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Harry and Pansy made their way back to Hogwarts with the others. Each of them were beaming. Those beautiful babies were so intriguing and beautiful that as soon as you saw them, they had you wrapped around their tiny little fingers.

"Just think, because of those little babies you and I will always be connected" Pansy said

Harry stopped in his tracks and stopped Pansy with him "Actually Pans I was hoping that we could be connected in a more permanent way!"


"I have been trying to find a perfect time to ask this or try and do it more romantically, but none of my ideas ever seemed to fit us. I love you Pansy Parkinson and cannot think of my life without you in it" He got down on one knee and pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket "I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?" He opened the box and there sat a perfectly round cut diamond

"Oh my Gods Harry, Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes. A thousand times yes!"

"So that's a yes?" Harry laughed

He slipped the ring onto her finger and it fit perfectly

"This is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen"

"It was my Mother's engagement ring"

"Are you sure Harry?"

"You are the woman I love with all my heart and soul. There is no one else that I would ever want to wear this ring"

"Come with me!" Pansy began dragging Harry through the halls

"Where are we going?"

"If you think that I am spending the night alone after you just asked me to marry you then you're nuts"

Harry laughed as he was pulled toward the Room of Requirements.


Back at Avalon the three sat still staring at their children. Taking in every inch of their perfect little bodies.

"They are so beautiful"

"That's because they look like their gorgeous mother"

"I think that they are a perfect mix of all three of us. They got the best of all of us" Hermione smiled at the babies

"And I got my wish. Tristan got a mix of Blaise and my packages"

"DRACO!" Hermione smacked him, but Blaise was chuckling behind her "I can't believe you two. Our babies were just born and all you can think about is our little boy's package"

"We're sorry Cara but one day this will be important to him"

"It's ok just no more talk about it please"

"Yes dear" Blaise and Draco said together

A nurse came in then telling them that the babies had to be taken for a small amount of time just to check everything over, be given a bath and get all their newborn shots. She told Hermione that it would be the best time for her to have a shower and get herself together after having the children.

The three whimpered a little when the babies were wheeled away in the cradles. They knew that they had to be checked but did not want to let them go.


Molly had been waiting down the hall all night and she was getting tired. She had heard each baby being born and had seen everyone come and go from seeing the babies, but she had still not found a chance yet when they weren't without their parents. A while after everyone had left she saw a nurse go into Hermione's room, then come out a few minutes later with all three babies. This was her chance and she had to take it.

She followed the nurse into the exam room

"Oh Hello, you must be Catherine. Vivienne said that you would be here tonight"

"Yes that's me"

"Well this is Tristan, Trinity and Triana Zabini-Malfoy. They were just born tonight and need to have their newborn check-ups as well as a bath.

"I could begin bathing them if you wanted to go and get the healer"

"That would be great thankyou"

As soon as the nurse left Molly became bundling the children up. The place she had chosen to hideout was cold and she didn't want them to freeze. She pulled her bag out and began putting some medical supplies in it that she may need.

She transfigured the cradle that they were in into a carrier and put all the babies in together. She picked them up and turned around. Just as she did the door opened and Draco, Hermione and Blaise stepped in

"We were hoping.....Mrs Weasley! What are you doing?"

"I am taking these babies Hermione and I am going to raise them properly"

"You are not taking my babies anywhere"

"They do not belong with any of you. No one but me can care for these children properly"

"MOLLY GIVE ME MY CHILDREN!" Sparks were coming off of Hermione. Her anger was manifesting itself all over her. With so much anger building up in Hermione it went on to Draco and Blaise. They took a fighting stance. "GIVE ME MY CHILDREN NOW!"


The babies screamed and began to glow themselves. Within seconds they were in their parents arms and Molly Weasley was frozen in place. People began filling the room seeing what all the commotion was about. The glow softened and the babies began to cry as did Hermione. Vivienne came rushing in.

"Is everyone ok?"

"She tried to take my babies" Hermione cried "Why would she do this. I knew that she was unhappy about this, but she was going to take my babies"

"Shh Cara it's ok. We have them; we aren't going to let them out of our sight"

"We'll call the Aurors" Vivienne said

Draco and Blaise took Hermione back to their room to calm down. They sat on a sofa together, each cradling a baby in their arms.

"I was going to kill her" Hermione whispered

"It's all over Mia"

"I didn't think that I could ever do something like that to someone I cared for"

"You were protecting your children Cara. You would do anything to anyone to protect them"

Vivienne came into the room followed by Remus Lupin

"Hermione are you ok?"

"Yes and no. I think I'm in shock a little!"

"Understandable. I think after everything that has happened we will take Molly to 's to be checked over in the psychiatric ward. Her family will be notified"

"Thankyou Remus"

"Can I see the babies before I go?" The three moved so that he could see them "They're beautiful!"


Molly was taken to 's and the rest of the Weasley's were notified. She was found to be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and admitted to 's psychiatric ward for constant care.


Three days later Draco, Hermione and Blaise returned to Hogwarts with their babies. When coming in the door, Ron and Ginny were the first people that they came across. They stood staring at each before Ron stepped forward.

"I'm sorry for what Mum did. I never thought that she would go that far. Your children are beautiful Hermione!" He walked away before giving any of them a chance to answer.

Ginny was still standing in front of them "They are beautiful Hermione. What are their names?"

"Tristan, Trinity and Triana"

"Did you name their godparents?"

"Yes we asked Harry and Pansy"

"Oh well I'm sure they will be perfect for it" She said sounding disappointed

"Yes that's what we thought. If you'll excuse us Ginny we have to get the babies to bed"

"Oh of course!"


When they opened their portrait they were startled by people yelling out "SURPRISE!" All their friends and family were there to see them and the babies of course. Everyone crowded around trying to catch a glimpse of the babies

"What is all this?"

"A welcome home!"

"Thankyou everyone so much"

They went around talking to everyone and showing off their babies. They got to Harry and Pansy who were both beaming.

"You two seem happy"

"Harry asked me to marry him and I said yes"

"Congratulations guys. This is all so wonderful"


The next couple of months went well for the new family of Hogwarts. The babies had become a beautiful part of Hogwarts and were often seen with their parents and the rest of their extended family. It was kind of funny to see the tough Severus Snape cooing and making funny faces to the babies.

Graduation came and went with Hermione being valedictorian and giving a beautiful speech. The three moved into their beautiful home and began planning their wedding.

Now that he was of age and out of school Draco took over Malfoy Inc. Hermione and Blaise stayed home with the babies, but after about a month of talking they decided to open a bookstore/cafe'. Blaise had always loved his coffee and made it perfectly. Being the owners also meant that they could take the babies with them.

They thought about opening the store in muggle London, but found a perfect space in Diagon Alley. This also meant that they were able to sell both wizarding and muggle books.

Two weeks before their wedding Hermione asked Vivienne to come and see her. She had finally figured some things out and needed Vivienne there.

She walked into the shop exactly when she said she was going to be there

"Good morning Vivienne"

"Hello Hermione, Blaise. How are you these days?"

"Oh we are wonderful thankyou"

"What was it that you wanted me here for?"

"Oh I was hoping that you could come to the jewellery store with me to get a gift for the babies"

"I'd be happy to"

"We'll be back in a little while my love" Hermione said as she kissed Blaise

"Take your time. The babies are sleeping and it's quiet here at the moment"

They went to the jewellery store where Draco and Blaise bought her pendant

"What were you thinking of getting?"

"I'll explain when we get inside"

They got inside and were greeted by the jeweller

"How can I help you today?"

"My fiancé's bought this pendant for me and I was hoping to have it split into the three separate jewels to give one each to my children"

"Hermione that is a magical pendant forged by Merlin and Morgana"

"Which is why I wanted them both here when it was split into three different pendants?"

"When did you figure it out?"

"Not that long ago. There was a story in a muggle book that gave me a few ideas. This pendant was forged for me and only me and there is no way that you would let it disappear so easily and have just anybody wear it. What I could not figure out is how the two of you have survived for so long"

"We are not Merlin and Morgana, but we are! When we died originally we were reborn with all the memories of our previous life. This has happened for many generations and each life is then remembered. That is how I came up with all my parts of the prophecy. It is because I prophesised half of it. Mr I-don't-need-to-write-it-down-because-I-remember-everything over here is the one that forgot most parts of his half of the prophecy"

"I did not; I just misplaced it in some of my memories!"

"Did you really want your pendant split Hermione?"

"No I just needed a way for the truth to come out. I would like a pendant for each of my children though"

The jeweller Mr Covington smiled and produced three small boxes "I am ahead you already. Instead of pendants we decided to form three rings. Each one has your child's eye stone and will magically grow with them. Also we have taken the liberty of having a new family crest created for the joining of the three of you under the Zabini-Malfoy name. That has also been placed under each stone"

"They're beautiful"

"Please take them as a gift for the birth of your babies"

"No please, I have to pay for them"

"You have given the world a great gift; please accept this gift from us"



Six months later it was time for the Draco, Hermione and Blaise's wedding. They were of course married in Avalon surrounded by friends and family. Severus gave Hermione away with a small tear in his eye. Harry and Greg were Draco and Blaise's best men with Pansy and Luna being Hermione's bridesmaids.

Hermione wore a beautiful white flowing gown with ribbons around her waist that matched their eye colour.

Each of the three seemed to glow with the love that they felt for each other and as the vows were said and they were all bound together they seemed to glow even brighter than ever before.

It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves. The babies laughed and giggled as they watched their parents be joined forever.

For their honeymoon they took the babies to America. Everyone had offered to look after them, but neither parent could be away from them for that long.

Another six months later everyone joined together again for another wedding. This time it was Harry and Pansy. Since the babies were a little older they were the flower girls and ring bearer. Floated down the aisle of the Hogwarts Great Hall on small clouds. Harry cried as he saw Pansy walking down the aisle, given away by her mother. He loved this woman more than he ever knew that he could. Two months later she was pregnant

Everyone's life was falling into place. Severus and Narcissa moved in together and made their relationship public. She was pregnant within a month of them moving in together.

Luna and Neville married soon after Harry and Pansy. He became the new Herbology Professor and Luna assisted Hagrid in Care of Magical Creatures. They had two children together

Lavender married Oliver Wood and joined him travelling the world with his Quidditch team. In her down time she wrote many books about glamour charms and spells for the teenage witch. They had five children. Neither could keep their hands off of each other.

Millie and Greg got married two years after graduating. Greg works for Draco at Malfoy Inc and Millie is becoming a healer. It was found that Millie couldn't have kids, but they are in the process of adopting.

Three years and three days after giving birth to the triplets Hermione gave birth again to three more. This time she had two boys and a girl. Keeping to the theme of their children's names the new babies were named Tridon, Trinnean and Trixi.

Eleven years later

It was the second triplets first day at Hogwarts and the beginning of the first triplets third year. Everyone had come to see them off as well as their own children. Harry and Pansy's daughter Lily was starting her first year as well and their son James was in his second year. Severus was also accompanying his daughter Venus to her second year as well. Lavender and Oliver were taking three of their five children to the Hogwarts express.

All the parents came together as the kids ran around getting their things on the train and finding their friends and a compartment.

Draco nudged Blaise when a bunch of girls walked past giggling at Tristan, Tridon and Trinnean. Both growled though when some boys came past and said hello to Trinity, Triana and Trixi. This of course made Hermione laugh

"What are you laughing at our love?"

"You do realise that those girls that giggled at our boys are someone else's daughters"

"Yes but they aren't our daughters"

"You two are impossible" Hermione said as she went off to talk to Pansy, Lavender and Narcissa

Harry came up to Draco and Blaise "Why are you two impossible this time?"

"We don't like boys looking at our girls, but are fine with our boys looking at a few girls"

"Well of course. I don't want any boys looking at Lily"


The first whistle blew signalling that the train was going to leave in about five minutes. All the parents kissed their children and got them onto the train and then waited for the train to leave so they could wave goodbye. About two minutes before the train was about to leave a redheaded family came running through the gateway into 9 3/4.

No one had really seen Ron since leaving Hogwarts, but through letters from Charlie, Hermione learned that he had married a muggle and worked with his father in the Ministry of Magic. Ginny would come into the store every now and then, but it was still difficult to be friends with her.

Ron gave a small wave after getting his kids onto the train but that was about all the contact that he was going to have. That was until his wife saw the small wave and dragged him over to the group

"Hi I'm Cherry Weasley" Draco snorted at her name and Hermione elbowed him in his side

"Hello I'm Hermione Zabini-Malfoy and these are my husbands Draco and Blaise. These are our friends Harry and Pansy Potter, Lavender and Oliver Wood and this is Narcissa Malfoy"

"Two husbands?"

"Yes I have two husbands"

"Well that's interesting. How do you all know Ronald?"

"We went to school with Ron"

"Well Ronald didn't tell me he had so many friends"

"I don't Cherry. Come on let's just go home and I will explain everything to you"

The Weasley's left just as the train was leaving with all the kids hanging out of the window waving and screaming goodbye to their parents. Hermione began crying as the train slipped out of view

"What's the matter Cara?"

"All of our babies have grown up. Our house is going to be so empty"

"It is Mia but they will send us owls all the time and they are all going to be home for Christmas"

"Do you promise?"

"We promise"

"And we always keep our promises"

"I guess now that all the kids have gone to school I can give you your present"

"You got us a present Mia? Where from?"

"Mikayla's" she said with a sexy smirk before apparating back to their house

"HELL YEAH" Draco and Blaise said together before following her home.


Their family was large and strange but no matter what happened or where they went they would always be a family full of love.

Who knew that so many strange but wondrous things would come from being Children of Avalon!