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Bella's POV

How could he? He told me he loved me a million times, and then left. He left me here, all alone, with no one to look forward to seeing when I wake up, no one to wipe my tears. Which is a big problem considering all I had done for the last 2 months is cry. I guess I should have seen this coming, I mean I never really fit in with the Cullens. But still for some reason, I felt like this was wrong, that he was lying, when he said that he didn't love me, or want me anymore. But I knew the truth, and that was that I was lying to myself. Because Edward Cullen didn't want me, no matter what I led myself to believe. But even still, I couldn't be mad at him. After all, could I honestly blame him for finally seeing that I was nothing out of the ordinary? I think you get the point.

It had been a hard two months. I felt miserable, I felt useless, and I felt as if no one wanted me. After all, Edward was everything, and everyone to me. After awhile I felt bad for Charlie, he was always trying to make me feel better, and I appreciate it now more than ever. Finally I felt so horrible, that I attempted to have fun. It obviously didn't work, but it made Charlie a bit happier. After about a week of trying to have fun, I was about to give up trying, when I finally found something I liked doing.

It was a Friday night, and Charlie thought a 17 year old girl should be out on a Friday night. He was right, a 17 year old girl should be out on a Friday night, but that doesn't mean that this one wanted to.

Well he called Jacob Black behind my back (A/N: Haha that rhymes. Oh well back to the story) and asked him to take me out tonight. My dad meant it as friends, but I knew Jacob wished it was something more. Jacob always liked me as more than a friend, but I set him straight, and he knows I will only be friends. He's always trying to change my mind about that, but he doesn't push it. Anyway, Jacob decided on something not romantic, knowing I would refuse to go, and something where he thought I'd have fun.


Can you believe it? Karaoke! I mean of all things, he picked the one that would embarrass me out of this century! But of course, he didn't tell me where we were going until we got there, and to make it worse, my truck was in the shop (again) so we took his car, of which he had the keys.

I wasn't going anywhere.

I wasn't planning on going inside (at least willingly I wasn't), so finally after 15 minutes of Jacob threatening to pick me up and run me inside, right up to the stage, which I for one didn't believe he would actually do, he did.

He picked me up with his super werewolf strength (yes, you heard what I said, werewolf strength… Jacobs a werewolf, you shouldn't be too surprised considering Edward is a vampire), and ran me inside right up to the stage… just like he promised. Of course, with my luck, we got there immediately after the announcer had just said "Anyone brave enough to come up here, and show us what you got?" That's when we arrived.

I think you understand how I felt when the announcer said "WooHoo! Let's hear it for this pretty little thing, who is gonna come up here, and sing her heart out!" I heard Jacob growling beside me.

"Umm, I don't think that is such a good idea…" I said only loud enough for the announcer and Jacob to hear.

"Oh and why is that?" The announcer replied, although his answer was loud enough for the whole club to hear. "Ummm, let's just say I don't sing." And knowing me I'd probably fall off the stage. I added mentally. Although this time the whole audience was listening, since the announcers last reply was so loud. "Come on….." "Bella," I told him my name. "Okay, Come on, Bella. You never know if you never try." He answered still with the whole club listening. "Oh trust me, I know" I answered matter-of-factly.

"Sing! Sing! Sing" An unfamiliar voice from the audience started to chant. Oh Crap! I said in my head. Pretty soon the whole club was chanting "Sing! Sing! Sing!" And I turned red as a tomato. "Come on Bella." The announcer half whined. "Sing for us?" The announcer questioned innocently. Then the whole club died down for my response.

"Fine." I muttered unwillingly. Then the club started cheering, although I don't know why, it is just karaoke. Jacob smiled and I scowled at him giving him an "I'm gonna get you for this" look, and stomped onstage. I snatched the mic from the announcers hand and asked what song I was singing. He brought me over to a list of a bunch of songs, and let me pick what I wanted to sing. I picked "I Wanna Be with you," by Mandy Moore. It didn't really matter to me what song I sing, I just wanted to get this over with, but I picked this song because 2 years ago when it came out, it was my favorite song for a while. I used to sing it in the shower, so I knew I could at least hit most of the notes, and I'd had practice – sort of.

The music started, and I started to sing. Avoiding looking at anyone, or anything, besides the speakers. At least the speakers didn't have expressions. Towards the middle of the song, I practically forgot where I was, and sang with more heart, and more confidence. About thirty seconds later I had gained enough confidence to look at the audience. I figured the safest idea would be to see what Jacob looked like. At least Jacob, I knew, wouldn't be laughing at me. But when I turned to find Jacob, I didn't see him. I started to get a little panicky, but I looked at the audience to see if he was there. He wasn't – but the audience's expressions were happy. I mean of all things, they were looking at me in amazement, as if I were a celebrity or something. And all the panic washed away, and I finished the song with more 

confidence than I ever thought I had. I thanked everyone for listening, and ran over to give the mic to the announcer. That's when I saw Jacob talking to the announcer. Well that's a surprise…

"Bella! You were great!" Jacob yelled excitedly at me. "And you said you didn't sing…!" The announcer said, with excitement.

"I didn't know I could either…" I said to both of them. "I have a feeling we might just have a winner!" the announcer said, and then left before I could ask him what he meant. Neither Jacob nor I knew what he was talking about, so we kind of just dropped the subject. The rest of the night we listened to some more people sing. I couldn't believe it, of all places, this was the place that I Bella Swan had fun. Everyone was about to leave when the announcer grabbed the mic, and told everyone to sit back down for a few minutes, because he had an announcement to make.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all so much for coming tonight, and thank you to all of the singers that had the guts to come up here and sing. But I have a special surprise, that no one here knew about." Okay, now I was confused. "This whole night was really a contest!" What?! A Contest! Oh Crap. All of the people that came up here and sang tonight were entered, and the one with the best voice get's a record deal with Red Hot Music!!" The whole crowd was cheering now. "Please give a round of applause for the judge of this competition, a.k.a. the owner of Red Hot Music, James Haset!!" Again the crowd broke into applause. James ran up to the stage and grabbed the mic from the announcer while the crowd was still cheering.

"Thank you, Thank you!" Now the applause died down. "Okay, I don't feel like giving a whole speech, so I'm just gonna say you guys were all fabulous. It takes a lot of guts to come up here and sing. That's why no one was allowed to know that I was here. After all, you guys were nervous enough. Unfortunately though, I can only pick one winner." Okay is it just me, or does like everyone say something like this before giving out an award? "The winner of the Red Hot Music competition is…" While he was pausing for dramatic effect, I took a sip of my Mountain Dew. I felt like I was the only one in the room that wasn't totally nervous. I for one didn't care too much if I won. It's not like it will change the fact that my life is horrible. Although Charlie might like the idea, that I have something to do… My little ramble of thoughts was interrupted by someone saying my name.

"Bella Swan!!" Then it dawned on me why he said my name, and I immediately spit out the Mountain Dew that was in my mouth. The crowd was cheering/ laughing at me, for about 30 seconds of me sitting there with my mouth open, the table that we were sitting at covered in Dew. Then Jacob gave me a little nudge, while wearing the biggest smile I have ever seen on him. Then I snapped back into reality, and got out of my chair. I started walking towards the stage, but slipped on some of the Mountain Dew I had spit out.


Everyone gasped and looked at me, with horror struck faces, as if I was the president of the United States that just got shot. This was a bit awkward, so I started to get up, my face as red as a tomato. Great I thought to myself I win a great award and ruin the moment with my clumsiness. Jacob was 

laughing at me, and I gave him a death glare, but I was too late. Soon the whole club had burst out in laughter. Oh great….

I finally got up to the stage without any more embarrassing moments (thank god) and the judge congratulated me. I thanked him, and thanked the audience. And then I remembered what I had just won, and started flipping out in my head.

Oh my god! A record deal? With Red Hot Music?! This is too much. Red Hot Music is HUGE! Everyone that they support has gotten wicked famous! What If I do? What will Charlie think? Even more what if the Cullens find out and hear my music…..Whoa there! Way to far – don't think about them. Even more important, don't think about that. I'm gonna get my hopes up. No! Bella You can't get your hopes up again! You know what it feels like to get your dreams crushed… then I thought of Edward again. Shoot!

My thoughts were interrupted by James telling me to come to his office at 9:00 tomorrow morning, to talk about the deal. Then Jacob came up and gave me a huge hug, it kind of reminded me of Emmett's hugs… Oh My God!! I started yelling at myself in my head again when Jacob asked me what was wrong. Obviously my facial expressions gave away my mental argument. I convinced Jacob that I was fine, and we went home. The next day Charlie drove me to James building. He was really excited about me having something to do (figures). But we drove there in silence, because I was really mad. I got a call late last night, that there was no hope… My truck was dead (A/N: I had to get rid of that truck somehow :) ) . And I was in a really bad mood… that and I still wasn't over the fact that I was mostly faking the fun.

We got there and I tried to put on a happy face. I walked inside, and talked to the lady at the front desk. She told me James' office was room number 108, and that I could walk right in. James and I talked for awhile, and James asked me if I ever liked writing. I told him that I have always enjoyed writing poetry, and I was pretty good. He told me I should try to write at least 3 new songs for my album, about something personal. He said I had 2 weeks to write as much as I could. If I didn't finish 3 songs, I would have a little more time. I left the building, Charlie picked me up, and was glad to see I was in a better mood. That night I started writing some songs, and I found out I was pretty good at it. They took me a while, but when I was done, they were pretty good. By the end of the 2 weeks, I had finished writing 2 songs, and was pretty proud of them, too. When James asked where I got the inspiration, I told him it was just an old friend, but I knew the truth. They were about someone so much more than a friend.

They were about Edward Cullen.

James asked me if there was any way I could write the last song in 2 days, so that we could start rehearsing on Monday. I said I'd do the best I could. The next day went by, and I couldn't think of ANYTHING. Today was Sunday. The last day before recording, and I had nothing. I needed an Inspiration. I already knew the next song was going to be about the Cullens. Specifically Edward, and I needed an inspiration. I had to go somewhere where I would remember him. His House? No. It was deserted, and slightly creepy, plus it would bring back the memory of my 18th birthday, which was the last time I had seen any of the Cullens besides Edward. I needed a place that would only bring back good memories. And I knew just the place.

Our Meadow.

Charlie decided that until I get a new car, I should get a rental to use. So Charlie had a friend drop one off at our house. And it just happened to be the car I thought I would never see again.

A Silver Volvo.(A/N: link to picture will be put in my profile as soon as possible!)

At first this bothered me. But I'm pretty much okay with it now. I drove down to the trail, that I'm not going to use, and started out on my 5 mile hunt for my meadow. I stumbled, I fell, I got scraped up, but after hours, I finally made it. It was incredible. I forgot how beautiful the meadow was. The flowers weren't there anymore, since it was almost November. But it was still perfect. Just like I remembered it. I sat down near the spring, and looked at my notebook. When I still couldn't think of anything, I decided to reflect on the time I was last here. With Edward. When he first told me he loved me. That was quite the lie. Or was it? Like I had said, I don't believe it. Why would he tell me he loved me so much, and then changed his mind. Well, I know the reason, I've known all along. But it still doesn't make sense. Something didn't feel right. There had to have been a different reason.

I stopped myself. Like usual, didn't want to get my hopes up. That reminded me of why I was here. That little conversation started a trigger in my brain, and I thought of the song name, along with bits and pieces of it. Then I put it all together and had my third song. It was called "Was it all a lie?"

I was about to sing it to myself, to make sure I liked it, when I heard a whoosh-ing sound, and froze up. This sound wasn't the wind, but it was something like it. Something, or someone was here. The thought gave me goose bumps. "Bella," Something whispered…

"Who's there?" I asked. I now knew what it was, but I didn't know who, and I didn't know how they knew my name.

I saw 5 giant wolves coming towards me, but that was the last thing that I saw before I felt a horrible pain in my left wrist, and then all went black.

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