Haha gotcha!

No, this is actually an author's note, but please keep reading because this is important. I haven't uploaded the epilogue yet because I'm waiting for more reviews on the last chapter. I honestly want to hear your opinions. This is my first real fanfiction, and I love getting reviews from you guys. If you want to talk about a certain thing that you liked about the story or a certain thing that you disliked, maybe you have some unanswered questions, or even a suggestion for my next fanfic that would be great.

Speaking of unanswered questions, yes I know I forgot about the babysitter thing. Since I never had a chance to pop it into the story, I guess I can just say it here. I considered having you guys guess on a poll or something but you guys are kinda lazy about it and I figured the babysitter was obvious. It was Jacob. It was actually gonna be a cute little chapter about him and Renessme bonding and whatnot, but it didn't happen. If you guys ask, maybe I'll write it and post it as a bonus chapter.

Thank you so much for reading my mediocre story that took me forever to update! I love you all for your support and loyalty! I'm telling you guys, the epilogue is looking great so far and I've even gotten a friend to check it out beforehand (which I've never done) who also thinks it's hilarious. Please review the last chapter! Here, I'll even give you a bonus: if you review the story on the last chapter, I'll send you a hint as to what the epilogue is about (it's not really a spoiler, it's the first thing said)and I'll include your review in my review response board for the epilogue! And if I get enough reviews, I'll throw in that bonus chapter, and if you guys want it, make the epilogue a little more steamy.



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