Time Bombs



Part One

Brenda Barrett had slept in for the night and she woke up because she had to pick up her new love interest from the airport and so she grabbed some sweats than drove to the airport…She went through customs, in other countries they are actually very funny about people coming through airport. So she waited and drank her coffee for that someone, a half-hour later came out and Brenda walked to that person that gave her a kiss.."Welcome back LoLo." Brenda said and Lois responded, "it's good to be back." So they drove to their and Lois knew that Brenda was still half-asleep, so she just let her sleep. She woke her up and they went into the house.

"Brooklyn is doing good in the music program and I have no worries." Lois said and Brenda responded, "Sweetie, why did a producer called here?" Brenda asked knowing what the answer was and Lois responded, "I have no idea what you mean." Brenda smiled and said, "You don't lie well." "Okay, I had him called here because I wanted to asked you what you thought of him." Lois said and Brenda responded, "He's okay but I don't trust him." Lois and Brenda talked it over. Brenda was getting more awake by the second and so they agree to table the discussion later. Then there was a called that would shake Lois and Brenda's world. "Hello." Lois said and added, "Ned. What happened?" Lois dropped the 

phone and Brenda picked it up, "Ned, what happened? Sonny's dead." Brenda said and was in shock as well…