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Chapter 1

Night fell in the direction that the armoured woman fled, drowning the dusk's hues under the surface of the horizon. Her crimson armour glinted in the faint light of the crescent moon, and shifted as she leapt from one section of earth to another a league away. Her hair flowed in long and wispy tendrils, flowing like sapphire rivers. Her leaps carried her across the dense forests, saving her the trouble of going through the rooted obstacles. She sailed through the wind, rising and dropping in elevation as she widened the distance between herself and her former home... at the other end of the earth. But it wasn't her home that she was running from...

Although, it was someone from home. However, he destroyed the meaning of home.

The demoness dropped to the ground, finally feeling the tug of fatigue and the weight of her armour on her body. Sleep, she thought the word like it was new to her vocabulary. Traveling multiple nights without sleep and food had taken its toll. She looked around in the piece of land that she landed in, and her thoughts came as if they weren't hers at all. I need sleep.The space was relatively small and peaceful, lightly covered by a thin, leafy canopy in places. The moonlight still filtered through, creating natural and unique designs on the night-fallen grass. Old and mature trees entered and exited the ground in stream-like roots. The ground felt soft beneath her feet, and late-night dew soaked up into the fabric of her long pants.

The demon girl approached an appealing resting place, fingers lightly tracing the hilt of her sword. It wasn't much of a weapon for her... she had too many other abilities that defeated the purpose of carrying a sword around. It was more of an antique, and a token of memory. The memory was of her father, who now was somewhere, drifting in the space of the afterlife. Her mother was no different, she thought, now that her fingers caressed the ribbon she had attached to the hilt of her father's sword. Two tickets to stroll down memory lane...

She sat down in the small hollow at the base of a weeping willow, its draping branches housing many delicate, swaying leaves. Her body and spine took the shape of its form, and she stilled once she found a comfortable position. Her eyelids drooped effortlessly, and she didn't wait long for sleep to drift by and take her within its drowsy grip. Vaguely, the image of her pursuer entered her mind, his burning eyes narrowing while his teeth bared in a menacing grin. Menace mixed with lust.

Why, Runihura, did you do this? Why did you lose your sanity, and killed all that we ever cared for?


A scent flowed through the air and entered the demoness' senses. It was something she recognized, since her tribe often mingled with their kind. She forced her eyes to stare out into the sunlit meadow, blinking to adjust her vision. Her red eyes searched the space, until she saw a figure move behind the trees, obviously on their own way. He suddenly side-glanced into the meadow, and saw her figure, almost hidden in the hollow. The red shine of her armour must have picked his eye's interest.

He threw down whatever he had been carrying on his shoulders, and jumped over the bushes and shrubs to enter the space. He continued running toward her figure, waving his arms as if he thought that the other saw him as some sort of threat. The demoness tilted her head and rested it against the bark, watching him approach.

"Young maiden!" he called, still a few meters away. "Are you alright? This isn't a place for someone like you to be safe..."

He slowed to a stop, and looked at her in bewildered awe. Or what she thought it was; it looked like it was on the verge of slipping into the status of deep fear. He must have just realized on what she was. The demoness smiled, trying her most trusting and kind smile; it came easily, for she met and spoke with many humans before. She wanted to rise and greet him gently, but she suddenly felt a wave of weakness ripple through her being, making her smile falter into a pained grimace. Her stomach announced it presence, searing it master with its acidic, torturous teasing. Food... abandoned for so long...

The demoness looked up to the human beseechingly. "Please," she said, almost too weak to create an audible sound. " Do you have... any food... to spare...?"

Before she could even continue, the man turned on his heel and returned the way he came, faster retreating than he was approaching. The demoness groaned in disappointment, and that noise was the last she made. Weak with hunger, she fell back to slumber.

However, it only seemed a second later that a delightful aroma surrounded her, and her eyes snapped open to investigate. Before her on the ground - settled on a worn-out cloth - were different types of food and delicacies, low quality to fit the status of traveling food. The demoness shot forward and swiped a loaf of bread, bringing it to her mouth without hesitation. Once biting it, she finally realized that the same human male was sitting across from her, watching her eat.

Her eyes narrowed at him, and she pulled the loaf from her teeth. The man saw this, and raised his hands in helpless defense, waving them as if caught in a misunderstanding.

"I didn't do anything to the food," he explained. "Serious!"

"Then why did you run away from me?" she asked coldly, suddenly paranoid. "What better and easier to destroy something you don't trust, than to befriend it and feed it poison?"
"I ran to get you my bag!" he protested. He pointed to the tree trunk the demoness of leaning on, and sure enough, when she turned to follow his finger, there say a next-to-empty pack. That was most likely the item he had been carrying before he saw her in the meadow. She turned her red-eyed gaze back to him, still inconvinced. He saw this, and started waving his hands about, desperate. "I'm just a traveler, not a demon-slayer! And even if I was, I wouldn't have killed you!"

"Oh? Why not?"

"Well, you're different!"

The demon woman tilted her head, watching him with hooded eyes. "That the best thing you can come up with?"

The man shut his eyes and shook his head, sighing. "It's just, you're not like the demons here - primitive and monstrous -, and the Demon Lords and Ladies don't even talk to humans, normally. They usually ignore or kill, even if they are in dire need of something. You... you asked me for food. At first I thought it was a trap... but then again, you're dressed in that armour, and I thought..." He trailed off, opening his eyes and looking at her, with what she assumed was curiosity.

"You thought what?" she pressed.

He looked up to her face, eyes burrowing into her red ones. "Are you... from across the western ocean...? From the Land of the Setting Sun?"

The demoness closed her eyes and smiled ruefully. Seems I can't go anywhere without being recognized. Although, now that she knew what he thought, then it made sense that he didn't mean her harm. To verify that...

"What rumours do you humans here have of that place?"

Slightly perplexed that the other avoided the question, the man linked his fingers together, thumbs twiddling. "U-Um...," his voice cracked with nervousness, now probably suspecting that he was, indeed, fraternizing with a dangerous demon, due to his naivety. "Well... danger is a minority there. The vicious demons are kept under control, and the demons that walk amok in the form of humans keep the peace. The only war is between man, and the demons have nothing to do with it. The demons mingle and involve themselves in helping and supporting, as if there was no species difference..."

The demoness took another bite out of her bread.

The man looked at her, and she smiled. Suddenly realizing the hidden meaning, he grinned back, nervousness disintegrating.

"Thanks so much for offering me food," she churped. "And sorry I snapped at you. Most of you humans have tainted minds, you have to admit; I can't trust most easily."

The man nodded a little too enthusiastically. "Of course; I don't blame you."

The other took in the human's appearance to attention. He had ebony black hair that draped down to his jawline, and slender eyebrows shadowed his chestnut-brown eyes. His skin was a reddish tone, covering well-cared-for muscles. He was dressed in casual clothing, worn out by the elements and Nature's path. His sat up straight and cross-legged, hands tucked into his lap in an excited composure. He looked about in his twenties.

"What's your name?" she asked kindly. "I don't what to result to calling you by just 'human'."

"Oh!" he said, reminded of his absent manners. He bowed his head in apology. "It's Makoto."

"Makoto," she cooed, making him blink in confusion. "That's a lovely name."

Makoto laughed after awkwardly watching her. "You sounded like a child, you know that?"

"Oh, that may be because I've never been ready to let go of my childhood," she smiled. "Even as I'm way past a human's typical life span.

"Now then, Makoto, since you so gave me your name, I'll give you mine. Call me Natsuki."

"Natsuki," Makoto tipped his chin. "That's of Japanese origin. Surely you'd have--?"

"It's Natsuki in these parts," she put casually. She finished the loaf of bread, only a fraction satisfied. She reached for some fruit that was in the group of offerings. "Natsuki... only..."

"Um... would you... tell me why that is?"

"I'm running away from someone. Or, more appropriate, something."

Makoto blinked. "Really?"

"If my real name gets uttered by another, it will be easily carried by the wind... and make it all the easier for him to find me," Natsuki took another bite of her food and took her time to swallow it before continuing. "I'm not ready to confront him... and kill him myself."

Her knuckles burned white as she clutched the fruit tightly. Only when her fingertips punctured the skin with ease did she loosen her grip and eat the remains. Makoto, seeing the behaviour, thought it was smart to abandon the topic.

"Japan is rather beautiful," Natsuki said, calling the other's attention again. Her eyes were traveling around the meadow. "I've had some time to search around in my travels... it looks lovely."

Makoto nodded, smiling.

Soon, Natsuki finished, and she stood up, armour making an audible screeching against one another. She stretched her spine and cracked her back, sighing.

"Well, thank you so much, Makoto," she smiled. "I don't know what I'd have done without you."

"It was my pleasure," he answered, picking up the worn cloth and folding it. They had eaten all of the food he set out. "Mind telling me where you're heading next?"

"I'm not quite sure. Wherever is the most detailed answer I can offer, I guess."

"Oh, well, do you have any yen?"


Makoto laughed, reaching into his bag. "Apparently not." He returned to her and handed her a small pouch. "Here; take this. You don't steal, do you? It'd be good to have some yen to buy yourself something."

"Oh no, I couldn't possibly--"

"Come one, take it," he grinned. "I want you to have it. hey, Call it a gift from one friend to another."

Natsuki looked up at the leafy canopy for a second, then back to the human, ecstatic. "Friend."

After clapping him on the back, Natsuki went on her way, starting by leaping from the earth and continuing her journey over the treetops.


The land held many wonders - such as landmarks, mountains and lakes - that had been held with high respect. One was a large mountain that she couldn't approach willingly; the heavenly aura that clothed it made her skin crawl, being full-demon and such. She was impressed that such a place existed, though; there were none at the other side of the earth, having no need to hold a sanctuary against bloodthirsty demons.

Natsuki now traveled above a dark section of the forest, reeking of demon. Obviously no human would dare step foot here. She kept her awareness up, and she crossed over, no hesitation necessary. Or maybe it was...?

Suddenly, a dark shape escaped from the cover of leaves and branches below and launched itself at her, bigger than what she could deal with easily. Its massive claws clamped down on her and knocked her backwards back to earth, the owner accompanying her. The demoness' back smashed against the mossy earth, and her chest constricted as her captor pressed its weight on her armour. She looked up and saw that the beast was a chimera demon; Three heads - lion, goat, and dragon - sprouted from its torso, and a serpent's on the tip of its scaly tail. It was the size of a sabertooth tiger, maybe even bigger. The lion's head drooped down and opened its jaw slightly, dousing the demoness with spittle and foul breath.

"So small, so delicate," he said, throat rumbling in his gigantuan throats. "So delicious."

Natsuki, after being dazed and disgusted by what just fell on her, shook her head, and freed her arm from her armour entirely. She lifted it up over her and faced her palm to the chimera. "Sorry," she said simply. "But I'm not on the menu."

With that, she blasted a detonation into his lion face, making him rear back and roar with anger and agony. In that time the demoness lifted her legs and kicked the demon's stomach with inhuman strength, pushing him off. He crashed into a tree nearby, ripping roots from the ground as the tree almost tipped over completely. Natsuki rolled backwards over her shoulders and faced the demon that was recovering.

"Oh, so I've caught a fiery one," he said to himself, chuckling as he clumsily got on all fours again. "Dessert. Such a sweet delicacy should to be so hard to acquire."

"If you eat me, you may find that I have a bad after-taste," the demoness returned. "After all, I'll destroy all of your insides as you digest me."

"That is, if you're still alive afterwards. Ahhh... why should I result to this? If you won't die willingly, then I will just have to use the Shard."

End of Chapter

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