"Okay guys U and A were outta here" If you don't already know U and A mean up and away, you ask what that means

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"Okay guys U and A were outta here"

If you don't already know U and A means up and away, you ask what that means. Well ill tell you, My name is Maximum Ride, the name I bestowed upon myself, I can fly not like superman fly, I have wings, I have a 14 foot wingspan, my wings are light brown with speckles of darker brown on top. I don't know how I got wings, I guess I was born with them, along with other strange qualities, I don't remember much form the beginning, I guess you would say I got kidnapped and taken to a place where me and my flock call the school. The flock is my family; I met some of them as soon as I got there and others a few years later. We escaped together, but have been followed ever since. The members of my flock are Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazman, and Angel, we are all insanely tall for I ages and we all have wings, hence the name, the flock. Iggy fang and I are all 17.

Iggy is blind, but don't pity him, he can do so much stuff, from cooking, to hearing better then me and my flock combined, well not together, but just as good as that. Iggy is a pale person even his strawberry blond hair is pale, but his wings stick out like sore thumbs from his paleness, his wings are a deep red brown color, his wingspan is almost 17 feet long.

Nudge my little 15 year old chatter box is darker skinned then us all, she has a dark mocha skinned color, with dark black hair, and a 12 foot wingspan, her wings being a mocha color that is lighter then her skin. She talks non stop, and the only thing that can stop her is Iggy. I almost forgot Iggy and her are together their perfect, I don't know how he does it but some how her talking ceases.

My next little one is the Gazman he's 12. He has short cropped blonde hair that's a little curly. He has almost pure white wings but has specks of light brown on them. Now don't be deceived by his youth, he is a devious little boy, when he is with Iggy, it is worse, they make bombs. They blow up everything they can get there hands on, some how more then once they get there hands on my bras, and now I'm left short of several bras. But I must say truthfully there bras do come in handy.

Next is Gazzy's little sister, my baby Angel. Not literally though

I might as well have been you baby. I think of you as my mom already


'And you will always be my baby.' I thought back

I looked over at her and saw she that she smiled.

If you guys don't understand I'm sorry, if you remember a little earlier, I said I was born with other unique qualities well so were the others. Now Iggy can see the future, I know how ironic, the blind guy can see the future. Nudge can shape shift into anything, she is also an Empath, but that gift is more of a curse, she can feel and control emotions, but I've only seen her control emotions once, but the emotions she feels can be anything, the worst ones are pain and agony, I can hardly bare to watch her in that agonized state, when she feels those emotions. But she is so tough and keeps going.

Now the Gazman's name speaks for itself, just know to stay down wind, but that isn't the only thing, he can conjure fire out of thin air, we learned that when he was making a bomb, and the fuse lit too early, I almost had a heart attack.

But Angel has a lot of different powers one being she can read mind and kind of give her thoughts back. She can also control them, and I must admit she sort of scares me when that happens, she can breathe underwater and,

Don't forget I can talk to fish

'I was getting there'

she can also talk to fish, she is amazing and I love her to death.

I love you to max and thank you

I smiled at her

Thump some one hit me on the head, a certain wing. I looked up.

"What are you smiling at" asked Fang from up above.

Aaahhh fang, now me and him are one, I don't know how but we connected, ever since we met, he's my best friend and right hand man, he was the first person I met at that dreadful place. He can read me like an open book.

"Just talking to angel." I replied looking up and catching a glimpse of one of Fang's rare smiles on his face "what are you smiling at" I asked. I could hear Angel's soft giggle.

"You" he answered.

I blushed, making his smile grow. Now Fang wasn't one to show his emotions, he hardly showed them to me, but that doesn't mean I don't know when he is upset or happy, I know Fang. Now Fang also had amazing gifts, but there were choices everyone had to make, even him. He could heal people and things, but he could only heal one thing and only once on every person. If you don't get it ill give you an example, let's say you have lung cancer and you just got shot. Now he could heal the lung cancer, or the gunshot wound, but the tough thing is, he had to choose which one. Now he and I have had it the hardest, Iggy had it bad but that was only when he saw horrible things, I'm the opposite, I find horrible things about anyone I come into contact with, I know when some one dies.


It's awful knowing that, and the worst thing is I cant tell them, I mean I can't go up to some one and say, 'Hey your gonna die on this day at this time on this week in this month on that year form this cause', then they'd be all paranoid. The best thing is I don't know the flock's death, I mean I've touched them and nothing happens, and Iggy can't see our futures either, it's like we live forever but with no future. I wish I could remember the first year of my life but I don't. It feels like it was taken form me, I don't remember, neither does the flock we just remember waking up at the school I hardly remember that because I was at least one. I met fang not to long after we met Iggy a couple months later, and then nudge Gazzy and Angel was last. But what is weird, is Gazzy and angel are brother and sister, we think their mom worked for the school but when she kept making winged children they took her away to be observed. A white coat saved us, (white coat is the nickname we gave the so sick scumbag scientist who poked and prodded us), when Fang Iggy and I were 13, nudge was 11 and Gazzy was 8 Angel was really little, I took her from the cage when we were about to leave she was too little to remember much of the escape. She was only 6.

The White coat who took us away from that retched place was named Jeb. He was a father figure to us for a year, but then he vanished, after a while we came to the conclusion he had died. I grieved the most, Jeb was the one to teach us to fly, fight, and stay alive in the wilderness. It was even more upsetting when the erasers found us. Erasers are these nasty creatures' things, they start as beautiful humans then they morph into ugly hairy wolf things. When they found are hideout, they beat us pretty badly, taking my little Angel with them, I was furious only Fang could have stopped me. It was a horrible day.


"ANGEL?!" I called where was she, "ANGEL!?" I'll kill those…

"She's not here, they must have taken he..." I stopped listening, my stomach dropped. No not baby, my little angel. My emotions passed before my eyes, first confusion, sadness, and then pure anger. Not even god himself could stop me.

"I'M GOING TO KILL THOSE BASTARDS FOR TAKING MY BABY!!" I took a running start and jumped a foot in the air before a hand grasped my ankle and I slammed back down onto the ground, fang jumped down on top of me and pinned me. "GET OFF ME NOW FANG" I yelled squirming, he just held on.

"If you go now you'll just get caught yourself" he stated,

"NO I WONT, NOW GET OFF!!" I kept struggling; even hearing nudges whimpering didn't stop.

"WHAT IF YOU DO? Don't you see what that would put us through, don't you think we'd worry about you"

"You don't have to be worried, I'll come ba…" I was cut off by Fang's lips on mine. My anger vanished.

"I'm always worried" he whispered that into my ear. "We'll get her back"

I burst out crying after that, he picked me up and cradled me against his chest.

"Max where are we going?" I was pulled out of memory lane by Gazman's question.

"I don't know, any thoughts guys?" I knew Nudge would be the first one to speak

"OOOOOHHH, lets go to Florida, we haven't been in so long, then we could go to Disney land and see Mickey mouse, and Minnie, and ride the rides and go to the…" she trailed on quietly and then stopped, I looked over and saw Iggy flying next to her, their wings brushing, I smiled to myself.

"Any other thoughts?"

Go to Forks Washington


Go to Forks Washington, you'll find what you seek there.

I don't have anything to seek though.

Oh no here it comes, "Fang" I gasped and then my head felt like it was splitting open, I screamed and then fell. I hoped fang caught me before hit the ground, I don't know if he caught me I blacked out when the voice said with more demand,



I sighed my last thought being again about max. I looked over at nudge just realizing she had stopped her rant, and saw her blushing, Iggy's wings softly touching hers. I was happy that my guy best friend was happy I looked at max and saw her smile a little.

"Any other thoughts?" she asked, I would have answered her, but she zoned out, I knew she was talking to the voice, I watched her and saw confusion on her face then knew something was coming

"Fang" she gasped then she grabbed her head and her face was showing pure pain she screamed then fell.

"MAX?" I Swooped down and caught her 20 ft from the ground, I went all the way to the ground and laid her down gently putting her head in my lap. I knew what happened, she said something bad to the voice, and it won't be to long till she came too.

"Will she be all right?" Angel asked swooping down and landing next to me

"She'll be fine, just another brain attack. Why don't you nudge gazzy and Iggy see where we are and get some food." I pulled the max card out of max's back pocket

"Here ig" I tossed the card, he caught it with ease "I'll watch over her, bring us something back."

"Will do, let's go guys, let's give the love birds, some room." he said with smirk.

"Max would kill you if she heard that." I glared, knowing he couldn't see me anyways.

They flew off and I just sat there looking at max, she looked so vulnerable when she was sleeping.

20 minutes later

I knew she would wake up but I was getting nervous now, if she didn't get up before the kids got back there had to be something wrong. "Come on max wake up" I whispered to myself.


I groaned, I heard a thank god, that was a painful one. I felt my surroundings, knowing I was on the ground. I only had a headache so thankfully Fang caught me. If you guys don't know that oh so painful experience was from the voice I have in my mind. You might think I'm crazy but I'm not, I mean I'm not talking to my self, there is literally another voice in my mind, and it knows all my thought and feelings. Sometimes when I don't do as I'm told it teaches me a lesson, hence the head splitting moment. Usually I listen to it, but I hate the fact it knows me almost better then me, actually it knows me better then I do, it knew I loved fang before I did. I guess I trust it. I felt some one pet my head and I had a feeling it was fang, he was probably worried, I better open my eyes. So I did. first thing I saw was fangs dark brown eyes.

"How do you feel?" he asked his voice was dripping with concern, god I love him.

"Nothing a bottle of Advil wouldn't fix," I teased.

"What about the next best thing?"

"And that is?" I asked curiously.

"This." he leaned down and kissed me, I kissed right back, he licked my bottom lip, and I parted them letting his tongue enter. We sat like that till…

"Are you okay max?" Iggy asked. You could hear him smirking. I pulled back from fang.

"I feel fine, my head doesn't even hurt." I smiled at fang while saying this, he smiled back, melting my self being right there.

"Do you wanna set up camp or keep going?" fang asked.

"Well I figured out where we are going to go, actually it was more of a demand." Stupid voice, I thought.

"Where?" nudge asked flying down with angel and gazzy on tow, they were all carrying bags of Burger King. My mouth watered.

"Forks, Washington."