quick-note: this takes place sometime durring newmoon, in the even that there was no Jacob and that Alice hadn't seen the trouble coming to Bella before it had actually hit...

Also the story does say he had been gone for an entire year so yes that was what i used in the story, no werewolves remember?

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When you can live forever how do you measure time? Humans have it so easy. They wake up to the start of a brand new day with the sun and at night end the day in the darkness. But when you can't sleep you're existence begins to feel like one long, never ending day that feels more like a dream that you'll never wake up from. A prisoner of your own existence. But that changed the day I realized I was in love with Bella. Suddenly there was meaning and a reason to live on with my life. I anticipated for the moments when she opened her eyes and smiled at the feel of my hand against hers. The daylight hours that we would spend together either in a classroom or lying in our meadow. And then there were those nights, those sweet nights where she would lay warm and snug talking to me in her bed until she fell asleep to her lullaby. I would just lay next to her while she slept listening to her heart thump rhythmically in her chest while she spoke to me, knowing that if she had a nightmare I would be there to chase it away.

She was my life and my beloved measure of time.

She gave me a reason and suddenly, even though it wasn't, it was as if I found my place.

Then it happened, that one day that tore everything apart, the day that I realized I had to leave. My existence only shortened the lives of her kind and after her incident with James in the spring; I could no longer stand putting her in such danger. And so we left, my life streaming back into a sequence of meaningless dreams. And I would never come to understand how my plan to save her would fire back at me and threaten her life.


It's been an entire year since he's left and the pain has yet to dwindle. Of course I no longer keep myself locked in my room; the pain has turned into more of a numbness that threatened to swallow me whole. I tried to keep myself together for Charlie but the guilt I felt for putting him through this made me want to stay clear of his every direction. As much as I hated this pain I could not hate Edward. Though my stomach twisted every which way when I thought his name he had filled my heart with so much love that there was no feeling of dislike, just an uncomfortable acceptance

He's gone Bella and he's not coming back

It hurt so much to think that he didn't want me anymore, but if I loved him, and I knew I did, then I had to let him go and return some of the selflessness he had shown me even if it ripped my heart to shreds.

So today I woke up, just like any other day and for the second time this week I stubbed my toe of the corner of my bed waking me from my morning dose of mental morphine. I had begun to forget my dreams because they consisted of being the same.

I would be walking through the forest following a familiar sparkling figure and when he stopped I would run closer and right before I would get a glimpse of his face I would wake up.

So today was no different than any other day as I quickly showered, changed and headed out to my car. Leaving a quick note for Charlie stating that I had headed out early so he wouldn't worry.

Lately I had begun to hate my car even though I had once declared my love for this rusting red creature ages before. Whenever I would place my bag in the passenger's seat it would just remind me of Edward's crooked smile as he sat there and his sarcastic comments about my driving.

As I began to drive I realized that I was low on gas remembering how Charlie had taken my car out to Billy's last night and thanked my body for waking me up earlier this morning. I took a left onto the main road that would lead me to the local gas station that was unusually empty this morning.

And I soon realized why.

As I stepped out of my car to open the latch I saw a flash of color from the corner of my eye. It was a bright shade of orange, the exact shade of fire, there was only one time I had ever seen that shade.

The vampire was in front of me now, with her arms crossed around her chest and a slight smirk on her face. She was wearing a pair of well worn-in jeans and a light grey pull over jacket. She looked well adapted into this mortal world like her James had been and I wouldn't have known what she was if I hadn't seen her before, in the clearing.

Slowly she walked toward me, slowing her step as she walked waiting for me to flinch, but I did not. I was frozen solid where I stood.

"Edward's Bella" she whispered in mock wonder. "Long time no see"

Her voice was higher pitched than I remembered it.

"Victoria." I said in recognition.

I thought about my options. Obviously this was no friendly visit, The Cullen's had destroyed James and now she was here. I could try to hop in my car and see if I was quick enough to get into a crowded area before she could kill me. May be she would give up for awhile if there were too many people around, or would she just kill every witness? No I couldn't do that; I would have to stand here and die, never seeing my Angel's face again…

"What do you want?" My voice was barely audible as I spoke.

She just looked at me and laughed.

"Oh just a little revenge, but don't worry I won't kill you, well I won't kill you now at least and there is a slight chance you'll make it out of this with your head"

My eyes narrowed in confusion, what was she planning to do with me, and would my head be attached to my body…

"Where is your Edward, dear?" She purred closing in on me.

My lips parted and for a moment I couldn't speak, her words made no sense.

"I—I don't know, it's been a year.."

She smiled a wicked smile and handed me a cell phone.

"Not to worry, I tracked down his number a couple days ago from a friend in Los Angeles, speed dial number 1, you may dial"

I looked at the phone for a moment and then all too eagerly dialed star and then the number one, knowing the emotional hurt that was about to come. Three rings before I heard him.


I didn't feel that hurt like I was expecting, more of a sense of relief that he was ok, my mind wandered for a moment before I saw Victoria's intense glare on me nodding toward the phone in my hand.

"Edward" I said my voice breaking.

The other line went silent. I spoke clearer this time. "Edward its Bella…"

Before I could say any more Victoria snatched the phone from me and began talking.

"Hello Edward this is Victoria, I believe we met a little while before you murdered my James"

Her voice was dangerously polite and very frightening.

"Don't hurt her, Don't touch her!!" a voice suddenly screeched from the other line.

"Oh I don't want to" she went on. "I simply want to restore what was James's so long ago; you know do him a small honor?"

"What do you mean? What do you want with Bella she hasn't done anything to you! James went after her!!"

The screaming was getting even more frantic on that other line and I could feel the tears streaming down my face. I hated the sound of Edward in pain no matter what the intensity; it still hurt me to think that.

"Aw she's crying" Victoria mocked me with a chuckle.

"Well I guess that's it for now, just thought I'd let you know the situation, we'll be in touch." She shut the phone.