On the day of the Spring Equinox in the Isle of Mist the three shall be born. Two shall wield the sword, one will hold the chalice. As the marked descendants of Merlin and Morgana the three are destined to be both creators and protectors of the new great power.

It was a strange prophecy as prophecies go. It was spoken 1000 years ago. No one ever truly knowing what it meant or when to expect it. So like most unfulfilled prophecies went, it was forgotten. People stopped searching for the three. They said the prophecy was false. Little did they know that the prophecy was not false, just a little premature? There were still those select few out there though that were patient enough to wait.


The war was over and the light side had triumphed! Voldemort was dead and this time it was going to stay that way. With any war there had of course been some casualties. Even though he did not die in the actual war Sirius Black was cleared of all charges and claimed as a war hero. The light side had also lost Alastor Moody, Cho Chang, Fleur Weasley, Percy Weasley and the Creevy brothers.

During one battle Dolores Umbridge had been killed but no one can figure out which side the curse came from and neither side is all that saddened at the loss of the pink parasite!

It wasn't only witches and wizards that had died. There had been many muggles who had been attacked at one time or another. Two of those muggles were Charles and Martha Granger. Parents to none other than Hermione Granger.

She felt lost without her parents. Her entire life she had pushed herself so hard because she wanted to make them proud, but now that they were dead, what was the point. It didn't help that she felt all alone in the world. The Weasley's were mourning the loss of Percy and Fleur. Harry was still missing Sirius and blaming himself for the other deaths. When they had heard about Hermione's parents Harry had pretty much stopped talking to Hermione altogether, thinking that she was blaming him as well.

It also didn't help that everyone else seemed to be paired off. Harry was with Ginny. Ron was with Lavender. Hermione felt like a fifth wheel. She wasn't completely alone as she and Charlie had been having a fling for a while now, but that's all it ever was. Neither wanted more from the other. They would talk about mundane things as well as joke and laugh together, but it was mostly just about sex. A way to escape from the world around them.

There was something else wrong with Hermione though and she had been feeling that way for a while now. It felt like she was missing pieces of herself. Like she wasn't whole! At first she thought that it was losing her parents but when she really thought about it, she had felt this way before. She had felt this when she was younger, but the minute she stepped onto the Hogwarts Express it all went away. Every holiday had given her that empty feeling but as soon as she was back at Hogwarts it all went away.

At one point she thought that it may have had something to do with the school but one Christmas Holidays she stayed at Hogwarts and got the feeling again. She wasn't alone; Ron, Harry and Ginny were there as well. There were also a few second year Ravenclaws and a third year Slytherin, but Hermione felt like there was something else missing. It didn't really bother her usually. It was just a small niggling feeling, but lately the feeling was starting to eat away at her. She tried a lot to take her mind off of it, but truthfully it wasn't working as well as she hoped.

Not only was there the feeling of something missing, but it also felt like her magic was a little off. It was like she was having high and low power surges. Sometimes her magic would work to the extreme, but then other times it would hardly even work at all. At first she thought it was because of the stress from the war, but it didn't feel that way. Other than that, it also felt like her emotions were tied to the weather or vice versa. Sometimes when she was alone she would cry at the loss of her parents and she noticed that when she did this, it would rain. There were other things and nothing was adding up!


At the moment she was sitting on the floor of the Library at Grimmauld Place surrounded by piles of books. After the war Hogwarts needed to be rebuilt and to play her part Hermione was looking up charms and spells for different things all over the castle.

This was how Dumbledore found her when he walked into the library. Her hair was pile on top of her head and she was facing away from the door going through many books and taking notes. As he walked closer he noticed a mark on the back of Hermione's neck. This was something that he had never seen before and he shocked him when he noticed what the mark was.

"Miss Granger"

"Oh hello Professor. I have found some great charms and spells for all over the castle and the grounds"

"That was very helpful of you, thankyou"

"It was my pleasure sir"

"Miss Granger, I was wondering if I may enquire about the mark on the back of your neck."


"Yes, you have a strange shaped mark exactly in the centre of your neck"

"Oh that! That's my birthmark. I have always had that. Because it is so dark I usually keep it covered otherwise people think it's a tattoo. An older lady actually tired to have my mother arrested when I was a baby as she thought that my mother had given me a tattoo at such a young age"

"Do you know what they shape is?"

"Yes I looked it up a few years ago when I saw it on a muggle television show. It's a triquetra"

"Yes that is correct. It is a very odd shape for a birthmark"

"I thought that, but I guess it's just one of those fluke things. Are you ok Professor? You look a little pale"

"No no, I'm fine. Have you ever seen this type of mark on anyone else? Does anyone in your family have one?"

"After the TV show came out, I saw a couple as tattoos in the muggle world. As for my family the only noticeable birthmark is a small one on the back of my mother's leg, but it's not a distinctive shape. Is there something wrong with my birthmark sir?"

"No everything is fine. I'm sorry if I worried you. I'll let you get back to your work"

He walked out of the library still a little dazed. There was no way that this has happened, not after all these years! It's all just a coincidence. Just as he walked out of the door he bumped into Charlie.

"Sorry Professor!"

"That's quite alright Charlie, my fault"

As he walked out Dumbledore thought to himself 'There is someone that I must see'

"Is he ok?" Charlie asked as he walked into the library

"I don't know. He seems disturbed by my birthmark"

"It's a little odd, but there's nothing disturbing about it. In fact I find it very sexy" he said as he bent down and kissed the back of her neck.

"Charlie not here! Anyone could walk in"

"Come on, no one is here. The entire house is empty. How often does that happen?"

Just as he said all this Harry, Ginny, Ron and Lavender walked into the library. Hermione just gave him a pointed look that said 'I told you so!'

"Hey guys what are you doing here?"

"They are working some pretty complicated charms into Hogwarts at the moment so there isn't anything we can help with until they have it all sorted out" Harry answered

"We were thinking of going to a muggle movie or going to Diagon Alley. You know do all those couply things"

For some reason Lavender had taken it upon herself to rub hers and Ron's relationship in Hermione's face. Yes she did have a small crush on Ron at one time or another, but she was happy that Ron had found someone.

"Why don't you come with us Hermione even though you don't have a guy at the moment" Charlie snorted a little and turned it into a cough "You need to have some fun"

"Thanks anyway Lavender but I still have plenty of things that I need to research that have to go into Hogwarts before it's finished"

"You sure Mione?"

"Yeah I'm positive Gin, thanks"

Hermione waited until the other four left, grabbed Charlie's hand and pulled him upstairs.

"No guy my ass!"

"Ooh angry sex, I like it!" Charlie said with a chuckle


Dumbledore apparated directly to the Glastonbury Tor. He waited for a few tourists to leave and then muttered the spell that revealed a secret door. He walked through and as soon as the door closed it disappeared once again.

On the other side of the door he walked into a large field full of trees and flowers. In the distance he could see his destination. He had to get there quickly. He had to know if it were true. Picking up the bottom of his robes he began to run. For the first time in a long time he ran as fast as he could.

He burst through the doors of the small castle and kept running to the great room, where he knew that he would find her and he was right.

"Vivienne!" She turned around and saw the look on his face and knew what he was there for

"You found out about them didn't you?"

"You knew about this?"

"Please come to my private quarters so we can talk about this more openly"

Dumbledore followed Vivienne to her private quarters where after entering she cast locking and silencing spells.

"Please tell me that you did not know about this Vivienne!"

"I am sorry Albus! How did you find them?"

"So the prophecy has come to pass, there is three of them?"

"I thought that was why you were here"

"I found a girl with an interesting birthmark; I wasn't sure what I found! Please tell me what is going on"

"17 years ago on the 20th of March two boys and one girl were born here, each of them with the same birthmark on the back of the neck. I instantly knew who they were, but it was in a time of great upheaval that I didn't know what to do. Rumours of Voldemort's return had spread everywhere and I knew that if he found out about the three then he would kidnap or kill them in an attempt to get their power or destroy it. They were just babies, they were innocent, and I couldn't let anything happen to them. The girls parents were muggles so I knew that they were fairly safe, but the two boys were another story. I spoke to their mothers and told them what I could. Both agreed to do what they could to keep the boys safe and to even cover up their birthmarks"

"Other than the birthmarks how else do you know that they are the three?"

"I had done research and found more spoken of the three"


"Yes there was another text that spoke specifically of traits that each of them would have that would point them out as being the three"

"Such as?"

"Their eyes will not be the colours that you usually find in any other person. If they know it or not they will be drawn to one another. Without the other two each one will feel incomplete"

"Do you know their names? Are the boys Ron Weasley and Harry Potter?"

"No Albus. The three will also be only children and wasn't Harry Potter born in July?"

"So who are they? What are their names?"

"Why do you need to know this Albus? Why is it so desperate?"

"Like you, I have also been doing my own research. I found a small text that said that when the three become of age they will come into their power. If they do not learn how to control it then it will destroy them and everyone around them. If I am not mistaken their birthday was a few months ago, which means they have already come into their power and could be endangering themselves and those around them."

"Are you sure?"

"Why are you protecting them? Why do you not want this to happen?"

"Albus, I thought you out of anyone would understand why! The wizarding world has just been through one of the most horrendous wars we have ever seen. Do you not think that people will fight for the power that these children hold and that is just what they are, children!"

"Yes but they are children who have already lived through this war and survived. The text that I found is true Vivienne and if these children are the three then they must be brought together and trained. For their safety and the safety of those around them"

"Who will train them? Where will they be trained, Hogwarts? If the wrong people find out about them, then all this training will be moot!"

"Hogwarts was practically destroyed during the war. It is taking many of us to rebuild it. Why don't I bring them here? You have the people that can train them and you will also be able to keep an eye on them so that they only come into contact with the right people!"

"I think that I can agree to that!"

"Thankyou Vivienne, now please their names. We do not have the time to waste!"

"It seems that you have already found the girl. Hermione Vivienne Granger"

"Yes it seems she has been right under my nose the entire time"

"The boys are Blaise Luciano Zabini and Draco Abraxus Malfoy"

Dumbledore was stunned. Out of all the boys in the world these two were the ones that were supposed to come together with Hermione and create the greatest power! This was going to be more difficult than he first expected.

With a quick goodbye to Vivienne he picked up his robes and ran again. There was no time to spare. He had to find Blaise and Draco and bring all three to Avalon before it was too late!