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Chapter 1- Heated dreams

His throaty moan rang through the room like a gunshot. The only other sounds in the steamy bedroom were the creaking of the bed and her. That wonderful bit of perfection he held tightly by the hips. Her moans and pleads filled him with the kind of pure euphoria none could dream of obtaining. His pace increased with every scream.

Her hips danced with him in a seductive manner, unlike that of any other he'd had. What else would he expect though? It was her he was bedding currently. Her jade eyes were leaking ecstasy and her soft rosy lips parted in pleasure. Her short auburn hair surrounded the bedding her head rested on. The only coherent thought he could manage was simply, "What did I do to deserve this?"

The inaudible ticking of the clock marked the next hour; complete hour of this wondrous activity. He couldn't have imagined this. A high-pitched scream bellowed from his lover before the tightening began. She was getting close. He increased his pace as to finish her off completely before his own release.

She screamed loudly and…BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.

Syaoran bolted upward in his bed. He franticly and breathlessly searched for some unknown threat. The source of the ringing, his alarm clock, was quickly silenced. With a groan, he plopped back down. The clock to his left was mocking him as he had barely fifteen minutes to rid himself of his boner and get to school. "Just great," he thought was he began stroking.

The tires of his bike flew across the pavement as he rode toward school. He spotted two familiar figures in the distance. Syaoran peddled harder, soon arriving next to his two friends: Eriol and Yukito. "Oh, hey there, Li! Where ya been?"

At Yukito's cheery greeting, Syaoran sighed, "No where, man. I was just a little…held up."

"Sex dreams again, Syaoran? I thought you were over them," Eriol teased lovingly. Syaoran shot him an evil glare, sending his friends into a total fit of laughter.

"Alright, alright! I get it, you assholes! So what if it was? Why do you care, you virgins?!" Syaoran's heated reply only added to their laughter.

"Proud of it too, Mr. Manwhore! How many girlfriends have you done now? Fifty or more? I lost count," Eriol edged on.

Yukito calmed down a bit and gave Syaoran a tap on the back, "Sorry, Li. Eriol has a point, though. Have you ever considered dating someone because you love them?"

Syaoran blushed at the question, refusing to answer. "Why is it that whenever I think of the word 'love', I see her?" Eriol's question threw him from his thoughts, though, "So, Syaoran, what are you going to do about the Clow Card situation?"

Syaoran glanced at his friends as Yukito added, "That's right. We have found quite a few Clow Cards with Touya, but haven't been able to capture a single one. Isn't that the only reason you came here, Li?"

A nod served to answer them, but he thought aloud anyway, "I really don't know what I'm going to do. I called my mom last night. She said, 'The Card Captor is the only one who can rightfully capture cards. Find the one who wields the staff of Kerberos. That person will aid you.' That's all."

Eriol nodded and replied carefully, "So we find the Card Captor and we're in business."

Syaoran nodded and gazed forward. "Let's go to school and go with Touya to the place we found the 'Fly' card yesterday later. Maybe the Card Captor will come to us," Yukito muttered thoughtfully. The three friends nodded in agreement and entered the school.

The final bell rang at 2:30 sharp. Syaoran and company packed their books and exited the classroom. They jetted down the stairs and made it to the bike lot. As expected, Touya stood beside his bike. Syaoran ran up to him and yelled, "Hey, Touya!"

Touya waved and answered, "Morning, Li." Yukito and Eriol caught up and also said their greetings.

Yukito noticed the two smaller girls standing with Touya. He smiled and walked over to one, "Morning, Sakura! I haven't seen you in awhile. You're finally in high school, huh?"

Sakura let out a joyful giggle and smiled sweetly. "Yeah, it has been awhile hasn't it? I'm kinda nervous, but yes: this is my freshman year," she replied cheerily with another smile.

Syaoran felt his insides set fire. This girl reminded him a lot of someone. He couldn't remember who though. Her smile was blissful to say the least. She was datable, too! Being one grade behind him wasn't too much of a difference. But where had he met her before?

Touya put an arm around the petite girl and announced, "This is my sister, Sakura. That's just for those who don't already know her. I know, Yuki does, but Eriol and Syaoran, you probably don't." The two boys nodded and Eriol got down on one knee.

He smiled up at Sakura and took her hand. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Miss Sakura. I hope you do well this year," he stated smoothly before kissing her hand. Sakura nodded and he moved on to the next girl, taking her hand. "And who, may I ask, are you?"

"My name's Tomoyo," the girl replied.

"Well, Miss Tomoyo, the same goes for you. Welcome to high school," he whispered coolly. He planted a kiss on her hand, too before standing. Tomoyo blushed deeply and Sakura laughed.

Sakura kissed her brother goodbye and set off with Tomoyo toward home. Once they were out of sight, Eriol commented dazedly, "You're sister and her friend are cute, Touya." Yukito and Syaoran nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, well, she takes after my mom. Anyway, let's get going. We have cards to find, right?"

The group came to a stop in the middle of a clearing. They had been walking through a forest for the past few minutes. They scanned the area to find that nothing was out of place. "Wait for it," thought Syaoran. As if on cue, the winds picked up and a giant bird appeared in the clearing. It let out a loud cry and opened it wings. Before any of the boys could react, a figure came bursting out of a tree and kicked the bird in the face. It landed calmly as the bird fell to the ground with a painful screech.

The friends gazed in amazement at the girl standing before them. Her short auburn hair blew in the wind freely along with her school uniform. In her right hand, she held a pink staff.

Syaoran froze completely as Touya uttered in a low voice, "S-sakura…?"

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