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Hurrying down the stairs, with a bit less than his usual grace, Kurama called out. "Hiei, Jewel, they're here!"

Before he could reach the bottom of the stairs, Jewel rushed past him with a giggle. "Come on Poppy. What's taking so long?"

Shaking his head, Kurama saw her fling open the door and run out. As he finally reached the bottom of the stairs, Kurama saw Hiei coming out of his office. The Youko was about to smile when he saw his mate frown. "Kurama…"

Ignoring Hiei's warning growl, Kurama pleaded. "Please Hiei, you promised."

Placing a hand over the swell of Kurama's stomach, Hiei fed a generous amount of energy to the child within. "That was before your energy began acting so erratically. I'm sure Shiori will understand."

With big sad golden eyes, Kurama pouted. "I know she will Koi, but it's just for a few minutes. She's been dying to see her pregnant son, not me, and this will be the last chance she'll have before the baby comes."

Though Hiei had grown as tall as the redhead, the Youko still towered over him. Grabbing a long silver forelock, Hiei pulled his mate down to eye level. "When are you going to get it that Shiori loves you, human or Youko?"

From the front door, Shiori gasped. "Oh Shuuichi, of course I love you. No matter what."

When Shiori rushed forward with her arms out, Hiei was forced to release his mate. Happily, Kurama welcomed her hug. "Mother, it's so good to see you."

Pulling back, Shiori's hand moved toward his stomach. Just before she touched it she hesitated. With a shy smile she looked at Hiei for permission. Seeing her and Kurama's hopeful looks, Hiei rolled his and nodded. Grinning happily, Shiori's hand rubbed Kurama's tummy. "Oh Shuuichi, you look so cute."

Blushing, Kurama scolded her playfully. "I'm a powerful demon Mother. You'll blow my image if you keep calling me cute."

Hiei smirked. "Fox, I think your pregnant belly already blew your image. Besides, she's right. You do look pretty cute."

Embarrassed, Kurama changed the subject. "Mother, where is everyone, or did you come alone?"

Just then there was a commotion at the door as the rest of his family and friends arrived. Hearing Kurama's comment, Kazuya laughed. "Oh we're here Shuuichi, but your mother was so anxious to get to you she left us behind at the lake."

Smiling, Kurama greeted his stepfather. "Hello Father. Come in everyone. Just leave your bags, the servants will take them up to your rooms."

When Jewel came in she was surrounded by her cousins. On each side if her were the Kuwabara twins, Onalee and Kailee. Behind the girls were the Urameshi boys, Kenji and little Daisuke. Excited to be together again, the children said a quick "Hi" to their Uncle Kurama and Uncle Hiei, before racing upstairs to play.

As they headed in to the sitting room, Yusuke saw Kurama absentmindedly rub his belly, and chuckled. "Kurama, we finally get all those kids out of diapers and off their mother's hips and you go and start all over again. What's wrong with you?"

Laughing as he sat between Hiei and his mother, Kurama smiled at his friend. "Hey, you all got two, Hiei and I had some catching up to do. Besides, if I have any say in it, we'll have half a dozen before we're through."

All eyes turned to Hiei, who's jaw was hanging open as he stared at the Youko. "Fox, unless you've got a litter in there, we've got some serious talking to do."

Everyone laughed at Kurama's horrified expression. "Yukina, please tell me I'm not having a litter."

Moving in front of him, Yukina held her hand over his stomach. "This pregnancy has been more draining on you Kurama, and you're much bigger this time. All I'll say is that everything is fine, but from the looks of it, I'd say we didn't get here a day too soon."

Excited, Shiori grinned at Kurama. "Oh, this is so exciting. Even though I can see it with my own eyes, I can't believe my son is having a baby."

When Kurama turned to him with a silent plea, Hiei knew what his mate wanted. With an impatient sigh, Hiei moved closer and placed a hand over the Youko's stomach. After giving the baby a healthy dose of energy, he surrounded Kurama with his ki. "You've got two minutes Fox."

A moment later it was Shiori's beautiful redheaded son that turned to her. "I'm so happy that you're here Mother. I'm sorry you weren't there when Jewel was born. Other than Hiei, I wanted you there more than anything."

Reaching out to caress his cheek, Shiori smiled. "It's alright Shuuichi, I understand. I'm here now, that's all that matters now."

Kurama smiled. "Give me a hug Mother, Hiei wants me to change back. The baby is too much of a drain on me in this form."

Holding him close, Shiori whispered in his ear. "I love you Shuuichi."

As Kurama changed back, he whispered. "I love you too Mother."

Two nights later, Kurama lay in his bed, unable to sleep. Looking beside him, the Youko was reluctant to move for fear of waking his mate. Since the fire demon had been staying up trying to help his restless fox sleep for over a month now, Hiei was exhausted. Last night Kurama had finally convinced Hiei that he needed to sleep and replenish his own energy for the birth of their baby.

Rubbing his swollen stomach, Kurama smiled. After much deliberation, Yukina had finally declared that tomorrow would be the baby's birthday. Wincing in discomfort, Kurama whispered softly. "Hold on just a few more hours my sweet kit. Daddy needs his rest."

From under the covers, Hiei murmured. "Like I can sleep when you can't Fox."

Turning, Kurama pulled back the blanket to kiss Hiei's cheek. "I'm sorry Koi. I would have gone downstairs, but then I know you would have been up."

Rolling to his side, Hiei cuddled against Kurama's side. "What's wrong Fox? Your energy is even screwier than usual tonight."

When Kurama bit his lip and hesitated, Hiei growled. "Kurama!"

Not wanting to upset his mate, Kurama tried to smile. "I've been monitoring the baby and his energy feels fine, so I'm not too worried. For the past few hours though my stomach has been cramping."

Like a flash, Hiei flew out of bed and ran naked from the room. Down the hall, Kurama could hear Hiei pounding on a door. "Yukina! Come quick, it's Kurama!"

A moment later Hiei rushed back in to lay a hand over his stomach. Looking at Hiei, Kurama grinned. "Sweetheart, as much as I enjoy the view, don't you think it would be a good idea for you to put some pants on before your sister and the others join us?"

Hearing doors opening down the hall, Hiei quickly reached for his pants. A moment later, Yukina, Kuwabara and Shiori all came through the door. Seeing Shiori's anxious look, Kurama grinned. "I'm not sure the baby wants to wait until morning."

When Hiei, Yukina and Kuwabara went into action, Shiori could only stand aside and stare. Yukina went to check on Kurama. Kuwabara went to get Yusuke and Hiei went to speak to the servants. Before long the sitting area furniture had been moved out and a mini operating room had been set up. With Kurama wrapped in only a sheet, Hiei helped him over to the operating table.

Seeing the Youko's nervous look as he sat on the edge, Yusuke grinned. "Don't worry Kurama. You have the best team in the three worlds taking care of you and your kit, and me here to handle the lowlifes that might show up to cause trouble."

Discretely, Yukina took Yusuke aside. "Let the guards deal with any demons this time Yusuke. I'm concerned that this birth will be harder on Kurama than the last one. I want you here to help Hiei supplement Kurama's energy."

Turning to the others, Yukina took charge as she usually did in any medical situation. "Alright everyone, this should be pretty much like last time. Shiori, I'd like you to be ready to help Keiko with the baby. Kazuya, I don't have an actual job for you, but if you could be around in case we need anything or if Kendra needs help with the children, that would be great."

Kazuya nodded before turning to his wife. "Now Sweetheart, don't forget what Shuuichi told you. Even if it looks like he's in distress, Hiei, Yukina and Kazuma will take care of him."

When Kurama saw his mother look at him nervously, he smiled at her reassuringly and mouthed "I love you".

After seeing her return the sentiment, Kurama was grateful to see Keiko take her attention, distracting her from what was about to happen to him. A moment later when he grimaced, Hiei growled. "Yukina!"

Nodding, Yukina looked at Kurama. "Alright Kurama, tell your little plant to make you numb and let's have a baby."

The moment Yukina was satisfied that he was ready, she and Kuwabara went to work. Sensing a difference in this birth, Kurama turned his head and whispered. "I love you Hiei."

Before Hiei could respond, Kurama's energy plummeted. Alarmed, Hiei flooded Kurama with his energy. He was surprised when a moment later he felt Yusuke's strong energy join his. Grateful for the help, Hiei called out. "Kurama! Come on Fox, look at me!"

Hearing the fear in Hiei's voice, Shiori's heart nearly stopped. She didn't have more than a moment to think about it when suddenly Kuwabara was passing a baby to her and Keiko. Heart racing, Shiori looked down at her grandson, a tiny mirror image of Hiei. Before she could even register what was happening, another small bundle was passed to them.

As Keiko held the first baby, Shiori found herself holding a tiny Youko kit. Her joyful moment was suddenly shattered when Hiei, cried out. "Yukina! Kurama's not breathing!"

Wanting to go to her son, Shiori's attention was suddenly pulled back by Keiko. "Shiori! The babies need us!"

Looking at the baby in Keiko's arms, Shiori noticed he was very quiet. Seeing Keiko vigorously rubbing his chest, trying to stimulate him, Shiori looked down at the infant in her arms. Heart racing, Shiori saw that she was limp. Copying Keiko's actions, Shiori tried to control her fear.

With all the activity in the room, no one noticed Jewel appear in the doorway. As Kazuya anxiously waited to see what he could do to help, he nearly jumped when someone pulled on his sleeve. Seeing Jewel's sleepy eyes looking up at him he knew he needed to get her out of there. Before he could sweep her up in his arms however, Jewel murmured. "I had a dream Grandpa. I need to help my brother and sister."

Surprised that she knew Kurama had had twins, he wasn't fast enough to grab her before she was at Shiori's side. "Grandma, let me see my sister."

Horrified that Jewel might see Kurama and the babies die, Shiori turned to her. Stunned silent, Shiori watched as Jewel reached out with both hands to gently stroke the Youko kit's tiny ears. She didn't feel the youki Jewel's touch fed to the baby. A moment later a tiny gasp and then a cry came from the kit.

Giddy with relief, Shiori held the kit close as Jewel went to Keiko. More accustom to seeing demons use their energy, Keiko quickly knelt down to let Jewel see the baby. "Whatever you just did Jewel, do it again."

Gently, Jewel stroked her thumb across her brother's forehead. After a moment she grinned, when the baby purred and a purple jagon eye peered back at her. "You look just like Daddy."

Since both babies were doing better, Shiori looked behind Jewel to see that Yukina and Kuwabara had Kurama's incision closed up, but the flurry of activity continued as the Youko remained unresponsive. Hearing Hiei calling frantically to his mate, Jewel turned to them. Seeing what she'd done for the twins, Yusuke called out encouragingly. "Come on Jewelsy! Your Poppy needs a little of your special touch too!"

Concentrating on Kurama, Hiei noticed nothing accept his mate until Yusuke held Jewel up where she could reach her parents. He was about to shout at Yusuke that Jewel shouldn't be there when Jewel's little hands reached out to stroke Kurama's Youko ears. Just as she'd done with the kit, Jewel's touch was filled with her youki.

Feeling her energy, Hiei watched his daughter and mate closely. He was surprised that her voice was calm when she spoke to Kurama. "Wake up Poppy. You're scaring Daddy. The babies are here waiting to see you too."

Just as it had with the babies, Jewel's touch had an almost immediate reaction from Kurama. With a gasp, Kurama's golden eyes flew open. "Hiei! Jewel!"

Hiei's arms flew around his mate and daughter, in a fierce hug. "Kurama!"

Choked with emotion, Hiei closed his eyes as he held and kissed his family. Feeling the fire demon tremble, Kurama's arm slipped around him to rub his back. "I'm alright Hiei. Jewel, what are you doing here?"

Leaning against Kuwabara for strength, Yukina chuckled. "Kurama, your daughter is going to be one powerful healer some day. Without her, this day might have had a much different ending."

When Yukina and Kuwabara went to help Shiori and Keiko, Kurama turned confused eyes to his daughter. Jewel just smiled and shrugged. "I had a dream Poppy, that you and the babies needed my help."

Beside them, an excited Yusuke filled them in. "Kurama, you should have seen her, Jewel was awesome. She helped the babies, then came over and gave you the jump start you needed."

Kurama turned to smile proudly at Jewel, when suddenly their words sunk in. Instead his eyes went wide and he looked at Hiei. "Babies? Hiei, they said babies."

Confused himself, Hiei shook his head and shrugged. "Let's get you in bed Fox, then I'm sure they'll tell us what's going on."

When Shiori saw that Yukina and Kuwabara were tending to the babies, and that Kurama was in a robe being helped into bed by Hiei and Yusuke, she rushed over to her son. "Oh Shuuichi! This has been the most terrifying and most exciting day of my whole life. I know you said that this would be dangerous, but I've never been so frightened."

Kurama was still in shock as he returned Shiori's hug. "Babies? Inari, I had a litter, didn't I? Mother, just how many babies did I have?"

Giggling at the near panic in his voice, Shiori glanced over her shoulder. "Why don't you see for yourself. Hiei, you had better take a seat."

When Shiori stepped aside, Kuwabara placed a miniature Hiei in Kurama's arms. A moment later Yukina placed the tiny Youko kit in Hiei's. Luckily, Hiei had followed Shiori's advice and was seated beside Kurama or he might have fallen down from shock. "It's my Fox."

Tear filled golden eyes looked at Hiei. "It's my Fire-Fly."

Suddenly, both Hiei and Kurama looked around and called out together. "Jewel?"

They found her nestled in Kazuya's arms. When he set her down, Jewel scampered on the bed to cuddle against Kurama. "They look just like my Poppy and Daddy."

When the babies heard Jewel's voice they each blinked and looked around for her. With their eyes open, Kurama grinned. "Look Hiei, they both have Jewel's green eyes."

Sure enough, that was the only part of the fire demon cub that didn't look exactly like Hiei. The Youko kit however, was a mixture of all of them. She was dominantly silver, with black tips to her hair, ears and tail. Tearing his eyes from the kit, Hiei looked at Kurama. "I couldn't be happier that our sons and our Jewel have my redhead's beautiful green eyes."

Beside Kurama, Jewel giggled. "Daddy! One of them is a girl."

Wide eyed, Hiei and Kurama both pulled open the blankets covering the babies. A moment later, Hiei smirked at Kurama. "It's a good thing she's a girl, since she's as pretty as you Fox."

Smiling at his mate's compliment, Kurama couldn't help but remember how many times he'd had to correct people for assuming he was a girl. Looking at Jewel he grinned. "Well, at least we don't have to worry about telling the twins apart."

Mid giggle, Jewel yawned. Seeing this, Kurama stroked her hair. "Thank you so much for helping tonight Sweetheart, but you should get back to bed."

Nodding, Jewel kissed each of her parents and siblings. When she was finished, she crawled off the bed and went to Kazuya and held up her arms. While the demon family got acquainted, the others had been clearing away the makeshift operating room, giving them time alone. Now, as Kazuya picked Jewel up and took her back to bed, the girls came over to greet the new members of the family.

Shiori's smile was huge as she looked at them. "Oh Shuuichi, the babies are beautiful."

Gently, Yukina's hand reached out to stroke Hiei's hair. "I'm so happy for you Brother. Now you truly have the family I've always wished for you to have."

When Hiei blushed, Yukina realized she had embarrassed him. Taking the focus off of him, she looked at Kurama. "Alright Kurama, it's time to turn those babies over to Shiori and Keiko so they can get them dressed. That will give me a chance to see how you're doing."

Reluctantly, Hiei and Kurama relinquished the twins. Hiei then put his arms around Kurama and refused to release him, even while Yukina checked on him. Seeing their overprotective behavior, Kurama sighed. "It was worse this time, wasn't it?"

Knowing it would be hard for Hiei to talk about it, Yukina nodded. "Much worse Kurama. Both babies were unresponsive and you had stopped breathing. I didn't think we could save you. I was about to go try and save the babies when Jewel came in. I think perhaps her bond to all of you is the extra boost we needed to save you all."

Feeling Hiei's arms tighten as Yukina spoke, Kurama knew without words how frightening it must have been for him. When Kurama tucked his face into Hiei's neck, Yukina left them alone. "I'm sorry Hiei. I promise, I won't ever put you through that again. I have an herb that I can take regularly so that we won't have to worry about forgetting my birth control again. Three children will be more than enough for me."

Relieved that Kurama had given in so easily, Hiei leaned down and kissed him. When their lips parted, Kurama smiled at Hiei then changed forms. Seeing his redhead, Hiei wasted no time claiming his lips. When Shiori giggled, they were forced apart. "Enough of that you two. There are two babies here anxious to be with their parents."

Seeing Shiori holding the Youko, Kurama reached for her. When the kit was placed in his arms Kurama nuzzled against her a moment before turning to see Hiei holding their son. "If Inari had asked me to chose what our baby would look like, I wouldn't have been able to chose. I wanted my Hiei to have a son, just like him, but the Youko in me also wanted this kit. I don't think I've ever been so happy."

Hearing the emotion in his mate's voice, Hiei reached out to pull a red forelock. After giving Kurama a gentle kiss, Hiei whispered. "Kurama, you have given me more than I ever dreamed possible. I love you."

Cuddling against his mate, Kurama whispered back. "I love you too Hiei."