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"Pleasant Dreams"

It had now been at least a month since that fateful night at the hotel, but the Joker was no longer affected by Rachel's scent or beauty. In fact, he planned on blotting her from the Gotham scene once and for all, and that was why, with a dark grin on his face, he continued his trek through the hallway on the 50th floor of the DA's office. He'd stolen a keycard from an employee -- whom he'd had to dispose of -- and now twirled it in between his fingers, a jaunty tune whistling past his scarred lips as he searched for Rachel's office.

When he finally found it, the Joker stepped on in and flicked out his blade in preparation for the kill. But then he stopped...and stared. Leaning over her desk searching for God only knows what, Rachel Dawes continued to hum as her hips swayed back and forth, her skirt riding up to an indecent degree as the Joker's eyes trailed up her long, stocking-covered legs. Swallowing, he repeatedly ran his tongue across his lips as he tried to regain his train of thought -- hell, to remember why he was even there -- a giggle threatening to escape his lips as he decided that maybe he'd prolong killing her just a little while longer.

Opting to toy with her, the Joker eagerly approached Rachel before leaning in close to her hunched form, his lips at her ear as he purred, "Hello, there."

Rachel had made her way home that fateful evening and ignored numerous phone calls from Harvey, opting to lock herself away for days as her mind replayed the events over and over. After receiving no further contact from the Joker, she finally returned to work at the office, hoping that submerging herself in her workload would help her force whatever it was about him out of her mind.

It was late and Harvey had a meeting with some of his contingents, and he had asked Rachel to join him, and even though she had desperately wanted to deny his request, she'd reluctantly agreed and told him she would meet him after she finished the case she was working on. Leaning over her desk searching for a file, she didn't hear the door open until the Joker's voice was warm against her ear, her body jolting as her hips bumped into the desk as she struggled backwards, her eyes wide with shock. "Wh-what are you doing here?" she feebly demanded. His mere presence caused her heart to start racing as she clutched the desk for support.

"Nice to see you, too" the Joker returned, sneering as she backed away from him. Promptly leaning in closer, he mockingly cooed, "Miss meeee? I thought it had been far too long since our last little chat, so I was out in the neighborhood, and tah-daaaaah! Here I am, visiting my old pal, Rachel Dawes! Nice outfit, by the way...I don't re-member lawyers being so naughty." Leering as her eyes darted off to the side, the Joker stepped forward and took her by the chin, his glove-less hand forcing her to look at him as he ran a thumb across her lower lip. Her bewildered features and shallow breath was intoxicating -- all victims' reactions were -- but this time he felt like ravishing the prey instead of killing it. Allowing his hand to drift down her cheek, he smirked as he asked, "So what've you been doing without me, hmm? Been using some toys since Harvey can't satisfy the ache?"

Giggling at his dirty joke, the clown prince placed a hand on either side of her hips before purring, "If it helps any, I get off while thinking of you, too." Biting at her ear, the Joker wondered what the hell he was doing as he felt her melt in his arms. He knew he wanted to use her to get to Batman, but he could sense that things were starting to get out of hand just like last month.

As he commented on how long it had been since their last meeting, Rachel stared at him in bewilderment, her whole body trembling when he took her chin in his ungloved hand and ran his thumb across her lip. It, too began to quiver as the ache deep inside began. He smirked and asked how she had been without him since he knew Harvey couldn't feel the need that she had...the hunger that only the Joker seemed capable of fulfilling.

His hands wandered down to her hips, and she bit her bottom lip as his teeth nibbled on her ear, sending a low moan from her lips as her eyes closed in utter rapture. Why did he keep toying with her like this? What did he really want?

"Speechless, are we?" the Joker purred, smirking as he rubbed his cheek against hers. "Well that's alright, I'll do all the talking...or lack there of, considering how you seem to want something else. I don't buh-lieve it's in your job description to have hot, rough office sex, now is it?" Brushing his lips against the crook of her neck, he suppressed a giggle as he added, "You never answered my question, sweet cheeks -- have you missed me? When you're forced to masturbate -- and I know you do since you're dating Mr. Harvey-Impotent-Dent -- am I the one you think of?"

Bringing his dark eyes up to meet with hers, the Joker leered before leaning in and licking her lips. Even though he didn't plan on sleeping with her again, the emotions warring across her delicate features were quite amusing.

Rachel listened as he teased her lack of response, and when his lips met the soft curve of her neck, her chest heaved until he pulled away and asked the question again. "Well what do you want me to say?" she coolly demanded. "That I touch myself every night? Because yes, I do...there, are you happy now? For some reason you set something on fire deep inside me, and only you can extinguish it…" Pushing away from him, Rachel walked across the room and wrung her hands together before turning to face him again. "So is that why you came here? To watch me tremble at your touch and to tease me? I've tried to erase you from my mind, but it doesn't work…" Her heart beating faster now, Rachel stood there with her hands folded almost protectively across her chest.

The smug grin that had once adorned his lips immediately vanished, the Joker trying his damndest not to appear as stunned as he felt. He'd naturally only wanted to tease her, to feel a sense of power over her, but now that she'd confessed something so personal, he immediately felt uncomfortable. "I, uh..." Faltering, the Joker scowled and scratched at the back of his head. Watching her movements carefully, he lowered his voice as he softly returned "Yes, that's obviously what I wanted to hear...if a man says he gets off while thinking of a woman, he damn well wants to hear that she's doing the same thing. Who needs porn mags when I've got your love-uh-ly face constantly playing on GCN, or showing up in the tabloids? I never re-a-lized what a popular woman you were until I started looking for you."

Smirking, the Joker found that he enjoyed the delicate blush that stained her cheeks, a warmth filling him once he realized that he was the cause of that reaction. He'd never made a woman react so strongly -- not even Celeste -- and he began to wonder what the hell Rachel actually thought of him.

When he flatly stated that that was indeed what he wanted to hear, Rachel felt her cheeks flush a bright red. She could not explain it, but she felt as though she was at the point where she needed a shrink, but there was something about him that was so different... He made her feel different, and not like the usual perfect, prissy Assistant DA that everyone expected her to be.

Smiling a bit now, Rachel folded her hands before her as she acknowledged, "Okay, well now you know…The truth is out, so now you can tease me on how horrid it must be for me to have to deal with Harvey when all I can think of is you." Walking toward the clown prince, she leaned up against him with her lips brushing against his ear as she purred, "Why do you effect me like this?" Taking his hand in hers, she placed it in between her legs and moved it toward her moist spot.

The Joker giggled. "Well no, I actually wasn't going to tease you, but now that you mention it, I suppose I should be asking what a pretty little vixen like you is with a drag queen like that. I'll bet he couldn't get a woman off who hasn't had sex in years!"

Surprised when Rachel was suddenly the aggressor, the Joker felt his breath hitch when she whispered her next words in his ear, his mouth growing dry when she took his hand and forced it between her legs. Christ...

Unable to respond, the Joker stared dumbly back at her as his cock began to stir in his pants, his body trembling feverishly as he began to diligently rub at the moistness in her panties. He wanted to denounce her, to call her a dirty, filthy bitch, but instead he groaned and crushed his lips to hers, his free hand seizing a fistful of her hair as he began to back her up toward her desk. Slamming her down against the flat surface, he brought his lips to hers again and again before dotting several warm, burning kisses from her cheek to her neck. Oh, fuck, he needed this so badly... Why hadn't he realized that this was a stupid decision? Night after night, he'd gone to bed with a hand curled between his legs because of this woman -- this stupid, infuriating woman, and he'd somehow thought it had been a good idea to come see her?

Rachel could see the look of shock on his face when she placed her hand between her legs, because she was behaving in the complete opposite way that everyone knew her to be. The Joker made her this "naughty, dirty" girl who could not keep her hands off him when he was in the room. His fingers swirled around inside her panties, feeling her moisture continue to grow she smirked as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and crashed his mouth against hers. When he backed her up toward her desk, Rachel shoved the contents of her papers to the floor as she laid her body down on the cool, smooth surface. His fevered kisses trailed from her lips to her neck as she brought her arms around his back, her hands sliding down and clutching his ass as she kissed his ear and whispered, "God, I missed this..."

The Joker shuddered in response, his eyes closing as he felt her lips slide teasingly from his ear to his neck. She was a goddamn whore, but somehow that didn't matter to him, because it pleased him that she'd thought of their liaison as much as he had. He wanted to claim her in all of the manners he'd fantasized about, but he also wanted to destroy her for destroying him. He didn't like not being able to think straight, let alone how she was able to distract him at the drop of a hat.

Trying to ignore the rapidly growing hardness in his pants, the Joker groaned as he tried to move away from her, but Rachel promptly pulled him back into her arms. "I can't" he rasped, hoping to regain a semblance of control. Pressing his forehead against her neck, he panted when he felt her hands beginning to unfasten his pants, his fingers weakly grasping at her wrists as he felt his resolve to stop her gradually ebbing away. "Stop it" he snarled, yet his tone held no bite. Subconsciously leaning further into Rachel's embrace, the Joker closed his eyes and brushed his lips against her neck, longing to hold her, yet at the same time wishing he could wipe her existence from the very earth.

Rachel continued to wiggle beneath him as he struggled, her feet hooking around the back of his calves as she bit and nibbled down his neck. She could hear him say that he couldn't as she reached for the button of his trousers, feeling his erection growing against her leg as he grabbed her wrists and tried to stop her.

Feeling a bit confused that his voice was telling her to stop, but his body was saying the complete opposite, his lips found the spot on her neck that drove her wild as he kissed and nibbled at the sensitive expanse of flesh. Her head tiled back as her long, silky hair fanned out across the desk, her eyes closing in complete rapture as she let him sweep her away.

Finally managing to break free of Rachel's embrace, the Joker staggered backwards and fell flat onto his rump, his wall-eyed stare almost comical as he gazed upon her while giving short, labored breaths. "I can't" he stated more firmly, his bottom lip quivering as she sat up and gave him a quizzical look. Her blouse was slightly unbuttoned, and her skirt was hitched up to a highly indecent degree, a soft whine escaping his throat when he noticed the moist spot staining her silky panties. The heat in his loins only intensified as he swallowed longingly, his body hurriedly crab-walking backwards until he slammed into the wall behind him. Embarrassed by his ridiculous actions, he struggled to zip up his pin-striped pants, a discomforted hiss escaping his lips when his erection became painfully confined. Promptly turning around on his hands and his knees, the Joker bent over and pressed his forehead against the cool tile of the floor, his breaths continuing at a labored pace as he moaned pitifully over the ache in his pants. Damn her! Why was she doing this? It wasn't how things were supposed to happen!

Rachel felt him break free from her and heard a loud thud as he staggered backwards onto the floor, her body sitting up slowly as she looked down at him in confusion. "A-are you okay? What's wrong?" Her voice faltered as she watched him turn over on his hands and knees, pressing his forehead flat against the floor. Was he sick?

Sliding off the desk, she walked over to him and placed her hand lightly against his back "Are you alright? Did I do something wrong?" As the last words left her mouth, he pulled away from her as if she had the plague or that she disgusted him in some odd, inexplicable way.

"Don't touch me" he snarled, keeping his eyes tightly closed. Her touch had been soft and sweet, and that only infuriated him all the more. Chancing a peek when a few moments had passed, he saw Rachel's slender legs and groaned as he quickly squeezed his eyes shut once more. "Go away" he pleaded, placing a hand over his eyes as he curled up into a ball. When she kneeled down alongside him, he finally looked up at her with a bewildered expression across his face. "Why are you doing this?" he wearily demanded. "I didn't come here to fuck you, so I really just wish you'd stop this whole 'Madame Seductress' act. If you want to spread your legs for someone, go find Harvey."

Rachel felt as if she had been slapped across the face, her expression changing as she brought her hand back and slapped him hard across his cheek. "You know what? Fuck you! Get the hell out of my office, you sleazy son of a bitch! You came here and asked if I'd thought about you, knowing damn well that I had, and then when I tell you that I have thought about you, you treat me like a whore with some disease! So yeah, maybe I will fuck Harvey – at least he knows how to treat a woman right!" Reaching for her purse and coat, Rachel ignored the tears that had begun to stream down her cheeks as she stormed past him.

The stinging slap considerably surprised the Joker, but it was just the sobering blow that he'd needed. He felt like a candy-assed pansy lying there on the floor, so while his injured pride was still intact, he furiously rose to his feet and glared as Rachel reached for her purse and coat. As she began to tearfully walk past him, he reached out and grabbed her by the elbow before promptly spinning her back around, his voice hard as he hissed, "I don't give a damn about you and your feelings! I don't want your touch, I don't want your sympathy, and most importantly, I don't. Want. YOU!" With adrenaline swimming through his veins, the Joker felt like raking his fingers through the buttons of her top, bending her over, and taking her against her will on that filthy desk, but instead all he did was squeeze her cheeks in between his hands. His nails dug into the soft flesh almost painfully, his teeth biting into his lower lip as he fought not to ravage her mouth with his. Trembling, he whimpered like a trapped dog and finally bowed his head against the crook of her neck, his body shuddering as he wished Rachel wasn't so much like her. Why'd she have to remind him of the most painful moments of his life?

Hearing that he didn't give a damn about her or her feelings felt like another slap to her face, Rachel whimpering in pain from his actions as he lowered his head into the crook of her neck and shuddered. She could hear him whining as small droplets of blood mixed with her tears ran down her cheek to her neck, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe through the haze of her adrenaline. She wanted to slap him again and to tell him that she hated everything about him, but she couldn't...no matter how hard she tried, she never could.

The Joker licked the blood and tears from her skin, his pain and pleasure warring with one another as he fought not to sink his teeth into her soft flesh. He felt a lump form in his throat as he wondered what in God's name was wrong with him, and more importantly, why the hell did his eyes feel so raw and scratchy? He'd never shed a tear in his life, not even as a child, so why did he feel like a simpering idiot while in this woman's arms? Clutching at her more desperately, he held her like a child seeking salvation and shuddered, his voice cracking slightly as a soft "Why?" escaped his lips. The question was obtuse and unclear, and even the Joker, himself didn't quite know what he was asking.

When Rachel began to grow restless in his arms, the Joker moved so that his forehead was pressed against hers, his eyes like fiery embers as he whispered, "You still smell like her."

His raw emotion of anger had now been replaced as he clung tighter to her, kissing away the blood and tears from her neck as Rachel wrapped her arms around him in a soothing, comforting manner. When he raised his head, her blue eyes met with his as she heard him whisper the she still smelt like her... Who was he talking about? Had he actually loved someone in the past? Had he let a woman come close to him, just as she so desperately wanted to be? As Rachel gently caressed his cheek, she pressed her lips softly to his forehead, not wanting to ask the questions as she stood there staring into his eyes.

Bewildered by her affection, the Joker was tempted to recoil and push her away again, but when he felt the lump return to his throat, he miserably slumped against her in weary resignation. He was tired of fighting with his conscience over his past mistakes, and somehow he wanted to tell Rachel about Celeste and her tragic death, but the thought of having to utter the words was far too painful to even think about. Feeling Rachel's fingers stroke his cheek, he self-consciously moved his face toward the crook of her neck so she couldn't touch him there. He didn't like being touched so gently, especially when it was so close to his scars.

Finally releasing Rachel in bewildered mortification, the Joker scowled and sunk down to his knees, his head bowing as he whispered, "I need the Batman... I need him to kill me." Not caring if his words were heard or not, the clown prince grinned bitterly since he knew that deep-down this was why he needed Rachel all along. With her death on his hands, he could easily get Batman to turn on him and, amidst his passionate revenge, accidentally kill him along the way. His death would be liberating and, the way the Joker saw it, he'd be avenging Celeste's death by bringing about his own.

All Rachel could do was hold him in her arm, and after what seemed like hours he slowly released her and slumped to his knees, bowing his head down and avoiding her eyes as she heard him whisper that he needed Batman to kill him. Shocked, she looked down at him as her fingers caressed the top of his head "W-why do you need Batman to kill you? Why do you want to die? Is it to forget her?" she bravely asked, awaiting anxiously the fact that she may have overstepped her boundaries. "I don't want you to die...I care about you, whether you believe it or not."

The Joker began laughing uncontrollably; it wasn't out of mirth, but bitter apathy. "You do not" he venomously spat, laughing once again. "You lawyers are all the same -- you want to look good for the public and nothing more, so this sweet little act of yours can end right now. I don't care if you care, 'cause there's nothing to care about. It's hard to de-velop sympathy for a man who doesn't exist, after all." Smirking at Rachel's bewilderment, he grinned before sitting more fully onto his rump. He didn't bother to smack her hand away from his hair, but his lips were twisted in obvious displeasure from her actions. Now looking up into Rachel's eyes, he coldly added, "No, it's not to forget her, it's to a-venge her. 'Cause y'see, I'm the one who killed her. Me!" Laughing again, he clutched at his sides and giggled until tears streamed down his cheeks, his laughter unable to cease as he fell back to the floor and began tearing at his hair.

When he began to laugh she stared at him in disbelief, her body hesitantly sitting beside him on the tile floor as he looking up at her with a cold stare. She promptly withdrew her hand from his head and let it hang limply by her side.

Still on her knees, Rachel leaned over and slapped the Joker again, but this time to break him from the hysteria he'd fallen into. "You can tell me whatever you wish but, you cannot tell me how I feel… I don't put my feelings out there for no one, and especially when it would cost me everything. Do you honestly think my friends and colleagues would be ecstatic that I have feelings for you?"

Jolting when she slapped him, the Joker's facial muscles relaxed and left him with an eerily calm expression. The tears still streamed down his cheeks, but they were no longer flowing since his laughter had ceased, his eyes reflecting bewilderment as he regarded Rachel curiously. Nobody had ever said they'd had "feelings" for him, not even Celeste. She'd cared for him, sure, but it was almost as if she'd been too ashamed to admit it in case the townspeople found out. The fact that Celeste had never told him she loved him made him angry, but he didn't want to lose it in front of Rachel again. She probably already thought he was a helpless crybaby, but the truth was, he was so close to popping since he'd been suppressing his rage and agony for 30 long, miserable years.

"Rachel" he solemnly began, refusing to address her last comment, "can I tell you about her?"
He didn't know why he was asking -- hell, he didn't want to talk about Celeste, but somehow his damned tongue had taken the initiative to start speaking, and once he uttered the fatal words, he knew it was all over.

Sitting there across from him on the floor, Rachel simply nodded her head. She felt that perhaps it was something that he needed to get off his chest, something that he had most undoubtedly been holding onto for way too many years. Her hands folded in her lap as she waited for him to begin, her demeanor like an anxious schoolgirl waiting to be told a fairytale. Unfortunately, she was pretty sure that this one didn't end with "happily ever after"…
Since the Joker was uncomfortable looking Rachel in the eye, he pulled out his new weapon (a deck of razor-sharp playing cards), and began to methodically flip through them as if they were the most interesting things in the world. Clicking his tongue, he paused a moment more before softly beginning, "All my life nobody ever really looked at me like I was a person, 'cause I was just "that freak who got chopped to bits by his old man". I never really expected to meet someone who was interested in me for me and not just to see if the rumors about my scars were true, but Celeste was different. She'd come over after school and offer to play catch with me. Baseball was my favorite sport, but I never played for the school team since I knew people were afraid of me. I was different...I liked dissecting animals with knives, and cutting myself, and blah blah blah, so at first I thought Celeste was making fun of me in some weird, underhanded way since she kept coming back. I mean, why would she come back? It never made any sense to me, and quite frankly, I still don't understand it since she never said she..." The Joker paused, exhaling deeply as he shrugged. "It doesn't matter, I guess, but I always wondered why she never said she loved me. I knew she did, 'cause before she'd leave, she'd always take my hand and trace the shape of a heart in my palm before telling me 'Just in case you forget, this will help you know I'm always here'." Clicking his tongue, the Joker began to flip through the deck of cards much faster now, his gaze darkening as he mumbled, "She began to come over more often, but my foster parents didn't think anything of it. If anything, they were glad I had someone to talk to, because I'm pretty sure they were afraid of me, too.

"All I wanted to do was prove that I wasn't some sick, disease-ridden freak, but nobody seemed to care enough to try and get to know me. I didn't really care until Celeste came around, though, because I rather enjoyed being alone. It was liberating, somehow...it allowed me to dwell in my own thoughts." Bitterly shuffling the cards, the Joker mumbled, "One day I didn't hear Celeste approach me, but she saw that I'd gutted a rabbit and was playing with its innards. I never meant to scare her -- hell, I didn't think she'd be there at all, but Celeste just burst into tears and went tearing off as fast as she could. Since I was afraid she'd never speak to me again, I went racing after her. Where we lived there was this steep, steep hill that led down into a quarry, so I guess Celeste somehow thought that that was the safest option since all the kids were constantly warned not to go there. I saw her go in that direction anyway, so I managed to catch up. It had rained the night before, so the earth was exceptionally muddy when we started running up that hill. I kept begging with her to come back, that I was sorry, but she just continued crying and wouldn't look at me. When Celeste was trapped at the top of the hill, she turned around and gave me this horrified look with her big, frightened blue eyes. Normally I enjoy fear, but not from her...I never wanted to see her look at me like that." Trembling, the Joker licked his lips while sustaining, "I tried to get her to come back to me again, but when Celeste finally told me no, I began walking toward her. Not realizing how close to the edge she was, she took a step back and began to stagger. She quickly regained her balance, but since the ground was so damp and muddy, the earth gave way and she plummeted down to her death before I could even think to save her."

Swallowing the lump in his throat, the Joker practically growled out, "I killed her...I killed the only person who cared for me, and now I'm trapped here in this hell until someone like Batman can free me."

When Rachel gasped, the Joker looked down and realized that amidst his fury, he'd completely shredded the skin of his palms with his razor cards. Emotionlessly watching the blood spill from his wounds, he dropped the cards and slumped back against the desk, his voice lacking all passion as he mumbled "Tah-daaah."

Rachel knew that Celeste obviously saw something inside him that no one else did, just like she did. She could tell that again that the Joker was punishing himself for a death that was not his fault...just like his baby sister, and he thought that everyone that he loved died and that it was somehow his fault. Looking down at his hands and wanting to take them in hers, she saw blood and mangled flesh where the playing cards had ripped through his palms. Gasping, she reached up and grabbed the scarf off of her coat before wrapping it around his hands "Good god, we have to stop the bleeding..." Holding pressure on his palms, she looked deep into his eyes while taking a deep breath. "You know" she hesitantly began, " you didn't kill Celeste, because it was an accident, just like you weren't responsible for the horrible things your father did. Sometimes you just can't save the world."

Numbly watching her staunch the blood, the Joker didn't bother lifting his gaze from his palms as he slumped further forward. "It may've been an accident, but if I wasn't such a goddamn freak, she never would've been afraid of me, because I wouldn't have been killing animals or cutting myself if I was normal. And save the world?" The Joker scoffed bitterly. "Whoever said anything about saving the world? I don't care about anyone or anything, anymore...people should know what it feels like to have nothing to live for, so that's my job. To prove to them how pa-thet-ic their trivial matters really are, and that what they're striving for in life is pointless. Everything's pointless." Now looking up at her, the Joker briefly thought of thanking her for her kindness, but instead he lowered his gaze and uneasily licked his lips. It was a habit he hated since he'd acquired it after his scars, but by now it was as natural as brushing one's teeth and couldn't be stopped.
Reaching down, Rachel cupped his chin and lifted it up so he was forced to look at her. "I don't believe everything in life is pointless…you've proven to me that you can be a good person."

"Why are you doing this?" the Joker cut in. "Don't you know what'll happen if someone finds out you've been, uh..."chatting" with a criminal? You'll lose your job, your friends, and blah blah blah, so I'm pretty sure that trying to make a hollow man whole again isn't worth it." He slowly reached up and took her hand, then gently removed it from his face as if he thought her fingers were made of glass. The thought of being touched still made him uncomfortable, but his hand lingered over hers before he quickly placed it back in his lap.

Taking in a deep breath, Rachel shook her head. "Of course I know what will happen to me, but I believe I am in charge of my own life. Not Harvey Dent...not even Batman"

"Then why do it, hmm? Those sound like pret-ty big risks to me" the Joker insisted, quirking a brow as he tried his damndest to figure this woman out. She was strange in her kindness, because he'd never met anyone who was willing to risk everything just for a stupid chat. Why did she care so much, anyway? It wasn't like his life of solitude was any of her business, especially since he was so accustomed to being alone and bottling up his problems. And yet...a part of him was grateful to Rachel for caring. He hadn't felt this way since Celeste, and owning up to the fact pained him deeply. He never wanted to replace her...

Clearing his throat, the Joker looked down at his blood-soaked hands before awkwardly mumbling "I'll, uh...I'll buy you a new scarf. You didn't have to waste it on me, you know. I've been hurt several times, after all, and I don't think I would've bled out."

When the Joker asked why she would do it, Rachel sat back against the desk and closed her eyes. Why was she doing this? What was it that made her want to give up everything she had worked so hard for? She knew that if Bruce found out, he would be infuriated and she would probably lose the only man she had ever cared about...what was she hoping to find?

She opened her eyes when she heard him speak, stuttering something about buying her a new scarf and how she should not have wasted it on him. "It was not a waste. You needed help, and you still do…those wounds need to be cleaned and dressed in sterile gauze."

The Joker couldn't help but smirk. "And where, pray tell, am I going to find this magical gauze, hmm? Per-haps I'll just pull some out of my ass while I sit here bleeding to death." Giggling at his barb, his gaze softened as he leaned back against the desk, his eyes darting uncomfortably from Rachel to his hands, then back to her again before he finally swallowed his pride and mumbled "Thank you..."

The words had been uttered so softly that Rachel had to strain to hear, but the Joker refused to look up in case she gave him one of her warm smiles. She was far too nice, and it bothered him... She shouldn't be so kind after all the hell he'd put her through. It just didn't make any sense.

Rachel listened to him tease about where he would get the "magical gauze", but then he leaned back against the desk and she heard him whisper "thank you". In all honesty, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, but then she realized, to her absolute pleasure, that it hadn't been a hallucination at all. Standing up slowly, she looked down at him with a warm smile. "You are very welcome...now if you come with me, I can take care of your wounds at my apartment because I'm sure a trip to Gotham Memorial is out of the question." She laughed, holding out a delicate hand for him.

The Joker looked at her hand distrustfully before taking it, wincing slightly from the pain as he hauled himself up off the floor. He was a little apprehensive since he wasn't comfortable with being alone with her, but he knew that she was the type who wouldn't relent until he'd agreed. Smirking slightly, he nodded before agreeing "Well yeah, I suppose so...they kinda banned me ever since I impersonated that nurse." Giggling at the memory, he followed Rachel out into the hallway before asking "Sooo, are you going to take me for a joyride in one of those fancy-schmancy lawyer cars? I typically drive a semi to "work", so this'll be in-ter-es-ting."

Stealing glances at her out of the corner of his eye, the Joker felt his palms begin to sweat as he worried about what would happen more than ever. She was far too comfortable in his presence, and that knowledge made him uncomfortable. Once they'd reached her car, the clown prince gave an appreciative whistle before hopping into the passenger seat. "Nice ride, peaches! How long'd it take to pay this thing off, a whole five years?" Watching as she got in alongside him, he tried to ignore her skirt hiking up her slender legs as he swallowed and quickly glanced out the window.

Rachel grinned. "Now I wouldn't call it that, but it's better than a semi, smartass." Smirking, she added, "Oh, and you may want to fasten your seatbelt…I actually believe in following the rules."

"Oooh, are you actually going to break bad and go over the speed limit?" the Joker mocked, batting his lashes while he begrudgingly obeyed her suggestion. Feeling his wounds rip back open from the action, he snarled softly as he watched two scarlet blooms flare across his palms. Normally he would've laughed at his idiotic accident, but somehow he felt relieved since he knew he deserved it.

Suddenly having an idea, he grinned and rolled down his window before sticking his head out with a whoop of laughter, the wind whipping through his lank hair as he giggled and shook his head like a dog. Feeling Rachel trying to pull him back inside, he gave a protesting whine and smacked her hand away, ignoring the pain from his injuries. "No!" he argued, "I can see your apartment better this way...wind through the hair makes me look like one of those sexy, wind-blown models in the commercials." Giggling, he closed his eyes and allowed the wind to whip him in the face before he finally relented to Rachel's tugging and begrudgingly slipped back inside the car. As he turned to complain, he suddenly realized that they'd stopped, his eyes trailing up toward the apartment complex before remarking "Wow, nice digs...nice car, nice house, nice body -- damn, what don't you have?" Giggling at his jesting remark, he hopped out of the car before cracking his neck.

Rachel heard him make a remark about breaking bad and going over the speed limit as she pulled out of the garage, her car cruising at a relatively fast pace as she looked over to see him hanging out the passenger window. She reached over and snatched the back of his shirt, trying to make him get back in the car since she was afraid he'd draw the attention to himself. But he tugged away like a child, and she continued to yank on him until he finally relented.

Just as they turned into her complex, he slid back into the car and she pulled into her spot, turning the car off as she heard him make a remark about her having a nice car, nice place, and nice body. Shaking her head, she exited the car and started toward the building while waiting for him to follow.

"What, so now you're not talking to me? Or are you too shy to accept compliments?" the Joker continued to tease, grinning as he skipped after her. He was in a much better mood since the incident in Rachel's office, and the prospect of her putting painful, stinging antiseptic on his hands made him high with excitement. He could easily be considered a bipolar man, what with his odd mood swings and all, but he cared little for this as he plodded after Rachel into the apartment complex.

"Nice" he remarked, looking about him with a wide grin. "And just think, no bellhop to tip! I feel as if I'm in a five star hotel, so I'm almost afraid to see what your actual place looks like." Glancing around him with wide eyes, he almost appeared childlike as he took in everything with an awed look upon his face. He was accustomed to sleeping on a dingy cot in an abandoned building in the Narrows, so anything remotely fancy always caught his immediate interest.

Once they'd gotten into the elevator, the Joker rushed forward and pressed all of the buttons, giggling uproariously at the look of annoyance on Rachel's face. At first he couldn't understand why she was so disgusted, but after stopping on every floor, he immediately knew why: Rachel's apartment was on the 15th floor, and after 14 pointless stops even he, himself was getting a little impatient. As soon as floor 15 arrived, the Joker cheerily zoomed ahead of her and bounced on the balls of his feet as he waited for her to follow. "C'mon, c'mon, I'm starving!" he whined.

"Shhh, I have neighbors you know" she hissed, laughing as she opened the door and flicked on the light switch before stepping inside.

"I call the TV!" the Joker exclaimed, giggling as he pushed Rachel out of the way and went leaping onto her bed. Bouncing about on his rump like a child, he grinned while reaching for the remote and flicking it on. As he surfed the channels, his features dulled as he grumbled, "Boring...boring...Harvey Dent?? Veeery boring...ah! A featurette about me, me me!" Grinning broadly, he began to kick his legs back and forth as he watched on with a morbid fascination, his gaze now slyly travelling over toward Rachel as he noticed her bending over to pet what looked like a small cat. Either that, or it was a rat-like dog. "Y'know" he coyly spoke up, "it's not very ladylike to just bend over when you've got company. Not that I mind the cute leopard print panties or anything, but I'm trying to watch my debut without any distractions. And what is that thing, a rat?" As if seeming to understand him, the cat-rat-dog-thing hissed and went tearing toward the other end of the apartment.

Suddenly losing interest in the TV, the Joker flicked it off and bounded into the kitchen without Rachel's permission. Opening the fridge, he cheerily began rummaging around before asking "Sooo, what do you like on your sandwich? There's some meat and cheese in here, so I figured I'd make one of those and be niiiiice and make you one, too. Oh! And I promise it won't be poisoned."

Rachel stared at him as he pushed past her, yelling that he called the TV as he ran into her bedroom while she hung her coat on the rack. Walking over to the bedroom door, she looked at him with a sneer while asking, "Comfortable, I hope?" She laughed and heard her cat Simon, so she bent down to pet him as the Joker told her it was very 'unladylike' to bend over like that. Blushing, she stood up straight up blushing as she caught the tailwind of his last question. "No, silly, that's my cat Simon…are you scared of cats, or something?" As she made her way toward the bathroom to gather the supplies she needed, she heard him rummaging in the fridge while asking what she would like on her sandwich. "Just make me whatever you're having" she called out before gathering the supplies and making her way into the kitchen.

"Alright, a pickle and cheese sandwich it is!" Giggling at the look on her face, he assured her he was kidding as he began piling all sorts of meats and cheeses in between a bun. Smashing it down with his hand, he grunted when it began to fall apart. "Apparently they don't make bread like they used to -- back in the 90's, this stuff held all sorts of fillings!" he complained, shrugging as he made a less full version and brought them over to the table. Careful to keep his bloody palms away from the food, he took a rather barbaric bite of his sandwich before grinning up at her. "Yes, I'm terrified of cats -- one ate my cousin Wilbur. Apparently humans taste like chicken, too."

Giggling, he watched her set out the supplies before purring "Oooh, Nurse Rachel's here to save the day, eh? What are you going to do, give me a shot and a lollipop?"

Scrunching up her face at the sound of a pickle and cheese sandwich, Rachel started to unload the supplies while watching his crude attempt at piling mounds of meat, cheese, and bread together before finally bringing the sandwiches to the table. Trying her best not to laugh (after all, he had made an attempt at a nice gesture), she looked down at the messy sandwich and smiled weakly. "Umm, I think I'll eat it later...but thanks". When the Joker asked if she was going to 'save the day', Rachel smirked. "No, I'm sorry to say that I don't give out lollipops with my shots, so you'd better behave"
"Aww, but be-having is so boring" the Joker complained, stuffing the rest of his sandwich into his mouth before chewing noisily. Now drumming his fingers against the table top, he held out his hands before asking "Are you going to read my fortune? If you're going to say that I'm going to be seriously injured, I'd say I already knew that. I get an injury at least fifty times a day!"
Watching as Rachel pulled out some antiseptic and cotton balls, he grinned with anticipation as he held his hands out with more eagerness than was necessary. He loved pain, but he doubted that she would understand that, and quite frankly he didn't give a damn.
Slowly taking his hands, Rachel unwrapped the torn scarves and looked at the mangled flesh before taking out a bottle of antiseptic, then pouring it over the wounds while expecting him to at least flinch. Somehow he seemed to enjoy the pain. "Tell me if it hurts" she urged, smirking since she knew it wouldn't.

"It hurts, but it hurts so gooood" the Joker purred, giggling as he curled his toes with a sigh. The stinging sensation from his flesh was intoxicating, and her delicate hands looked so small compared to his as she dabbed at the wounds. She was so delicate that he almost told her to be rougher, but he decided that she'd learned enough of his secrets for one night. She didn't need to know that he was a masochist on top of everything else he'd divulged.

Watching her features scrunch up in concentration, the Joker swiped his tongue across his lips and leaned slightly forward. Her skin looked soft underneath the dull glow of the kitchen light, and he was tempted to touch her face. He'd always wondered what perfect cheeks felt like, but he firmly decided against his desire and bit down on his tongue. "You're not going to stitch those up, are you?" he asked, quirking a brow at the thought. "'Cause there are so many that I don't think that would work, I just..." Pausing, he winced in surprise when a sudden pain tugged at his lower back. Glancing down over his shoulder, he cursed when he noticed a scarlet bloom beginning to spread across his shirt. "Shit, my stitches re-opened...do you think you could fix that, too?"

Rising and removing his shirt before Rachel could respond, he peeled the fabric from his body and groaned as he tossed the soiled garment to the floor. "So much for staying clean..."

Rachel noticed him staring at her face, and couldn't help but smirk. "Do I have something on my face?" Before she could even think to speak again, the Joker rose and removed his shirt and bared to her his poor stitch job. Horrified, she feebly announced, "W-well, I've got to warn you that I've never been a great seamstress…"

"And you think I have?" the Joker demanded, giving her a pointed look as he gestured toward his stitch job. "Beautiful, it doesn't take a seamstress to stitch up a wound, so just try, alright? Who knows? You might actually have fun!"

Grinning, the clown prince plopped down in front of Rachel and got in between her legs before she could protest, now leaning forward so she could get a good view of the wound. He knew that she would undoubtedly see all of the hideous scars, burns, and various marks on his skin, but he no longer felt self-conscious of them. Snorting at her remark, he sarcastically returned "You do have something on your face, yes: some eyes, a nose, and some lips. How extraordinary, eh?"

Sighing, Rachel reluctantly agreed, "Well I can try...can't be any worse than your job, after all." As she took a needle and thread and penetrated the skin, she slowly pulled it through the other side and became a bit squeamish. She heard him joke that she had something on her face (eyes, nose, and some lips), so she poked him in retaliation. "Ha, ha, haaa, you are sooo funny." Finishing the stitches, she then placed some cream on the wound as well as some gauze before taping it down. "There…I'm afraid that's the best I can do."

"I am funny, aren't I?" the Joker agreed, grinning as he gave a sigh of contentment. "And it's in-ter-es-ting that I've managed to get in between your legs again so soon...I would've thought it'd take months!" Giggling at his jesting remark, he flopped his head back so that it was resting in her lap, a broad grin stretching his lips as he looked up at her in amusement. "Wanna play strip poker? Or naked twister? Or 20 Questions? Or something fuuuuun?"

When he leaned his head back into her lap asking if she wanted to play a game, she thumped the tip of his nose. "Alright, how about 20 Questions? I stink at Poker…" She giggled, looking down at him as he leaned back between her legs like a lifelong friend or lover. Rachel was still confused as to why she allowed all of this to happen and why it felt so natural.

"Okaaaay, then I'll start!" the Joker decided, grinning as he suddenly leapt up to his feet and took Rachel by the hand. Eagerly pulling her into her bedroom, he cheerily explained "If we move the game in here, it'll be like a sleepover...we can paint our nails passion pink and talk about boys!" Giggling over his jesting remark, he hopped onto the bed and immediately dove under the covers, only to peak out at Rachel before asking "Are you comiiiiing? And I don't mean 'cumming', 'cause you already did that with me a month ago."

Sneering at the blush on Rachel's cheeks, the Joker watched as she hesitantly slid in beside him before he threw the covers over their heads. "Okey-doke" he cheerily began, "who do you loooooove? Batface? Ass-Chin Dent? Some other freak? 'Cause no offense or anything, beautiful, but you seem to attract the weirdos."

Rachel felt breathless at the question, and considerably taken aback. "Oh, so I attract weirdos, do I? Does that mean you're attracted to me then?" she teased, laughing as she folded her arms. "Besides, who says I 'love' anyone?"

The Joker sneered. "Ahhh, a wise-gal, eh? But yes, I'm madly in love with you" he gibed, giggling at the shocked look on her face. "Kiddiiiing! But, uh...just answer the question, beautiful. You women all seem to buh-lieve that love is what you've got in a re-lationship, so that's why I asked. But me? I'm re-a-list, because I know there's no way in hell that anyone will ever love a guy like me. I'm too scary!" Sneering, he laid down and looked up at her, his eyes briefly concentrating on the soft curve of her lips before he glanced down at his feet and frowned.

Rachel scoffed. Bruce was married to Batman and Gotham City, and Harvey was married to his own career, so she knew that was just his "arm candy". There was no way that there was room for 'love' in either of those relationships, even if she cared for both men quite deeply. When the Joker stated that there was no way in hell anyone could love someone as scary as him, she shook her head and sighed. "You just don't get it, do you? You are not scary…at least not to me, and as far as what I have in a relationship......well, that's a laugh, 'cause I have absolutely nothing."

"Hmm, well that's disappointing...I want to be scary" the Joker muttered, his bottom lip protruding slightly before he looked up at her with a smirk. "And no re-lationship, eh? Well that's something we both have in common, then...how in-ter-es-ting. Why doesn't Miss Beau-tee-ful Rachel Dawes have a lover, hmmm? You're far too, uh..." He abruptly trailed off, frowning since he felt uncomfortable with giving any further compliments. Glancing up at her, he found that he wanted to nibble on the soft hollow of her neck, but in order to quickly distract himself, he grumbled "Your turn...ask away, peaches!"

Rachel smirked and laughed softly. "We have a lot more in common than you thought, and as far as lovers...well, our little tryst last month was the last time I had a 'lover'." She moved closer to him, wanting him to inhale her perfume and smell her freshly washed hair as it fanned across the pillow beside him. When the Joker said it was her turn, she smiled thoughtfully while agreeing, "Okay...I want to know what it is about me that reminds you of Celeste? And is it the reason that you're attracted to me? And don't bother denying it, because I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me." She knew that bringing up Celeste would probably infuriate him, but for her own peace of mind she needed to know.

The Joker couldn't help but snarl. "I am not attracted to you! Leave it to a beau-tee-ful woman to get all egotistical just because a man's in her bed! And the only reason we had a so-called "tryst" is because I do things, uh...without really thinking them through." Gnawing on his scarred lip, he muttered "You both have the same irritatingly positive outlook on life, and, uh...you have her eyes."

Glaring off to the side, the Joker slid slightly away from Rachel so he could avoid her scent and soft, soapy skin, his eyes closing as he took a breath and deeply exhaled.

The Joker reacted exactly as she thought he would, but this didn't faze Rachel in the slightest. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she sweetly whispered against his ear "I don't deny my attraction, so why do you push me away? I know somewhere deep inside is that person who was able to 'love' Celeste, so why do you fight him?"

The Joker stiffened when he felt Rachel touch his arm, a shiver running down his spine when she began whispering in his ear about her attraction. With quivering arms, he hesitantly reached out to encircle her waist, his lips brushing against the crook of her neck as he inhaled her scent more deeply. She was so perfect and soft, and the fact that she wanted him made him believe that he was in a dream opposed to reality. Since his head was fuzzy from blood loss, he was much more vulnerable than usual, but the moment he realized that her lips were brushing against his, the Joker panicked and jolted away from her as if he'd been burned.

"Stay away from me" he growled, now rolling over and curling up into a ball. Squeezing his eyes shut as if this would keep her away, the clown prince irritably explained "I don't love, because I can't love, so stop trying to turn me into a pussy!"

Sitting up on her knees and looking at his back, Rachel sighed deeply while insisting, "Love does not make you a pussy...and you are capable of love, but you just refuse to accept the fact. There is a big difference."

"Ahhh, and when did you become such an expert on my feelings, hmm?" the Joker demanded, his voice dripping with bitterness as he took one of her pillows and pulled it over top of his head. He didn't want to see her, he didn't want to hear her, and he most certainly didn't want to feel her, because then he would want her, and in order for his plan to keep working, a distraction like that just wouldn't do.

"Y'know what else is a big difference?" the Joker finally spoke up. "Love and lust. I do not love, I lust, and I buh-lieve the same goes for you, peaches. You don't even know me."

Rachel sat there listening to him as he continued to speak without looking at her, her frustration mounting as she rose from the bed and snatching a pillow and a blanket. "God, you are impossible! I don't even know why I even bother!" Storming into the living room, she plopped down onto the sofa and laid back with her eyes closed.

"Good question" the Joker hollered after her. "Why do you bother? You just ruined a per-fect-ly good game, sweetness, so thanks for nothing!" Slightly wishing that she'd come back -- he rather enjoyed annoying the hell out of her, after all -- the clown prince suddenly smirked and added "I hope you like drool, 'cause I plan on slobbering aaaall over your pillow and bedsheets! Thanks for giving me the bed, HA!"

Hearing him yell from the other room, she groaned and picked up a glass ashtray, tossing it toward the bedroom where it hit the wall and shattered into a thousand pieces. Now yanking the covers over her head, she flipped over facing the back of the couch while returning, "You're welcome, ASSHOLE!"

"Welcome to what asshole? Yours? 'Cause sorry, but I'm not much of a backdoor man!" the Joker shouted back, giggling as he climbed out of bed and stretched his limbs. Taking his pillow with him, he sneered when he noticed that Rachel had hers over her own face, his foot nudging her so that she shrieked and sat up in surprise. Using this to his advantage, the Joker smacked her across her now exposed face with his pillow, a triumphant "HA!" escaping his lips as he hit her once again. "That oughta teach ya for being an uptight bitch!"

Giggling, he tried to hold her still by stepping on her, but she was squirming way too much to keep her still.

"Uptight? Screw you, I am far from uptight! You're the one that has a stick up his ass all the time!" Now managing to get a hand free, she picked up her pillow and smacked him as hard as she could. "Get off me, asshole!"

Making a show of looking over his shoulder, the Joker shook his head before remarking "Nope! Don't see a stick up there! And if you're making some sort of gay joke, I buh-lieve you and I know per-fectly well that I like women." Just as he turned back around, Rachel's pillow collided into the side of his face with all her strength. Laughing uproariously, he ripped the pillow from her hand and began to pummel her with both pillows. "Who's an asshole now, gum drop? I'm just a guy who buh-lieves in having fun!"

Giggling as she tried to shield her face, he pushed her down off the couch and onto her back, his knees keeping her firmly in place as he sneered in triumph.

"Fun? You call beating me senseless fun?!" Rachel asked, almost breathless as he sat on top of her and held her in place with his knees. Looking up at him, her eyebrows furrowed. "You know, I'm still mad at you"

The Joker grinned. "Well, of course I do! Which is ex-act-ly what makes this so much fun! Do you think it'd be fun if you were en-joying it?" Giggling, he smacked her in the face with the pillows again before placing one on her chest, his head now resting on it as he pretended to get comfortable. "Ahhh, nothing like a good ol' human bed, eh, Racheroni? It's a slumber party at its best! Now hold stiiiiill so I can get some sleep!"

Rachel gave him the evil eye when he stated that a human bed was the best kind, her body lying still for a moment as she watched him lay there. His breathing became slow and regular, so when she thought he was comfortable, she bucked up her hips and flung him to the floor before jumping to her feet. "Ha! Not so fun now, eh?"

"Heeeey, that wasn't very nice!" the Joker complained, rubbing his eyes as he glared up at her. "What's the matter, jealous that I was having wet dreams over other women?" Giggling, he reached out and grabbed her by the ankle, forcing her to fall on her backside as he hurriedly slid into her lap. Leering triumphantly at her disposition, he took her wrists and pinned them above her head, his lips hovering over hers as he purred "If you say Uncle, I'll let you go... Maybe. Or better yet, if you do what-ev-er I want for the rest of the night, I'll re-lease you."

Looking up at him and feeling his breath on her face, Rachel closed her eyes while trying to fight the urge to kiss him. "Whatever...you want?" she breathlessly asked. "And what might that be?"

The Joker leered down at her, having expected this sort of response. "Well if I were to tell you that, it would take away the element of sur-prise, now wouldn't it?" he smugly insisted, enjoying the way her breath hitched in her throat as he brushed his lips across her chin. "Maybe we'll even do what you want, too...I can be a niiiice guuuuy, after all. But only when I want to be."

Moving his hands down from her wrists to her hips, he grinned down at her with a giggle. "So what's it gonna be, honey bunch? Me sitting on you forever, or you doing whatever I say?"

Rolling her eyes, Rachel sourly returned, "If it will get your heavy ass off of me, I suppose I'll do whatever you want..."

"Heavy ass?" the Joker reiterated, feigning a look of hurt. Sneering at her response, he then leapt off of her before lying flat on his stomach, a pleased little grin forming across his lips as he urged "Give me a backrub, and be nice and slow about it. I'm all achy, and when I'm achy, that means I'm a veeeeery impatient clown." His grin and constant giggles, however, clearly said otherwise.

As he yawned and waited for Rachel to join him, he cracked open an eye and watched as she came toward his prostrate form. The sight of her sheer nighty had him shivering slightly, his teeth gnawing into his lower lip as he felt her hips slide over his bottom as she sat down. Turning his head so that he could groan into the carpet, he ignored the growing ache in his pants as he waited for her to touch him.

Although Rachel was rather surprised by the Joker's request, she found that it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Slowly crawling toward him, the bottom of her sheer nighty rode up her creamy thighs as she straddled him, sitting on his backside as she slowly started rubbing his back. Methodically working her way up to his shoulders, her hips moved forward as she leaned across him to reach his neck, the sheer fabric of her nightgown grazing sensually across his bare skin.

"Hmm, are you a pro-fessional?" the Joker asked, smirking as he closed his eyes and tensed from the heat that her touch brought his lower extremities. Growling softly when Rachel kneaded a particularly sore area, he lifted his hips so that he could move his arm in between himself and his body. Now slipping a hand down his pants, he curled his fingers around his arousal and began to slowly pump himself, his free hand reaching behind him in order to caress the softness of Rachel's thigh. Groaning against the carpet, he imagined her body lying helplessly beneath him as he pounded into her, his teeth gritting as he began to jerk-off at a faster pace. Not caring if Rachel knew what the hell he was doing, he began to curse as a familiar pressure built up in his groin.

Hearing him growl as she kneaded the spot between his shoulder blades, Rachel could feel his body moving beneath her as his hand crept up and began caressing the softness of her inner thigh. Hearing his moans, she couldn't help but smile. "Does it feel good?" she asked, bending over to whisper softly in his ear, "How good?"

The Joker quivered when her lips brushed against his ear, the ache building in his groin as he turned and licked her mouth. "Better than you know, sweetcakes, so stop teasing" he urged, smirking as he continued to rub his hand against her thigh. "Since you asked me a question, how about I give you one, too, hmm? Are you, uh...wet?" Before she could even reply, his slid his hand beneath her nighty and dipped his fingers past her panties, a soft growl rumbling in his throat when he felt the moisture from her slit. Retracting his hand, he made a show of licking his fingers as he began to thrust more desperately beneath her, her juices triggering something animalistic inside of him as he shuddered and moved his hand at a frenetic pace. "You bitch" he hissed, but far too quietly for Rachel to distinguish.

When his hand slid slowly inside, Rachel arched her back and moaned softly, only to be disappointed when he retracted his fingers and slowly licked each one, tasting her sweet juices as if they were wine. She returned to the massage, running her hands slowly up and down his back as she felt his hips bucking underneath her as he growled something unidentifiable to her.

Panting, the Joker rolled over in Rachel's arms and halted her movements, his hands coming down in order to cup her rump as he forced her hips to grind against his bare arousal. Groaning and arching his back, he placed a hand behind her head before urging her down toward him, his tongue almost hesitantly gliding across her lips before he crashed his mouth urgently against hers. Grinding at a faster, more desperate pace, he moved his lips toward her ear before gasping out "I want you from behind."

As he rolled Rachel over, she could feel his erection against her as he ground up against her, groaning and arching his back as he grabbed the back of her head and brought her down to him. Gliding his tongue slowly across her lips, he began grinding harder and faster against her heat, making her moan against his warm mouth. Pulling away, his lips met her ear as he rasped out that he wanted her from behind.

Looking at him for a moment, Rachel knew that she couldn't refuse as she turned away and slipped off her wet panties, tossing them aside before resting her weight on her hands as she closed her eyes in anticipation.

Breathing shallowly as he watched Rachel get on her hands and knees, the Joker had to admit that he was stunned by her acquiescence. She actually wanted to do this...again? The idea that a woman willingly wanted him, and for the second time made the Joker think that she actually didn't, because he'd never been able to get a beautiful woman to do what Rachel was doing without some sort of fight.

Unsteadily making his way over to her, he suppressed a giggle when she gave a gasp of surprise, because she obviously wasn't expecting him to lift her up from behind to her feet. "I want you against that table" he explained, his lips brushing against the nape of her neck as he pushed her down against the tabletop. Seeing her bent over in the complete picture of surrender, he groaned and lowered his mouth to the soft skin of her back. Licking and nipping at the crook of her neck, he whimpered against her skin before kissing the afflicted spot almost tenderly, his hands now hiking up her nighty so that it slid well over her bare bottom. Shivering from the sensation of her body pressed against his erection, he began to teasingly slide his tip against her wetness, his teeth gently nipping at her ear as he groaned softly. After fantasizing about this moment for a full month, he didn't have enough willpower to not take her. With only a moment's hesitation, he buried himself inside her to the hilt, his lips steeling back a growl as he gritted his teeth and felt her body snugly take him in.

Rachel felt as if she was under a spell as she gave in to his every command, her hands grasping the edge of the table as she felt the tip of his erection pressing against her outer lips. With a sudden forceful thrust, he sank the entire length of his shaft deep inside her as she stretched to accommodate his girth.

Grunting, the Joker buried his face against the nape of her neck and gently bit down, his lips and tongue working against her skin as he continued to diligently thrust inside her. Squeezing her breasts, he shuddered as he listened to her soft moans, his hand slinking upward in order to take her by the chin. Promptly forcing her to look at him over his shoulder, he brought their lips roughly together as he slid his tongue inside her mouth. Groaning into the heated kiss, he gave quick, powerful pumps as he licked and bit at her lips, his hand sliding through her hair as the table continued to rock violently from side to side. The electrical feeling coursing through his veins almost made him euphoric, his growls rumbling deep in his chest as he kept up his animalistic rutting. He knew she wanted him, but the sick part of him wanted to hear her sounds to reaffirm the fact.

As he thrust deeper, Rachel moaned as she stretched to accommodate his large girth, the feeling caused her muscles to squeeze tightly around his member as she throbbed and moaned. Grabbing her chin, he forced her to look over her shoulder as he slammed into her again and again, his lips roughly meeting with hers as his tongue slid past her lips and dueled forcefully with hers. He groaned into the kiss while licking and biting her plump lips, his powerful thrusts causing the table to rock on it legs while banging against the floor from the force. Feeling his fingers in her hair, she leaned back as he sank deeper inside her as whole body shook with an orgasm. "Oh fuck.....take me" she whimpered almost breathlessly.

"Hmm, I didn't think DA's had such dirty mouths" the Joker teased, his voice low and tainted by lust as he licked her lips. Kissing his way down from her chin to her neck, he growled against her skin as he dug his nails into her hips and pounded into her more forcefully, his thrusts alternating in between quick and frantic to slow and forceful. He didn't like to develop a pattern, because then he knew Rachel would be expecting a certain speed; he always liked to keep people guessing, and with love-making things were no different. Groaning and gasping against her neck, he shuddered as he felt her inner muscles squeezing him tightly, his teeth sinking into her shoulder in order to quiet his moans as he frantically jerked his hips. He was surrounded by hot, wet, and tight, and he honestly didn't know how much longer he could last.

Suddenly halting his movements, he withdrew from Rachel's warm haven and flipped her around in his embrace, his arms now lifting her up so that he pinned her against the wall. Biting down on her neck, he forced her to sink back down onto his shaft as he continued to fuck her at a more vigorous pace, his breath warm and hot against her skin as he panted breathlessly.

Rachel moaned, biting down on her lower lip hard enough to draw blood as he continued to thrust himself deep inside her, her muscles stretching and contracting against his cock as he alternated his thrusts between hard and fast and slow and forceful, his hips grinding into hers at different angles and hitting her very core. The feeling of his hot breath on her baked skin caused her nipples to harden, and when he sank his teeth into her shoulder she moaned out loudly, "Oh, God! I'm cumming, again!"

The Joker suddenly halted his movements, thus causing her walls to pulse and throb as he withdrew and flipped her over. Lifting her up in his arms, he pinned her against the wall and forcefully lowered her down onto his shaft as he started to fuck her again at a fast, and frantic speed. Her juices exploded, trickling in a sticky flow between them as she heard his low moans, knowing that he, too was close to orgasm.

Cursing when the Joker felt Rachel milking him, he panted against the soft hollow of her neck and shuddered when her legs squeezed around his hips, his nails digging into her shoulders as he gave several low, animalistic grunts. Ramming into her with all his strength, he snarled against her warm skin as the sound of their mingled moans reached his ears like strangely alluring music. Biting down on her shoulder, the Joker pleaded feebly against her skin, "When the time comes, call me Jack", his nails digging into her hips as he shuddered and scratched with a certain desperation at her body. He felt his arousal pulse inside her, and then he came in a sudden, violent explosion that left him shuddering from his head to his toes.

When the Joker's body shook and his cock pulsed and grew, Rachel felt him finally come undone as she dug her nails deep into his back. "Oh, Jack..." she gasped out, careful to follow through with his plea. Both of them exploded in a massive orgasm, her whole body shaking in his grip and her legs wrapping tighter around his hips.

Their juices now mixed together as he panted against her neck, she leaned her head back as her eyes closed in a moment of pure ecstasy.

Panting against Rachel's neck, the Joker slumped against her chest and mumbled something indistinguishable, his lips almost tenderly brushing against her skin as he closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath.

As usual, the Joker was the first to recover, his teeth gritting as he slowly withdrew from her warmth and groaned at the sensation. When she'd called him Jack, it almost seemed surreal…nobody had linked that name with him for over 15 years, so the idea that he'd told Rachel in the heat of the moment angered him. He knew that he'd wanted to hear her say his name, but on the other hand, he was fully aware that something so intimate might make Rachel feel attached to him. He didn't love her – he couldn't love her – so there was no use in torturing the poor girl. And yet, a sick part of him liked torturing Rachel, because he felt that everyone in the world deserved to feel the pain that he did.

Slowly pulling away from Rachel, the Joker abruptly turned and zipped up his pants in silence. It was as if he was ignoring her presence altogether, and yet he clearly wanted to speak since he kept grinding his teeth.

After he'd withdrawn from her, Rachel sat down onto the carpeted floor, her knees still weak as she tried to figure out why he hated her unless they were having sex. Then and only then could she see a different side to him, and she couldn't help but wonder why that was. Gathering up her panties, she slipped them on while mumbling, "So I guess I'm getting the silent treatment, again…you really confuse me, Jack."

As she turned away from him and walked over to the window, she realized that the truth confused even herself. How could she continue to give in to this man? What was she thinking?

The Joker couldn't help but wince. "Don't call me that" he pleaded. "Not now, anyway…" His real name made him seem more human, and he didn't like the emotional baggage that came with it. In reality, he was completely stumped about how to handle this woman, and because of this, he felt the need to dispose of her and wash his hands of her existence entirely. And yet, he'd been trying to kill her for the past few months, and had failed miserably every single time. Their relationship (if it could even be called that) consisted of an uphill struggle of constant twists, turns, abrasive arguments, and mindless sex. Or at least, it had been mindless up until a few minutes ago. He felt as if he'd almost put his heart into fucking her, and he didn't like that.

Not. One. Bit.

Turning toward Rachel with a dark look in his eyes, the Joker shrugged while asking, "What do you want me to do, hmm? Take you in my arms like in those pussy romance novels, sway you back and forth in my embrace, and then profess my undying love to you? I've already told you before that I'm not that kinda guy, so I wish you'd stop acting so damn surprised."

Rachel cringed, because she knew he was right. Glaring back at him, as she pulled her hair up into a clip and grabbed her keys and purse. "You know what? You're right, I shouldn't act surprised. I mean, who even believes in such bullshit like love anymore? Sex is sex, so thanks for the fuck" she snarled, her heart racing as she headed toward the door.

Although the Joker felt a thrill that Rachel was leaving, he couldn't help but add fuel to the flames as he called after her, "Well aren't you going to pay me, too? I think I deserve a fairly decent amount for that little performance, don't you?" Sneering when she turned back around to eye him critically, the clown prince finally straightened his stance and stormed over to her, his body wedging in between hers so that he was blocking the door. "Going somewhere?" he hissed, a feral glint coming to his eyes. "This is your apartment, you know, so it'd be awful foolish if you were the one to leave."

If the Joker didn't know any better, he could've sworn that he saw tears in Rachel's eyes, but he shrugged it off and decided that he'd been imagining things. With his voice softening only slightly, he irritably growled out, "What do you want from me, Rachel? I have nothing to give." The resigned tone to his voice seemed so tired and final, and the fact that he'd actually spoken Rachel's true name seemed to speak volumes.
"I don't care where I'm going, as long as I'm away from you" she snapped back, the tears now welling up in her eyes. His tone changed slightly as he asked what she wanted from him, so she paused before softly returning, "What do I want? Well what do you want, Ja....?" She started to call him by his name, but then stopped. Why were they tormenting each other when they obviously didn't know what they truly wanted?

"What do I want?" the Joker reiterated, now giving a humorless laugh. "Beautiful, all that I've ever wanted is now a dead, misshapen dream, so what's the point of even trying to revive it? My mother's dead, my sister's dead, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm dead, too. If anything, I wish I was six feet under so I could put all this mess behind me. That is what I want."

Staring numbly back at her, the clown prince's breathing grew more shallow as a lump formed in his throat. Rachel always had this unnerving way of appearing concerned when she shouldn't be, and it somehow made her all the more beautiful in his eyes. He hated compassion of any kind, but somehow he found himself craving the attention she gave him. He hated her for it, but most importantly, he hated himself. Why did he allow this woman to worm her way into his life like she mattered? Like he mattered?

Casting his gaze down toward the carpet, he finally muttered, "Maybe I should go."

Rachel stood there in the shadows of the moon and listened as he explained that all he'd ever wanted was now a dream, and that everyone he loved was dead. She could see the pain in his eyes and knew that he refused to let her in, but as far as she was concerned, he was a lost soul that needed a reason to live.

When he mumbled that he should probably go, she grabbed his arm and turned him around to face her. "Why do you feel that you have nothing to live for?" she pitifully asked. "Why can't you just let someone in? Is the thought of having someone to care for you that hideous?"

The Joker stared back at Rachel in disbelief, the corners of his lips quirking upward as he gave a dry laugh. "What, are you trying to say that you want to be that someone? That you actually give two shits about what I do with my life?" Allowing the laughter to reach its full-blown crescendo, he shook his head as he stared back at her with a crooked grin. "You lawyers are a real piece of work, you know that? A reeeal piece of work."

Running a hand down over his face, the Joker allowed his make-up to smear into several ugly white, red, pink, black, and grey streaks. He didn't care what he looked like at the moment, because all he knew was that he'd just become the biggest joke in Gotham. He felt as if Rachel was making fun of him with those big, innocently concerned eyes, her tilted head, and her placating gestures, his gaze narrowing as he allowed his arms to drop limply at his sides. "You don't care" he mumbled, but he said it almost like a question, his lips pressing tightly together as he longed to prove that she didn't care. That, after all, would make things so much easier for them both.

Throwing her keys down onto the table, Rachel glared at him. "Don't you dare tell me how I fucking feel! You are not me, and you obviously don't have any idea how I feel about you!" Her anger was building at his remarks, because she knew that she did care, and that was the problem.

The Joker was stumped. He was growing increasingly confused by how to handle this woman, and it angered him. It angered him so much, in fact, that he wanted to curl his hands around Rachel's throat and just squeeze.

Sneering at the fury in her eyes, the Joker drew close to her at an intimidating degree, his gaze dark and scornful as he agreed, "Alright, so I don't know how you feel, but you can't honestly say you'd forgive me if I hit you, right? If I shoved you?" As if testing Rachel, he gave her a quick shove that only sent her staggering back to a minor degree, but in that single push, the Joker felt a tremendous sense of release. He enjoyed seeing her helpless, because whether Rachel knew it or not, she had made him feel helpless, and he didn't like that. When her pitiful gaze finally met with his, however, he couldn't help but feel slightly taken aback. The pain on her face was evident, and he suddenly felt completely rotten for being the cause of that expression.

Opening his mouth as if to apologize, he quickly closed it and glowered off to the side. "You don't care" he stated yet again, except this time he said it as though it were a definitive fact.

Looking away, Rachel exhaled deeply. "Is that how I have to show you that I care? By being your little punching bag? Does it make you feel good to hurt me?"

The Joker felt his shoulders stiffen. This woman was infuriating since she couldn't see that being around him was bad for her…that it was bad for them both. He hadn't truly wanted to shove her (domestic violence wasn't really his cup of tea, after all), but he figured it might have a sobering effect. Unfortunately, it only seemed to cause the opposite. Rachel seemed more resolute in her opinions than ever, and somehow he found himself admiring her for it. No woman (or man, for that matter) had ever truly stood by their guns when arguing with him, so for that reason he had to respect her. On the other hand, she was really starting to irritate him, and he didn't like the constant rollercoaster that his emotions were taking with this woman.

Approaching her with cold, measured steps, the Joker drew in close to her face while growling, "When you look at me, what do you see, hmm? A cold, unfeeling monster…someone who's so broken that they need to be fixed, right? Because, uh…believe me, beautiful, I know why you're doing this, and it's because you women feel the need to protect and shelter the bruised souls in this world. Well guess what? I do not need your sympathy, and I do not need your 'looove', or whatever you're claiming to feel for me, because it will not change who I am!"

Rachel stood there with her back straight and her arms folded across her chest as she glared at him. She could not, and would not show weakness since that was what he wanted. As he approached her he drew in close so their faces were mere centimeters apart, her heart racing as she returned "I am not a "charity" worker, Jack, so get that straight. I'm not trying to give you my sympathy, and I'm not quite sure why I "care" about you the way I do, so as far as my changing you...well, all I want is to be a small part of your life. Just let me in a little..." She stopped speaking, suddenly realizing the words that had just slipped from her mouth. Was she really going insane? Why did he cause all of this in her?

The Joker was considerably taken aback by Rachel's words, his painted brows furrowing as he clenched his fists at his sides. "A small part of my life?" he incredulously repeated. "And what the hell does that even mean, hmm? You want to be my partner in crime? You want to come over every Friday night and clean out my toilets?" Giggling humorlessly at the thought, he shook his head while agreeing, "You're fucked-up, Rachel, but I've got to admire your persistence. I don't know how much "more" I can let you in, anyway…I've already told you about my sister and Celeste, and how I got my scars, so what more do you even need to know? There's nothing to me but a crazy man with a vendetta, so if you actually want to be a part of all that, then yeah, I'd have to agree that you are insane." Still frowning, the Joker studied Rachel's face with the hopes of understanding why she was behaving the way she was, but nothing was clicking. He hated the fact that he couldn't read her like the others, because it was almost as if a wall of communication had them closed off from one another. He wanted to see her true colors, to understand her, but he also refused to get any closer than what was necessary, and as far as he was concerned, he'd crossed that boundary long ago. "I can't" he finally spoke, his voice cold and firm. "I'm not your fairytale prince, and you're not my little princess, so just get that idea out of your head right now."

Rachel winced. "Jack, I know you're scared, but…"

"Stop fucking calling me that!"

"B-but Jack…"

"Stop it, goddammit!" In a flash, the Joker whipped out a pistol and held it to her head with shaking hands, his tongue repeatedly snaking along his lips out of nervous habit. The fire in his eyes was feverish and panicked, his breathing anything but calm as he hissed, "Leave. Me. Alone, Rachel…I don't want you!"

Hurt, Rachel hardly even seemed to notice the gun as she felt tears prickling along her lashes, her chin raising out of pride as she fired back, "You're so goddamn stubborn that you don't even know what you want, Jack, so don't say that you don't want me when I know you do! It's ok to need someone, you know! It doesn't make you a weak man!"

Moving toward him with her arms outstretched, she barely had time to react the moment a loud, deafening BANG! erupted and momentarily illuminated the dim room. With a sharp gasp, Rachel glanced down just in time to see a large, scarlet bloom spreading across her front, her eyes returning to the Joker's in shock as she dropped down to her knees. "Jack…" she pitifully rasped, now grasping at his pant legs as she doubled over. "Jack, why?"

Trembling, the Joker dropped the gun and sank down to the floor beside her, his arms encircling her waist as he pulled her into his lap and rested her head beneath his chin. He could feel her shiver and shake from the shock, his hand almost reverently stroking her hair as he shushed her amidst her soft sobs. Although he didn't feel majorly different about harming Rachel than the others, there was a distinct emptiness in his core that flared within him like an icy void. He was so unbearably cold, yet he chalked it up as his soul finally dying opposed to any sort of guilt. He could never feel guilt, and he knew that.

When he felt Rachel expire noiselessly against his chest, the Joker pressed his cheek to hers and felt something wet along his lashes.

'Must be something in my eye' he thought, his hand cradling Rachel's head as he gently laid her down across the carpet. It couldn't have worked out between them even if he'd wanted it to, he somberly realized, because she was a hopeless optimistic, and he was far too gone to ever give her the life that she deserved.

As the Joker slowly rose to his feet, he understood then that there was no point in destroying Batman any longer, because as far as the clown prince was concerned, he'd just destroyed a small part of himself: Rachel, who'd always been there, Rachel, who'd seemed to actually love him. Kneeling down alongside her, the Joker felt completely numb to the world as he reached out and forced her eyes to close.

Pleasant dreams.