Okay, so I have started working on a sequel to You Should Be Mine, but I was watching Brain Drain and this just sort of stuck with me. Actually I was watching season four and just had the urge to write Phoebe/Cole. I know this has been done before in one way or another, but I hope you like my version. This is an AU of The Three Faces of Phoebe. Um, I know that maybe the Source would be able to block spells like this, but maybe not. After all, the girls got into Piper's mind and he wasn't able to block them.

For people who are reading my Piper/Cole story, I plan on getting the sequel out sometime soon, in the next couple of days hopefully.

Don't own anything.

Phoebe stared down at the book, at the spell that she had turned to. This was not a good idea. It had personal gain written all over it, and it was a major invasion of privacy.

She'd been thinking about casting a spell like this for a little while now, ever since they had vanquished the Source, but all the spells that she could think of seemed like bad ideas.

She wasn't for sure it was something serous, and if it wasn't, who knows how Cole would react if he found out. And she'd feel guilty as hell for invading his privacy if it wasn't serous.

But what if it was? That's what she had been struggling with. He was hiding something from her, she could tell. She knew Cole, better than anyone, and there was something wrong.

It was holding her back. She was having doubts about marrying him because of it. Chewing her lip, she looked down at the spell. She had tweaked the spell to work for one person. It was the same one she and Paige had used to get inside Piper's head when the Source had her. When she pictured Cole's face the last time they had talked, she made a decision and recited the spell.

Life to life

And mind to mind

Intertwine his spirit with mine

Meld our souls

So that I may journey to

The one whose thoughts

I wish I knew

Phoebe closed her eyes as she finished the spell, and when she opened them, she was no longer in the attic. Looking around, her eyes widened.

"What the hell?" She was in the underworld. This was the place that Cole was dwelling on right now? She really hoped it was because of his past and not present. Before she could think of anything else, she was grabbed from behind. Spinning, she met Cole's eyes briefly before he pulled her into a hug.

"Phoebe." He said, embracing her tightly. She could practically feel the desperation rolling off him.

"Cole, what's going on?" He pulled back, but didn't meet her gaze. His eyes darted around, looking for something.

"We have to go," he said, panicked. Not waiting for a response, he started pulling her through the halls. He stopped short a few seconds later, though.


"No." His voice shook slightly and he abruptly turned and broke into a run, pulling her along with him. Frustrated, Phoebe wrenched her hand out of his.

"Cole, tell me what's wrong." He turned to her and grabbed her by the shoulders.

"You don't understand. He's here. I can't let him find me. I can't let him take over." Reaching up, Phoebe put a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look her in the eye.

"Who? Who's here, Cole? Tell me what's going on." Not answering at first, Cole's gaze lifted to something behind her. He straightened up. Phoebe turned as well, and stared in shock at the cloaked figure at the other end of the tunnel.

"The Source." Cole whispered. Phoebe's eyes widened.

"What?" Phoebe looked from the figure to Cole and back again. "No. We vanquished him."

"Not well enough." Cole said. "We have to get out of here. Now." Phoebe nodded, and they did start running in the other direction. Cole pulled her into a small alcove and knelt down, looking out.

"Cole, how did this happen? How could he still be alive?" She was really hoping she found her way into one of his nightmares. Cole looked over at her.

"The Seer lied." He said quietly. "The Source's power. It didn't disappear."

"Oh, God." Phoebe couldn't believe this was happening. How could this happen?

"Phoebe…" She could see the fear in his eyes, "I can't hold him off forever. I can't fight him. He's going to win." Phoebe stared at him. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream about how unfair this was. Instead she took his face in her hands.

"I'll find a way to save you, Cole. I promise. You have to hold on for me, okay?" He closed his eyes.

"I don't know if I can." She leaned forward and kissed him.

"I have faith in you." She said when she pulled back.

"You have to go," Cole said, resting his forehead against hers, "before he finds us."

"How did you know I'm real?" He smiled at her, running a hand down her hair.

"I know you."

"I'll save you, Cole." She vowed again before reciting the reversal spell to get her out. She kept her eyes glued on him until everything went dark.

Phoebe jerked into a sitting position on the floor in the attic. Her vision blurred with tears, and she pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and she cried for herself and Cole.

Why did this have to happen? They were supposed to be happy now. They were getting married. They were supposed to get their happily ever after.

After a few minutes, Phoebe lifted her head and wiped her eyes angrily. This wasn't what she should be doing. She needed to be finding a way to save him, not crying on the attic floor.

She really hoped that The Source didn't know about her little invasion into Cole's mind. She had intended to go only into his mind, but if The Source took Cole over completely, he'd have all of Cole's memories.

Her only chance at saving him was the hope that Cole could hold The Source off for a little bit longer, until she could at least find a way to contain him. Standing up, she started flipping through the book.

Piper was slightly worried. She hadn't seen Phoebe since she had talked to her about her and Cole that morning. When she finally did find her, she was up in the attic, feverishly flipping through the book.

"Oh, no." Piper said, walking over to her. "Don't tell me that we've got demons already." Phoebe jumped at her voice and looked up at her. Piper was slightly startled at the sight. Phoebe's eyes were red, and swollen. She'd been crying.

"What's wrong?" She went over to her, apprehensive now. There were only a few things that would put Phoebe in this state, and since she knew Paige was fine, it had to be Cole.

"I can't find anything." Phoebe's voice was filled with frustration. "Only the vanquishing spell and I can't do that."

"Phoebe, what are you talking about?"

"I haven't been looking that long." Phoebe continued, starting to flip through the book again. "I won't accept that that is the only option."

"Phoebe." Piper put a hand on her shoulder, turning her. Phoebe stopped searching the book and turned to Piper, tears in her eyes.

"Tell me what happened." Phoebe just shook her head and reached out to wrap her arms around Piper. Piper returned the hug.

"How could this happen?" She mumbled into Piper's shoulder. "I can't lose him again, Piper." Piper rubbed hand on her back. She had known that it had to of been something to do with Cole, but she had been hoping that she was wrong.

"Phoebe, please tell me what's wrong." She pulled back. "What ever it is we'll fix it, okay?" Phoebe nodded, wiping her eyes.

"You're right," She took a deep breath, "I'll fix it. I have to. I won't lose him."

"You won't win." Cole said when the Source pinned him up against the cavern wall. He stared into his own eyes.

"No? You think because your witch found out about me that she'll be able to save you?" Cole's eyes widened even though he wasn't that surprised. He had known there was very little chance that the Source would believe that she had just been apart of one of his dreams and not the real Phoebe.

"It is too bad that she found me out. But, I guess I'll just have to change my plans."

"I won't let you hurt her." The Source laughed.

"You won't have a choice." The Source stepped closer and the next thing Cole knew there was a horrible pain in his chest. He looked down at the knife protruding from it.

Cole woke up with a start. He groaned and grabbed his head, the dream still playing in his mind. He could still hear him. Laughing in his head. He wanted to get up to warn Phoebe, but he couldn't.

"I won't let you hurt her." He said again, but with less conviction. He could feel it. He hadn't been able to tell Phoebe before, and the Source was only growing more powerful, taking him over piece by piece. He was going to lose.