"So what exactly were you guys doing in your car? I mean, hell, that definitely was no game of bingo I witnessed going on in that vehicle..." I teased.

"It's none of your damn business, shorty," Rose replied smartly. "Besides, wouldn't you find Bella's sex- I mean excapades more... interesting?"

"Wh-what?!" Bella stammered. "I think we all know that if there were any 'sexcapades' going on, it would be with you, Rosie!"

"Aww, come on Bells, you know you want to tell us everything," Rose purred.

Seeing Bella's face flush red, I added, "Aw, look at the poor baby blush! Something must have happened between her and sweet little Eddy last night..."

"Nothing happened!"

"I wouldn't be too sure about that.. I mean, did you see them when he walked her into the house? They were practically glued to each other," Rose gushed.

"Like you should be talking, Miss I-Like-To-Fuck-So-Hard-The-Whole-Fucking-Car-Is-Rocking," I pointed out.

"Take. That. Back!" Rose growled through clenched teeth.

"Never," I countered.

"Please, girls, keep the peace!" Bella said, while standing between us. Unconsciously, Rose and I had stood up and braced ourselves, calculating every move, every twitch the other made. "Oh, come on girls, you know you don't to fight!" Oh, innocent Bella, you haven't seen anything yet...

"Bella, Aly needs to be taught a lesson, and quick, before she gets all hot and bothered and cries to Jasper about it and tricks him into bending over backwards for her."

"That is a lie!" I shrieked. I would never cry to Jasper. Only to get my way, which would be called strategy. Not crying like a fucking baby.

"Oh, come on, Aly," Bella said sweetly, walking towards me, with her arms outstretched, "you know Rosie's just kidding, right?"

"Like hell I am. Bells, news flash: not everyone is as innocent as you. Alice knew exactly what she was saying when she started this and now she's going to pay for it."

"Know what bitch?! Bite me," I said.

"Maybe I w-"

Ding dong. Ding dong.

"What the fuck? Who the hell is at the door?" Rose yelled.

"Delivery!" a very obviously manly voice called from behind the front door.

"Delivery..?" Bella wondered out loud.

All three of us clambered to the door and nearly knocked each other down in order to get there first. Pushing Bella and I out of the way, Rose flipped her shiny blonde hair in our faces and straightened out her boobs. I swear, sometimes, she is just too much.. Putting on her brightest smile, Rose opened the door.


No one was there. Figures. Stupid idiots fucking around with us. Well, at least it distracted Aly and Rose from tearing each other apart.

"Hey, girls, no one's there and since you two aren't going at it anymore, I'm gonna go take a shower. I feel grimy and sweaty," I told them.

"Alright, Bells," Alice answered. As I walked up the stairs, I heard the beginnings of Alice and Rose's apologies. Smiling, I thought to myself, I knew they would make up.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I went to my room and grabbed my towel and a change of clothes. Walking out, I realized that the room seemed overly stuffy, more so than usual. Going back in, I opened my window. Sticking my head out, I slowly inhaled and took in a breath of fresh air, clearing my head of everything. Everything except Edward. I smiled and walked to the bathroom.

I put my stuff on the toilet lid and stripped. Turning on the shower and closing the curtain, I waited for the water to warm up. When steamed began to come from behind the curtain, I stepped in. Ahhh, this is what I've been waiting for... As I let the water pour over my body, I thought back to last night. Edward, touching me, holding me, kissing me. I hadn't realized Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmett had left early, but I guess he had, since halfway through, he scooted over and sat next to me. Under the table, his hand was placed, politely, on my knee. But as the dinner progressed, his fingers had slowly danced their way up my thigh, over my hip and around my back, until it rested neatly on my waist. I had unconsciously leaned into him and rested my head on his shoulder and he sweetly kissed my forehead.

As quickly as the memory had come, it left and my mind flickered to the ride home. He had intertwined my fingers with his as he drove and smiled as he looked over every couple of seconds. His smile was so bright and shiny, I nearly fainted every time he glanced my way. When we reached my house, he walked over and opened my door before I could even get out of my seatbelt. Ushering me out of the car, he walked me to the steps and leaned in ever-so-slightly, whispered, "May I have the honor?" and kissed me.

Finished showering, I stepped out and looked at myself in the fogged-up mirror. I looked like myself, except my face was glowing. It's like the happiness from last night rubbed off on me. My skin seemed smoother, brighter; my eyes shined, with little glimmers in the corners every time I smiled to myself; my smile was whiter, more perfect than ever before. Edward's mere presence had me looking more beautiful than I had ever been or ever hoped to be. I was startled out of my thoughts when I heard a loud knock on the bathroom door.

"Bells!" Rose shouted. "Alice and I are going to the spa, do you want to come?"

"No, it's okay, Rose. I just took a shower so it would be pointless. You two have fun!" I shouted back.

"Awww, Bells! You never want to go to the spa with us!" Alice whined.

"Aly, you know that's not it... I just have other stuff to do."

"What? Like talk to Edward? I'm sure he'll survive without you! Besides, don't you want to go make your skin shine?"

I wrapped my towel around myself and opened the door to them. "Does it look like I need help making my face shine?"

"Bells! Where did you get that face cream and would it work on me?!" Rosalie exclaimed.

"I'm not using anything Rosie. All natural babe."

"No fair!" Alice whined. "Now I really need to go to the spa." At that, the two left me to my peace.

I had dressed in my ratty, typical high school spirit tee and some Soffe's. Nothing like a relaxing day, at home by yourself. Thinking about your one and only hot sex god. No, stop thinking about Edward, he can't take the focus of every millisecond of your life!

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hey, you've reached the Swan residence. Leave a message!" the answering machine droned.

"Bella!" the recording started. "Hey, yeah.. it's Edward. I know it's kinda early to already be calling after last night's date, but I really had fun and want to hang out again soon. Uh, call me back. Okay... bye." As the last word played, I lunged for the phone. Click. And he was gone.

"Damnit all! Sitting here like a dumbass, just listening to him leave a stupid, awkward message, when I could have been happily chatting away with him," I grumbled. Clumsily, I half-slid, half-fell off the bed, staggering towards the phone on my dresser. Picking up the phone, I easily dialed the memorized digits of Edward's cell. After the first ring he picked up. Hearing his smooth voice say, "Hey Bella," I flashed red hot and ended the call. Frozen, the phone dropped to the floor and the sound of its thud on the ground triggered me into action. I ran to the corner of my room and curled into a ball.

"Why the fuck are you acting like this? It's not him. No, it's Edward. Not him. Just Edward. It was Edward's voice. Just 'cause he said it the same way he used to say it doesn't mean it isn't Edward," I rambled. I felt crazy. Insane. And then the phone rang.

Ring. Ring. Ri–

"He-hello..?" I answered.

"Hey, it's Edward. Did you just call?"

"Uh, yeah. Sorry about that, I just.. uh, got freaked out that you picked up and already knew it was me." Yeah, that sounds like a plausible excuse... Hopefully he'll buy it.

"Yeah, sorry. I have caller ID so, yeah.."

"Yeah, aha, so what's up?"

"Oh, well I was, ya know, wondering if you wanted to hang out today?" he asked cutely. Should I say yes? What would Alice or Rose do? Oh no, what if I say yes? Is it too early? Or if I say no, would that be too harsh? What do I do? "Unless you're busy with Alice and Rosalie. I mean, we can hang out some other time, I guess..."

"No!" I shouted. Quieter, I continued, "I mean, yes, do you want to come over? Alice and Rose went out for the day."

"Okay, sure. I'll see you soon."

After a movie or two with Edward, it was almost dinner time and he had to leave. Kissing me goodbye, he left and waved as he drove away. Nothing much had happened, just some innocent kisses and lots of cuddling. Yet, Alice and Rose weren't home yet. It was almost five-thirty. Where the hell were they?

Grabbing my phone, I dialed Alice's phone. After about five rings, I mumbled, "Alice, damnit, answer your phone!" Voicemail picked up. "Hey, Aly, where are you guys? You've been gone for hours! It's almost dinner! Call me." And I hung up.

Angry, I went to the kitchen and started making some pasta. Taking one of the glass jars of pre-made tomato sauce, I dumped the contents into a pot and heated it up. Tired, I went upstairs to change into my pajamas. Seeing the soft sheets and down pillows of my bed, I couldn't resist and went to lay down for just a second.

Next thing I knew, there was smoke everywhere and the smoke detector was going off. Shit, the tomato sauce. Running down the stairs, I raced into the kitchen and turned off all the burners. The smoke was so thick, I was choking on it and could barely navigate through our small kitchen. I took a pot holder and grabbed the pots, one at a time, off the stove and put them in the sink to cool. I went into the living room and opened all the windows and the front door to help ventilate the house. Going back upstairs, I opened all the windows in all the bedrooms to help air them out. When I reached my room, I saw a figure, decked out in black, climbing in through my window. I screamed, but nothing came out. My throat was so dry from the smoke. Unable to breath, I ran into the spare bedroom and hid in the closet.

Eventually the smoke cleared out but the smoke detector kept on going. I was still in the closet. Huddled, rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Who was it that was breaking into our house? And why were they climbing through my window? And in the middle of the day?

Thud. Clomp. Scrape. Creak. Thud.

Someone was here. They were walking. And every step brought them closer to where I was hidden. The closet door, slowly opened. Through the slats in the door, I could see his face. I could see him.

"No," I whimpered. "Not again."

"Bella, babe. I'm back, and I'm not leaving ya ever again," his slimy voice oozed. "You're mine forever. You never answered my calls, babe. I called you every morning and night and I cried for you. But you never called me back. It doesn't matter now, because now you're mine and nothing will take you away from me."

"No!" I screamed, as his hand touched me. Withdrawing further towards the back of the closet, I drew my knees to my chest and hugged my legs. "Don't touch me! I hate you!"

"No, babe. No you don't."

"Yes, yes I do! I have a restraining order in the living room." No amount of bravery could keep the wavering out of my voice. I tried to keep the fear contained. Tried to keep it from showing. But my voice shook as I spoke. "Leave, you're not wanted here."

"Babe, we were just taking a break, you know that!" he shouted. The more I whimpered, the angrier he got. "Your father tried to freeze me out. Well, fuck him! I will have you." He lunged towards me, grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the closet.

"NO!" I wailed. "I'm not going with you!"

"Yes, yes you are. You're coming with me, and you're going to like it," he menaced. He dragged me down the stairs, and I tripped over a few. Pulled me out the open front door. And out to a car that sat down and across the street from my house. Opening his trunk, he pulled out some rope tied my hands together so tightly, the rope cut into my wrists. Roughly grabbing my arm, he spun me around.

"Any more noise out of you and I'll gag you."

He shoved me into the trunk and locked the door shut. Darkness. And silence. Crying, I sobbed, "Damn you, Jacob Black."

"Jacob, we can't do this! Not in the truck!" I joked. Of course Jacob would try anything. Fucking risk taker. "Just because you can jump off cliffs doesn't mean I'll go with you. I'm not gonna do it in my truck where my father could see us!"

"Aww, come on Bells. Lighten up! Nothing's gonna happen. 'Sides, it's not like he's looking for us!"

"No, Jake, he's patrolling tonight and my truck pulled onto the side of the highway is suspicious enough! We're not gonna get down and dirty in my old rusted truck anyway," I said firmly.

"Bells, try taking a risk every once in a while! If you really want to, I can find a more secluded stretch..."

"Jake, no."

"Fine, I get it. You just don't want it to be me. I see how it is." How dare he think that! I was the one that suggested that we try sex sometime! I was the one that was prepared to take this relationship to the next level and now he wants to say that I am the one that doesn't want to go through with it?! Oh hell no.

"You know that's not what it's about," I stated, through clenched teeth. I thought he was the one. That's why I was ready to give myself to him. But if he's gonna be a complete asshole about it, then forget him. It's not my fault I want my first time to be somewhere romantic. And maybe more comfortable and less cramped.

"Then if you love me like I love you, we can do this. Right here. Right now."

"Maybe it's not the time, maybe it's the location. Did you think of that Jacob? Maybe I don't want to be fucking in my grimy, broken down truck!"

"Bella, the place doesn't matter. It's the person you're with that matters. And we love each other, so let's just let the natural happen." At his last word, he reached up and softly held my chin. Leaning closer, he pulled my chin to him and our lips met in a kiss.

It was soft and sweet at first. Loving pecks of two teenagers in love. Then, just as quickly, it turned into something raw. Something more animal. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I could feel his warmth, radiating through his shirt and into me. It seemed that no matter how cold it was, Jacob was always warm. He slipped his hands behind my back and pulled me from the driver's seat onto his lap, so I straddled his lap and the passenger seat. Grinding into his growing erection, our tongues danced dangerously.

Our bodies moved imperceptibly closer and closer and his hands traveled my back to my stomach. Gently messaging my midsection, they moved up my shirt until he reached my bra. Slipping his hands beneath the cups, he kneaded my breasts in time with our kisses. He soon removed one hand and it made its way under my skirt.

"Thank god you're wearing a skirt, Bells," he murmured into my hair.

I tipped my head back from the pleasure his hands were creating. Taking that as an incentive to keep going, Jacob began peppering my neck with wet kisses, hard and soft. Some of the kisses I was sure would leave marks the next day. His hand beneath my skirt quickly resumed its work and rubbed against me through my panties. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. His kisses came back to my mouth and his tongue was doing wonders to my mouth. I barely noticed when his finger slipped into me.

As his finger began to move within me, intense coils of pleasure shot through my body. I couldn't hold back my moan. His finger moved faster and another soon joined it. His hand was pumping in and out of me, until I was slick from my cum. Removing his other hand from my breast, without breaking the kiss, he reached down and unbuttoned his pants.

Pulling away from him, I gasped, "I told you, not here."

"We're already here, Bells, why not give it a shot?"

He pulled me back in for a kiss and slipped his fingers out of me. I whimpered from the loss of pressure and roughly attacked his mouth with my tongue. Taking my response as a 'yes,' he held me up and slid me onto him. As every inch of his member pushed inside of me, the pressure increased. Once he was all the way in, he stopped moving, to make sure I was okay. The stinging pain was there, but then it wasn't. As I started grinding into him, the pain came back. But he started moving. Slowly sliding in and out. The pleasure came, but it was overruled by the pain.

Grimacing, I whispered, "Stop, Jake. Please. I can't do this."

"Bells, we're already doing this. You can't back out now," he groaned, impatience clear in his voice.

"No, I can't. I can't." And I slid off of him and climbed back into my seat. He stared at me and then turned his angry gaze out through the windshield.

Through clenched teeth, he rumbled, "I thought we would work out. I guess not. Fuck you, Isabella Swan. Find someone else's heart to break." And then he climbed out and ran. I watched him leave. His back retreated into the dark and I didn't have the strength to try and call him back.

His endless calls that began the day after never stopped. His visits under my window every night never stopped. He started following me. He began sending angry hate letters to me in the mail. He threatened me. Eventually, I had a restraining order taken out on him and hadn't seen him since. But now he was back. For good.

"Don't try damning me, Bells. I've already been to hell and back. But this time, it's different. This time, I'm bringing you with me."