Sensei no Petto

By xYuki, Kimusume, and Toumasan

Yuki: UWAH! I haven't done a story with Japanese words in a while. XD I've been dying to write one. :B There shall be translations at the bottom btw.

Mei: I was starting to think you forgot about these kinds of stories. ;x Guess I was wrong...

Yuki: You're always wrong when it comes to my spontaneous mind!

Mei: W/e... -reads how to Speak Korean book- DX I totally forgot I can't speak Korean!!

Touma: Seriously? Isn't it hard to buy stuff? O.o

Mei: Yes it is. :(

Yuki: :x ... screw it I'm lazy; I'll only have the titles as Japanese. XD I don't want to over load you people.

Sensei no Ressun: Ichi

(Teacher's Lesson: 1)

Boku wa Feito desu... Yoroshiku, Sensei

(I'm Fate, nice to meet you, Teacher)

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone's alarm clock blaring into my left ear. Groaning quietly I pushed my phone off the bed and roll around trying to get back into that peaceful state of slumber, but... my phone kept ringing that annoying ring tone.

"Ugh... why did I set my alarm on?" I grumble to no one as I pushed myself up with my forearms. I sent a menacing glare at the pink phone and muttered something nasty in its direction. "Why do I have to get up early again?" I mutter with a frown before plopping my face back onto my pillow.

Unable to get back to sleep, I sit up straight and stretch my limbs, getting rid of the kinks that accumulated in my sleep. I brought my feet down to the solid food floors and shivered, but I quickly got accustomed to the cold floors and finally got out of bed. Scratching my head with a large yawn, my eyes drift over to the small calendar I have sitting on my night stand.

"September... 3..." I say without much thought. I quirk and eyebrow and begin to ponder why this day was circled with a big red circle with the words "First Day on the Job!! :D" within. "Eh, can't be that important." I mutter lazily.

As I made my way down to the bathroom I grabbed hold of some clothes to change into from my drawer. After grabbing some new clothes and underwear, I notice my daughter's bedroom door was open, I figured it was no big deal and just brushed it aside. As I walked passed my little girl's room I yawned and leaned against the wall to steady myself. Resting my eyes quickly I tried to remember why today was so special, but still nothing came to mind, so with a huff I made my way into the bathroom.

It was a quiet walk with only the floor boards beneath me making a sound. Flicking on the light switch to the bathroom, I walked in, shut the door and began to undress. It was days like these that I wished I had a lover to walk into the bathroom and hold me, helping me undress, and... well... do the thing lover's do in private inside the shower. I guess that officially made me a pervert for wishing such a ludicrous thing to happen to me, but the allure of making love in the shower... was still a sweet dream.

Slowly I unbutton my pink night shirt and allow it to slide off of my shoulders and onto the floor. Next came my pants, followed by my underwear. With a heavy sigh, I turn the mirror and look at my nude form. From my well toned tummy, B cup breast, long brunette hair, and baby blue eyes, I was nothing but... plain. I knew I wasn't beautiful or tall like the models on magazines, I rather enjoyed eating, I didn't have those giant mammary glands men chase after like hound dogs, my hair wasn't as silky as I wish it was, I think the only thing I liked about me were my eyes. I sighed again and tore my self away from the taunting mirror and stepped into the shower.

As I took a quick cold shower to shake myself fully awake, I once again, ponder about what was so important about today. It wasn't Vivio's birthday, it wa-wait! The calendar said something about a job. I delved into my own mind trying to bring out what job I could have applied for, but still, nothing.

Grumbling loudly, I shut off the water angrily and stomped out of the shower. The water rippling off of my average curves with every angry step I took. Grasping hold of the towel with an iron grip I began to dry off whilst muttering angry comments.

"Why am I angry again?" I ask myself with a defeated sigh.

I began to dress myself after thoroughly drying every reachable part of me. I slipped on my underwear first, followed by my shirt, and then my pants. I wrapped the towel around my hair so the extra water could fall there and not on me and my floors.

After exiting the bathroom I trotted down to the kitchen to cook up breakfast for me and my adorable little girl, but I came to a startling surprise. I walked into the kitchen/dinning room with the table all set, my coffee in my favorite mug, some toast and eggs on a large plate, and my favorite little girl with her face on the table snoozing.

As quietly as I could, I made my way over to the chair next to my girl and sit down. I slowly shake her away and she stirs quickly.

"Nanoha-mama," she mumbled cutely with a yawn, "Ohayo."

"Ohayo, Vivio." I greet my little girl with a smile and pat her on the head. Taking a quick glance at the table and ask her, "What's this for?"

"Today is, Nanoha-mama's-" she yawns sleepily, "-first day as a Gym teacher at that school wi-with-." another yawn, "-the school with that really long name, Vivio can never remember."

"Ahh-AHHH!!" I screamed. What my daughter had remembered, I had forgotten. My little girl screamed along with me, seems like I startled her, now I feel bad. We screamed at each other for a few more seconds before running out of breath.

"What was that!?" Vivio exclaimed, her mismatched eyes wide in fear, her breath rapid.

I laughed guiltily and bowed my head. "Vivio, I'm sorry... but, you just reminded me about the job." I said with a heavy sigh.

"Nanoha-mama, is silly. Vivio, knew you would forget." she said in a sweet voice. Groaning, I crack a smile at my girl. Vivio grinned at me and passed me my mug. "Vivio, tried to get the right taste, but... coffee is icky…"

'Great, even my own daughter thinks I'm a space case.' I thought with an amused hum. I looked at Vivio and accepted the mug, taking a sip. "Wow, Vivio this is perfect! Nice and sweet, just how I like it." I chimed taking a large gulp from the sweet, sweet coffee my daughter made.

"Vivio, is happy Nanoha-mama likes it... but Vivio, still thinks it's icky..." Vivio mumbled as she reached for some toast.

Thus went my breakfast, made with love by my adorable 8 year old daughter...

I got dressed my best, for my new position as the gym teacher for the TSAB, seeing as how the old teacher broke his back. Today I wore a simple white T-shirt with a black long sleeved shirt, and your average run of the mil blue track pants with a white stripe running down the side of my legs. My hair was up in a side pony tail and that was it for my work attire.

Smiling at myself in the mirror I turned to leave my bedroom and headed down to the front door where my adorable Vivio was all ready to go to her new school with her new school uniform. I smiled at her and opened the door for her, today was going to be a fresh start, and I just hope no one picked on her for being the daughter of a teacher.

The drive to the new school was a cheerful one. Vivio and I spoke of all the things that could happen today eagerly in anticipation. I myself was eager to be able to teach at such a prestigious school. The TSAB is short for the Testarossa School for the Absolutely Brilliant. I giggled at the memory of meeting with the principle, she had told me that the name of the school is just a way to make themselves more prestigious, but in fact they where just a regular high school with high tech equipment, highly experienced teachers, well behaved students, and really good looking administrative staff, maybe I'll meet my prince charming on the job! The principle made light about that actually, apparently she had met her fiancee when she first took the job as the principle. I wonder what kind of man could win the heart of such an amazing beauty? He must be pretty amazing... I wonder what kind of person my prince charming is?

I stopped at a stop sign, and in the distance I could see my new work area as well as my daughter's new school. I poked my girl and pointed at the distance. "Look," I say. "It's your new school sweetie!"

"Ugyuu... Vivio's scared." she muttered with a small blush on her adorable face.

"Don't be scared, Vivio!" I grinned. "If someone picks on you, you can just come to me and I'll tell that mean little boy or girl to leave you alone." Vivio nodded her head hesitantly at first, but gained confidence in my words and nodded her head again with the bright smile I loved so much... but I broke my promise.

When we got to the school, Vivio and I went our separate ways seeing as how I had to visit the Principle's office before starting my first day. Before I made my way to the office, I watched Vivio make her way to her first class, and when I thought it was clear...

"Hey! That kid's got two colored eyes! She's weird!" I hear a little boy shout out. Instantly my heart began to race, this was exactly what I was afraid of. "Hey, everyone, check out the freak!"

"Eww, what's wrong with her eyes..."

"Wow, she's weird, just ignore her maybe she'll go away."

Then I heard a quiet whimper as I neared the scene, my little girl was crying, and I wasn't there to help. I was helpless...

"That's enough everyone!" a stern quiet voice shouted. The children quickly shut their mouths.

I turned the corner and saw him, the man that made my heart pound against my chest, my cheeks flush at an incredible rate, and made my mouth go dry. My prince charming was right in front of me.

He was tall, elegant, dashing, and handsome from what I can see in my position behind him. He wore a crisp black business suit with matching black pants and shoes. He had long gorgeous blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail, his golden locks shined brilliantly under the artificial light. He had pale skin that was perfect in every way possible. His mouth was formed in a sexy little grin that showed his perfectly white teeth. He seemed intelligent with the way he wore his designer style glasses. He stood tall and proud and stared down at the children with that unfaltering grin.

His back was still turned to me with my little Vivio cowering behind him. He had a warm hand on my girl's head patting her affectionately to calm her down. My breath was taken away as he brought Vivio in front of him, knelt down one knee and looked at her straight in the eyes, and asked if she was fine... this was where I came in.

"U-Um... I'm sorry for causing you any trouble." I say with a blush. I crouch down and look at Vivio with open arms. "Vivio, come here."

"M-Mama!" Vivio screams with tears in her eyes. She runs into my arms and clings onto me. "I-I want to go home!"

I look at my little girl with sad eyes. "Maybe this was a bad idea... I'm sorry, Vivio..." I apologize to my little girl as she cries even more. I ran my hand through her hair to sooth her, but she just kept on crying.

"Everyone, please don't do that." my prince charming says. His unforgettable burgundy eyes, flash with anger as he scolds the children with crossed arms. "This girl is new the school, and she just so happens to be the daughter of a new teacher here." My prince tilts his head in my direction. "And if memory serves me right as well as judging by her clothes, she'll be the new Gym teacher here, you might just get unlucky enough to get her as a home room teacher, or even worse your gym teacher!" The children whimpered in fear as my prince spoke. "So you better apologize no or the new teacher who has been nicknamed the "White Devil" by her old school might choose you to be her next victim! Bwuahaha!" my prince exclaimed darkly with an evil laugh as he walked passed the terrified children. Arms still crossed he turned around and said, "Go apologize and I'll forget this ever happened." Instantly the children were at my side apologizing to my girl.

He had stolen my breath away. I was angry at the fact he dubbed me the White Devil to scare the children, but I was also awestruck by how handsome he was, no beautiful was the word. No, he was to beautiful for words to merely express.

"Um, sorry about what we said earlier..." the little boy that started it. I sent him a glare and held my girl tighter. "I-I don-don't really find your eyes to be freaky."

I heard Vivio sniff and turn to him with a cute pout. "Really?"

The little boy blushed and looked away. "W-Well ya... you're kind of cute, even if your eyes... are a little weird... bu-but, I'm only saying sorry because the vice principle is scary okay! Don't think I'll be nice to you!"

"Toushiki!" the other little children around me shouted. The boy named Toushiki stiffened at his classmate's voices.

A cute little girl trotted up beside me with a redheaded boy beside him and tapped Vivio on the shoulder. She waved and introduced herself. "Hiya, I'm Carol," she pointed at the blushing boy, "And this is my big brother, Erio." She had a big smile on her adorable face, and that boy seemed more frightened then happy to meet someone new.

"H-Hi... my name is..." Vivio looked up at me and I nodded at her. "Vivio and this is my Nanoha-mama."

"Nice to meet you, Carol-chan, Erio-kun." I say with a warm smile. "Can I leave my little girl with you guys? I'm really running late for my meeting with the Principle."

"Ah-Um... sure?" Erio said quite unsure of his answer.

"Thank you!" I exclaimed with a grin. I looked at Vivio and let go of her slowly. "Vivio, Nanoha-mama has to get to work now, can you promise me you'll be a good girl?" Vivio nodded her head, and I gave her a final hug and kiss on the forehead before I made my way to the office. 'Hope the Principle isn't going to get mad...'

"Yuuno-kun!" I hear a familiar voice scream. "Oh no, oh no!"

I entered the office with a knock on the door and a quick bow o the secretary. I smile nervously as I took the seat the secretary suggested. She typed on her computer at an amazing speed, a constant smile on her face, she really didn't look much older then me.

"Ah-Um... er, I'm Takamachi Nanoha, th-the, oh I'm nervous, nyahahaa." I laugh with a stutter. I hated it when I stuttered like that...

The secretary turned to look at me, her smile turning into a playful grin. "So you're the fresh meat, ay?" she asked me. I nodded slowly and shrugged my shoulders. She waved her hand and went to turn off her monitor. "I'm just kidding. Anyways, my name is Yagami Hayate, nice to meet you, Nanoha-chan."

Wow this girl was direct. "Nice to meet you, Yagami-san."

"Please, call me Hayate. We aren't that strict here." Hayate said with a playful wink. That was the moment I realized she had a familiar looking ring on her wedding finger. I was jealous of her already, but that ring, I've seen it somewhere I just couldn't place my finger on it.

"O-Okay, Hayate-chan?" I said with uncertainty, but Hayate didn't seem to mind it. Feeling a little more comfortable speaking with Hayate, I decided to ask when she was getting married. "So, when are you going to get married?" I asked her. Hayate beamed as she looked at the ring.

"Actually, we haven't set a date yet. We have a bit of unfinished business to take care of first, and once that's done and over with, hehe." Hayate smiled fondly as she looked at her ring. It was one of those rings that make you shout out "WOW! That's an expensive rock!" The ring seemed to be a little more then three thousand dollars.

"Best wishes to you." I said.

"Hey, how about you? Got a boyfriend... girlfriend?" she asked me with a sly grin. Blushing I shook my head vigorously. "Ah, single... we'll have to list you on the omiai list then, but you seem like a winner!" Hayate chimed, sticking her tongue out at me. She turned on the monitor and opened up a locked file, entering the password quickly she opened it and then I saw him. My prince charming. "Okay, just lemme pull out your file..." Hayate mumbled. She clicked on so many things I got a little dizzy, and eventually a page with my picture popped up on screen. Her eyes began to scan my information. "Name: Takamachi Nanoha, nationality: full Japanese, family members in current country: mother, father, sister, brother, daughter... wait, daughter!?" I flinched and looked at the shocked expression oh Hayate's face. "I thought you said you where single?"

"I am, Vivio is my adoptive daughter... did you honestly think I'm old enough to have an 8 year old?" I asked her with a smile. Honestly, I hope she doesn't say yes... I'm only 23...

"Hm, makes sense..."

"AH! Yuuno, get back here!" a beautiful blonde woman burst out of the door panting as she slammed the door shut behind her. Hayate's head darted towards the beautiful woman, her interest perked up dramatically. "H-Hayate! Tell me, Fate-chan isn't here yet?" Hayate shook her head, as the woman who I now recognize as the Principle sighed in relief.

"Why would it matter if I was here?" a haunting voice asked.

I turned my head and saw her, the woman that made my heart pound against my chest, my cheeks flush at an incredible rate and make my mouth go dry, and my prince charming was right in front of me.

She was tall, elegant, dashing, and handsome, no she was more then handsome or any other words can express... she was a Goddess. She wore a crisp black business suit with matching black pants and shoes. The prim red tie around her neck was tied perfectly with out any wrinkles. She had long gorgeous blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail, her golden locks shined brilliantly under the artificial light. She had pale skin that was perfect in every way possible. Her mouth was formed in a sexy little grin that showed her perfectly white teeth. She seemed intelligent with the way she wore her designer style glasses.

'Wait... this seems all too familiar!' I screamed in my mind. This Fate or whatever her name is, turned to me and grinned. 'Crap...'

"Oh look it's..." she paused and walked over to Hayate just as she closed down whatever she was doing. This other blonde typed something, and again, my profile pops out. "Ah, Takamachi... Nantoka?"

Both Hayate and the Principle burst out into laughter, but I was not amused! "Takamachi Na-No-Ha! NANOHA!" I corrected her with teary eyes.

"Ah, nice to meet you, Takamachi Nantoka. My name's Fate." the woman who I once thought was my prince charming but turned out to be a dud said. Her smile quickly disappeared as she turned to the other blonde woman that resembled her. She took a few steps towards the Principle who seemed to grow even more terrified as Fate got closer. "Ne, Onee-chan..." Fate said with a sickeningly sweet tone of voice. "Why are you blocking the door to my office?" she asked.

"N-No reason, dear sister, who would love me no matter what." the Principle said with a big grin.

"Oh?" Fate mumbled with a swish of her pony tail. "May I enter then?"

"Er, sure?"

"Well, then, please move?"

"Um, no..."

"Does, Onee-chan have a death wish?"


"Get out of the way, Alicia..." Fate spat out angrily. I jumped in my chair, and so did Hayate. "Don't make me move you..."

"Y-Yes, boss..."

"Good." Fate said with forced grin.

Slowly, Fate turned the door knob she opened the door and everything seemed fine, but I was wrong. Fate stood there silently, as the Principle ran behind Hayate and hide. I was out in the open, no place to hide.

"Onee-chan..." Fate grumbled. The Principle whimpered in fear. "Onee-chan, come here..."

"H-Hai, Fate-chan..." the Principle said reluctantly, her voice drenched with defeat. Hayate clung onto the other woman's arm and begged her not to go. "I-I'm sorry, Hayate... you can have my stuff..."

"C-Can I pawn the ring?" Hayate asked with tears falling from her eyes.

"Onee-chan!" Fate screamed, her foot tapping impatiently.

"Yes, darling sister?"

Fate walked over to her sister, it was then I realized how tall she really was. She was a few inches taller then the Principle, and from what I can recall during my job interview, the Principle was a good 3 inches ahead of me.

"Tell me honestly; why my ferret cage is open?" Fate asked.

"I tried to feed, Yuuno-kun, and he kind of bit me..."

"Ah, then thank you for that, Onee-chan." Fate said almost impassively. She turned around and walked into her office and called out for her... pet? "Here, Yuuno, come here you goddamned ugly rat."

"Yuuno-kun is... a pet?" I asked Hayate.

"Ya, he kind of keeps Fate-chan company when we're all busy." Hayate responded. The Principle sighed heavily and walked over to Hayate and wrapped an arm around her shoulders as she knelt down. She rested her head against Hayate's arm and closed her eyes. "Gee, looks like you live yet another day by a hair strand."

"You got that right... I really thought I was a goner back there!" the Principle said with a chuckle, giving Hayate a tighter embrace. She looked at Hayate and grinned. "Guess you can't pawn that ring off just yet."

"Like I was going to in the first place?" Hayate blushed as she brought her head down on the Principle's gently. "Anyways, I think I got the perfect candidate for our little Fate-chan."

"Oh, who?" the Principle asked with a glint in her burgundy eyes. Hayate pointed over to me and grinned. "Ahh, hmm, she... wow, good eye, dear."

The Principle let go of Hayate and made her way towards me, her beautiful eyes not leaving my own. Some how I felt like something bad was going to happen. The Principle put her hand on my shoulder and winked at me.


"Nanoha-chan, as your boss, I order you to ask my sister to be your girlfriend." the Principle said. I wished she was joking, but no, she wasn't... dear God all mighty she wasn't. "She's got looks, cash, sexy cars, and a sexy body to boot. So how about it?"


"This isn't a choice."


"I'm not joking, Nanoha. Does this face look like it's joking?" the Principle asked me. I shook my head, and she grinned. I kind of thought that face she made seemed desperate... "So how about it?"

"I-I don't know... I'm open to dating other women, and my daughter doesn't seem to know any better..." I said quietly. As much as I really didn't mind being with another woman, it seemed a little awkward, but if the right woman came by I would take that change. "Like, I just met her..."

"Nanoha-chan, my sister doesn't reject anyone." the Principle said with a softer smile. "She's been trying to find that one person meant for her. So she accepts all the confessions... but."


"Her rate of dumping you in 5minutes is over 90percent. She'll leave you the moment she'll accept, or keep you around for a week then leave you." she answered. "But, she'll only do so if she knows you aren't worth keeping. So if you really give it a shot, she might just let you stay for a week or two."

"Gee, I can't see anyway for me turn down such a great offer!" I exclaimed sarcastically. "Where do I sign boss?"

"Hayate." the Principle grinned. Oh crap... she took me seriously.

"Oi, Onee-chan, Yuuno wants to apologize for biting you." Fate grumbled as she walked out of her office holding onto an odd colored ferret by the scruff of its neck. Fate shook the poor creature causing it to hiss at her angrily. "Say sorry, Yuuno." The Principle turned to her sister and smiled awkwardly.

'Doesn't this count as animal cruelty?' I thought to myself, shirking away from the heartfelt scene before me. I wanted to throw up, I couldn't stand to see how this Fate person could look so angelic, yet be as rotten as a devil.

"So, think you can do it, Nanoha-chan?" Hayate asked me in a low whisper. I glowered at the other brunette and frowned. I slowly mouthed the words, "No... way... in... hell...". Hayate brushed off my answer and completely ignored my current resentment towards the situation.

Fate walked back into her office and placed Yuuno back into his cage after giving the little rascal a little more food and a quick scratch on the head. She walked back looked at the Principle with a cute frown.

"Onee-chan, really sorry about Yuuno. He's a dumbass ferret that doesn't know his place." Fate mumbled quietly, her voice warm and tender, minus the rude words she chose. "How dare he hurt my Onee-chan... ne, does it still hurt?"

"I'm fine, Fate-chan." the Principle said. She waved her left hand at the taller blonde and showed her the small bandage on her finger. "Doesn't hurt one bit." Fate's eyes closed slightly as she held her sister's bandaged hand withing her own and gave the wound a small kiss. "F-Fate-chan!" the Principle exclaimed with a heavy blush.

Hayate grinned but paid no mind between the sister's actions, she was more focused on me. Why? Who knows, but my own attention was directed at the tall blonde who had helped my little girl before hand. I felt my self smile a little as I watched her closely.

She was everything I wasn't and more. Her breast where huge compared to my own meager bust, she was tall where I was rather average at 5'5'ft. Her hair like cool spring water that just glide through your fingers as it flowed down wards, and her eyes, her beautiful burgundy eyes... she belonged to no one. Could she possibly belong to me? What with her fiery attitude, total disregard of pronouncing my name properly as well as common animal care. She was wild and untamed, a diamond in the rough, but... everything she's said and done, could it be an act? When she speaks to her sister she's soft, her eyes lose that terrifying intensity, her voice loses its intimidation.

Without my knowing, my heart began to race a little. The feeling from when I first met her, from when I first though she was a man... it was coming back.

"Oi, Takamachi Nantoka, did you set which class you'll be teaching with my block head sister?" Fate's gruff voice rang out.

I flared in anger as I correct her, "My name is Na-No-HA! Get it right you... you... you... over grown flower pot!" Fate looked absolutely stunned at me, at first I thought she was going to hit me, then murder me, then... laugh at me?"

"Ahaha, that was a good one, Takamachi!" Fate chuckled with a large grin. "You're an original one aren't ya'?"

"Um, thank you?"

"Keep that up, Takamachi, and I might just keep you here as a comedian instead of a teacher." Fate grinned at me, her eyes completely terrifying, her laugh almost orgasmic to my ears, her smile... priceless.

Then I realized it. I want you to smile. You were brash, rude, and mean, but you had a genuine smile that said you had a heart of gold. I wanted you to smile at me... but, I wanted you to call me by my name... correctly.

"Onee-chan, unless you want to have a gym class with confused students and no teacher better give her the schedule." Fate said, her smile not coming off of her face for an instant.

"Roger! Hayate-chan, you heard my sister." the Principle said with a wink. Hayate giggled and began to work on getting my schedule ready. The Principle looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. "Ah, we haven't been properly introduced yet." I nodded my head. "My name is Alicia Testarossa Harlaown, and my twin sister, Fate Testarossa Harlaown, the Vice Principle."

"Nice to meet you, Harlaown-san, and you as well Harlaown-san... um wow, this will get confusing." I muttered with a blush. "Nyahaha..."

"It's okay, Nanoha-chan, you can call us by our first names." Alicia answered. "We really don't mind, we're all family here. Or almost all family."

"Got it! Nanoha-chan, your first class... er, started about 10 minutes ago." Hayate explained almost guiltily. She opened up a drawer on her left hand side and pulled out a whistle and clip board. She printed out my schedule and tucked it into the clip bored and checked it to see if all the papers where in the right place. She stood up and walked over to me, and before she handed it to me she double checked it. "Let's see... your, oh hey! You have Fate-chan as your probation officer, lucky you." Hayate looked at me with her eye brow quirked and a taunting grin on her lips.

'You did something didn't you, Hayate-chan?' I grimaced. Reaching out for the clip board, Hayate pulled it away from me. "What?" I sputtered in surprise.

"Just kidding, here ya' go! Good luck on your first day, and lucky you for having, Fate-chan as your officer." Hayate said finally handing me my clip board.

I glowered at the name written over my own, and sent an equally menacing glare over to the woman who will be monitoring my movement.

"What the fuck are you lookin' at, Takamachi Nantoka?" she grumbled.

"I'm lookin' at you, Testarosssa Flower Pot. Yes, I did just call you a flower pot! Why? Because your hair looks just like one. Oh look, you're even growing a flower there." I retorted back rudely. "It says here you're my probation officer... aren't you supposed to like... do something?" I asked. Fate looked a little hurt, but did it look like I was calm right now? No.

Something about this woman made me want to strangle her, yet hug her at the same time. She made my blood boil and make my heart race all at the same time. She makes me wish I never transferred here enough though I just got here... but she also makes me want to stay by her. Everything about her gave me mixed emotions... I just hope it isn't like in those lame anime shows where the main character falls helplessly in love with the other main character... I do not... want to fall for some bipolar nut job like, Testarossa Flo-... Fate-chan...

"Bah, what ever, let's go..." Fate grumbled.

I was... happy.

Flower Pot and I eventually got down to business. She explained what I had to do as a Gym teacher here at the TSAB. I was free to do what I wished in the class as long as I had the following activity in the morning: a quick 5minute jog/run, 3 minute stretching, and explanation of the game or exercise we will be doing in that specific class. But as the grade levels in crease, so do the mandatory time slots. For the grade 6's who I will be teaching the second period, their 5minute jog/run increased to 7minutes, their 3 minute stretch to 4. Then for the worst case scenario if I had to lead the grade 12 classes, their runs would be 16 minutes and 5minute stretches. So many different times to remember, but... if it's Fate that's with me, I can get these routines down pat. That and there's a helpful little chart that told me the times.

My first period class was a real surprise, and the surprises kept coming. The little boys and girls from earlier, were by some stroke of luck or misfortune, were the same little boys and girls who picked on my darling Vivio not to long ago. I can still remember Fate's laughter when she saw the class I was teaching. The students were down right terrified, Fate's prediction was correct and the "White Devil" was indeed their gym teacher. I was pleasantly pleased though, Vivio was in my class as well and I can keep a reassuring eye on her.

We introduced ourselves, well you did at least. You just had to take control and introduce me as Takamachi Nantoka, the White Devil, where as you introduced yourself as Vice Principle Fate Testarossa, The All Mighty. The children laughed at you and seemed to enjoy your company, but when I turned to them they would cower in fear save for my darling Vivio who stood proud and told them all about how much of a Devil I really am at home...

I told the class what we were doing, minus the cries for salvation to God and "Demon, be gone!" that was really starting to catch on. Fate however, seemed to be having a real blast with what she had created. Oh I'll show her the White Devil, someday...

After I explained the game we were going to play, I spent my time standing beside Fate watching her show me the ropes of how to teach Gym. She said I could go out there and play as well, but I rejected the offer, I just hope she didn't notice I just wanted to stay beside her.

This whole time since I've set foot onto this school, I've seen Fate in so many different ways. I've seen her as the dashing prince who saved my daughter, the scary Vice Principle who scared the crap out of the Principle, the animal strangler, the caring younger sister of the Principle (the relationship the two had seemed to be a little incestuous), the rude potty mouth, and the bitch who couldn't pronounce my name right... but now at this very moment, I see Fate as a responsible young adult who took her job seriously, cared for children, but still has no disregard for making a fool of me.

Vivio snapped me out of my thoughts as she trotted down to Fate with a large smile. She pulled on her pant leg gently to get her attention. Fate looked around and eventually looked down and saw my pride and joy.

"What's up kiddo?" she asked as she knelt down to Vivio's eye level.

"Thank you for helping me earlier." Vivio said with a bow. "Everyone's been really nice to me since you helped me..."

Fate smiled and patted Vivio on the head. "No problem, Kiddo. I personally made sure those kids, along with you, got your mother for first period." I was shocked at what Fate had said, no way was she telling the truth.

"Really?" Vivio asked with wide eyes.

"Yup, I just gave our head secretary, who happens to be my sister's fiancee, so I have a little pull with the classes when she's involved." Fate replied with a large grin. "Now, stop wasting your time talking with me, go on, and play with your new friends. Your mother and I will be watching you the whole time."

Vivo wrapped her arms around Fate and blushed. As she let her go, Vivio ran a few steps ahead and turned around as she proclaimed, "If Nanoha-mama doesn't steal you first and make you my Fate-mama, I'll steal you from her!" Then Vivio stuck her tongue out at me and ran away to play with her friends.

Both Fate and I blushed at my 8 year old's bold proclamation. So much for not knowing any better... did my little girl just find her first love within the flower pot crouching beside me?

After the little incident I wanted to forget, that whole period and those to follow I was stuck in a state of constant arousal. The blonde that stood beside me at all times during this period was the cause of said arousal. Why did she have to wear such a tight fitting sports jacket? And why did she have to look so damn good in it!? Her breasts are like... gosh, I knew I was bisexual but... this was kind of taking it a little too far. Fate's dynamite body and my daughter's watchful eyes... it was hard to concentrate. I wanted to look cool... but jump Fate-chan all at the same time. Ugh...

'Hayate-chan, wasn't kidding when she said I was lucky... but this is just plain out torture!'

At last, it was... the end of day one. Fate offered to walk me back to the office, so I scored and got her to walk beside me for just a little bit more, though she was still calling me Nantoka, and I still call her Flower Pot. We some how agreed to this awkward symbiosis, though I think we've become a little friendlier with each other. Fate, still has those few moments when I want to kill her, but when she speaks of teaching, just... melt?

"Lindy-Okaa-san!" I hear Alicia exclaim. By the sound of her disgruntled voice, I suspect she's blushing madly at the moment.

As Fate and I make our way into the office, we are greeted with a tall woman with long aqua-green hair tied up into a pony tail much like Fate's. The bespectacled blonde beside me groaned loudly. The woman turned around and grinned at Fate as she threw her arms around the girl.

"Fate-chan! It's been so long!" the woman exclaimed.

"Yes, yes it has, Lindy-Okaa-san." Fate said softly as she wrapped her arms around the woman.

Lindy looked at Fate in the eyes and threw herself into Fate's arms dramatically. "Fate-chan, tell Alicia-chan to set a wedding date for her and Hayate already!" Lindy pouted. "At this rate I'll never get to see my little girl walk down the isle."

"Lindy-Okaa-san!" Alicia screamed despite her timid voice. "You've already seen, Chrono-Onii-chan get married... you don't have to force me to as well."

"Chrono didn't walk down the isle! Not that I would have minded if he did."

Sighing, Alicia walked over to Hayate and placed her hand on the other woman's shoulder and smiled. "We won't set a date until Fate finds someone as well. You know how bad she gets without me."

"Well you wouldn't have to worry about that if you didn't steal Hayate away from me, Onee-chan." Fate retorted with a cynical grin.

"We said sorry for that already!" both Hayate and Alicia exclaimed with guilty looks on their blushing faces.

Fate sighed as she said, "I know, I was joking." But the look within her burgundy eyes said something differently.

I was completely lost in the conversation. 'So this Lindy person is... Fate and Alicia-chan's mother. Okay I think I can understand that.' I looked over to the Principle and the Head Secretary and all heck broke lose in my mind. 'WAIT! So that person that Alicia-chan is getting married to is Hayate-chan!!' I smacked my forehead and laughed. "Nyahaha, why didn't I notice it before!"

"What the fuck, Nantoka?" Fate screamed at me just before she gave my head a quick bop.

"Owie!" I mumbled. My anger flared up instantly, and the symbiosis Fa-Flower Pot and I shared was gone. "Why'd you hit me, Flower Pot!?"

"You were being loud!"

"And you aren't!?"

"I'm quieter then you!"


As Fate and I shouted at each other we failed to hear the conversation that sealed my fate along with her's.

"So, is that the girl you two spoke of earlier, Alicia-chan, Hayate-chan?" Lindy asked.

"Yep. I hope you read her profile, because I think she's perfect for the job." Alicia answered.

"Her family owns the Midori-ya café, that really popular one. She's worked there since childhood, so she's quite adept when it comes to baking sweets." Hayate informed with a smile, leaning into Alicia's warmth. "She also has a little 8 year old girl who attends this school, and no she isn't biological."

"Phew, that surprised me a bit." Lindy whispered. "I know Fate has a high success rate for converting women, but I'm not to sure if she's all that interested in them as life partners."

"Don't worry Lindy-san, Fate-chan's gayer then a bendy straw at the bendy part, forget the rest of the straw." Hayate corrected with a whimsical laugh. Lindy and Alicia nodded their heads in agreement. "She'll do perfectly, but now we just have to convince both parties to cooperate..."

"Why don't you just drop dead, Nantoka!"

"Hah, I'd rather keep living and be the pain in your neck!"

"This... might prove difficult..." both Hayate and Alicia mutter.

"Leave this to me and Precia."

After Fate and I went our separate ways, her into her office, and I over to Hayate's desk. I offered my congratulations to Hayate and Alicia who thanked me, and handed back the whistle and clip board. I quickly said good bye to my new friends as well as Lindy-san, who was really quite the character. She apologized on Fate's behalf, and told me she was a fan of my family's café. I have to remember to tell my parents to give her a discount next time she stops by.

I left the office with a smile, but inside I felt a little lonely. I didn't want to end my day fighting with Fate; I wanted to end my day with a smiling Fate.

"Nanoha-mama!" I hear Vivio call out to me.

I look at her and wave. "Don't trip now." I warn her... and then she fell. "Vivio..."

Vivio lifted her head up and looked at me, her eyes pleading for me to help her up. "Mama..."

A blur of blonde and black rushed passed me, as the person that left me cold and alone picked up my little girl. Fate held her in a way a father would as she dusted her shirt. Vivio's tears where wiped away and given a warm hug.

"Are you okay, Vivio?" Fate asked. Vivio nodded her head and wrapped her arms around Fate's neck.

"Vivio's afraid of heights..." she muttered into Fate's shoulder.

"Eh!?" Fate stuttered out. With a cute blush on her face, she rubbed Vivio's back trying to make her feel better. "I guess it is a little high up, sorry Vivio."

Nodding her head, Vivio clung onto Fate a little tighter. Sighing, Fate turned around and walked over to me. Our eyes met in a deadlock. We waited till someone made a move, but neither of us wanted to.

"I'm sorry!" we both say at the same time.

"Hey, wait!" again.

"You!" and again...

"Look, I-" and once more... we both sighed, this was getting us no where.

Then Fate surprised me when she took the first step. "Look, I'm sorry for the way I acted back there, Nanoha." I looked at her with wide eyes.

"You... just said my name..."

"Well ya, I am... y'know, apologizing after all." Fate blushed, shifting her eyes away from mine she said, "Cause, I... kind of... you know I was just teasing you right?"

"Teasing?" I giggled with a content sigh. "Ya, I know you where just teasing. And just so we're clear, I was teasing you about the Flower Pot thing..."

Fate shifted on her spot, looking a little uncomfortable. "T-Then... you really don't think my hair looks weird?" she asked me, hope flickering in her beautiful burgundy eyes.

"Of course not! I-I really like you're hair... it's... pretty." I told her. After that, we stood there silently for a second or two. "Think I can have my daughter back?"


"You sounded like I had a choice."

"Really? I can keep her if you don't want her anymore." Fate grinned at me with a playful wink as she handed Vivio back to me carefully. I think it was my imagination, but I think I just saw a small flash in the corner of my eye. I turned my head and looked, but saw no one. "Hey um, just for the record, I misread your name when we first met."

"So, you called me Nantoka, by accident?"

"Yes..." she replied before turning around and leaving me to my own devices.

Once again, Fate left me with that fuzzy feeling. She was really something else. She was everything I wasn't, everything I wanted and hated all at the same time, but... it felt like destiny was knocking at my door, and I just barely answered before it left.

I had ended my first work day the way I wanted to. I ended it with a smiling Fate-chan.

POV Change

I had a small skip in my step. I couldn't wipe the goofy smile off of my face the whole walk to my car. I looked at my self in the side mirror and laughed at the way I looked. I was too happy and I didn't know why, no yes I did, I was going to drive my car...

I pulled out my car keys and started up the black '02 customized Ford Mustang coupe. I walked over to the driver's side door and opened it with a squeal of delight at the whooshing sound it made. That sound always got me so excited. I had always loved how my car doors go up instead of the standard way, but that whooshing sound was what it was all about! Sliding into the driver's seat, I closed my doors, put on my seat belt, and just looked at my car.

I had personally customized this roaring beauty over the time span of the summer holidays. It was my first fixer upper project. When I had bought car from the dealer's it was rusted, falling apart, operation functions completely shot, the windows where non existent, the interior had several holes and unidentified stains, and it was just ugly with a gay paint job. Seriously, who paints their mustang hot pink!? I had to get the ugly thing shipped in, there was no way in hell I was towing that hunk of junk myself.

Hm, thinking about it, the car supposed to have cost me about one thousand dollars at the dealer's. The guy who sold it to me seemed desperate and gave it to me for eight hundred instead, so I paid it in cash. The dealer practically danced with glee when I took it off of his hands, that car had been driving away business I guess.

The first thing I had to do the moment the piece of crap went to my garage was move my red '05 Mitsubishi Lancer out of the way. After I moved it to my car lot behind my house, a.k.a - my back yard, I made the quick trip to my new hunk of junk and began to work on it. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was I just had to change some fluids, the break pads, and tweak the gauges.

After the main functions of the car where fixed, I ordered in the new windows, mirrors, headlights and rear lights, rims, tires, rear end spoiler, front bumper and rear bumper, a new exhaust pipe, entirely new seats and upholstery (ebony of course), the nifty new doors, gears, orange lighted gauges (speed gas, distance, etc), a new engine, sound system, and at last the yellow neon under body kit.

When the parts arrived I hooked it all up and installed the neons last. I can still vividly remember how much trouble I had trying to get the separate light switches to work. All I had to do was run the power wire that connected to the battery and add an operating switch to give me control of when the neons would turn on and off. They are illegal you know, but what kind of show car doesn't have neons? A last place car that's what!

The very moment I finished installing the neons, I did the paint job as carefully and precise as I could and whistled proudly at my lovely creation when it finished. The once upon a time hunk of junk mustang was now a fairytale prince charming of all muscle cars. It was pitch black with yellow racing stripes, two running a few inches away from each other ranging from the front end of the car to the back end. And for kicks I threw in a flame design on either side, yellow and red of course. The sound system was super fly with great bass. The new engine I installed purred like a kitten getting stroked the way it wanted to. I also lowered the car a bit to give it that low rider attitude. That wasn't all though, the new seats I added were heated so come winter I would be warm, also I can just easily change the tires to allow my car to be winter friendly.

The car was completely different since the moment it got hauled out of the used lot. It was ugly before but now it was stylish and comfortable, it also sounded like a driver's dream come true. Oh, I forgot about two final features my car had. At the rear bumper I inscribed a yellow, TESTAROSSA instead of the common, MUSTANG that is barely visible on the unmodified car. That and the car was sound proof just incase I got, ya' know, lucky.

This is mah car, this is the Ford Testarossa Mustang, and all shall stare at it enviously!

Laughing out loud, I snapped out of my thoughts and coughed embarrassed. "Ah, what was I doin' again? Oh ya, home... hehe." I said to no one with a blush on my face. When it came to my cars, I always got carried away. Always.

I inserted the key and closed my eyes as the engine began to purr. The car hummed happily, proudly, and when I opened my eyes, I felt my whole out look change. I felt like a racer as I revved my engine... but what I actually did was slowly ease out of the parking lot with a smile on my face and avoided all the cars that could possibly damage my baby.

Rolling slowly towards the traffic, I gave my mustang a little gas and made it roar. I saw the other driver's head turn to my machine with wide envious eyes. They wish they where me, hell ya!

Courteously I waited for a large enough space for me to merge into the lane, when the space came, I turned on my signal and merged into the lane. I wasn't to far away from the school when I felt something wrong, and that something wrong was a red Honda Civic at my rear bumper. I was just rear ended.

Hitting the hazard lights, I glared at my rear view mirror angrily waiting for the poor sucker who rear ended me to show himself. Though when I saw the driver step out, then all the anger I felt washed away. It was Nanoha. I chuckled and watched her round around my car. She looked scared, almost like she rear ended a mobster, she was so nervous. Adorable. I felt my lips curl into a smile as I opened my doors and stepped out. Her nervous look disappeared and turned into a down right terrified one.

"Looks like ya' rear ended me, Nantoka." I tell her, my grin ever present. Though, she's lucky I like her, because if it had been anyone else, I'd be screaming my head off. No one touches the Testarossa mobile aside from me.

"I-I-I-I-" she stuttered. She looks dead scared, this amused me to no end. "S-So-So-Sorr-Sorry!!" she finally says.

"Nanoha..." I whisper. She instantly bows, her eyes shut tight afraid of what I had to say. Sighing, I place two fingers on her chin and force her to look up at me. The moment she submits herself to my will, I snake my arm around her waist and pull her close to me. She gasps out in surprise and blushes wildly. "You shouldn't be standing so close to traffic, Nan-To-Ka."

"S-Sorry..." she muttered into my embrace. Her heart was beating fast, I can feel it. It felt nice.

I brought her closer so her head rested on my shoulder, she was so easy it hurt. "Mind giving me your information?" I asked softly.

"Uh, sure... if you want I can pay for some of the damages?"

"No, no, I just need it to tell autopac about the accident, as well as my own personal use." I reply with a wink.

Nanoha shivered as I spoke. She shifted her eyes to her car, I bet she was hoping Vivio wasn't watching. I hope she was though.

"Wh-What are you g-going to do?" she asked me.

"Call you up some time maybe? A date perhaps?" I grin at her charmingly. "You did just do about..." I looked at my car and sighed. "About four grand in damages. I have to completely replace those rear end lights, that spoiler is a little banged up, and my exhaust pipe seems totaled. Oh and my bumper with my name inscribed in it broke. That cost me a pretty penny, ya' know?"

"I-I... expensive." she groaned and places her head against my shoulder. Ah, she smelled nice.

"That's why, I'm going to pay for the damages. Your car and my car."

Instantly her head shoots up, her eyes wide, mouth as well. "But why? This was my fault!" she tells me with a guilty expression.

"I never said you where getting off scott free. I still want your information." I tell her with a quirked eyebrow. Nanoha laughed and wiggled around in my embrace, guess I had to let go of her now. "So, name and phone number please."

She grabbed my hand and with the pen in her other hand, she wrote her name down on my palm. "Takamachi Na-No-Ha!" she wrote and underlined. I couldn't help but chuckle quietly at her cute expression as she wrote down her information, she seemed so reluctant, but she seemed to be enjoying this as well. Next she wrote her phone number, and... her name again with an underline.

"There." she smiled happily with a click of her pen.

"Why on my hand?" I asked her out of pure curiosity.

"You said you also wanted it for personal use, so there." she answered me with a cute blush. She shifted her weight from foot to foot as she asked me, "Um, yours?"

With a wink and a grin I tell her, "All you have to do is ask Hayate, I'm not that easy you know." I quickly lean in and steal a kiss and hopped back into my dented car and drove away. I left her speechless, eyes wide she made it seem like I just stole her first... crap, that was my first kiss. Blushing madly, I bashed my head onto the steering wheel, ashamed of my own stupid actions.

I drove home with a heavy blush on my face, I didn't stop for the stop signs, but I did stop for the stop lights. This was, just... ugh, so embarrassing! I had just kissed someone I met a few hours ago out of pure impulse, and I... enjoyed it.

"Gah!" I groaned as I pulled into my drive way.

I parked my Mustang and turned it off. Quickly shoved the keys into my pocket and buried my face into my hands screaming as loud as I could, and for once I finally made good use of this sound proofed car.

After I finished screaming my self silly, I got out of my car and noticed the lights where on within my humble suburban house hold. No one is dumb enough to break into my house so it was either my mother, my sister or brother, or Hayate. It couldn't have been the latter or two, so it had to be my mother.

Bringing my keys out, I lazily opened the door and walked in. I slowly scan the perimeter in search of my other, or anyone else who dared enter my home. I closed my as I traced my fingers against the walls that lead me to the living room. Lazily I opened them and I was greeted to a small, but highly appreciated surprise.

"It's been a while, Fate."

A ghost of a smile appeared on my lips as I walked over to the owner of the lovely voice. "Yes it has, Precia-Okaa-san." I almost cry out as I threw myself into my biological mother's arms. She held me tightly and stroked my hair gently, telling me it was alright to cry. "Okaa-san!" I cried out and snuggled closer to her warmth.

I heard my mother's warm chuckle as she brought me closer to her. "My little, Fate-chan, you never grow up do you? Always such a mama's girl... I've missed you so much my child." she whispered into my ear. I cry even harder as her words sunk into my heart, my kind mother who has always held me so tightly was here, in front of me. "Fate-chan, dry those tears now..."

I nod my head and wiped my tears away with my sleeve and sit on the couch beside her. I notice that my mother hasn't aged very much, she still looked so young, but her eyes, her kind eyes... they still look at me the same way.

"How have you been, Mother?" I ask her with a warm smile, my voice still a little chocked up.

She shrugged as she said, "I've been quite well, but I'm not here about me, I'm here about you." She looks at me slyly, that same look Lindy-Okaa-san has on her face when she has something dastardly planned. I shiver at the memories I've had of those stares. "Lindy, has spoken to me about a certain someone..."

"Who?" I said stupidly.

"Takamachi... Nantoka?" sighing she says, "That girl's name escapes me. I've read her profile multiple times, and each time that name... I'm getting old." I pat my mother on the shoulder and laugh at her small misfortune.

"Na-No-Ha." I correct her. "Takamachi Nanoha."

"Excuse me, what?"

"Her name, Mother. Nanoha." I repeat.

"Ya, ya, whatever." my mother says almost nonchalant. She looks away and grins, I hate it when she grins like that. She turns back to me and gives me that "I'm superior to you, so listen up kid!" look. "Fa-ate..."

I hate it when she drags my name on. "Yes, Mother?"

"As your mother, I want only your happiness." she tells me. "And as your mother, I have personally read this Nantoka person's profile, even though I have just received it from, Lindy, not too long ago."

'Damnit, I knew they were onto something! Damn you grin, damn you!'

"I believe she is the perfect candidate for you."

"Wait, why her?" I look at my mother skeptically as I leered at her wearyingly. "For all you know, I'm not gay. So-"

"Don't weasel out of this, Fate."


"I happen to know, you are as fruitier as a December fruitcake at its best and fruitiest." my mother informs me. I could almost feel the arrows jam themselves into my back multiple times. I open my mouth to retort but my mother some how read my mind and said, "And yes, fruitcake does indeed have fruit in it believe it or not."

"The fruitcake is a lie, Mother! A LIE!" I scream loudly trying to deny my painfully obvious sexuality.


"Yes, Mother..."

"She is the daughter of a bakery family. I know how you love sweets, Fate." Mother said in a matter of fact tone. "Such a chocoholic my little girl is. I wonder how you stay so skinny really..."


"Anyways, either way she's perfect for you." Mother smiles at me softly and places a hand on my own and grasps it. "You will fall in love with her, and she with you." I blush madly at the words my mother said. Why does everyone try to predict my love life?

"What are you getting at?" I grumble.

"Fate, as your mother, I order you to ask her out, and if she refuses, keep asking."


"Fate, you are a true blue Romeo, any girl would kill to be your Juliet." Mother told me. Sighing I wish what she said was true. "You are as romantic as romantic can get, Fate-chan. This Nantoka person seems like a sucker for that kind of guy."

"Mother, I am not a guy..."

"I know. You are my beautiful darling daughter, Fate-chan, and you are gayer then a bendy straw, at the bendy part, and I still love you." my Mother had this smug grin on her face, but I recognize that quote, Hayate.


"Fate-chan, there's just something about my daughters that make them a walking aphrodisiac." my mother says with a sad sigh. I glare at the woman in front of me and prayed she's stop this silly game of her's. "This, Nantoka, person will jump you the moment she gets a chance. Don't be scared to take a chance at love okay? You're sexier then, Alicia, in so many ways, Fate-chan."

"Um, thank you?" I mutter, almost grumble. This was strangely awkward yet, some how comforting. "Look, Mom, I-"

"Fate, this is an order. You will pester this Nantoka person until she is your girlfriend. And even if she rejects, you will be relentless in this mission. You will love her, and she you, and then Alicia won't have to worry about you and move on with her life." Mother orders.

I feel a lump jam itself into my throat. Breathing became almost impossible for me, I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream at her, but it was my mother's orders, and her orders are absolute. "Y-Yes, understood."


"It's always about, Alicia. Never about me, for a second I had actually thought you cared about me and my well being. Mother, you are too cruel." I spat out quietly.

I stood up and power walked to the door. I unlocked the door, cranked the knob, and opened it. The moment I was out, I heard my mother following me, calling out my name with that bullshit of an affectionate suffix. She only called me -chan, when she wanted something, and this time, she just wanted me out of Alicia's way. Hah, typical of you mother. Alicia always comes first in that tiny world of yours. It's not fair...



I slammed the door to my house and silenced my mother's voice. This is how it will always be. Me running away from my mother, my mother always thinking about Alicia... Alicia, living the perfect life.

"Fuck..." I curse with my gritted teeth.

I pulled out my car keys and ran to my car door. I ignored that whooshing sound and slid into the driver's seat. I brought the doors down and locked them. I wrapped my fingers around the steering wheel and gripped on it as hard as I could, the material squeaked under pressure as I held on tighter.

My mother ran out of the house and ran over to my car. Her eyes looked at me frantically as she hit the car with her palm trying to get me to open up. I heard her call out my name out painfully trying to get me to listen her. To allow her to explain.


I turned my car off and startled my mother. She took a step back as I began to roll out of the drive way, revving my engine to push her back. My mother looked at me pleadingly as she called out my name over and over again. Finally getting out of my drive way, I sat there and looked at the roar, and after I finished watching, I gunned it.

POV Change

'That kiss, oh... my... gosh! M-My, firs-first kiss!' I screamed in my mind. Vivio looked at me worriedly but I paid no mind to her. 'And... And I lost it to Fate of all people! Why!? I wanted my first kiss to be with my Prince Charming...' I chewed on my bottom lip and groaned. 'But no, I lost it to the pain in my ass, who just happens to be a sweet, mature, and sexy blonde...'



"Nanoha-mama, you're burning the food." Vivio told me with that annoyingly cute childish innocence.

Turning from my daughter and onto the frying pan, Vivio was right. I was indeed burning the food and I was also quite away that it had caught on fire just now. But what I wasn't aware of until I really thought about it, was that I was taking this predicament frighteningly calm. Just a moment ago I was panicking about Fate-chan stealing my first kiss, and now I'm taking this flaming situation extremely well. Why was the kiss more surprising then this? Maybe it was because, Fate-chan... left a more lasting impression?

Vivio's laughter brought me back from lala land. I quickly put the burning food out, and threw the frying pan into the sink and turned on the cold water over it. I quickly joined Vivio in the laughter soon after.

I picked up my little girl and snuggled her earning myself a hearty giggle from the little 8 year old. She's growing up to fast, and just to think, it was just 4 short years ago that I adopted her. My little Vivio, I'll give you the world and more.

"You're lucky today, Vivio, since I burnt the food, we get to order out!" I told my special little girl. She gave me a hug of approval and told me to burn food more often. 'Vivio, don't ever change...'

Vivio and I settled, after a long battle, to order pizza. We ordered our favorite pie, a large with extra pepperoni and mushroom. The guy on the phone told us if they got it there after 30 minutes the pizza was free. What the pizza delivery boy didn't foresee was the oven breaking on them, the traffic, and the very talkative neighbors.

"H-Here's your order, Ma'me!" a lanky boy of about 17 heaved out. The poor boy seemed to be out of breath, but something about him seemed really familiar. He looked up at me, blushed and stood up straight. "Sorry for bringing your pizza late, Ma'me! Please don't get mad at me!"

I looked at him oddly and tried to remember why he looked so familiar. Eventually something clicked and I remembered him. "Ah, Takashi-kun!" I chimed.


"Whoa, calm down there boy. I'm not in teacher mode at the moment, I'm your customer, and if I remember correctly-"

"The pizza is free, Ma'me! Sorry for being about an hour late!" Takashi almost screamed out. The poor boy was so nervous; I'll have to make fun of him in class tomorrow. Takashi finally handed the pizza over to me, and the moment he did, he booked it.

"Bai bai!"

After bringing in the pizza, Vivio and I sat down in front of the TV had a horror movie marathon. She huddled close to me and ate her pizza with tiny squeaks of fright every now and then. It was really times like this; I wished I had a boyfriend to hold me tight.

It was another boring drive to work. My red Honda Civic was quiet enough to give my daughter some extra precious moments of sleep. I took a deep breath and exhaled, today was going to be another day of being beside Fate. That kiss... is still so fresh in my mind; I just hope she doesn't bring it up.

'Please, Fate-chan, don't... bring it up.'

I drove for another 5 minutes. The only sound I could hear was Vivio's quiet breathing, the hum of the car, and the people driving by me. It was peaceful today; it was going to be a good day today. I don't know why, but I just have this feeling it was going to be a good day.

Finally I reached the large school, I easily found a parking spot beside a rather expensive looking motorcycle with the name "Bardiche" inscribed in yellow along the side the bike.

I made my way over to Vivio's door and opened it. My breath got caught in my throat when I though the car door just met with the motorcycle. I quickly grabbed hold of the door and pulled it closer to avoid denting the expensive machine beside me.

"Vivio, wake-y, wake-y!" I say poking my adorable little girl. Vivio whined a little and curled up into a ball. I guess I won't be waking her up any time soon. With a sigh, I reach over and unbuckle her seat belt. "Vivio, we're at school, please wake up."

"Sleepy..." Vivio mumbles.

"Yes, yes, I know." sighing again, I wrap my arms around Vivio; I dragged her a bit and picked her up. She was starting to get heavy! "Come on, Sunshine, you have to wake up."


"Okay, you win. You can sleep until you get inside the school."

In all honesty, I felt a little guilty. Vivio was only sleepy because I let her stay up late watching those movies with me, and they were kind of scary, so nightmares were a sure thing that occurred during her sleep.

'I'm such a bad mother, Vivio. We really need a daddy to keep mommy in check. I'm sorry, I'm such a failure.'

I dropped Vivio off at her classroom, where she made a very loud scene of not wanting to let me go. Her teacher had to help me settle her down, boy was that ever embarrassing. Eventually Vivio settled down and allowed me to get to work. I was rather looking forward to seeing Fate-chan.

Making a mad dash for the Principle's off... that sounded weird, anyways, I ran there with a large smile. I had no idea why I was so giddy to see that stuck up blonde who stole my first kiss, but I just wanted to see her, to tease her a little, but I was disappointed when Fate wasn't at the office.

"Morning, Nanoha-chan! You're here early." Alicia greeted me. She was sitting in Hayate's chair drinking a cup of coffee looking as beautiful as ever.

"Nyaahaha, I didn't want to be late, so I ran here." I told my boss with a proud grin.

"Be glad you're staff, Nanoha-chan, we could have given you detention for running in the halls." I hear Hayate warn me with a teasing voice.

She had just exited Alicia's office looking a little disgruntled. Her hair was messy and out of place, and she was buttoning up her shirt. I had a sinking feeling they had done something adult rated.

"Nanoha-chan, I see that look you're giving me." Hayate grinned slyly. "I know what you're thinking you pervert." I blushed at Hayate's insinuations and deny them as best I can. "Just so you know, I spilt some coffee on me, which I see my darling fiancee is helping herself to."

"Well you helped yourself to my wardrobe. So there, we're even."

"Sure, whatever you say, Alicia-chan." Hayate said. She didn't really seem to mind Alicia taking part of her coffee, they seemed really close. Walking over to Alicia, Hayate gave the tall blonde a quick kiss on the lips before plopping down upon the blonde's lap. "You're my new chair!"

"H-Hey! What if a student walks by!?" Alicia growled with a dark blush.

"What if your sister, and her camera phone walks by?" Hayate whispered as she pointed to Fate who just walked in.

Fate walked into the office looking rather distracted. She seemed to be thinking about something, she didn't even pay mind to her sister and Hayate who where in a rather proactive position, she really didn't seem interested but she seemed normal if not as neat.

Her hair was up in that same pony tail tied not so neatly as yesterday, oh this time her hair tie is green. She wore glasses on smugly, and that arrogant face of her's was still so handsome, but her left hand was tucked behind her back, maybe she hurt herself yesterday?

I also took quick notice of her choice in clothes today. She wasn't wearing a business suit like yesterday. Today she looked a little casual actually, with her black baggy jeans, her black tie around her neck hanging loosely, the sleeves of her dark green button up shirt rolled up-

"Ah, sunflower!" I blurted out stupidly.

"Eh?" Fate exclaimed with an odd look. That certainly brought her back from whatever planet her mind wandered off to.

I feel my face flush with blood as Fate leered at me with a scowl, her left eyebrow quirked at me in a challenging mannor. "Nyahaha, sorry, its just... sunflowers are kind of my favorite flowers." I tell her honestly.

"I kind of took you for a roses kind of girl... I'll keep that in mind next time I buy you flowers." Fate said as she moved her hand from behind her. She walked over to me and handed me a beautiful bouquet of red roses in full bloom, babies'-breath, and white lilies. She turned away and shifted her gaze else where as she said, "Th-These are for yesterday. Sorry about that, I was way out of line."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." I reply. 'Yes, I do! Yes, I do! You freakin' kissed me maniac! You think that acting all tsundere like that will get me to forgive you!?'

"S-So why do you like sunflowers?" she asked, with enough courage to look at me in the eyes. God, her eyes are beautiful.

"Oh... well... nyahaha, they follow the sun where ever it goes. I just think it's kind of romantic." I inform her before I sniffed the roses. "Wow, these look expensive, Fate-chan..."

"Can I follow you then?" she asked me with eagerness in her voice.


"You did just say I looked like a sunflower today." Fate reminded with a toothy grin. "So can I follow you?"

"Aww, Fate-chan." I practically melt as she stared at me with those puppy dog eyes. 'Okay, so tsundere will definitely get me to forgive you.'

POV Change

Before School Starts

I took a deep breath and grabbed hold of my sister. She put up a bit of a fight, but that's okay, this was how she was, and she would never come willingly to listen to what I had to say.

"Fate-chan, mother said those things because of me yes, but she did it for you as well. Fate-chan, listen to me!" I scream. My little sister glared at me with a burning passion, her burgundy eyes screamed at me louder then I was screaming at her. "She came all the way down there just to tell you to give Nanoha-chan a real chance. She doesn't want you to be so lonely, Fate-chan!"

"Bull shit!" she screamed at me. Her anger sky rocketed as she clutched her fist and banged it against the wall.

'Ouch, that was going to cost me a pretty penny to repair.' I grimaced.

"That woman only cares about you! Who cares what I think, let's all make Alicia happy!"

This was going too far, I had to stop this and quick before it got really violent. "Fate, mother loves us equally okay. Lindy-okaa-san, would have told you the very same thing, but you don't listen to her as well as Precia-okaa-san." Fate's rage stopped for a moment, she knew it was true. As much as we loved both of our mothers, Fate would always listen to Precia-Okaa-san like an obidently little puppy. "The moment Precia-Okaa-San, found out about Nanoha, she was ecstatic! She made Lindy-Okaa-san drive her to your house as fast as she could just so she could talk to you personally about the matter."

"Shut up." Fate seethed. "I don't want to be the reason you postponed your wedding! I don't want have the feeling that I'm stealing my sister's happiness!"

Fate's eyes widened as she realized what she had said to me and quickly looked away. I wanted to cry, but I had no right to cry, I had no reason to cry. She was right about that feeling...

"Fate-chan, Hayate and I chose to wait for you because... because we felt guilty." I tell her, my eyes stringing with salty tears.

"For what?" Fate asked me, some what calmer.

"Fate, I knew you loved Hayate... but I-"

"Onee-chan, it's really okay. You two are happy together, move on. Don't wait for me because if you do you'll never get married." she tells me as she casually leaned on the wall, acting as her sexy self as usual.

Even though her eyes were teary, she did not allow herself to cry, I wish I was as strong as my little sister. I wish I was strong enough to watch my twin sister steal away the woman I loved, I wished I was strong enough to support their love even if it left me cold... no, I'm not strong enough to do all those things Fate had done for me. I love Hayate, and I know Fate does too... but I won't let her have her back. She's mine.

"Fate-chan, that's not true! You'll find someone, and that person is Nanoha-chan!" I shouted. My tears were flowing freely now, but Fate remained strong and darkened her gaze.

"You and mother just want me to be with Nanoha so you can get rid of your pseudo guilt!" she took a deep breath and glared at me with a whole new intensity. "Okay, fine I'll ask her out, hell if you want I'll fuck her to seal the deal okay. I'll do what ever you sick fucks want me to do to her! Because Fate's just fun to mess with right?"

Fate's gone off the deep end this time. And a Fate-chan off of her rocker is a homicidal Fate-chan. The look in her eyes is terrifying, the way her chest rises and falls, that scowl on her face...

The door slammed open as a woman with long dark hair, so unlike ours, walked in. The fury in her eyes matched Fate's in almost everyway. "Fate, listen to me!" she shouted angrily.

"Mother!" we both exclaim.

The woman's sudden presence gave us a sense of calm. Fate was quieter, but... her anger boiled to a whole new degree. I walked over to my mother and gave her a hug and smiled at her apologetically, but this time she paid no mind to me.

"I love both you and Alicia dearly, I don't love one of you more then the other. You are my irreplaceable twin daughters and I don't know what I would do if I lost either of you, god forbid both of you." mother said, her eyes focusing on Fate alone. "Fate, you followed my orders didn't you?"

"Yes..." Fate muttered darkly. She was a downed dog the moment mother set her foot down.

"You're happy. This Nanoha person makes you happy even if you aren't willing to admit it." mother chuckled happily as she saw Fate's face turn several shades of red. "She makes you feel fuzzy, she makes your heart beat faster, and she makes you want to hold on to her. Am I right?


"Fate you will not take the first step to make her yours without being told to. You-You're to-to, oh what's the word?" mother puffed her cheek out and crossed her arms, closing her eyes as she tried to jog her memory.

"Tsundere!" I proclaimed proudly.

"Yes!" mother exclaimed with a nod. She turned to me and gave me a thumbs up with me returning the gesture.

"What!?" Fate barked.

"Moe factors Fate-chan, moe factors. Nanoha is a yandere, so you two are complete opposites but that's what makes you two so perfect!" I told my sister straight up.


"Fate, please just know-" mother began.

"I kissed her yesterday."

Now it was our turn to be shocked. "... WHAT!?" we both screamed, her jaws almost hitting the floor. My little sister, the girl who never even held Hayate's hand, kissed... a girl... she... just... met! Is this the twilight zone!?

"I kissed her yesterday after she rear ended my mustang. She cant afford to even pitch in for the repairs so I just kissed her as retribution." Fate explained with a heavy blush. "I gave her those roses this morning to apologize... was that too direct? Mother did say to be relentless..."

"Wow, you really are... wow... you were all over her in 1 day..." mother and I mutter under our breaths. This was so... so... un-Fate-y like.

"Shut up... and I'm still mad at you mother..."

Mother chuckled and threw her arms around Fate and nuzzled her cheek against her's. Fate had grown taller then both mother and I, but Fate-chan is Fate-chan, no matter how tall she gets.

"Fate, my not so little fate, you've grown up to be such a beautiful woman, look at you... I'm so proud of you." she paused and turned to me and gestured for me to come closer. "And I am proud of you as well, Alicia." Mother quickly wrapped us in a warm embrace. "You two have done such wonderful things for this school. My children no matter what is to come remember, I love you."

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