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"Are you ready?" Sylar asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Are you ready?" I countered as I decided to make the first move, he was taking far too long and I was growing impatient.

I closed my eyes and teleported behind him. I used my telekinesis power to grab a street sign and swung it at him. It hit him in the head and he staggered backwards. I hit him a couple more times before he got the better of me and threw the street sign through the Stars Hollow video store's front window.

"Why don't you just give up," Sylar said to me.

"Sure," I replied. "If you can catch me."

I turned invisible and took a couple of steps back.

"Nice one," Sylar said, looking around for me. "I can't wait to try that one. One problem though I can still hear you."

He raised his hand and I focused hard. I blocked his telekinesis. He was trying to lift a car, but now he couldn't.

I lost concentration and Sylar immediately threw the car at me. I bent my knees and lifted my arms above my head. I caught the car midair and threw it back at Sylar. I became visible again and shot electricity at him. Sylar fell down, but was up just as quick.

"Let's see what you can do now," Sylar said as he froze my feet to the ground.

"Easy," I replied as I made fire come out of my feet. "Too easy," I added as I took a step back so he could see I was free from the ice. "You're going to have to try harder than that. Come on, I'm new at this and I'm kicking your ass."

"Not for long," Sylar said and I noticed my hand turning into liquid.

"Cute," I replied as I blocked his power. The liquidation stopped, but now I'm missing half an arm. I focused on Claire and my arm grew back.

I searched his mind and found a memory, one of Sylar with his mother. Huh, Gabriel Gray, nice name. I closed my eyes and shapeshifted into Gabriel, glasses and all. I wanted to give him a chance to kick his own butt.

"Hello," I said adopting Sylar's voice from the memory. "I'm Gabriel, Gabriel Gray." I held my hand out towards Sylar.

"My name's Sylar," Sylar retorted angrily.

"Well, I don't know," I said shifting back into myself. "Your mom called you Gabriel, well before you killed her at least."

"Deal with this," Sylar said as his hands started glowing. "If you're lucky you'll only blow up Stars Hollow."

"You're giving me more powers," I asked Sylar confused as I absorbed his power. "Do you really think that's a good idea?"

"Just wait," Sylar said. "You won't be able to control it."

"Are you sure," I asked Sylar. "On a scale of one to ten, how sure are you?"

I focused all the radiation energy flowing through me and shot it at him like a lightning bolt. He fell backwards. I walked over and stood above him.

"You have nothing on me," I replied.

"Really," Sylar asked. I let him get up. "Jess Mariano, mother Liz Danes, father Arthur Petrelli, well if you could call him a father. You were abandoned by both your parents and had to move in with you Uncle. Now you're living the good life, with a girlfriend and all."

"You leave her out of this," I hissed angrily at him.

"Make me," Sylar replied. "When I kill you, and I will, she'll be next on my list, followed closely by your Uncle."

"You won't touch them," I said as we started throwing punches back and forth.

I gave up quickly and combined my fire and electricity power together. I blasted him with it, but he froze it midair and threw it back at me. I had no time to react and the blast hit me, I landed flat on my back. I tried to get up, but I knew I'd have to wait until I healed first.

"Now," Sylar said as he cut open my head slowly. "Stay still."

I tried to block his power, but I couldn't, I was in too much pain.

"Arrrggghhh!" I screamed out.

I looked towards the diner and noticed both Parkman and Bennet holding Luke back. I looked for Rory's thoughts in the group. I just wanted to hear her one last time.

Jess, no, come on get up, you have to get up. -Lorelai

I wish I had superpowers. -Kirk

Maybe I could knock out the guy on my left out and then run. I have to save Jess, I have to try. -Luke

Jess, I love you. You have to be okay, please try and fight back… maybe you could accept his offer, it's not too late. -Rory

Accept his offer. I knew that was definitely not an option. I tried to figure out a plan. He had me pinned, but that didn't matter as I still couldn't move, I must've fried something in my brain- fire and electricity probably aren't the two best things to be hit with.

Is that the town loner? –Miss Patty

I looked behind Sylar and noticed a man walking towards us. I wanted to warn him to keep his distance, but I didn't want to alert Sylar as he seemed oblivious to the world around him. I kept my eyes focused on the guy as he shot out red electricity. It hit Sylar in the back and immediately immobilized him.

"You alright?" the guy asked me as he pulled me up.

"Yeah," I replied. "Thanks. Is Sylar dead?"

"No, just frozen," the guy replied, bending down. He took the glove off of his left hand and touched Sylar. It was like freeze frame, I saw the power leave Sylar and enter the man, it was quick and painless. "He won't hurt anyone now."

"Who are you?" I asked the guy. "And how'd you take his powers."

"They call me the borrower," the guy replied. "And that's my ability. I can take powers off another just by touching them."

"Jess," Luke said as he came over and hugged me. "Thank god you're alright."

"Yeah," I said. "Thanks to this guy."

"You're the town loner right?" Luke asked him. "The one that lives in the caves."

"Yeah," the guy replied nervously.

"Well thanks for saving my nephew," Luke said as he shook the guy's hand.

"Jess, I'm glad you're alright," Rory said, hugging me. "I love you."

"I love you too." I kissed her.

"Bennet," the town loner said as Bennet approached us.

"Long time," Bennet replied. "Is Sylar immobilized?"

"Yeah," the town loner responded.

"We'll take him in," Bennet replied. "Put him on level five. What are you going to do with his powers?"

"Take over the world," the town loner joked. "I don't know. I can't control them much longer. It's too unstable. I'm going to have to pass them on and soon."

"Well, don't touch anyone here," Bennet warned as he turned to leave. "And keep out of trouble."

"Sure," the town loner said. "Jess." He motioned me over to him.

"How do you know my name?" I asked confused, walking over to him.

"I know a lot of things," the town loner said. "I'm your uncle… well other uncle." I must've looked confused because he explained further. "Your father Arthur Petrelli," he explained. "I'm his younger brother Jonah."

"Nice to meet you, Jonah," I said, still trying to take it all in. "So where's my dad?"

"He died," Jonah said. "Suicide."

"Oh," I said in shock. "Well does anyone in your family actually know I exist?" I asked. "Does Nathan know about me?"

"No," Jonah replied. "I'm the only one who knows, well apart from Peter. You met him right, he showed you the future."

"Yeah, I met him," I said. "He's a great guy, but he's not me, is he?"

I'd started to expect it. Peter was different, too different.

"No," Jonah replied. "He's your twin brother. You were killed in the future by Sylar. Peter avenged you by killing Sylar and the rest of your crew. He saved Claire though, she's your cousin."

"Hiro told me she was Nathan's kid," I said. "So where's Peter in present time?"

"He lives with me," Jonah explained. "No one told your mom she had twins, so she only left the hospital with you, and then there was a mix-up or something and no one came for Peter, so I took him in. We travel around a lot because I don't want Peter to be influenced by the rest of the family."

"Why?" I asked confused.

"They're not all good, Jess," Jonah told me carefully. "It's just better if you and Peter grew up away from all that."

"So Peter's my twin brother?" I asked, still slightly confused. "Why didn't I get to meet him before this, does he even know I exist?"

"I never told him," Jonah said. "But he has his clairvoyant dreams, like you, so I'm pretty sure he knows. Come on let's get back to the diner, I'm sure the town wants to welcome you back, plus they probably all have questions for you."

"Great," I said sarcastically before changing the subject. "You don't really live in the caves do you?" I asked him shocked.

"Heavens no," Jonah replied amused as we made our way past Sylar. Bennet and the other two guys were loading him into the back of a truck. "We have a house out in the woods."

"What about Peter?" I asked confused. "I've never seen him around."

"We keep to ourselves," Jonah said. "Peter's home schooled and when we find the need to go out we just travel to Boston or Hartford… Somewhere no one will recognize us."

"Jess," Rory said as she hugs me again. "What was up with that guy? He looked like you, but had a scar on his face, he whispered something in my ear and told me to think it no matter what."

"That's Peter," I answered as I pulled out of the hug. "He's my brother."

"You have a brother?" Rory said shocked.

"Yeah," I said. "And an Uncle." I motioned towards Jonah as we walked into the diner. "Rory this is Jonah, Jonah this is Rory."

"Nice to meet you," they said to each other.

"Okay," Bennet said, coming back into the diner. "We have Sylar and we're taking him to a secure location. He's lost his powers, so he isn't dangerous anymore, but we're taking all the necessary precautions just in case. Now what you saw today, you can't tell anyone, no one," Bennet said while looking at Miss Patty. "Jess' safety, as well as the safety of others depend on it. You will not see us again, hopefully, and Jess thank you for your help."

"No problem," I replied.

"If you ever need anything just call me," Bennet said as he handed me a card. "We appreciate everything you've done for us… and you too, Jonah."

"Sure," Jonah said.

"Will I see you around?" Noah asked Jonah hopefully.

"No," Jonah replied. "I can't, I'm sorry."

"Okay," Bennet said as he hugged Noah. "And brother, don't forget to do something with those powers before you do something stupid."

"Sure, Noah," Jonah said.

"I'll see you," Bennet said sadly as he walked out the door.

I love you too, brother. -Jonah

So Noah and Jonah were brothers too, but that means that… Geez, this is too confusing, I'd have to asked him someday.

"So is the future fixed?" I asked Jonah nervously.

"Take a look for yourself," Jonah replied.

"The future?" Rory questioned me. "Can I come?"

"Is that alright Jonah?" I asked nervously.

"Sure," Jonah said. "But keep to the shadows and only interact with yourself or Peter, do you understand?"

"Yes," I said as I placed my hand on Rory's shoulder. "We'll be back in a few minutes, give or take," I said to Luke.

I teleported us to the Manor. We were in the room where Rory was bedridden and I was glad to see she wasn't there.

"Where are we?" Rory asked confused.

"The Manor," I answered. "It was kind of a refuge for people with abilities, but that was in the old future I have no idea what it's used for now."

"What was I like in the future?" Rory asked me excitedly as we made our way out of the hallway and down the stairs.

"Beautiful," I replied truthfully, yet I was certain I wasn't going to tell her the whole story. "You still loved me even after everything I put you through."

"I'll always love you, Jess," Rory said as she kissed me softly. "No matter what."

"I believe you," I said, how could I not, I'd seen it with my own eyes.

"Jess," Peter said. I turned around.

"Hey," I said, taking in his appearance, he looked so different. "I see you don't have a scar anymore?"

"Yeah," Peter said. "It's good."

"I know that you're my brother," I said to him.

"Yeah?" Peter questioned. "Sorry I didn't tell you. I would've but I didn't know how to tell my twin brother that he'd been killed. It was easier to pretend to be you."

"It's okay," I replied. "Jonah told me."

"You met Jonah then?" Peter asked amused for some reason. "That explains why this reality is so different."

"How can you remember?" Rory asked Peter confused. "What happened before wouldn't have happened to you, so you wouldn't know about it."

"It's one of the abilities I picked up," Peter explained. "It allows me to see all different realities in full detail. Like if you decide to do something then I can see that reality clearly," Peter explained. "But then say if Jess changes your mind, then the new reality replaces the old one."

"Wouldn't that get annoying?" I asked him. "Everyone changes their mind constantly."

"I can block it out," Peter said. "I only use it on the people I love, as I want them to make the right decisions. Plus, I have a great memory, so I just store it all in the back of my mind and pull it out when needed."

"Wait," I said to Peter. "So in the other reality you weren't me, right?"

"Right," Peter replied, failing to see my point.

"So why were you kissing Rory?" I asked him pointedly.

"Because when you died she became fair game," Peter answered simply, shrugging his shoulders.

"You kissed me?" Rory asked confused. "I wouldn't allow that."

"You never know," Peter said. "You might like me more than Jess."

"Okay," I said, immediately changing the subject. "So am I alive in this reality… and is Rory alive?"

"You're both alive," Peter said as he walked away and motioned for us to follow him. "Have a look," he said, stepping up to a window. We got in close and looked out the window.

"What's going on?" Rory asked confused.

"Sunday family dinner," Peter replied. "We do it every week."

"Is that mom and Luke?" Rory asked amazed.

"Yeah," Peter answered. "And your mom's pregnant with a girl."

"What about the others?" I asked Peter.

"Well," Peter began. "We have Jonah and his brother Noah, they had a falling out many years ago, but somehow they worked through all their differences. Then we have our brother Nathan and his family, including his daughter Claire. Then of course we have you and Rory."

"We look so old," Rory said amused even though we were only three years in the future.

"What about you?" I asked Peter. "Do you have anyone special?"

"No," Peter said sadly. "I'm just waiting for Rory to realize it's me she wants."

"What?" Rory asked confused.

"I'm only joking," Peter replied. "I've seen someone in my future, but the only trouble is that I have to wait for it to come around."

"How long do you have to wait?" Rory asked sadly.

"Around five years," Peter replied. "But trust me, it'll be well worth the wait."

"Why don't you just go and find her now?" I asked confused. "If you know who she is, then why wait?"

"I have my reasons," Peter replied.

"Okay," I said, dropping the subject. I had the whole future to convince him. "What about the others?" I asked Peter. "Nikki and her son, Elle… all of them."

"They're with their families," Peter replied. "Nothing exceptionally bad happened, so there was never any reason for them to leave home."

"That's good," I said visibly relieved. "So Molly's back with Parkman and Mohinder?"

"Yeah," Peter said. "Claude's the only one who returned to the Manor, but we hardly ever see him. We let him stay because he has nobody else."

"What about Sylar?" Rory asked nervously. "Did he ever come back for Jess?"

"No," Peter said. "The company locked him up on their most secure level. He had no powers, so he couldn't escape. He hasn't hurt anyone else since that day," Peter added for my benefit.

"I'm glad. It looks like this future is going to be a great place," I said to Peter.

"Just don't stuff it up," Peter said to me jokingly. "Anyway, you two really should be getting back."

"It was nice to meet you," Rory said to Peter.

"You too," Peter replied.

"Will I be seeing you soon?" I asked Peter hopefully.

"Yeah," Peter replied. "Sooner than you think."

"Bye," I said as I put my hand on Rory's shoulder.

"Look out the window," Peter said right before we teleported back.

We were back in the diner and I immediately looked out the window. Peter was standing there, in the middle of the street. I didn't think, I just ran out of the diner and hugged him.

"Jess?" Peter questioned me confused.

"Yeah," I replied. "Brother," I added as I hugged him tighter.

"It's nice to meet you," Peter said, pulling out of the hug.

"You have no idea," I replied.

"Hey, guys," Jonah said as he approached us. "I see you two finally met."

"Yeah," Peter answered happily.

"I need you to trust me," Jonah said turning serious.

"Okay," I said without missing a beat.

"Peter?" Jonah questioned.

"I don't know," Peter replied.

"I'm going to split Sylar's powers between the two of you," Jonah tried to reassure Peter.

"I know…" Peter replied. "But I don't want any more powers."

"Come on, Peter," Jonah pleaded. "You know I can't hold onto these powers forever and I'd just give them to Jess, but I don't know if it's too much power or not. You have to, Peter, there's no other way."

"Come on," I said to Peter and I grabbed his shoulder comfortingly. "It'll be over in a minute."

"Okay," Peter agreed.

Jonah placed a hand on both of our foreheads and closed his eyes. I could feel the power surging through me, it didn't hurt, but it felt strange. I kept my eyes on Peter the whole time, he looked scared and his eyes were shut tight. It was soon over and Jonah let us be.

"Are you alright?" I asked Peter nervously. Future-Peter was always so strong, he was so unlike the timid person standing in front of me.

"Can I meet Rory?" Peter asked me hopefully as he opened his eyes.

"Sure thing," I replied as I let go of his shoulder, only to put my arm around him in a brotherly way. "She's going to love you."

As we walked towards the diner, I couldn't help but think about how complete my life was now. I had two uncles who loved me and a twin brother I'd do anything for. Plus, the future didn't look too grim now. I was excited for what it had in store, enjoying Sunday lunches with my family. I couldn't wait and I knew I didn't have to.

I looked down at my brother. He looked the same as his future self, but he looked young and innocent and it was in that moment I knew I'd protect him from the world, no matter what. Nothing bad would ever happen to Peter, I wouldn't allow it, because I never wanted to see the look of total despair and regret in his eyes ever again.

The End

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