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"Damn it! Kurama, are you alright?"

Holding a hand over the wound on his arm, Kurama nodded. "I'm fine Yusuke. Just get that bastard."

As usual, when someone Yusuke cared about was hurt or threatened, it made him twice as dangerous. "Alright asshole, this one's for my buddy over there!"

Within minutes the demon they were fighting was dead and Yusuke was sprinting to Kurama's side. "Damn it Kurama, where the hell is Hiei when we need him? If he had been here to help, you wouldn't have gotten hurt!"

Ignoring Yusuke's ranting, Kurama calmly tore off a piece of his ruined shirt and tied it around his wound. "Hiei's been… busy lately Yusuke. I'm sure he would have been here if he could."

Reassured that Kurama's injury wasn't too bad, Yusuke nodded. "I guess you're right. Is it true he's thinking of giving up his position with Mukuro?"

Turning towards town, Kurama shrugged. "I'm not sure. Though Hiei is loath to admit it, his life is as much here in the Ningenkai as it is in Makai, which takes him away from his duties there. Then there's Yukina. Even though they're married now, you know he will never fully trust Kuwabara with his sister. And though he would emphatically deny it, he's grown somewhat attached to all of us."

Tactfully changing the subject away from Hiei, Kurama's mind lingered on his best friend as they walked home. Kurama had seen Hiei just that morning and something was up with the fire demon. He couldn't put his finger on it, but Hiei hadn't been himself. He'd been restless, distracted and, given the opportunity to hunt down a rogue demon that had crossed into the Ningenkai, he'd declined and taken off.

Before long Kurama was waving goodbye to Yusuke and headed to his apartment. A few minutes later he was opening his door and toeing off his shoes. As he walked to his bedroom he stripped off his torn shirt. Tossing it aside, Kurama was about to go into the bathroom to wash his wound when he was suddenly grabbed by his good arm and spun around.

Hitting the wall with a gasp, Kurama was reaching for his weapon when he realized it was Hiei that had grabbed him. "Hiei! What was that for?"

Almost before the question was out, Kurama noticed something odd in Hiei's gaze. His eyes seemed glazed over and there didn't seem to be any recognition in them. "Hiei?"

Kurama frowned when Hiei didn't acknowledge that he'd even spoken, but leaned forward to sniff at him. Kurama remained perfectly still as Hiei moved closer and roughly tore the makeshift bandage from his arm. A startled gasp passed the redhead's lips when Hiei lifted his arm and a warm tongue softly lapped at his wound. Hiei only stopped when he was satisfied that Kurama's wound had been licked clean.

Cautiously, Kurama reached out to Hiei, but before he could touch him he found himself pinned against the wall with Hiei nipping at his collar bone. Unsure of Hiei's intent, Kurama prepared to defend himself if Hiei went for his jugular. Those thoughts vanished in an instant when Hiei pressed himself against Kurama. A strangled moan passed the redhead's lips when Hiei rubbed his rock hard erection against his own now hardening length.

Kurama no longer cared about Hiei's motive as warm lips assaulted his neck and chest. Wanting more contact, Kurama reached for the hem of Hiei's shirt. Reluctantly, Hiei's lips left Kurama's skin as his shirt was pushed over his head. When Hiei began pulling him down to the floor, Kurama quickly fumbled on the nearby dresser for something they could use as lubricant. Just as Hiei became frustrated and growled, Kurama's hand connected with a bottle of lotion.

Tumbling to the floor beside Hiei, Kurama wasted no time reaching for the belts on Hiei's pants. Since sex would be new territory in their partnership, Kurama was unsure which role Hiei intended him to take. Having been strictly dominant during his Youko life, Kurama tried to take that role now. However, by the time Kurama had Hiei's pants off and was attempting to prepare him, Hiei made it clear that he had no intention of submitting to the fox.

Shoving Kurama off of him, Hiei practically tore the redhead's pants off. Seeing the urgency in the fire demon's ruby eyes, Kurama hastily poured lotion on his hand and reached for Hiei's cock. For a moment, Hiei closed his eyes and moaned as Kurama stroked him. That moment was very brief however and before he knew it Kurama found himself being turned and forced onto his knees. "Hiei, wait! Slow down! I've never… AHHH!"

Kurama's words ended abruptly in a scream as Hiei grabbed his hips and took his unprepared, virgin body with one fierce thrust. His scream seemed to startle Hiei for a moment, as the fire demon froze giving Kurama a little time to adjust. All too soon though, Hiei recovered and began to pleasure himself on his partner.

Luckily, Kurama's body had the strength and resilience of a demon, and by the time Hiei's length was stroking against his hidden pleasure zone, the redhead was moaning and rocking back onto his lover. "Oh gods Hiei, YES!"

Desperate for his first orgasm with a lover since his Youko death, Kurama reached down and wrapped his long fingers around his own erection and stroked himself. Lost to his own pleasure, Hiei was oblivious to Kurama's actions until the body beneath his tightened as his lover cried out his release. Hiei's body instantly reacted to the increased stimulation and the fire demon's body convulsed as he too reached his climax.

When Kurama would have pulled away, Hiei held his hips fast and continued to plunder his lover's body. Panting, Kurama leaned down and rested his head on where his arms were now folded before him on the floor. His initial thought was rest and just to allow Hiei to finish. That thought was short lived however as his body slowly began to react to Hiei's pleasure assault.

Two hours later, Kurama collapsed to the floor as he and Hiei reached their third orgasm together. Panting, Kurama rolled to his side in an attempt to see Hiei. He almost giggled when he saw Hiei sniffing at him for the second time. Curiously, Hiei pushed Kurama onto his back and forced his legs apart. Kurama just stared in amazement as Hiei experimentally licked his stomach.

He must have liked what he found, because before long Hiei had moved down from Kurama's stomach and was licking his semi-hard length like a popsicle. The redhead's whimpers and mews of pleasure must have caught Hiei's attention. Experimentally, Hiei licked and sucked Kurama's cock until he had the redhead moaning and begging for more. "Gods Hiei, please don't stop! I don't know what's gotten into you tonight, but I love it!"

Just when Kurama thought he was going to explode, Hiei's mouth suddenly released him. With a cry of frustration, Kurama looked down to see Hiei fully aroused and ready to take him again. "Hiei wait! If you want more, I think I'm going to need a little help."

Kurama's words didn't seem to register, but at the flare of his demon energy, Hiei paused and looked up to see his redheaded lover become a beautiful silver Youko. A sultry grin crossed Kurama's face as he held his arms out to Hiei. "Alright Koibito, I'm ready. Make love to me Hiei."

Moving into Kurama's embrace, Hiei took him in one swift thrust. Grateful for the natural lubrication provided by his Youko body, Kurama only gasped as he quickly adjusted to the sensation of being taken by a lover for the first time. Though he'd never submitted to anyone before, Kurama quickly discovered that being the submissive lover afforded untold pleasures that he never knew existed.

What followed was a night of frenzied lovemaking that left Kurama exhausted to the point of unconsciousness by morning. The sun was high in the sky before he became aware of the world around him again. Looking around, it was apparent that Hiei was long gone. Sitting up, Kurama assessed the damage. Though he was on the bed, the mattress was turned, and only partially on the frame. The pillows, sheets and blanket were strewn around the room along with what was left of his clothes.

With a sigh, Kurama rose from the bed and gingerly made his way to the bathroom. Cleaning the mess could wait as both human and Youko needed a hot bath.

More than a week had passed since Hiei had come to Kurama for one wild, insatiable night of sex. Kurama's mind was reeling with questions. Hiei hadn't spoken a word that night, in fact with all they had done, he hadn't even kissed him. Kurama didn't know why Hiei had come to him or what it all meant.

Truthfully, Kurama was more than happy with the turn of events. He'd secretly wanted Hiei as his lover for a long time now. He'd always hesitated to make a move on his reserved partner for fear of ruining their friendship. Now however, he had hope that their partnership and friendship would develop into a whole lot more.

Looking up at the clock on the wall, Kurama knew he didn't have much time before he was to meet his friends for a mission. Closing the book before him and pushing it aside, Kurama reached for the next. The library in Reikai had the most extensive information on demons available. Thumbing through the huge book, Kurama found the section on fire demons.

Hoping to better understand Hiei's behavior that night, Kurama was taking advantage of the time before he had to meet the rest of the team in Koenma's office by doing a little research. Finally, on his fifth book, two words popped out at him.

Thoroughly reading the section entitled 'mating season', Kurama had a better understanding of Hiei's behavior. With a sigh, Kurama closed the book and returned each volume to it's place on the shelves. Once he was finished, he left the library and headed to Koenma's office.

Hearing Yusuke inside taunting Kuwabara as usual, Kurama pushed the door open without knocking. Seeing him, Yusuke turned and smiled. "Hey Kurama, how have you been? I haven't seen you all week. How's your arm?"

Smiling back, Kurama unconsciously reached up to rub where he'd been wounded. "My arm and I are fine Yusuke, thank you. So, who are we after this time Koenma?"

Trying to hide his disappointment that Hiei probably wouldn't be joining them, Kurama tried to listen to Koenma. "It's not a who this time Kurama, but an entire gang. A wolf pack to be exact. The leader is a demon named Hunter who's been dealing arms to low level demons in an attempt to start an uprising. We've discovered his hideout and our informant says he only keeps a small contingent of guards there. I'm sending your team to take out the leader. Enki is sending a second team to seize his warehouse."

Yusuke grinned. "This is cool, a joint Reikai/Makai mission. Just give us the location and we'll be on the way."

Koenma picked up a piece of paper but hesitated. When Yusuke frowned, Koenma sighed. "I just wish Hiei were here to go with you. Hunter is an S-class demon and though he doesn't keep many guards, they're reported to be well trained and powerful. He's ruthless Yusuke. He not only deals arms, but abuses his power in other ways. His record shows he's a killer and a rapist with a penchant for pretty boys."

Yusuke glanced at Kurama before turning to grin at Koenma. "Don't worry Koenma, I'll be there to protect Kuwabara's virtue."

Before anyone could laugh at Yusuke's joke, there was a grunt from the door. "Hn! Unlike you fools, Kurama and I can protect ourselves. Let's get this the hell over with."

Seeing the relief on Koenma's face at Hiei's appearance, Yusuke smiled as he snatched the paper from the godling's hand. "Relax Binky Breath, my team can take care of themselves."

Two days later, Yusuke would wish those words back as he yelled at Kuwabara. "Where the hell are they?"

The guards at Hunter's hideout had been what they'd expected, tough but manageable. Hunter however had proved to be a crafty devil. His hideout had turned out to be a small fortress with a maze of tunnels beneath it leading in every direction. This allowed him to fight, then flee, only to appear from a different direction for a surprise attack. Through the course of the fighting, both Kurama and Hiei had vanished.

Hiei they had seen that morning racing down one of the corridors after one of the endless guards that kept appearing from the tunnels. Kurama however was more concerning. Two hours ago they heard him scream from an adjacent chamber, and then he'd disappeared. "Damn it Urameshi, we went that way already!"

Frustrated, Yusuke shouted back. "Then tell me genius, which way haven't we tried?"

Before Kuwabara could answer, there was a grunt from behind them. "Leave it to you fools to get lost."


Hiei nearly fled as the two men converged on him. The genuine concern in Yusuke's eyes however stopped him. "Damn I'm glad to see you Hiei! Please, tell me you've seen Kurama!"

Hiei frowned. "Why the hell would I have seen Kurama? I left him with you."

Seeing the look they exchanged, Hiei knew he wasn't going to like what Kuwabara was about to say. "About two hours ago we heard him scream, then he was gone. We haven't been able to find him."

Glaring at them, Hiei growled. "Why the hell wasn't he with you? Why was he fighting alone?"

Angry, Yusuke growled back. "He wasn't with us because we got separated! And he was fighting alone because, as usual, his partner took off without him!"

Afraid the two men would tear into each other, Kuwabara stepped between them. "Enough! It doesn't matter who's fault it is! We have to find Kurama!"

In trying to negotiate the maze of tunnels, Hiei had long since torn the ward from the jagon. Now it flared open as Hiei searched for Kurama's energy. "There's too much interference, I can't pin point him, but he's this way."

When Hiei took off, Yusuke and Kuwabara were right behind him. Minutes passed as they wound their way through the vast maze. Suddenly a horrible scream tore through the air… Kurama's scream. A minute later they burst into a large chamber. Three hearts stopped at the sight of an unconscious Kurama laying naked on the ground covered in bruises and blood. The sight of Hunter standing over him with his pants around his knees told them Kurama was either about to be raped, or already had been.

Enraged, Hiei and Yusuke attacked simultaneously. Not even watching as the demons destroyed their enemy, Kuwabara went to Kurama. Taking off his long coat, Kuwabara gently wrapped it around Kurama before lifting him in his arms. Turning towards the door with his precious bundle in his arms, no words were spoken as Hiei and Yusuke joined Kuwabara.

Three sets of eyes watched anxiously as Yukina carefully cleaned and healed each of Kurama's injuries. Though it had been almost two hours, Kurama still hadn't woken. Only when the last wound was healed did Yukina reach into her pocket for a special root Kurama had once given her.

Snapping off one end, Yukina waved it beneath Kurama's nose. Almost immediately Kurama flinched back and pushed her hand away. Green eyes watered as they blinked at her. "Yukina! I didn't give you that thing to use it on me."

Giggling, Yukina smiled at him. "I had to do something Kurama. If you didn't wake up soon I'm not sure what those three would have done."

Looking to where she indicated Kurama saw Hiei sitting in the open window, Yusuke leaning against the wall and Kuwabara sitting in a chair. With Yukina's help Kurama managed to sit up, careful of the sheet that covered his nakedness. Seeing the concern on all their faces, Kurama tried to smile. "Thanks for getting me out of there guys."

Not sure what to say, Yusuke and Kuwabara nodded. Hiei just gave a grunt and looked out the window. Yukina tactfully interrupted the awkward moment. "Kurama, do you hurt anywhere?"

Frowning, Kurama thought a moment before shaking his head. "No, nothing hurts. I'm a little nauseous though."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Yukina held her hand over his stomach. "Let me have a look."

At her sudden gasp, even Hiei's head whipped around. Looking into Yukina's big ruby eyes for answers, Kurama was surprised when she didn't speak but put her hand over his stomach again. "Oh my. I wasn't expecting this."

As Kurama looked at Yukina expectantly, Yusuke pushed away from the wall and stepped closer. Kuwabara stood up and did the same. With them between him and Kurama, Hiei hopped down from the window and moved to stand by the bed. Seeing all the anxious eyes watching her, Yukina looked up at Kurama. "Maybe we should talk alone Kurama."

Knowing his friends would probably put up a fight if asked to leave, Kurama shook his head. "It's alright Yukina. It's not like I won't tell them anything you say anyway."

Swallowing hard, Yukina glanced at the men around her before looking back at the man before her. "Kurama, I'm not sure how this can be, but I double checked. You're pregnant."

Yusuke immediately swung around and punched a hole in the wall. "Damn it! That son of a bitch did rape you! I'm sorry we didn't get to you sooner."

Dumbfounded, Kuwabara stumbled back to his chair and plopped down. "I don't get it. Kurama's a man, how can he be pregnant?"

Ever since the words 'you're pregnant' left Yukina's lips, Kurama had been staring at Hiei. Blinking a few times, he looked away as he quietly explained. "It's a Youko trait. Have you ever noticed that there are very few Youko females? Millennia ago we almost became extinct because of this. Then a scientist named Keto found a way to genetically alter our DNA to allow males to be able to reproduce. In my Youko life, I was always the dominant sex partner so I'd forgotten about it."

In the awkward silence that followed, Kurama looked at Hiei again. In the two days they were on the mission, Hiei had given no indication that he even remembered their night together. From what he'd read on the fire demon's mating season, Kurama wasn't surprised.

During mating season, an unmated, non-sexually active male, especially a demon as young as Hiei, could be expected to have an insatiable desire to rut. If denied, the desire could be so overwhelming young fire demon males had been known to rape in order to quench the desire. Afterwards it wasn't uncommon for the fire demon to have no memory of the event.

Kurama was pulled from his thoughts when Yukina rose from the bed. "Think about what you want to do Kurama. Under the circumstances, your decision might not be as clear cut as if this were a child created out of love."

After Yukina left the room, Kuwabara looked at him. "It's still a baby Kurama."

Unable to keep his eyes from Hiei, Kurama nearly flinched at the anger he saw there. "No, it's that demon's spawn, and if you're smart Kurama, you'll kill it and be done with this."

Faster than Hiei could see, Kurama's hand reached out and grabbed him by the throat. Unable to breathe, Hiei was forced to bend closer or risk his throat being ripped out. Yusuke and Kuwabara could only stare in disbelief as the deadly cold voice of Yoko Kurama growled at Hiei. "If you ever threaten my child's life again Hiei, I'll kill you before you can finish the thought."

When Kurama shoved him away, Hiei stumbled, trying to remain on his feet as he gasped for air. When he could speak, he glared at Kurama. "Stupid Fox!"

Watching Hiei vanish out the window, Kurama knew that all his hopes and dreams vanished with him.