AN: Fluffy teen!chester anyone?

Thanks again to Morgan "awesome" Moogs for betaing!

As far as Dean could tell the cough syrup had kicked in somewhere after page twelve. He walked into the room he shared with his twiggy geek little brother, to find said younger child drooling on his homework. Dean rolled his eyes and none to gently poked the unmoving lump. An unintelligible murmur was his only response.

"Come on bookworm, bet a pillow would be more comfortable" he nudged again. With no response forthcoming, Dean leaned down and dragged the limp teenager back up with him. Sam was fourteen and already taller than his brother, but he was at that awkward scrawny stage where Dean could still lift him without much difficulty. He struggled his burden over to the bed, laying him down with almost motherly care.

"De'n…wha?" Sam muttered, words slurred by medication.

"Yeah, wake up once all the work is done," the older moaned halfheartedly.

"I need to finish my paper."

"No philosophy before bed Sammy," Dean chided, effortlessly prying the text book from already lax fingers. "Especially when you're sick."

"If I got a dog I think I'd name it Socrates," Sam said, his eyes falling shut again.

"Oh yeah?" Few things in Dean's life were funnier than medicated Sammy. He found it was always best to gently prod and see what came out.

"Dr. Brown named his dog Einstein, why can't I name mine after a philoso…" the words trailed off midsentence and Dean listened carefully to the soft breathing. There was still a hitch, but he was sounding better. A few more days and they might even kick this one. Dean grinned affectionately, and rubbed the matted bangs away from his brother's face.


"Mornin'," Sam croaked out, followed by a loud sneeze.

"Morning Dopey," Dean tossed back casually, already placing a bowl of soup in the microwave. "How ya feeling?"

"Better I guess," he answered, his voice inadvertently stuck in a nasally whine. "I don't even remember falling asleep last night."

"Aww really?" Dean ribbed, placing the steaming bowl before his brother. "Well I learned something valuable last night. If we ever get a dog, I'm naming it."