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Warning: While containing nothing explicit, this fic has innuendo and references to mature subject matter.

Of all the things one shouldn't do at work, this had to be the biggest no-no. Well, there was one step further beyond what he was presently doing but shouldn't be doing. But that would entail much more unlikely events than the ones he was entertaining as fancy (such as actual reciprocation).

And Gray really couldn't help but fantasize about her. She was pretty- no, gorgeous. And shapely, and she had those eyes and that smile. The way she sometimes glared at him even distracted him. It was hard on their partnership, he knew, when she was really, genuinely livid, and he just found her more attractive in her feisty state.

The idea that it was somewhat taboo to fool-around with your partner made it all the more appealing to daydream about.

Layla would surreptitiously glance at him, catch his eye and give him a knowing look. A teasing smile would play on her lips. An eyebrow raises suggestively. And then she's rising from her seat, brushing past him, a little closer than necessary, so that he can feel her warmth, smell her alluring scent, feel the tingling sensation of the fleeting contact with her body. His eyes follow her. He can't help it. The extra sway in her hips is an invitation he can barely hold off on answering till the coast his clear.

And then he's chasing her down to the bathroom, where she locks the door behind him with a mischievous grin. No words are spoken. They both know why they're there, what they want.

In no time at all, he has her backed against the wall, sighing and moaning. Then gasping for air, she wants to scream, but then they'd be-

"Gray," a voice disrupted his fantasy world.


It would just happen to be the very same voice he had just been imagining making husky, aroused noises. He looked at Layla standing above his desk, and tried to shake off his consideration of what the lovely features of her face would look like in expressions of coital ecstasy.

"Are you coming?" she inquired, giving him a puzzled look.

I wish.

"Uh…yeah. Sorry," he apologized, getting up and grabbing his jacket. Not only was it a law enforcement no-no, but fantasizing about your partner could get you in serious trouble, even if she didn't know about it. Because, now he had to try and figure out exactly what he had missed…

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