Chapter 20

Intermission II.

"Amy! Are you still upset? Come outside and get some breakfast!"


Now, for those of you who are returning to us, you already know what has happened, and why Ms. Rose has closed herself off from the rest of existence in the house. Especially closed away from the very man that caused her to take shelter within her quarters to begin with.

Amy sat up on her bed, blankets wrapped around her, her face purely shaken from what had occurred only hours before. I... I can't believe it, she thought with complete remorse, I... I can't believe that me and Sonic... did... stuff... She threw her body backward and began to flail her arms, "WHY DO THINGS HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE ANY OF THIS?! ALL I WANNA DO IS JUST GO HOME!" She stopped flailing and stared at the ceiling, inhaling before releasing a big sigh. "Why do things have to be like this..." Amy grabbed a near-by pillow and placed it over her head, releasing a loud scream that vibrated the pillow before stopping and releasing it from her grasp. She arose from the bed and stared at the door, thinking about whether or not she should even consider leaving the sanctity of the only space she can own because of a certain somebody...

"AMY! Open the GODDAMN DOOR already!" roared Sonic as he hammered his fist against the door incessantly. He has already been standing there for nearly half an hour, sounding like a broken record, only to continue to wait for his 'slave' to address him as he so daringly feels is appropriate. After another moment of silence, Sonic inhaled his next notion of air before shouting once more: "FOR YOUR SAKE, YOU BETTER BE DYING IN THERE, SLAVE!" As more obscenities began to pour from his lips and linger into the rest of the house, Suzu opened her door only to see her uncle in a poor state of affairs. She walked towards him and placed her hand gingerly against his shoulder, shaking her head in disapproval, "Uncle, uncle, uncle... I've been listening to you shout for HALF AN HOUR NOW. That's ONE episode of Spongebob, uncle. If breakfast is ready, you should've told me, too! Amy's not the only one that lives here, you know—"


"And... what exactly is that?"


"Okay, yeah, you're crazy. Calm down, uncle—"


Almost at that same instant, the door swung wide open; Amy stared at Sonic with no expression, only to surprise him with her well-dressed state. "... What?" she questioned, "You said breakfast was ready, right? Sorry to have kept you waiting. I was getting dressed." Suzu yawned, covering her mouth with her hand, "How can you not be irritated at that? He was sooo loud!" Amy chuckled, patting Suzu on the head, "Once you live here for quite some time, one can only grow accustom to the sounds this house has to offer."

"I've lived here for practically forever, so I'm actually curious as to how I can survive uncle's 'episodes'..."

"I'll probably let you in on my secrets at breakfast. You go ahead and get dressed, alright? We should at least thank Sonic for getting up early and making us some food by looking decent, right?"

Suzu nodded and waddled off back to her room, closing the door behind her. As she did, Amy faced Sonic once more, a heavy glare equipped to her face. Sonic glared right back, only to turn away from her, "If you knew I was calling you, why didn't you just say anything?" Amy looked away as well, "Because you don't deserve a reply when all you were doing was yelling at me. And besides! Stop making it seem like last night didn't happen! Do you seriously think I can just forgive you for all that crap you put me through!?" Sonic groaned, turning to look at her again, "Oh, cry me a fucking river! Will you stop victimizing yourself for TWO MINUTES? You were in it just as much as I was, you damn girl! When will you start accepting the fact that you might actually WANT to do that kind of thing with me—"

"EXCUSE ME!? Do NOT even GO there, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"You know I'm fucking right! YOU'RE telling me not to go there? How about you stop with the theatrics and start accepting what your heart really wants—"

"HA! You have a LOT of nerve to tell ME what my heart really wants; taking me away from my home, making me into your slave for a specific amount of months, making me go in complete circles with you to just drive me crazy—"

"You are so full of shit! If it wasn't for me, you would've been sitting all by yourself in that damn apartment! If it wasn't for me, Shadow would still be acting like the pansy-ass that he is, keeping shit bottled up inside and not be able to say what he really wanted—"

Sonic stopped; Amy caught his urgent pause, "... Wait... What do you mean keeping things 'bottled up inside'?" Sonic turned away, "N-Nothing. Don't worry about it. Look, I'm sorry. Let's just go downstairs for some breakfast, alright? I made apology pancakes." Amy rushed in front of Sonic, blocking his path forward, "No, Sonic, wait— What did you mean when you said that?"

"Look, will you just drop it? It's nothing. Now, come on..."
"Sonic, if there's something that you're not telling me—"


Amy's eyes widened in fear; she's seen him angry, but never like this. Never so murderously. She glared daggers at him, only to embrace his face with a slap, "DON'T EVER YELL AT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN. I'M NOT SOME MINDLESS DOLL THAT YOU CAN PUSH AROUND—"

"... Um, are you guys okay?"

Both Amy and Sonic looked towards the same direction at Suzu, who was primped and dressed for breakfast. "You guys sound a lot angrier than before... It's sort of scary..." Sonic sighed once more and made his way towards Suzu, "Sorry, ace. We didn't mean to make it seem that way." He turned to Amy, his expression softening with a smile, "Look, Amy... I'm sorry. I really am. There are just certain things I can't tell you. Please, just trust me on this."

Amy still felt complete rage for how he yelled at her, but for Suzu's sake, her glare flipped upside down to a smile, "... I understand. Thanks for explaining. Sorry, Suzu! You know us, haha. We can get kind of crazy sometimes, haha..." Sonic smiled at Suzu and proceeded to go downstairs, chattering away to away with the chilling atmosphere. Yet ,Amy couldn't let go of what he said: how did he know what Shadow was 'truly' feeling?

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