get that high school locker room mindset out of your head before I do it for you! This is a place for interrogation, not for lewd pleasures!"

The Joker cocked his head to the side, feigning innocence as he gave her a grin. "Prose before hos, eh? I like that...means you're boring, pre-dic-ta-ble, and very easy for my kind to analyze."

Rachel scowled. "I-I am not! I'll have you know that I am very unpredictable!"

"Yeah?" the Joker asked, clearly disbelieving her. "Prove it, then."

Standing her ground, Rachel was fully aware that the madman was trying to get her to do something she'd regret, but if this something happened to get her the information she needed, she would more than willingly sink to any possible low.

Finally nodding her consent, Rachel smoothly agreed, "Alright, you want me to be unpredictable?" When he grinned back at her, the attorney noticed his expression change when she straddled his waist and sat down upon his firm desire, her hands gripping at his shoulders as she cooed, "There now, this unpredictable enough for you?"

The Joker grimaced in aroused agony when Rachel began to innocently shift her hips, her hot mouth brushing against his chin before she reached his ear and nipped at the lobe. "Tell me all that you know" she urged, her moist tongue now tracing along his pulse as she reached a hand down inside his pants.

Groaning, the Joker threw his head back in strained ecstasy as he felt her fingers wrap around his shaft, his yellowed teeth gritting as she gave him a long, firm stroke. "Bitch" he hissed, only to seize a fistful of Rachel's hair and crash her soft mouth to his.

The sensation of his svelte, bumpy scars against her lips made Rachel squirm, tears of pain watering her eyes when she felt his teeth tear into the soft, fleshy pad of her lower lip.

Seeming to revel in the taste of her blood, the Joker growled into their heated kiss and lapped at her shallow wound, his spindly fingers ripping her tucked blouse out of her trousers before he slipped his hand down her pants.

Crying out, Rachel threw her head back as a soft, breathy moan escaped her throat, her fingers digging into the Joker's shoulders as he pressed three fingers inside her plush walls and slammed her back against the table.

Mounting her with an animalistic fury, the Joker removed his shackled hands from her womanhood and placed them about her neck, Rachel gagging as she hissed, "Tell me...w-what I need to know..."

When the Joker merely gave a whoop of a laugh in response, Rachel furiously jabbed him in the solar plexus before rolling over top of him, her blue eyes bright and ireful as she took him by the chin and roughly claimed his bloody lips with her own. Plundering his mouth with her tongue, Rachel moaned into the heated kiss and felt a sense of pride when the Joker did the same, her clothing feeling as if it were burning her everywhere that he happened to touch her.

Panting against the Joker's lips, Rachel gripped him by the lapels of his shirt before urging more forcefully, "Tell me what I want to know..."

Giggling, the Joker defiantly shook his head in negation, but his laughter soon turned to a strained growl when Rachel tugged his slacks down to his knees and began massaging him where he secretly desired to be touched. Rolling his hips in time to her deliberate strokes, the Joker dug his nails into the flesh of her upper arms and squeezed his eyes tightly closed, his subconscious hating her and himself for allowing her to have such a strong hold over his current physical state. And yet, a sick part of him wanted her to do it...wanted her to take complete control. In all his life, nobody had ever dared to question his authority, so now that some snobbish assistant DA had taken hold of the reigns, he couldn't help but feel a monumental thrill course throughout his veins.

"Tell me what I want to know" Rachel hissed, her gaze cold and cutting as the Joker once against shook his head. Furious at this response, she held his hands firmly over his chest before lowering her mouth to his skin, her tongue laving the flesh as she felt him quiver beneath her touch.

Cursing, the Joker curled his toes as he felt Rachel's moist lips travel lower and lower, an animalistic growl rumbling deep within his chest when she took him in her mouth. Her lips were honeyed and sweet against his sensitive organ, his spidery fingers fisting her hair as he began to thrust in tandem to her torturous licks.

Yes, yes, yes, yes...

Groaning, the Joker felt an all too familiar pressure begin to build within his loins, but before he could find himself granted his sweet release, Rachel slithered back up his body and placed her lips at his ear, her voice low and husky as she purred, "I'll let you come, but only if you tell me what I need to know."

Now it was the Joker's turn to be furious, his eyes like blazing embers as he snarled, "You cuh-learly misunderestimate me, beautiful."

Rachel couldn't help but smirk. "Yeeeah, we'll see about that..."

-- Fifteen Minutes Later --

"All done?"

Grinning back at the commissioner, Rachel cheerily returned, "Yep, the Joker completely opened up to me...apparently he had four of Maroni's men lace the Queen Anne cruise liner with some bombs. It's set to sail early tomorrow morning, so I'd suggest you guys get on it ASAP."

"Wow" Gordon remarked, "I'm really impressed, Miss Dawes. Harvey said you were good, but I honestly didn't believe him...what exactly is your secret?"

Rachel smirked. "Oh, I don't know, I guess it just has something to do with the wiles of a woman..."

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