Title: Mystery Midnight Kiss
Author: Norita
Rating: PG-13/R
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Like, seriously, nothing.
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Summary: Spencer and Ashley are from two different social classes, but is it possibly for them to meet somewhere in the middle?

Author's Notes: This story is originally a Palex-story, but I made a Spashley-version of it a while back (about a year ago) and started posting it on the Spashley-board. Now you can easily find the Palex-version one and spoil yourselves, but since I have 15 pre-written chapters and updates will be very frequent you might just wanna read it here ;) Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this story only now is because I'm not gonna update my other stories for awhile. I'm not really in a writing-mood and I thought that I might post this story until I start updating the rest again. It should keep you busy for awhile if you haven't read it yet. If you did, well then I'm sorry for my temporarily inactiveness. I'll start updating again as soon the inspiration strucks me again.

Oh and I changed the title from Kisser to kiss, because apparently you can't post two stories with the same title down here. Lame.

The club is buzzing. Bodies are moving to the newest beats, that are expertly scratched by some local DJ. It's the hottest place in town with the hottest people in town. Yet I couldn't feel anymore drained then I already felt. It's New Year's eve and I'm spending it with Aiden. Yes Aiden, as in MVP for the last three years Aiden. I must've been drugged when I agreed to do this, because it's definitely not the night I've been imagining to have. Yes the club is hot, the atmosphere is fucking unbelievable, but Aiden?

Don't get me wrong, I like him. Just not the way he likes me. I'm supposed to be getting into the new year with a fresh start, a clean slate, a new me. And I end up spending it with my very much not new and fresh ex-main squeeze. The worst thing about the night is probably yet to come: the midnight kiss. Of course Aiden being Aiden, will not settle for the quick friendly peck on the lips. He's probably expecting a full-on make-out session. He firmly believes that the head-cheerleader and Basketball-captain are reunited. Unfortunately, he isn't the only one. Practically all of my friends have been giving me calls congratulating and notifying me of their excitement for rekindling my love with 'The One'.

They couldn't have been any more wrong.

I couldn't help but feel nauseous when he started grinding into me and giving me his version of the 'I want you'-look. I wonder if he's familiar with the 'I want to gag'-look and briefly ponder whether I should try it out on him. I discard the thought and simple settle for a fabricated smile and tell him that I'm thirsty. Aiden being the gentleman he is, says to stay where I was and immediately goes to fetch us some drinks. He's a sweet guy, he really is. And he's a great friend and, yeah well, that's pretty much where the story ends. The thing is, he and the majority of the rest of the school thinks otherwise. And who am I to tell them differently?

I'm surrounded by sweaty bodies that are practically having vertical sex and decide to move towards the back. Aiden probably wouldn't find me directly, which is a good thing since it was only ten more minutes for midnight and I'm really not into kissing him dearly right now, or ever as a matter of fact.

You're probably wondering why I'm making such a big deal about this 'midnight kiss'. I mean why can't I simply make-out with him for a minute and be done with it? The answer is simple: I just can't. Midnight kisses are supposed to be special. It's the kiss that knits the old year with the new one. The kiss that would shape my love-life for the entire next year. The kiss that would sweep me off my feet and bring me into frenzy. The kiss that brings you into heaven for a couple of moments right before you land back on the ground with a loud thud. As in importance, it was right up there with the sweetness of your very first kiss with somebody and the bitterness of your very last kiss with that same person. I couldn't possibly share that moment with Aiden. It isn't fair to him, and it certainly isn't fair to me.

Midnight was getting closer and closer and Aiden finally spots me from across the room. He gives me a little nod of acknowledgement and starts making his way through the mass, carefully trying not to spill the drinks. I sigh loudly at the prospect of kissing him and quickly start thinking of a last minute escape-plan. But my inner musings soon halt when I'm suddenly drenched in darkness. Murmurs quickly fill the club, as everyone tries to understand what's happening. I guess Y2K waited 7 years to finally make it's appearance. Slightly relieved, I keep leaning against the wall, casually waiting for the lights to go back on when I feel someone slip their hand into mine and lead me away.

I instantly know that it isn't Aiden.

I'm brought to a deserted corner of the club and pinned to the wall before I can even utter a word protest. I squint my eyes as I desperately try to see who this person is, but the obscurity isn't helping my cause. The mystery person puts their hands on my waist and leans in to me, pressing the whole of their body into mine. Any logic and coherent thoughts I have completely leave my mind, but I still know that this definitely isn't Aiden. This person, who's small yet strong body with more curves than mine, is a girl.

When it looks like the lights aren't going to turn back on any time soon, the crowd decids to make the best of it and start the countdown anyway. With each number that is said, I feel her hot breath coming closer and closer. My heart pulse is uncontrollable. My breathing's erratic to say the least. My designer jeans? Well, let's just say that laundry-day will be happening a little earlier this week. The last second off the year finally passes, and her lips ultimately meet mine. The kiss starts out gentle, and the touch is lingering. There's a small hesitation on both parts, as if we're both taking our time the memorize the feeling of that very first touch. It's precious, tender, intimate and so full of love.

It's at that moment that the fragile girl in me found herself her true soul mate. A soul mate with no name and no face, but a soul mate it is. The kiss heats up and I want nothing but to capture her lips with desperate urgency. Frantically unifying our souls and bodies with our mouth. I slightly part my lips and soon our tongues meet in a dazzling dance. Caressing each other, exploring each others mouth trying to find that buried treasure that we hid so well. Blood's rushing furiously through my veins. Breath is coming in shorts gasps.

Overwhelmed and overpowered by an emotion that I've never felt before. Our hands wander under each others shirts, frantically trying to feel the heat that' radiates from our torching skin. Everything about this moment, about this kiss, about this mysterious girl kissing me in the midst of the night feels like a perfect dream. And, unfortunately, every single dream has to end some way somehow. Our lips finally part and I let out a whined moan, realizing that I might never get to feel that sensation again. She leans back into me and bring her mouth dangerously close to my ear.

"Happy New Year." she whispers huskily before backing up and letting her fingers linger on mine shortly until she's completely away. She leaves me leaning against that wall, fingers lightly tracing my bruised lips. She left me utterly and completely dazed. Dazed by her mystifying sense and taste and touch. A touch that's so pure, yet so innocent. A touch that makes my heart ache of desire. A desire that I've never felt. A touch that makes me yearn a person I don't even know.

I'm brought out of my bemused state as the lights flickered back on and the music starts playing again. I instantly spots a worried Aiden making his way over to me.

"I've been looking the whole place for you. I thought you left?"

" No I didn't I just .. stood in the corner waiting for the lights the flicker back on."

Waiting for reality to strike back in.

He continues his monologue on how he was searching me and how upset he was that we couldn't kiss our way into the new year. I absentmindlessly nod , as I scan the place to find my mystery kisser. Is it the blonde that's humping in between the two jocks? The redhead that's downing the vodka at the bar? Or the brunette that's trying to ignore a guy who's desperately trying to get her attention?

But all of them fade as I see her. I instantly now it's her. Not a singly hair on my head that doubts it. It's just this feeling you get. There's absolutely no logical explanation and nothing can be proved, but I just know. I look at her and soak in every single inch. Wild auburn locks, smoking hot body, angelic face with devilish features. She notices me and stares right back, piercing her chocolate eyes into mine. I suddenly find myself being pulled to the dancefloor by Aiden, without me even perceiving it. He's producing his lame dance moves all over again, when I see her forming an amused half-smirk as she takes a sip of her beer. Aiden keeps on dancing with me but my eyes and my mind never dart from hers. My body's on the dance floor, but my heart and soul are sharing a drink with her.

It's crazy how strong the sexual tension you can feel, seeing how she's on the opposite part of the club with hundreds of teenagers parting us. That's when I realize that my mystery kisser is my biggest foe.

Battles I had won, battles she had won. Wars we had fought. Love we were going to make.

My New Year's resolution contains two words: Ashley Davies.