A/N: You thought this was gonna be an update didn't you? You got all excited seeing it updated and then BAM here you are, reading this, getting more and more disappointed the farther you go. (Yes, I know doesn't allow just author's notes as things but..whatever. You want a story to go along with this, here you go...

The fat cat sat on the mat and then got eatten by the irate rat. There, happy?

Well, I'm pretty much giving up on Team Rose so there. I don't want to get your hopes or anything by lying to you and saying I'm working on an update when I'm not so that's the honest truth.

So why am I writing this?

Because three years, large amounts of lost sanity, many tears, screams, and maniacal laughter have finally amounted to something.

IT IS DONE. Five hundred some odd pages. Over 30 characters. Numerous dangling subplots. Four other books on the way. My first novel is done peoples! I may hate its guts but it is done! Now, I can turn to my computer with a smug smirk and go 'What now, bitch, you have no control over me until I start book two.'

…Yeah, writing a novel does something to your brain. You know those ideas that seem really, really easy when you start out? Well, they're not. Trust me, they suck you in and then around page 70 you're like WHAT HAVE I DONE? And the worst part is you can't get out. You're like stuck. It's scary.

Anyways, the point of this whole thing was basically to say this. Do not be expecting any updates because I will be in strait jacket obsessing over edits and book two, losing the rest of sanity. Also, if you want any more information about my novel please PM me.

Many have asked why I don't tell them the title and synopsis her in the author's note and the answer to that is not only a fear of plagiarism but also because I don't want to be traced back to fanfiction roots. I'm not ashamed of where I came from, I just don't want people prejudging me before they even read my book. Immediately when you hear, "I write fanfic" you think OOC, poorly written Harry Potter characters screwing each other, am I right? I'm not trying to offend anybody, but that is people's general idea of fanficiton—it's a starting block, like karaoke night for aspiring singers. I don't want people assuming that or, worse yet, I don't want people coming here and reading some of my early stuff and going, "Man, she sucks," and then bypassing my novel passed on that. I have improved and I want to be judged by what I put out in the world on print with my real name attached to it, not something I did on a whim five years ago. Imagine some of your earliest stuff. Do you really want people reading that and thinking that that's all you are? No, you want to be judged by what your best work is and where you are NOW as opposed to THEN.

So, yeah, that's my spiel. Peace out and love to everyone and all that crap,