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The time had finally come, I could hear their voices coming from about 50 miles to the west and they certainly weren't walking.

Alice told me before that she had a vision of one of two things happening. We knew that the arriving on the newborns would be on a few minutes notice and that I would have to run with Bella. The catch was that if I clued her in and she went with me willingly she would refuse to leave me and in the midst of an argument she would be snatched by Laurent and taken to wherever he wanted her.

However, If I were to aggravate her enough to chase her off with my cavalier like behavior, she would be safe in the forest and not be found during the main fight. I could only hope that it would work, it was the only hope for her safety.

Quickly I jumped out of my trance and scooped Bella who went unwillingly into my arms. I ran as far east with my family into the forest as I could, every second was crucial and she had to get as far away as possible. As I ran she kicked and struggled so I held her down gentle, but firmly so she would not hurt herself. She didn't seem thrilled with her predicament and I watched as small tears formed in her eyes as she shut them away. I felt horrible for restraining her as so, but it was necessary and I would rather have her ticked off at me and safe than content and not living. Whichever meaning you can take from that context.

The truth was I didn't want her changed so fast. I loved her to the farthest extent and though she wanted the immortality for forever's sake, I was more than reluctant to comply.

My family continued to run with me through the forest and when we finally came to a stop I gently let Bella down. I must have been to fast though because before I could catch her my love had fallen to the ground. I tried to help her up but she shrugged me off and I couldn't hide the shudder of guilt I felt for treating her like I had. She looked at me with a glance that could only be hopeless distress.

Then, like in Alice's vision she walked off into the wood. I just stood there watching her go. After she had walked about 300 feet I saw her look back at me but find nothing. Her vision did not extend as far. I watched solemnly as she disappeared from my vision until I regained notice of the thoughts that had been closing in. Laurent and his friends had arrived.

I quickly ran off to find my family face to face with the three vampires and I read their thoughts. The first was Laurent. Victoria shouldn't have gone at this alone, she should have known they would fight for the girl. That Alice one she wanted to so badly kill is far too skilled and protected by that blonde haired man. I don't even know why I am risking my life for her mistake, oh well Eli will take care of them and I'll go find the girl.

His thoughts disturbed me, Bella had been right, he was in on everything all along with Victoria, I looked to the young boy on his left who couldn't have been more than 13 at his time of changing. FINALLY SOME ACTION! I was beginning to think this vampire shit was boring but hey, I'm about to kick some fellow annoying bothersome vampire butt, I wonder what the kids at school would think if they saw me. Chumps all think I'm dead, well not that science teacher of mine. She got a good glimpse at me before I drained her.

This was worse now. This boy was young, couldn't have been changed more than a year ago from the tone of his voice. If things came to a fight I would have trouble killing this child who was only 5 years younger than Bella. But Laurent's thoughts about his power made me uneasy. The woman on the other side was rather silent just standing there glaring at us. Her thoughts held no mind to her, but her mental maturity was probably somewhere around 30.

Carlisle was the first to speak

"We know your intentions, you are outnumbered so if you wish to keep your lives I suggest you leave, we wish not to harm you especially the little one."

Laurent looked almost amused. "I assure you, whatever misconception you are under that, that we are not here for unpleasantry." He smiled and I growled at him. "And I must also warn you that though he may not look like it, young Eli here is exceptionally powerful and would do well to wipe out every single one of you." He looked at the boy and nodded his head.

We all watched in fascination as Eli walked over to a nearby tree. Then, out of nowhere think green vines surrounded the tall organism and toppled it to the ground. The vines held so tight that the snapped the think bark into bits and pieces. We all watched with our jaws hanging open. Never before had I seen someone who could control the earths powers.

We turned back to Laurent, but he was gone.

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I held in a scream as I turned to face the amused face of Laurent. I went to scream but I soon found myself thrown over his back and running at inhuman speed through the woods. This had become much too familiar, except this time I was certain I wouldn't escape death so easily. I decided struggling was no use so I began to scream.

"HELP!" I vocalized to the forests, at least one of my vampires should have heard me, or maybe Alice would see me. I cried hopelessly as I tired my dry mouth from the screaming. Laurent made no move to silence me but simply moved faster, as if that were even possible.

Where was my Edward? Hadn't he promised to keep me safe for the 3rd time now? I loved him and I wanted him to take care of me more than I could imagine. But I didn't know if I should expect him to come. Had he given up on keeping me safe by allowing me to walk off on my own to be taken by this monster? I didn't know, all I could do was cry and pray someone would come for me.

After what felt like 10 or so minutes I began to hear light stepping behind us. I made myself look up and I saw a boy, no older than 14 or so running to catch up to us. I shut my eyes expecting a chase but to my surprise Laurent slowed to a stop and dropped me on the ground. I landed with a thud on my stomach but quickly stood up to face the two vampires who seemed like they were conversing.

I don't understand why they had just stopped paying attention to me, probably because you're a slow human I thought to myself. I didn't care though, any shot was worth trying and I started to run off in the direction I could only have imagined we had come from. I felt foolish, running away from speedy vampires but I refused to stand there and comply with their wishes to kill me.

As I took the first step I heard a chuckle and I tripped, falling to the ground. I couldn't be THAT uncoordinated to fall on my only escape opportunity could I? Then I looked down at my feet and instead of finding a rock or stick of some kind I saw a root wrapped around my ankle holding me back. I tried to yank it free but then more roots sprouted from the ground and before I could think they were wrapping themselves around me. I struggled fruitlessly trying to get my hands free from their awkward position at my side but I couldn't move. I screamed in fear as the root came dangerously close to my face but it was cut off as it wrapped around my mouth. I tried to wiggle just a little but the roots just constricted tighter suffocating me.

I looked up at Laurent and the boy questioning what had happened. They both laughed at my predicament and the boy leaned down next to my head.

"You know, you're actually really hot for a human, and you smell good too." I made a muffled noise in protest of this teenage boy as he looked up to Laurent. "Can I keep her? Please!?"

Laurent looked questioningly at me. Oh god! He cannot actually be thinking about letting some hormonal teenager watching over me! He must be a newborn too since his attitude matches his exterior. I didn't want to think of what would happen if he were alone with me.

"I don't see why not. Victoria is dead and I was planning on turning her or keeping her as a pet anyway. It truly would be a waste for us to kill her with such potential as she has. "He bent down and pet my hair with his hand and I roughly tried to pull away. That only made him laugh.

"See that fight in her? It's rare with these humans I'll tell you. It's decided, you may have her as a reward for incapacitating the Cullen clan back there, they won't find her, even when they get free.

Have the tree remove their bindings in about 10 hours so I can be sure we got far enough where they won't be able to track us, even with a mind reader and the psychic. "

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