So pretty much all of you readers are going to hate me forever :[ I have decided NOT to do a sequel for No More Tears to Shed. Like I told you guys, I needed time to gather all of my ideas for the story, but the truth is, every time that I tried to get an idea for this story, I managed to get better ideas for NEW stories. So I am very very very sorry, but there will not be a sequel.

HOWEVER, I realize that I can't leave you without finding out about Bella's singing career and everything else, so this is the TRUE Epilogue. Since it's the Epilogue, it will probably be shorter… we'll see how things go.

Previously: Soon enough, Edward and I were on the road. It was like in a movie. I was driving off into the sunset in a sports car (hehe I made Edward take the Ferrari), with the hottest guy, who was now m husband. This was honestly a dream come true.

Bella's POV- Three Years Later

I smiled at the newlyweds as they took pictures with everyone. Shane and Jane were finally married! I had been convincing Shane to propose for quite some time now, but he insisted that there was no rush, since they had all of eternity together. But finally, he decided the time was right, and he got down on one knee.

The wedding was beautiful. It reminded me of my wedding a little bit, but only because of the little touches of Alice in everything. But Alice made sure that all of our weddings fit our personalities perfectly, so they had many differences, too.

Remembering my wedding brought back many memories. More memories than just that day. It made me remember my old job that I gave up when I got married. I sighed to myself. In some ways I missed singing. But I think that singing was really more like a hobby that I had while I was alone. I thought that I would feel empty when I gave up my career. I thought that I wouldn't have anything to do, but I was way wrong. While living with the Cullen's, there was always something to do. I don't regret my decision of giving up singing at all. I can still sing whenever I want, just without all of the annoying paparazzi and the obnoxious fans.

Speaking of paparazzi, they didn't immediately leave me alone either. In fact, the Cullen's had to move far away into a house in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods. Then again, that's how they liked it, anyway. Shane and Jane moved in with us about a year after Edward and I got married. With the approval of the rest of the family, I invited them.

Every time I go in public I also have to wear large hats and huge sunglasses so that no one would recognize me… and Emmett constantly made fun of me, because even though Rose could have pulled off the look… I couldn't. Especially since we lived in a rainy area and I was almost ALWAYS wearing sunglasses… let's just say, I got weird looks from people.

So I usually had Alice do my shopping, since she liked it anyway. The plus side to this is that she HATED the sunglasses and hat, but she knew that I had to wear them if I went out, so she rarely dragged me shopping. Then again, in a few years when I can go out without them on, she is going to want to "make up for the years I've missed" and make me do a boat load of shopping. I wasn't too excited about that.

But for now, life was good. I had an amazing husband, an amazing family, and no shopping! We rarely ever heard from the Volturi, besides the occasional begging for Jane to come back, or Edward, Alice, Jasper, or me to join.

Elizabeth and Dan went out on their own for a bit, but they got lonely, and decided to meet the Denali's, who they got very close to, and are now living with. I'm happy that I still get to see them.

I still can't even believe how far I've come. From my blurry human years, to these many magnificent vampire years. The best part is that I get to spend all of it with Edward.

The end! (For real this time)

I have nothing else to say except I'm still sorry if you were hoping for a sequel. Don't hate me!

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