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Iggy POV

We were sitting there waiting for the one named Carlisle to start.

"How about a question for question" He said. I could hear Fang take a deep breath. "I'm not aloud to tell our story, I'm not the boss" Fang stated.

"How about we tell you ours, and answer all of your questions, and we could meet the rest of you later and have another telling moment, if who ever your boss agrees" He asked. I guess Fang nodded because Carlisle started their story. I sat their silently, holding Nudge's hand, she was very silent.

Finally we said our goodbyes, Edward left to go see Bella, who we found out knows there vampires, but she does not know about us…yet.

I stood there in the door way, waiting for Fang to be done talking to Carlisle, and Nudge to stop talking to Alice."We'll talk to Max" Fang said, walking a little towards the door."Please do, we mean no harm" Esme said, I smiled. They were really all nice. I frowned instantly."Ugh not again" I said grabbing my head. "Nudge" I said once but she was already there gripping my hand and leading me back to the couch we were sitting on moments before. I was already spazzing before I got there. "Is he alright?" Carlisle asked.

"It's just a vision, its different then Alice's, it will be over…" I didn't catch the rest, I was in the woods, Max was there surrounded by a group of wolves.

"Oh my Moses" Max whispered her face very close to one of there jaws.

"Your human…" my jaw slacked open. "I won't attack you, if you don't attack me." She said staring at the one she was in front of.

"I don't want to fight you, any of you, I don't want to know." She sounded like she was begging. She sounded weak, it wasn't right, Fang's gonna be very upset.

"Oh my Moses" I whispered. "Iggy" I turned to see Alice in the vision also. I turned my attention back to Max.

"Iggy," she said again, I looked at her again. "Your doing this Iggy, your not honing in on my visions, I'm honing in on yours." She said before starting to disappear, I looked once more at Max, a guy was standing next to her, gripping her shoulder, and she gasped, before I left the vision entering my mind again. "Max!" I shouted getting up quickly,"Iggy breathe calm down" Nudge said standing in front of me her hands on my shoulder. "Now tell us what you saw?"

"Max" was all I said before Fang interrupted."What about Max? Is she okay? Is she hurt?" Fang asked worry in his tone. "Max was in the forest, she was surrounded by these giant wolf things""Sam's pack," Alice said entering the room"Alice, how did you see the Pack?" Carlisle asked."I was sucked into Iggy's vision." She said with glee."What Pack?" Fang asked angrily"There werewolves, you see I'm not supposed to see them, yet I did, only because I was sucked into Iggy's vision.""She said they were human, Fang she touched one" I told him."Is she okay?" "No she was practically pleading them not to fight with her. It didn't sound like Max at all" I said sounding worried. "What else?" Nudge asked"Then I talked to Alice for a moment and before I came back, I looked one more time, there was a guy really tan long black hair he was gripping Max's shoulder and she gasped, but I came back before I saw anything else." Nudge rubbed my arms

"Fang I think this already happened, it didn't feel like my normal visions, Max is already in trouble we have to go now!" I said starting to panic."Then we are going now," Fang growled out, already moving quickly to the door. "We can't" Carlisle said softly"Why not?" Fang almost shouted swiveling around, with the iciest glare, you could feel the room, tightening it felt like it was harder to breathe. "The treaty line, we aren't allowed to cross it." He said. "Screw the treaty line, let's go save Max" Emmet said"Emmet" Rosalie snapped.

"I'm going anyone willing to follow then come but I'm not waiting anymore" Fang said before running out of the house and into the sky."We'll see you soon" Nudge said before leaving the house as well.I paused before leaving."Sorry about Fang he is a worry wart about Max" I smiled"We know exactly what you mean" Jasper said with a chuckle. I ran out of the house."Come back soon with the others." Alice yelled after us.


Previously: "The Vampires, it's…" she looked at Jacob. "It's the Cullen's."

"What?" I asked astonished, and looked at Sam and Jacob with wide eyes, my eyes going wider as soon as Nudge dropped right in front of me and tackled me into a hug, "MAX! I'm so sorry we didn't leave you a note, are you okay? Iggy saw that guy hurting you, is your arm okay?" She said looking at me. My eyes still wide, I looked over her shoulder to see Iggy and Fang in fighting stances in front of us, and the packs eyes opened in shock."Yeah, I'm fine, just a little shocked on almost everything I've heard…Wait Iggy you saw us, in one of your visions. Know way." I said jumping up and running to him. "What did you see?" I asked, smiling. He didn't answer he and Fang stared at me like I was insane. "Max, aren't you in trouble?" he asked me."Me in trouble…pfft, never." I said, I was thrown around by Fang

"Max, you touched one Iggy saw it," He snapped. I frowned and looked down."Thanks for reminding me" I snapped back, my grief turning into anger. I glared at him and he glared back.

"YOU MET THE CULLENS!" Angel yelled. "Are you guys alive, did they bite you." She said grabbing Nudge's hand and checking for a pulse, I laughed."Angel, I think the wolves here would have noticed" I smiled at her and she giggled. I turned my attention back to Fang who was still glaring."The Cullen's are vampires, but I can tell you already know this for spending a vast amount of time with them. Leaving me extremely worried, and having NO IDEA WHERE YOU WERE!" I shouted in his face. Remember breathe in out in out. I turned to Iggy, "Watch the kids, I'm out of here, if you leave with out telling them," I said turning to Fang "You know what will happen" I glared and then ran into the woods, running to the nearest part with a clearing and jumped in the air, going into super speed.


"Will some one tell me what just happened?" Iggy asked very confused, I was still seething in anger. "Before you guy's came Sam and Jacob were telling us they were werewolves, and then I told her the Cullen's were vampires" Angel said, before Gazzy interrupted."Then you guys barged in and made assumptions, Max was worried, we came out to look for you, following a brief thought that Angel heard from Iggy, she was attacked" "Her shoulder was dislocated, and Jacob helped her put it in back in place. The gasp you heard" she said talking to Iggy "Was probably from her getting the repeat of his death, and she was only pleading to not know" Angel snapped sending a small glare at me. What did I do?

You left her insanely worried; you never leave with out giving her a note. She was afraid that you left again.

I groaned, no wonder she was mad at me. I could feel everyone's stare at me

'Where is she?'She is just flying, kind of towards the ocean, and Fang.


She's using super speed

"Great" I mumbled "Iggy head back to the Cullen's with the kids, I'm going after Max." He nodded. I ran off into the trees where Max ran into, going straight, Okay clearing she took off here.

Iggy's POV

We all stood there as Fang ran off after Max."Okaaaay" I said, "You heard what the second in command said, fly to it" I said gesturing them to go,"You shouldn't go to the Cullen's" one of the guys said, I could hear him step closer."Yeah, well we are going, I don't know you enough, I didn't talk to Max and she didn't say anything about you, I'm sorry" I said moving forward, again."We'll come visit you later, Bye Leah" Angel said before running after us total in her arms, Leah and them all stood shock still."You guy's it's time for you to meet the Vamps" I said. "U and A" They jumped up and I could feel the wolves watching us, I smirked and then jumped up to meet the rest.

"Follow us" We flew back to the Cullen's house landing gracefully in the front yard, Alice greeted us, she ran straight to Nudge and hugged her."You guys came back fast" Alice laughed."Well, we had a small problem, no one was hurt I guess, just the guys over reacting, and we came back with 2 more of the flock, Alice this is Angel and Gazzy.""Hi" Gazzy said."Hi Alice, and yes Nudge will love that outfit," Alice looked confused for a moment but the squealed with delight grabbing Nudge and Angels hand and running back into the house."Okay, are all the Cullen's like that?" Gazzy asked

"Nope, but I think now would be a very a good time to play a prank on Emmet, he is the biggest and the funniest. Jasper" I called in a normal tone. Jasper was in front of us in a second, Gazzy jumped back in a fighting stance.

"Yeah Ig""What would you say about pulling a prank on Emmet?" I asked him rubbing my chin."I'll have to accept" He said with a wicked smile,"Gazzy, I think we should do the prank that we were gonna do at school" I said smiling even wider.


I sat there at a beach, I had no idea what beach but here I am sitting here at a beach looking out at the ocean, tears streaming down my face,

"Great I'm just a weak pile of mush" I said to myself wiping the tears away and laying down on the sand. I yelled at Fang, I even threatened him, what is wrong with me…wait rewind, I know exactly what was wrong, he left and he didn't tell me where, he could've been anywhere, he could have left me. This brought more tears to my eyes, I rubbed them away forcefully.

"Where is the old Max? That Max never cried, she never ran away from problems, and she was tough,"

"That Max was never in love" my eyes shot open, Fang was standing above me. "Yeah, sometimes I wonder." I glared, stupid knowing me guy."Max, why would you think I would leave?" He asked, anger in his tone."I don't know, let me think" I said sarcastically rolling my tear filled eyes. Fang grabbed my hand. And yanked me up not to innocently."Dammit Max, I'm not leaving you, never again, not even after death, because I will annoy you then to." He growled.

"Ya promise" I snapped. He growled and the pulled my face to his and kissed me with more passion then ever before, I gripped him just as tight, "I promise more then I've ever promised" he whispered, before kissing me again, I smiled under his lips, "Never again," I whispered to him"Never" He whispered. We smiled at each other. "Can we not go back yet?" I asked, to tired to fly back."I left the kids with Iggy at the Cullen's…They'll be extremely safe there" He said the last part when he saw the skepticism on my face. He sat down and yanked me down with him.

"And you would know spending quality time with them" I snapped."Max, I would have told you, but Iggy had already talked to Alice before, I sensed no danger, and I wanted you to spend time with the kids"

"Wait hold on, when did Iggy talk to Alice?" I asked."In his vision" he said,

"So Iggy saw himself talking to Alice?" I asked very confused.

"No, Iggy was having a vision but Alice was seeing the same thing so they saw each other""So Alice can see the future?" I asked."Yup" he said popping the p.

"And they saw each other?""You could hear him talking to her, it was kind of creepy"

"So what exactly did he see?"

"First he saw him, Nudge and me, meeting Edward Jasper and Alice out in this clearing and we went. We got there and talked, and then went to there home meeting the rest of their family. They told us their secret" He said."And you told them our secret before even telling me" I asked bewildered, "No, I told them I wasn't the boss." Fang smirked,

"Good," I sighed, "Do you trust them?" I asked looking him in the eye, He sighed a yes, I nodded, okay."Alright then what happened?" I said moving on."Well we were leaving then Iggy started to have another vision, we listened as he talked to Alice, then he yelled your name. He said you were surrounded by the wolf things which we were told were werewolves and that one was gripping your shoulder and that you gasped. Me being me over reacted thought you were in serious trouble and came to save you." He said shaking his head."My shoulder was dislocated, it happens, and I gasped because I was just seeing his death again, he is gonna live a long time." I smiled. "I shouldn't have left with out giving you a note, I'm sorry"" He said,"You should be" I said lying back on the sand. He lied back too and I used his shoulder as a pillow.

"Iggy saw something else,"

"And what did are seer see?" I asked my eyes already closed. "He said…he said you were practically pleading with the wolves not to fight with you…and he said this in front of the Cullen's" He said softly and in an apologetic tone. "Great" I said slapping my forehead "They probably think I'm a weakling."

"Well since they don't know your power, probably yes." He chuckled"Great again" I sighed, closing my eyes, and falling in a peaceful sleep.


I watched Max sleep until it was almost Dawn, jeez rough, rough night. She was so peaceful vulnerable looking. I sighed and lied my head back down on the sand. I smiled closing my eyes.

"Well lookie, lookie hear." My eyes shot open to see Ari right in front of us, a bunch of these new flyboys behind him and some in the air.

"How about you give us sleeping beauty" Ari smiled."Why don't you shut up so I can get my beauty sleep" I looked down to see Max eyes in a glare and her mouth twisted in a grimace."Awe Maxi, that's no way to talk to family, dad would be very upset." "He's not my father" she snapped getting into a low crouch, I copied her movements

"Now Max is that anyway to talk to your brother"

"My brother died in Europe you are just a sick copy." Max growled out, before diving her fist in Ari's face.

He fell back into the sand with Max on top punching his face back and forth, it took a moment for the rest of them to snap out of the shock to lunge for Max, but I was there in an instant, kicking an punching any of them that got even a foot close to her. More and more came, I started to be moved away from Max, I noticed this. I took a swift look in her direction to see she had stopped beating Ari to a bloody pulp and was beating up the other erasers. The swift look was all it took for one of the erasers to punch me in the face, I fell back onto the sand, my head hit something, I was dazed for a second, my head throbbing, I rolled over quickly. I jumped up and started to fight harder, something wet was dripping down my back, and I knew it was my blood. I gripped the nearest Eraser, and broke its neck in a second, moving on to more, and got angrier by the second.

The ones near me were done, and I went to help Max, she had blood dripping down her arm and face. She didn't look like she was in pain but you could tell. I ran to the remaining Erasers and tackled them to the ground Beating there Faces until all you saw was blood.

I stood up and wobbled a bit, I shook it off quickly, looking at Max she smiled at me, and I gave her one of my rare grins, before…Max's smile fell and she looked down at her shirt where blood was seeping, she gripped it with her hands.

"Fang" she whispered, before falling to the ground."MAX!" I shouted. I ran to her side and looked around Ari was holding a gun and was smiling evilly."Experiment 001 has been terminated," it said in a robotic voice.

"You sick Fucks, I'm GONNA KILL YOU" I shouted, all I saw was red, I threw my self at the Ari look-a-like. "You were a robot," I shouted, "You were never Ari" I punched it kicked him, he got one good punch in making my already throbbing head hurt like hell, I jumped over it and kicked it's back, Ari fell on his stomach, I grabbed his head and started to twist."You are Terminated" I yelled, ripping his head, where wires were sticking out of the bottom. I threw it out in the ocean, I froze my thoughts coming back to me,

"Max" I whispered, spinning around and running to her, blood was all around her I scooped her up quickly, pushing down my body's protests, and jumped in the air, my wings unfurling taking us into the sky, heading to the Cullen's.

"MAX" I yelled in her ear, her eyes opened widely,

"Fang" She whispered, before her eyes started to flutter close again.

"Stay awake, come on, don't you dare leave me" I glared at her, I couldn't help but notice the blood trickling down her mouth, or how her heart started to slow down."NO MAX COME ON STAY WITH ME." We'll make it, just need to get to the Cullen's.

I listened and watched as Max's breathing slowed."MAX!" I yelled 'You have too' his inner thoughts said."I can't no" 'She will die if you don't' his thoughts said again.

"I…Max, I'm sorry, I have too" I whispered the last part. I closed my eyes. A bright white light started to surround Max I opened my eyes and watched as the blood, that had come out of her mouth, slowly disappeared. And the blood on her clothes disappeared as well, leaving nothing behind except for hole from the bullet. Her heart started to beat a regular rhythm and her breathing picked up…"Fang" Max whispered. Her eyes fluttering open to see the white light slowly disappearing. "Fang" she gasped, "You didn't…" she looked up at him his eyes dropping slightly.

"I couldn't let you die" He said firmly, before his eyes shut all the way. And we started to fall from the sky."Fang" I half shouted.