Team Rose: Version 2.0

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Warning: This fic is deep. As the story goes on the characters will have to deal with things like depression, losing your loved one, drugs, gangs, friendships, redemption, growing up, and finding new love. Pairings will be revealed later.

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-Eggman's taken control of New York and all the states surrounding it.

-Rolaic is not a real place.

-Magic has been discovered and right now people are relying on it. A little outside the Sonic relam but he did get sucked into a magical book so I think I can get away with a few healing arts. More this subject will be explained later. This chapter is merely to show how Amy's going through depression right now.

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"How much of human life is lost in waiting."

-Said by Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Enchantment scrolls!! Twenty percent off!! Only fifty rings now!"

"Dispel evil spirits with these fabulous charms! Be prepared for the cold wind a'comin."

"Have you ever wondered where in the world could you keep all of your provisions, food, clothing, weapons, etcetera, etcetera? Well look no further because do I have a deal for you!"

"Traveling supplies…. Get food, water, and stuff like that… Anybody? …Half price?"

"You over there!! By some goddamn fish already!! …NO!! Wait!! It's for my daughter's operation!! …COME BACK!!"

An onlooker who had never been to Rolaic would be freaked out by the various yelled advertisements thrown at them when they passed through Rolaic's pier, but for the many citizens that resided there, it was second nature.

Millions of people swarmed around the colorful stands set along what was named "The Pier Walk," looking and purchasing the various goods brought overseas by the ships and their loyal crew. A couple hundred though settled for texting, chatting, and surfing the net on their cell phones, no doubt comparing prices for the same stuff on EBay to what the stand-clerks were offering. Every so often one love struck guy would come along and shout out a marriage proposal or a confession at the ever popular café located just along the edge of "The Pier Walk" and one of Rolaic's most active road and railroad networks.

With all of the hustling and bustling around every part of the docks, it was rare to find a selected few who found delight in simply strolling along the very edges of the piers and watching the crystal clear waves.

Those with sandals on would dispose of them, roll up their pants legs if needed, and lazily let the foaming water crash over the calloused bottoms of their dangling feet; some with sensitive feet laughing at the ticklish sensation.

Amy Rose was included in this rare group.

Since being forced to move from Station Square to Rolaic, the young pink hedgehog had adapted a sense of solitude, rarely sparing someone more than ten words in a conversation. Of course the citizens couldn't really blame her… They had all heard the rumors.

Supposedly, the girl used to be a close friend and obsessed with the renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, to the point of proclaiming herself to be his girlfriend. Now the people understood that she was young at that time and waved it off as "just a silly crush," but through the years Amy had constantly chased him anywhere he went…even into danger. Thus, this caused significant problems for Sonic and his teammates since whenever Amy was captured—which was very often considering they were usually being targeted by Eggman or chasing after him—they would have to come running to save her.

Now, don't get anyone wrong, the pink girl was clearly able to defend herself in a fair fight. The problem was, Eggman never fought fairly and often used dirty tactics that the female hedgehog could never see coming. It was her age, many repeated; she was young and naïve—weren't we all back then?

Few blamed Sonic for getting a tad irked at Amy's constant chasing and fruitless efforts to make him fall in love with her. She was like a little kid to the seventeen-year-old, no matter how any times she declared that she was mature enough to handle him.

"Give her time," some of his fans would say, passing him on the street as he hid from her yet again. "She'll get over it soon and then turn into a beautiful young lady. Just wait and see."

Alas, soon wasn't early enough for the blue blur. The war came on more quickly than anyone expected and a bloody battlefield was no place for a thirteen-year-old female. It didn't matter that she was a fighter; these were the kinds of battles where people were mercilessly killed.

Eggman wasn't playing around this time. He would seize any power and go by any means to make sure that no one stood in his way. Over time, he had eventually managed to construct an army of unstoppable robots powered solely by the new magical elements just discovered in their world. Scientist said that the 'magic' was caused by the link between Earth and Mobius, resulting in some energy be transferred back and forth.

Everyone thought it was a reasonable for Sonic to request that Amy immediately leave the battle field of the now destroyed Station Square to a safer place like Rolaic. He may not have loved her like she him, but he did care what happened to her.

Unfortunately, Amy was stubborn and refused to even stay six meters away from the hero, constantly tailing him to the base they had set up and even keeping an eye on him during all the small battles that they couldn't seem to win. They could fend the robots off, but they could never just slice through them like they could have before.

It wasn't a surprise to anyone that Sonic had to finally resort to anger to forcibly make the girl evacuate. Well, Amy was probably in shock from his harsh words, but she would certainly get over it right?


Amy Rose had been pushed away one too many times and she finally cracked.

The argument of the century broke out between the two then and the strange thing was, no one had any clue what was said. They had it in the private conference room with sound proof walls. All they knew was that Amy had left the room in angry tears and Sonic never said a word to anyone. Rumor has it that he had become somewhat colder after that. Then again, Tails and Knuckles were the only company he had up there with nothing but constant battles with the enemy so that could have something to do with it.

The people of Rolaic had seen Amy come to their city with a dead expression. Dull green eyes, tear-stained cheeks, bloodshot eyes, disheveled appearance… Everyone just thought she would get over it and move on. She was merely a child and she needed to understand that.

Sonic had already grown up, went through all the adolescent years and the pains that came with it. Amy hadn't. No matter how many times she said that she was an adult, she still hadn't even experienced the mental and physical pains of growing up. And she needed to do that before she saw Sonic again. The theory was that this was the main reason for Sonic's frustration.

But instead of getting better, Amy Rose got worse.

It wasn't the really bad kind of depression—like cutting herself or something along the lines of those extremes—but it was the kind of sadness that people felt when they finally had to face adulthood alone and that left you mentally drained.

Racing thoughts, crying spells, not wanting to be around people… They saw all the symptoms in the once small girl. Sadly, the pink female had no one to turn to. She didn't have that many friends outside of her Sonic crew and many of the ones that were had been killed in the sudden capture of Station Square. Cream was in a different city, also growing up but, at that time, Amy didn't want to deal with anyone.

Her diet had also suffered from these mental hits on her heartstrings. She ate the bare minimal amount of food to survive and had greatly slimmed down because of this. Anorexic? Possibly. Her image of herself and self-confidence could have plummeted from the fight. Maybe she had planted thoughts that Sonic didn't want her because something was wrong with her. No one really knew. She never talked out her problems with anyone and had lost her outgoingness.

People did see her eating something at least once a day but it was usually something small. A salad, a granola bar, an apple… Some type of food similar to those types of things.

Numerous people suspected that the source ran deeper than a simple crush.

Seven years had passed since that era…and Amy hadn't fully recovered yet. She still found herself pinning after Sonic but stayed reluctantly within the city's limits, not knowing what to say if she ever encountered him again. The hedgehog had instead opted for archery lessons, first aid classes, magic-harnessing courses, and a few volunteer programs to keep her mind off of him but none worked for long. So she started getting her hands on any news that came from the war zone, sending text messages to Tails' cell phone, watching the news, listening to radio broadcasts…the list goes on. Even though she was a bit independent now, she still couldn't seem to forget about her blue hero and leave things were they stood.

Thus when a ship and its crew that regularly traveled back and forth between Rolaic and the battlegrounds of Station Square arrived, it was no surprise that Amy immediately befriended one of its members…


Location: Rolaic (current station for escapees), Loading/Shipping Docks

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Year: 2000

It was Thursday.

To be more specific it was the second Thursday of April, meaning that the Rosodiaea came today.

Feet thrumming against the wooden docks with breaths coming in heavy gulps, the female expertly weaved her way through the familiar, crowded streets and walkways, pausing only to give a quick "Excuse me," to those she bumped into.

She checked her ticking watch. Nine a.m… Right on time then.

Skidding around the corner, she sprinted her way towards the towering ships being docked at the local ports. Burly and lanky crewmen were situated around each ship, catching the lifted wooden crates that dangled precariously above them on the metal hooks. Many were weary from the odd hours they had to work and the violent seas they had to sail upon, but some managed to find the energy to greet the on-time girl that rushed by them.

"G'day Miss Rose! Looking exceptionally lovely today."

"Oy, Miss Rose! The Rosodiaea should be at dock three!"

"Johnny be expecting you, Miss Rose. Said 'e 'ad some real good news, 'e did."

The female simply replied to all of these comments with a side glance over her shoulder, a nod of her head, and a brilliant smile at each chap as she made her way down the boardwalk.

Enchanting green eyes caught the memorable wooden haul with carved letters that spelled out Rosodiaea adorning both sides, bringing her to halt just in front of the loading dock. The ship's crew was busy with unpacking their cargo and tending to various repairs, but a few waved shyly towards her as she made her way down the side dock.

With metal on short supply nowadays and most trading posts locked off thanks to the war, wooden ships were very common among bartering vessels. As long as the captain kept the ship away from any war zones on the seas, it could last up to a good seven years with minimal repairs. Sure that involved a lot more work but into keeping it afloat and required a capable crew, but a number of people said they enjoyed the whole 'pirate' feeling.

"Johnny!!" she screamed, cupping her hands around her mouth as she stopped near the side of the boat to glance up. "Johnny!!" she tried again, waiting to see the brown dog lean over the railing and give her his trade-mark grin.

"Ahoy, Miss Rose!" came a voice from her left, making her twirl around in surprise. A smile soon overlapped her startled features.

A lanky brown dog adorned in shabby clothes was hanging from one of the various ropes leading up the mast. A torn, red piece of cloth covered his spiky brown hair and left his long ears visible from both sides. Hung over his one shoulder was a random duffel bag that he had been unloading until his eyes had found the pink beauty.

"Johnny!" she breathed in relief, running along the side of the ship until she was directly underneath his hanging form. "Welcome back."

The dog laughed. "Glad to be back, Miss Rose. Wouldn't miss out on seeing your beautiful face on the return trip for all the gold on the high seas."

"Well, that's a lot of gold," she replied, eyes downcast to hide the uprising blush and hands nervously wringing together. It was normal for Johnny to try and flirt with her. For the life of her though, she could never figure out why. She had asked once and Johnny had responded with a simple, "You really need to ask?"

Eyes still downward and waist-long, flimsy, human-like hair fanning out around her face, she mentally prepared herself for her oncoming questions."Seas good to you?" Start out with normal conversation; keep it light. Don't let him see the worry plaguing your every hour of sleep.

"As good as they'll ever get," he answered, oblivious to the hedgehog's concerns and worries. "Wooden ships take to water much better then all 'em metal ones they have. They're just like heaping piles of junk getting ready to sink." His gaze traveled to the calm sea just south of the ship, the wind carelessly blowing through his held back hair and jostling him on the ropes.

The pink female chuckled and her gaze returned to Johnny's higher brown eyes, noticing the joy twinkling in them. "You really love this don't?"


"Sailing the seas and all that. …Must be nice. You can leave all your troubles behind and one city and just lose yourself in the ocean's waves. I-I wish I could do that."

Johnny glanced down at the female, following her switched gaze to the rolling in water. "You know," he began, rubbing his firm jaw with his free hand. "We always need new crew men…or women. I'm sure the Captain wouldn't mind-."

Amy shook her head, cutting him off. "No. No, I'm fine where I am. It's just, you know… I-I want to be able to be where…where…"

Johnny's light-hearted expression suddenly fell. He knew that whatever conversation they had, it always—always—went back to the blue blur that she still wouldn't give up. It slightly infuriated him to know that the hero everyone worshiped, had a girl like this waiting for him and yet he wouldn't even reply to one of her messages. The least he could do was write letters to her and let her know that he was still breathing. That bastard didn't even know what he was doing to the poor female.

A sigh escaped the dog's lips. He knew he shouldn't be irritated at the famous speedster. He had a lot on his plate at the time with the war going on, and being practically alone up in Station Square… Besides, if he hadn't forced Amy to leave, Johnny might never have met her.

She would get over him eventually. She had to…right?

A shaky breath called Johnny back to reality and he found himself gazing down at a faintly trembling hedgehog, worry etched in her features. "So…?" she asked in such defeated tone that Johnny had to clamp his jaw tightly shut to keep from whimpering for her. No person should ever have to live with being this crushed.

"I'm sorry, Miss Rose," he murmured, not knowing what else to say. What could he say? No matter how much time passed it seemed that Amy couldn't put herself back to together again. As time wore on, she just got more desperate with frantic worrying about whether he was dead or not. "He had just went to the front lines when we arrived. I wasn't able to get to him."

She had once told him, "Even if he doesn't love me the way I love him, I still want to be around him. Not as a girlfriend or someone important; just as a person that wants him happy. I don't think that's wrong."

If Sonic only knew what he was leaving behind.

"O-Oh," she stuttered, an unknown emotion flashing somewhere behind her dull jade eyes. "I see…"

It was then that Johnny noticed how unwell she looked. Her vibrant pink hair had dulled considerably from last time he say her and not even the purple ribbons serving as a headband tied at the side could offset the color. The purple shirt she wore with flowing sleeves was wrinkled around the sides and the lace detail going up her sides appeared frayed. The hedgehog's well-worn jeans appeared even more faded then normal and several deep set creases in their stiff legs looked like they would never come out. A brown belt wrapping around the middle of her elongated shirt was also missing several beads and had uncut threads hanging from the loop. Not even her jade green eyes and immense amounts of make-up could cover up the worry lines that she was beginning to get with age and the dark circles hanging around her eyes.

She seemed to be even thinner than last time—with her belt being on its shortest hole—and her hair appeared to be much shorter-though still longer then most woman's-and had an almost thread-like quality now.

To anyone far away, she could appear generally beautiful and well-kept but to Johnny—who was used to seeing on weekly basis—she looked like a complete mess.

"Miss Rose," he started, swinging down from his perch on the rope to stand on equal ground with the female, her eyes still locked on something distant in her mind. "Have you been eating and sleeping properly?"

Amy snapped back to reality then, startled by his question."O-Of course!" she answered too quickly, almost as if it were a reflex. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Eyes narrowing in doubt, Johnny shook his head and let his hand fall from her shoulder. "No offense, Miss Rose, but…you look horrible."

The pink hedgehog sighed. "It's been a tough week."

"Tough week or a tough year?"

"Both," she answered crisply, not meeting his gaze. "But, like I said, I'm adjusting. There's no need to worry; I'm completely fine."

"You sure 'bout that?" Johnny watched while she tried to get her trembling body under control. "When was the last time you ate a meal? And I don't mean one of those little salads; I mean a real Thanksgiving-sized meal."

The female chewed on her bottom lip, fingers fidgeting together. "I-I… I don't recall. I don't need much to eat anymore and I usually have those lunch-sized meals. I don't think I could eat a Thanksgiving-sized meal all by myself."

"You're lying," he stated, watching her eyes flicker about the deck for an escape route.

"No I'm not. Besides, it's none of your concern."

"If you hurt yourself over this, Miss Rose, then it's everyone's concern." Johnny glared at the girl.

"No, it isn't," Amy replied stubbornly, meeting his gaze with her tired eyes. "I'm perfectly fine, Johnny. I thank you for your concern but once again, it is not needed."

When the brown dog didn't say anything more, Amy gave a small huff. "If you'll excuse me, I have to get going now." She had only made it two steps away from him on the crowded deck before his voice filled the still silence.

"If you really want to be with him, then you should go find him."

Amy blinked in surprise, whirling about to face Johnny. "What?"

Johnny nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders, throwing the duffel bag on a pile of them on the pier. His eyes were still hard from the recent argument."If he ain't gonna come to you what's the point in waiting. Go to him instead. You don't want to waste your life being one of those captured princesses…do you?"

His companion could do nothing but blink at his serious expression. "It's not that simple! I-I promised him I would stay in Rolaic-!" He didn't understand. She had made a promise after the fight…

"And didn't he promise something as well in exchange?!" He raised his voice, causing several other crew members to glance between the two in surprise before they scurried as far away from the feuding friends as possible. Johnny rarely got worked up and towards a female meant it was something big.

She gulped. Had he? "Y-Yeah but…"

"And has he kept it?" Johnny stared at her. His hands were clenched into tight fists and the grinding of his teeth filled the air of the now empty pier.

Once again, Amy gulped in anxiety. "Well… No but-!"

"Then you, my friend," Johnny interrupted, pointing a calloused hand at her, "owe him nothing. You are free to do what you want to do. …Unless what you want to do is stay sitting in your 'tower' for the rest of your life."

She owed him nothing? But what about all those times he had saved her? Didn't that count as something? Then again, he did break her heart. Maybe that was his twisted way of saying he didn't want her anymore. That he didn't care what happened to her so long as her death wasn't placed on his hands.

Amy shook her head to disperse the malicious thoughts. Never before had she thought of Sonic that way; why would she start now? He was her hero. Her knight in shining armor. Her prince. She would wait for him even if she was sixty-three for the fairy tales to come true if that's what it took.

Princes neither knights in shining armor nor heroes break people's hearts, a voice whispered in her head.

"I-I-I really have to go now," she suddenly said, ignoring the intent gaze of Johnny as she brushed past him on the deck. She had to get away. At least for now. At least to sort out all these crazy thoughts. "Thank you again for your help Johnny."

With a flick of her hair by the wind, Amy disappeared off the pier and into the crowd, leaving Johnny to just shake his head sadly and return to unloading and repackaging for the ship. He had finally said. He had finally told her that she needed to live her life for herself and no one else. He had wanted to tell her that for years and now it had just slipped out so easily.

So then, why did he feel so horrible?

Amy weaved her way through the throngs of people, intent on making in to the rec. center before noon to get in a few more practice minutes to calm the raging fire just now surfacing. She crossly ran a stray hand through her thick hair—a habit she did when she was extremely confused or irritated.

She was mad at Johnny for basically telling her that she had no life but her anger was also directed towards the blue blur who had just up and left her here. Couldn't he call? Or at least write a letter just to let her know he still knew she existed?

Was that so much to ask for?! It had been seven years; she deserved something for remaining loyal! Even after he crushed her heart!

A strangled sob passed through her lips and she screwed shut to keep the tears in as the unconsciously made her way through the mass of people. This wasn't the first time she had felt anger towards Sonic—god, even his name wrenched her heart now. In fact it was the twenty-second time. Yes she was tired of waiting but what else could she do? She had always followed him and did whatever he did; she wasn't use to standing on her own two feet. Okay, at times she had taken up the lead but, in the end, it was all for Sonic.

Not for herself but for him.

God, Johnny was right. She was pathetic. Her whole life revolved around him like the Earth did the Sun. It wasn't right, it certainly wasn't healthy, and it did nothing to give her comfort.

Hands furiously falling to her sides from being entangled in her hair, Amy stormed through the swarm at a much faster pace. She needed to get some of her anger out. She needed to calm down then sort out all of this.

She needed to stop hating herself for being so weak.

Not one person in the mob noticed the angry and upset tears brimming around the female's eyelashes.

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