Chapter One: Grocery Shopping

"Alright, I'm leaving!"

Edward was instantly at my side with a concerned look. "Do you really have to go?"

I laughed and kissed his cheek. "It's grocery shopping, Edward. Yes, I really have to go."

I walked out of the cottage and through the woods, leaving a bewildered Edward standing in the doorway. He really needed to get used to the fact that I wasn't human anymore. I had been a vampire for at least five years now, though I really couldn't keep track. You would think that's enough time for him! Men….

I hopped into my Ferrari and started the engine, grimacing as I heard how beautifully the engine purred. Yes, it was the perfect car, but similar to Edward's problem, I couldn't get used to the fact that I was no longer driving my truck. It was the best car for me and I had loved it. Once I had proof that he Edward sabotaged it in order for me to use one of his more expensive cars, I would avenge it. But, for now, I would just patiently drive to the grocery store and ignore the people staring at my amazing yet very annoying car.

I parked in the one of the closer spaces to the store, even though I really didn't need a space that close, I actually enjoyed walking far distances. It was merely for the reason that it would seem a bit strange for a car to be parked far away when there were only about ten cars in the lot.

Alice had dressed me this morning and once I walked into the grocery store I realized what a big mistake that was. She had begged and pleaded, insisting that I don't wear clothes that look nice on me, and eventually I gave in. Now, I was cursed to be oogled at by the male population of the store. I tried my best to keep my cool. I calmly walked my cart through the store ignoring the immature whistles that seemed to follow me wherever I went.

We really didn't need much from the store, mainly things for Renesmee like clothes. She seemed to be growing out of almost every pair of clothes she was given, leaving me at the store fairly often. I picked out fifteen shirts and ten pairs of pants, hoping that would last long enough. I had made sure this time to get several sizes of clothing instead of just one.

I pushed my cart up to the register, looking like a mother of five rather than one, with all of the different sizes of clothes I had picked up. The man at the register frowned at the overflowing amount of clothes I had bought, but once he saw my face, his expression had completely changed.

"W-will you need me to help you to your car?"

I smiled, trying to seem polite despite my hatred of the look he was giving me right now.

"No thank you, I can take care of it myself."

I moved quickly towards the exit, but he beat me there.

"It's no trouble at all, really! You look like you could use some help."

I frowned, wishing this pushy man would leave me alone; he was starting to remind me of Mike Newton.

"Please just let me go to my car, I can do it myself."

He blocked the door from me and shook his head; he really was a persistent one. All of a sudden he fell to the hard, linoleum floor, revealing a man standing behind him with a mixture of anger and disgust lining his face.

"She said to leave her alone." He said coldly.

I stared at him in shock, not knowing what to do. Finally I managed to open my mouth.

"Edward? What the hell are you doing here?!"


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