Chapter 1: The Rain

Amy gazed at the rain outside her window; everything was dark, and only the windows emitted a soft light that kissed her skin in the most delicate way. Her emerald hues watched and counted each raindrop, one by one, until a knock came from her apartment door. Her ears perked up excitingly as she arose from her seat and playfully walked towards the door. As she opened it, there appeared another young hedgehog; his quills, raven as the night itself, just as his hues were crimson like flames, Shadow arrived with a small cake in hand. He smiled a warmly at her, while he presented it to her along with a bouquet of roses, "Happy birthday, Amy." She released a small squeal, her body quivering with excitement and happiness; she gave Shadow a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, my gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have NO idea how happy this makes me! How did you know!?"

"You put it in my planner. It was hard to forget."
"… Oh! I'm sorry!"
"It's alright, silly," he mocked as he flicked his finger against her forehead, "Hey… Is one kiss all I'm going to get?" He slowly closed in towards her face, and with a bright red face, Amy pushed her lips up towards Shadow's, only to part with a smile. "Do you want to come in? I'm making hot chocolate right now!"
"Sorry, I have to get to work..."
"Aw… That's too bad... I was really hoping you'd have the time..."

"Hm... Tell you what," started Shadow as he gathered Amy into his arms, "How about right after work tomorrow… we go out to eat? My treat."

Amy smiled widely, and nodded in agreement. As they parted with a kiss, Amy continued to watch Shadow as he left; he chuckled as he caught sight of her, only to walk back through her doorway and press his lips against her forehead, "I'll be back, love." He finally disappeared through the entrance of her tiny apartment, but even with that being said, Amy couldn't help but smile.

This right here... This is what I want. This is what I deserve... she thought as she turned away from the door and went back to the rainy window. On the corner of it, a picture stayed taped on the window glass, featuring Amy with another hedgehog of significance. Her eyes began to mystify with the presence of tears, "W-What the hell is this still doing here?" She pulled the photo away from her window pane and tossed it into the garbage can. She quickly rubbed her eyes from the tears, only to feel herself regret throwing it away. She walked back towards her garbage can and reached inside, pulling out the aged photo of the happy faces.

She gazed into the photo, playing back the very moment that happened as this photo was taken...

Won't you sit still?! Tails is about to take the picture!
Man, do I have to? It's just a lame picture! Why do I gotta be in it?
Because pictures are memories! This will probably be the last time we even take one before we go off to live out our lives, so how about you do me this ONE favor? Please!?
Fine, fine... Just for you, Amy. You owe me, though.
Haha, yay! Thanks! I knew you would say that for me, So—

Amy's eyes wandered about the picture like some sort of dizzy spell; there, she saw an adolescent young girl with short pink quills with a red dress to match, and around her arms was the charming blue blurred wonder of the time; hero and protector of the world, he embraced her lovingly in the photo. The photo seemed to have taken place in a small garden back in Mobius, and it has been quite some time since Amy has actually looked at the photo Despite her history, the more she looked at it, the more stinging sensation her eyes felt. She felt a tear race down her cheek, "Sonic..."

This is what I want. This is what I need. I don't always need him. He was my light, my power, my strength. But now… he's merely a memory. I don't need him to go one with life. I have Shadow, a person who's caring, loving, and kind. He never supported me. He never loved me. He just used me for his selfish games.

I was just another pawn to one of his games. He never cared about me.