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It was finally here. The day she'd been waiting for ever since her humiliating defeat in front of thousands at the Chuunin exams. It was her day to prove herself to all those people who saw her fail and there was no way anything was going to ruin this day for her.


"BABI! IF YOU ATE MY HAIRTIES I WILL TOTALLY KILL YOU!!" she screeched, running through the house after an energetic black puppy.

She turned the corner into her living room, skidding on the ground as her socks touched the hardwood floors, and then continued her pursuit of her pet. The Labrador ran into her kitchen and, leaping over her couch, she managed to corner it in the pantry. Upon seeing the pathetic look her new dog was giving her, she almost gave up her anger, but not before scolding it and holding up her shredded hairties as evidence of his crimes.

"How could you Babi? I have to keep my hair out of my eyes! I work with weapons for goodness sakes! I could lose my hair if a stray kunai cuts through it! Don't do it again! If I catch you, there will be no more dessert for a week, okay?" She lectured him before reaching down to pick him up and tickle his chocolate-brown tummy. He was the exact same color as her hair and eyes, which is why she'd chosen him to begin with. The other reason for her choice was the fact that he was also an orphan, found abandoned by Kiba and Akamaru while on their last mission. The dog boy had come straight to her and asked if she'd wanted him, knowing her fondness for orphaned creatures and she'd happily accepted the squirming puppy. The dog had become a member of the family to her, like a son or daughter, and she was often found talking to him whenever she was at home.

"I guess I'll just have to use that one." She muttered, her feet making no noise as she walked through her abandoned mansion. Not only was her house far too big for just one person, which was why she was sure to always have at least one pet living with her at all times, but it was her clan's headquarters and so had more then enough empty rooms filled with random items left there by their old owners. Tenten's breathing quickened as she stepped into the dust-covered room next to her own. This had been her parents' room. She wanted to close her eyes so as to not see the light-green color on the walls and the cream of the silken sheets, but couldn't because she had to find it…

There it was! She rushed over to the dresser, picking up one of the most beautiful hairclips she'd ever laid eyes on. It was an ornate dragon clip that had belonged to her deceased mother. She'd always admired the design on it, but had never dared wear it before. I suppose it is sort of appropriate to wear it now. She thought, After all, this is the day I prove I am an elite member of my clan. I might as well wear my clan's symbol somehow.

So she took up the golden clip and then grabbed her shoulder-length straight hair and twisted it back, clamping it firmly up in the back of her head. Only a few stray strands came down, framing her flushed face. She nervously patted her hair, making certain it wouldn't come down, and, having assured herself it was completely secure, she made a face at the dusty mirror before leaving. She shut the door behind her, hearing the echo of finality in the click of the lock, before she went and got dressed.

After discarding her pajamas and getting into her usual camo pants and a black t-shirt, she was ready. Babi playfully bounded after her as she hopped around the kitchen, trying to simultaneously get her breakfast made while pulling on her boots, weapons, and specially-made gloves.

Finally, she exited the house. Nervously, she patted Babi's head goodbye and muttered, "This is it. I'm going to do this today. I'll prove to him… that is… them…that I'm powerful."

Her only response was a whine as he delicately licked her hand goodbye. She smiled at him, sadly, and walked away towards the center of the city.

As she strolled towards the arena in which the annual Konoha Leaf festival was held, she felt a number of people staring at her and she wondered if maybe she had a piece of breakfast stuck in her teeth or something.

"Wow. Tenten. Your hair…" Haruno Sakura approached her with a bright smile, pointing out the kunoichi's obvious change in hairstyle. "It looks so beautiful done up like that. Where did you get the hairclip? It's so gorgeous! Is it an antique?"

"You could say that…" Tenten muttered, too nervous to reply as happily as she normally would have.

Sakura babbled on, seemingly unaware of her friend's discomfort. "Well… whatever it is, it looks stunning on you. So are you planning on challenging anyone today? Or are you just here to watch the fights. I hear that Naruto has challenged everyone in our class." She shook her head at the blonde's antics, "Sometimes I wonder about him… Oh well! I'm just planning on watching. I'm also being forced to attend as the official medic nin just in case some of the challengers take it a little too far. I guess I'll see you there! Don't get yourself into any trouble!"

And with that, the pink-haired woman skipped off, headed off to walk with Ino. Tenten hadn't said more then four words the entire conversation, but she felt exhausted from just listening to the bubbly Chuunin.

Her mind wandered as she took each step. Her stomach was doing flip-flops and she struggled to control her own body. She was so nervous. She knew she could beat Neji. She knew that she could win this match, but she couldn't help but wonder what would happen if she messed up. She couldn't afford another humiliating public defeat like last time. Her plan for today left no room for screw ups or mistakes. She had to get this right and she had to succeed. For herself and for Neji.

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Neji stared gloomily at the growing crowd. Stupid festival. I can't believe they make a national holiday out of watching ninjas fight each other. Pathetic…

"H-hey Neji!" He inclined his head at his cousin as she took a seat next to him. Currently, they stood in a large outdoor arena – the same one the Chuunin exams took place in – with the hot sun beating in on them. Damn sun. Damn festival. Damn… Tenten?

"Hey Neji! Hey Hinata! You excited about the festival today?" Tenten gushed as she made her way towards them. He might have been a Hyuga, but that didn't stop him from gaping at her in a very indignified manner.

"uh… Neji?" She questioned, "You might want to close your mouth… there's a fly about to go in it."

He shut it quick, and then glared at her. "I was aware of that. I was yawning…" Wow… that was a pathetic excuse. "You did your hair different today. Do you have a date or something for the festival?"

He didn't know why those words flew out of his mouth with such venom attached, but he could see the confusion in her face as he spat them at her.

"Uh… no. No date. Babi ate my hairties." She blushed then, and he snorted in amusement and… relief? Where did that emotion come from, he wondered? Why was he relieved that she didn't have a date? Shouldn't he want her to be happy with someone else?

He brushed the troublesome thoughts aside as she settled in on his other side and started conversing in whispers with Hinata. He wanted to ask what they were discussing, but figured it was some girly stuff that he didn't want to know about so he held his tongue. A half-hour went by, with friends coming up to greet them and enemies glaring daggers at them from across the stadium, before Tsunade made her appearance.

She was wearing her "Hokage costume" (as it was called by Tenten and her friends), and the purple-red silken robes draped gracefully around her slender, yet busty, figure. They were beautifully made and probably cost about half the village, but they were certainly worth the money. Intricate patterns laced with gold decorated the hems and the high collar provided the perfect look of sophistication. Tsunade would always tell Sakura, "I love those robes. I never feel like a real Hokage until I wear them. There's just something about being dressed up in splendor that makes you feel splendid."

Truly she did look splendid, but the occasion called for it. She made a short speech, giving the history of the Konoha Leaf Festival and the rules for the battles (NO killing) before she announced, "And now let the games begin! The first challenger is: Ino to Sakura!"

Neji snorted when he realized that the two still held onto their life-long rivalry. It was ridiculous, especially now that the Uchiha had flown the coop. And wasn't Ino dating Shikamaru now? He shrugged, dismissing the battle as one of those things girls do that he'll never quite understand.

Sakura won, but only just barely, and the next group of fighters came up and began. Hours crawled by until it was just after lunchtime when all of a sudden he was awakened from his daydreaming by the Hokage's voice.

"Our next two contestants are going to make for an interesting battle. Everyone – Tenten and Neji."

Neji remained sitting, certain that he'd misheard the esteemed Hokage. There was no way that Tenten had challenged him to a fight in front of the entirety of Konoha. She wouldn't want to humiliate herself like that. He had to have not heard right…

If he hadn't heard right then why was Tenten getting up now. Why was she walking away? Why was she glancing back and beckoning for him to follow? What was going on!?

O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - -

Tenten felt a spark of regret when she saw the confusion etched in Neji's features. She had known that she couldn't warn him ahead of time, but she hadn't expected him to take it so… un-Hyuga-like. He was flustered, for the first time since she'd met him, and she was the cause for it. Wanting to explain, she beckoned to him on their way to the arena to battle, and waited for him to make his way to her.

"Tenten…" he muttered, looking down at her as they took the stairs down towards the arena, "I don't understand…"

She sighed in frustration, wishing she could explain that she needed to defeat someone with his unbeatable status in order to prove herself, but she knew that he would only laugh at her assumption that beating him was possible. She'd played her cards right, by making certain that he never knew of her newfound strength. She knew all of his tricks but he knew nothing of hers. She was here to prove herself and he was only here because she forced him into it. "I… I – I… I'm sorry Neji."

He stopped, staring at her in undisguised shock as she hung her head, "You… you actually think you're going to beat me?"

She ignored the insult in his voice because she knew it was only there because she'd made certain the Tenten he saw was someone who couldn't beat him. "I'm certainly going to try Neji. I have to ask one more favor of you though…" She looked up into his pearlescent eyes and made certain he was listening, "Don't hold back Neji. No matter what happens, I have to show them that I am able to take on the best at his best. Don't hold back on me Neji because I won't hold back on you."

She didn't wait to see the look on his face as she said that. Instead, she forged her way ahead, making her way nervously onto the field of the arena. Her mouth was dry and she felt tears of emotion well up in her eyes as she took in the crowd of spectators all excitedly chatting about the upcoming battle. This is it. Last time I was here I failed. This time I'm going to prove myself for once and for all. I just hope Neji doesn't hate me afterwards...

O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - -

Neji didn't know what to make of the situation. Her threatening words hung in his mind – Don't hold back on me Neji because I won't hold back on you – What the hell was that supposed to mean? She wasn't even that strong! She didn't know anything. She could hardly keep up with him going half his normal pace!

Angrily, he took his place across from her on the field. I'll show her. She's no match for me and she shouldn't act like she is.

He knew his thoughts were full of arrogance, but he felt no regret for thinking them. His stupid manly pride had been insulted and he wasn't about to let Tenten get away with that insult.

The crowd was completely ignored as he took his stance, waiting for her to make the first move. He watched her hands, waiting for the old hand signs he knew she'd make. Unfortunately, she didn't move. He continued waiting, knowing that she'd have to be the one to attack first, but she still didn't move. Finally, he took a step forward and, before he could say "I'm an idiot." He was down for the count, with a hundred shuriken pinning him to the wall of the arena.

"Aww… Neji… that's no fun! I told you to not hold back on me! Stop underestimating me and actually battle!" She taunted him, her brown eyes dancing mischievously as all of the shuriken removed themselves and flew behind her, as if awaiting the signal to strike again.

He fell, his shirt full of rips and tears, onto the dirt ground and felt his cheeks heat up with anger and humiliation. How dare she taunt him like this! Tenten was supposed to be weak! He was supposed to kick her ass every time and he'd just been defeated in less then 2 seconds!

He just barely managed to calm himself down, his anger being suppressed by his more curious side, "When did you learn that little trick?" He wondered, nodding at the weapons that still stayed suspended in the air behind her. He'd never known her to have this measure of control over metal. She'd always had to use a bunch of hand signals or even a scroll to have this amount of control over them, now it appeared to come effortlessly.

"Oh… here and there." She replied vaguely and then grinned evilly, "Just wait until you see the rest of my 'tricks'."

With that taunt the battle took off at supernatural speeds. He found himself attacking her with every ounce of energy he had. His Byakugan was activated as soon as he realized he couldn't keep up with the speed she was moving at without it. As soon as his bloodlimit came into play, the world slowed down a tad bit, each knife thrown his was stood out in the air and he could dodge them easier. This did not mean, however, that he escaped harm completely. No – the famous Hyuga had sustained a few scratches before he could keep up with her rate. And now it was his turn to turn on the heat.

"Eight Trigrams Empty Palm!" He cried, thrusting the palm of his hand forward so that a burst of chakra was sent her way. She wasn't fast enough to escape an attack of this caliber so instead she screamed her own jutsu out, "KAITEN!"

Neji stared slack-jawed as she spun, her feet almost leaving the ground as she twirled faster then humanly possible. Then, he ducked as his own expelled chakra rebounded off her shield and came flying back in his direction. The chakra hit the far wall, leaving a noticeable dent, as Tenten began to slow her spinning.

He gave her no chance to recover from his attack, immediately crying out, "Gentle fist!" and attacking her directly before she managed to stop her momentum. As his hand connected with her stomach, she flew back and landed on her butt twenty feet away.

In the stands he heard an intake of breath and he grinned, certain that he'd won this match. He was taken by surprise when, before he could blink an eye, he found a hundred small needles sinking into his soft flesh. What the… he thought, and then he saw Tenten smiling through the blood that coated the inside of her mouth. She's still standing? After that blow!

"You made this next move much easier for me Neji, thanks for that!" She called and then she wiped a finger across her teeth, taking the blood from it and swiped it across two scrolls which appeared in the air before her she yelled, "Rising Twin Dragons: Metal Style!"

Neji paused, his mind trying to figure out what this strange attack entailed. He'd never heard her use this one before. Of course, he hadn't known she was capable of performing his famous Kaiten either…

He was blinded when the sun caught the scales of the two creatures which leapt forth from the scrolls and into the air above the arena. They were breathtakingly beautiful and infinitely deadly all at once – their shining teeth and scales sharper then any human-made weapon. He heard the crowd catch their breath in horror and delight and found himself doing the same thing. The two dragons disentangled themselves from each other, their silver and golden scales becoming separate as they divebombed him.

Neji had been scared before, but never had he been this thrilled and scared at the same time. It was difficult to be upset at the prospect of dying by the hands of such truly spectacular creatures, but even then he figured that dying wasn't something he wanted to do right then and so he ran for his life.

It wasn't a very Hyuga-like thing to do, he knew, but running was the only thing that could help him at that moment and he wasn't about to let his clan's image come before his life. They should be glad he didn't just sit down and cry like a baby, because that would have been what plenty of shinobi would have done. Those dragons were terrifying!

He was plucked from the ground almost daintily, a cool metallic claw grabbing his midsection and taking him from his pathway out of the arena.

"Hyuga Neji running away! Why I never thought I'd see that!" Whooped Tenten from atop of the golden dragon. He attempted a glare, but couldn't when he was in such an awkward position.

"Tenten. When this is over I will kill you a hundred times over." He vowed.

She became somber, looking him straight into the eye, "I'm sorry Neji. I truly am. I just needed to show you… er… everyone… that I wasn't just some pathetic excuse for a shinobi. I wanted to show them that I could kick ass and the only one who was deemed 'undefeatable' was you and so that meant I had to totally kick your ass. I really hope you don't hate me after this."

Did he hate her? He wondered and then he almost laughed with the ridiculousness of the thought. He couldn't hate Tenten. It wasn't physically possible for him to hate her. She was just too… likable. He couldn't hate the one person who meant more to him then the world. He couldn't hate the person he loved.

He stopped breathing when that thought struck his mind, the overwhelming truth in it causing his brain to go into overload mode. He loved Tenten? When had that happened? When had she become the object of his affection instead of the object of his derision and cold comments? When had she become more to him then words could possibly say?

"Neji? Oh no… you do hate me, don't you! I'm so sorry Neji! I didn't want to humiliate you in this way, but I figured that you would understand… you always seem to understand…" she mumbled, almost to herself.

Neji shook his head at her worry, "I. Don't. Hate. You. Just. Get. Me. Down." He was starting to feel a little sick. His stunning revelation combined with his awkward position in the claws of the dragon left him feeling ill. The last thing he needed to do was puke all over the stadium. That act would definitely get him kicked out of his clan.

"Nope. No getting down until you forfeit." She said and then commanded her dragons (Salt and Pepper, he heard her call them) to do some flips.

"Tenten." He raged through clenched teeth as he tried to control his stomach.

"Neji. The answer is no. You have to give up."

He couldn't do it. No matter what happened, no matter how much he wanted to puke, he couldn't give up. Neji was a Hyuga for Christ's sake! He couldn't give up! So he did the one thing he could do, "Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher!" He screamed, shoving almost all of his remaining chakra at the claw which gripped his body.

A second later he was falling through the air, with no way of stopping himself. The dragon hadn't died, of course, but he had expelled enough chakra to leave it wounded. The price of this action would be his death. He felt his shredded jacket spread out behind him, a pathetic attempt to form a parachute, before it blew away completely. He flipped several times, spinning sporadically as he fell towards the Earth. He shut his eyes as it came closer and closer and closer….

"Umph." The ground underneath him felt surprisingly… smooth? He squeezed open one of his exotic eyes to see that beneath him lay...

"Tenten? How the hell did you…" He began, only to trail off as he took in the implications of his situation, "But this… this is… amazing…"

"A compliment? From the Hyuga Neji? Well I never thought I'd ever hear that." Tenten currently sat in front of him, her gloved hands gripping the rough metallic scales of the golden dragon that they now both resided upon. He looked about him and saw that the silver dragon was twirling through the clouds as well, its glistening wings catching the sun and sending sparkles of light shooting every-which-way. Almost blinded, he looked forward again, towards the ecstatic face of the woman in front of him.

"But there is no transfer jutsu for humans… Otherwise people would just travel by transferring themselves or their friends everywhere… so… what was that? How did you manage to stop me from falling? How did you get me up back up here?" He questioned, thinking aloud to her as they flew in circles above the stadium.

Her beautiful brown eyes were as hard as the steel she wielded as she replied, "You had metal on you. I just used my techniques to pull you back up to me… And if you ever do something like that again I will kill you. Why can't you just give up? Why can't you just stop being such a stubborn ass! I'm tired of trying to prove to you that I'm not just some pathetic girl. If you want this battle to end with you dying then I can't do that. The only reason I'm fighting you is to prove myself to you – it completely destroys the point if you go throwing yourself to your death the minute I succeed!"

A rare flash of emotion shot through him – he was finding that these strange impulses took over him more and more lately. What is it about her that brings out these… feelings?

"You… are trying to impress me?" He asked, wondering if he'd heard her wrong. With all the wind and the sounds of the angry crowd below (they didn't like not being able to see the fight, especially after it had turned out so shockingly different then expected), he wouldn't be surprised if he'd mixed up everything she'd just said.

"Yes." She yelled back to him through gritted teeth, her hair almost coming loose as the speed of the dragons increased.

"But… why?"

She laughed wildly, the steel still showing in her eyes, as she replied, "Gee… I wonder why I would feel the need to show someone who hates me that I'm better then them."

"Hates you? Hates you? I could never hate you! I lo… like you for who you are Tenten. I don't care if you're the weakest genin or the strongest ANBU. You didn't have to go this far just to prove to me you're stronger then I thought you were." Neji protested her vicious words, his voice colored with disbelief and shock.

You almost told her you loved her. His inner voice remarked. It didn't sound teasing today, just as if it was remarking on something boring and obvious, like the weather.

He couldn't fully think about this strange emotion called love right now. He would have to file it away in his mind, to contemplate later. Right now he had to make sure he could keep his facial expressions under control and thinking about this new thing called "love" would only ruin his carefully maintained indifference towards all that existed.

"You don't hate me?" Her eyes lost their steel, becoming once again bright and bubbly. "You mean it really, Neji? He resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her assumption that he could possibly hate her – he figured that by doing that he'd earn another fall from her deadly creatures and he wasn't willing to bet he would survive this one.

"I mean it Tenten."

"So… I trained for two years for nothing?" She sounded angry now and he inched back from her just in case she took her frustration out on him.

"Hn… no." He replied.

She stayed quiet after that, seeming to contemplate her own revelations.

The golden dragon performed a few tricks that left the spectators cheering and "encoring" them from down below. As they descended, he turned to ask her again, "So… when you saved me before… that was simply calling on the metal in my jacket?"

Tenten turned her troubled eyes his way, her tiny mouth pulled down into a throughtful frown, "Well… yes and no. You see, my clan's abilities are the control of weapon-related metals, so I couldn't be certain you would have any such thing on you. What I performed was the same jutsu I would use for pulling my weapons out of scrolls, except I called on every single piece of metal that was on your body. Fortunately," Here a wicked smile flashed across her features, "I taught you well. You had at least 15 knives hidden on your personage, as well as the poison-tipped needles that I had you keep in your mouth just in case you were in a sticky situation. On top of that, I ground up some of my old weapons and had Hinata sprinkle the metal in your breakfast this morning…" at the look of pure horror mingled with disgust she hastily added, "I made sure they were clean!"

"You put metal in my cereal? Just how long have you been preparing for this battle?"

She scratched the back of her head sheepily, a slight blush making its way across her cheeks, "er… a while. Like… three years."

A single black eyebrow was raised in response to this. Neji couldn't help but marvel at the detail her plan took. He had severely underestimated her. And Hinata… "Hinata? Was she in on all this?"

"Um… that depends on what you mean by 'in'. If you mean she was a part of the fight then no, but she might have helped a little bit on the side." Tenten was being deliberately vague – obviously trying to keep his cousin from his wrath – and Neji narrowed his eyes at her as he pried for more details.

"Just what type of stuff on the side did she help out with? Other then putting old weaponry in my Cheerios?" The mesmerizing creatures were slipping slowly towards the ground, circling the arena and coming dangerously close to the crowd as they attempted to find room to land.

"Um… research, training, cleaning my weapons, healing me, monitoring you for any new techniques, and um… well… pretty much everything outside of this actual battle. She was the one who first saw Salt and Pepper come into being. She named them, actually." Tenten's eyes glowed as she remembered the triumphant feeling that had raged inside her chest that day, several months ago, when she'd first brought her dragons into being. Neji's own chest constricted at her happiness. Just let it go Neji… worry about love and stuff later. It has no place on the battlefield. He told himself and the feeling resided, allowing him to breathe again.

"Tenten…" They had landed now, and the golden monstrosity waited for them to dismount from its back.

"Yes Neji?"

In reply he did nothing but turn to the Tsunade, who was watching with narrowed blue eyes. She had taken in the strange fight without comment or change in expression. Now, as Neji's silvery eyes turned towards her, she smiled and nodded to him, almost as if in encouragement. "I… I forfeit."

O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - -

Tenten couldn't begin to describe the thunder in her heart, her head, her entire being at that moment. It was as if all the feelings of inferiority that had forced her to hate herself and her weaknesses were gone and in their place was pure elation. As she stumbled out of the stadium after Tsunade's announcement of the victor, the strange feeling of weightlessness had her unable to concentrate on anything except Neji, who walked beside her, glancing at her every-so-often as if he was trying to remind himself that he'd done the right thing by giving up.

"It'll take some time…" He mumbled, his scratched up face remaining in its usually stony expression, "… to get used to an undefeatable Tenten."

"Undefeatable?" She echoed, unable to form any coherent thoughts quite yet.

"Well… maybe not undefeatable… but certainly more deadly and powerful then I had dared hoped for when we become genin so long ago." She started, taking in his reference to their first meeting, and looked at him with that deer-in-the-headlights look she was so good at.

And then he, Hyuga Neji, chuckled.

Oh my God, the world is going to end. She thought as she listened to the pleasing bass sound.

Then – Oh my God, the world didn't end – when she realized they were still alive.

"You… You chuckled." She stuttered, still shocked at this rare slip up. It was so uncommon for him to show any sort of happy or pleased emotion, even in front of her.

He smoothed his hand over his face, smearing the blood that had gathered on a cut right next to his lip, in an attempt to erase his mistake.

They had stopped now and both stared at each other for what seemed like an infinite amount of time.

Tenten was thinking about the first time they'd met. She'd been so overly-enthusiastic then, so pleased to get the chance to make a new family, that she hadn't even bothered being polite when she'd first met him. She winced as she recalled her loud greeting and then smiled when she recalled how he'd managed to accept her despite her horrendous first impression. That was probably only because Lee made an even worse impression – calling Neji a girl is not the way to form a lasting friendship with him.

She couldn't tell what Neji was thinking at that moment. He was still trying to iron out his emotions, but he wasn't using his hands to do it now, as they were both in his pants pockets. She was probably one of the only people who could tell that he was undergoing some extreme emotional battle. The slight crease between his eyebrows, the turmoil in his eyes, the way the corner of his mouth was turned down into an almost unnoticeable frown, gave it all away.

Tenten stepped forward and gingerly, almost as if afraid of ruining his carefully manufactured façade, reached out a hand to touch the blood on his lip.

He might even love you… if you told him how you really felt.

Wasn't that what Hinata had told her the other day? She could see the conflict etched into Neji's flawless features and somehow she knew they were all of her own making. Her fingers barely grazed the top of his bloodied lip in a gentle caress.

He is more capable of love then you might suspect and he isn't going to be able to deal with his feelings if you don't show him how to.

He didn't move as she took a tentative step forward, his eyes too intent upon her face. They still raged with unknown emotion and she could tell her touch was doing nothing to help him solve that which was driving him insane at that moment. His breathing hitched as she traced the outline of his mouth, drawing a line around his smooth lips and then to his rough jaw.

I do NOT like that arrogant jerk! I don't love him!

She remembered screaming that at Hinata in her desperation to deny her own feelings. Now… she realized she'd been wrong, so completely and devastatingly wrong.

Someday soon, Tenten… you will have to acknowledge that you love him.

She knew now that there was no more denying it – she was immeasurably, hopelessly, and incontrovertibly in love with him.

O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - -

Hyuga Neji could only stare as she dropped her hand, her chocolate eyes wide with the same realization he had come to only minutes before, and ran away from him and the cheering fans behind them. He watched her retreating back with the same stoic expression that he watched everything else…

While a battle greater then the physical one he'd just fought raged on inside him.

O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - - O – O – O – O – O – O - -

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