A drabble written back in Feb for one of CoiledIris' 'International Comment Porn' days over at LJ. She asked for Ouran pron, and this was one of my responses.


Title: Twice the pleasure
Author: Shimyaku at LJ
Rating: R
Warnings: smexing, DP



Haruhi gasped for air as Hikaru divided their lips, his hips suddenly jerking up and sliding deeper within her warmth. She looked down at him with hooded eyes, his pale body writhing beneath her, flushed from arousal, and beautiful. But it was his lips, slightly parted and swollen from their kisses, that drew her eyes; and she knew she was blatantly staring.

A hand drew a long and winding pattern down the length of her spine and she shivered, meeting Hikaru's eyes with a penetrating gaze. But she realized an instant later that it was not he who had touched her, and her head spun round in a flash.


"Shh," the red-head purred, "Turn around and be still."

Slowly Haruhi obeyed, once more locking eyes with Hikaru. She longed to move, to know the sensation of him filling her over and over again, but Kaoru's hand was on her hip preventing her from doing so.

"Just relax," came the quiet words from behind her back, and a second later the brunette felt the insisting press of flesh against her ass. Haruhi gasped outright as Kaoru breached her entrance without warning, sheathing his length inside in an almost needlessly-rough movement.

"Oh god! Oh... oh..." Haruhi could barely speak as Kaoru began to thrust inside, stretching her to a new limit. She had never felt so full.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru whimpered from beneath, a dreamy look in his eyes, "I can feel you... yes! Move, Kaoru, move!" The elder twin pleaded, head lolling from side to side.

And Kaoru obliged, increasing the rhythm of his hips, Haruhi rocking back against the twins with more force each time.