Chapter 6: Unveiling Truth

Category: Fic
Title: The Naked Truth
Author: Jeyla4ever
Rating: M
Warnings: None

Pairing: John and Teyla

Characters: John/Keller POV
Disclaimer: The characters of SGA don't belong to me. For fun, not profit.
Size: Words 4, 688+ Total
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Comments: Thank you to all who have read this fic. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

Chapter 6: Unveiling Truth

"It's alright Rodney. I'm fine." Jennifer stood looking straight at Teyla who stood awfully close to the side away from the scene. Upon closer inspection, Jennifer understood the reasoning behind her lack of participation. Teyla was wearing nothing more than a white linen sheet pulled tightly underneath her arms.

She had appeared only a minute or so after John. Then again, he had appeared only minutes after Ronon, followed by Rodney, who walked in right beside Teyla, who was followed by the lovely Lady Ebony, who almost fainted as soon as she walked into the room.

We're definitely comparing notes before turning in these reports, Jennifer's thoughts were interrupted by Lord Onary. "All is well Colonel Sheppard. Please, I assure you, this will not occur again." He bellowed.

"Well, let's just finish the night in one piece and without any unexpected visitors, shall we?" John protested with a frown.

"Guards have been posted around the perimeters of the estate along with a Nobel Knight guarding the entrance to each of your rooms. This was not a direct attack on you personally. This was a rebellious attack against my court and me. Your life was never in harms way, my dear." Lord Onary bent down and gently held Jennifer's hands.

"Yeah, well tell that to the Knight who struck her." Rodney growled.

Jennifer's eyes strayed as she observed Ronon come up behind Teyla, who remained secluded in a corner of the room. Whatever he said to her, Jennifer couldn't guess, but as he whispered something in Teyla's ear, the young mother playfully hit his arm, and a shade of pink blushed her face.

She moved away from him and leaned over to Jennifer's side.

"Are you alright, Jennifer?" Teyla asked with a touch of amusement, but with a concerned gaze.

"Yes, Teyla. I'm fine. Just a bit shaken." Jennifer reassured her. "I think it was all an accident and something caused by me. Really, I'm fine everyone." Jennifer stood as one of the medics finished dressing her injury.

"Well, regardless. We'll take turns along with your guards, if you don't mind, Lord Onary." John gritted his teeth at the young girl tending his wounded foot.

"Why of course."

"Well, let's all head back to our…" John paused.

"Respected quarters?" affirmed Lady Ebony with a hint of sparkle in her eyes.

"Right." John replied with a raised brow. "Rodney, you take first watch."

"Why can't Ronon be first?"

"Because I just saved Doc's life and yours."

"What?" You didn't save my life."

"Rodney!" John warned.

"You know Sheppard, I'm starting to think you favor Ronon over me. That's simply not…"

"Rodney," John threatened, "That's an order!"

"Fine, I'll take first watch, but you two you owe me lunch and dinner for that matter!"

Teyla rolled her eyes and Jennifer thought of asking her a question, but quickly pushed it aside when Colonel Sheppard walked toward them.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm…" Jennifer stopped when she realized that he wasn't asking her; he was asking Teyla. John came to her with a silent gesture of reverence.

"Yes, John. I was never in danger." Her eyes glittered beneath his unguarded expression.

He stood before her, and then turned, glancing intently at the doorway. Jennifer thought he was about to do something when his face changed hard and smooth, facing Ronon, Rodney and Lady Ebony.

"Alright kids, time to go back to sleep or whatever it was that you were doing." His brow furrowed as he looked at his teammates with scrutiny for the first time.

Respectfully, he nodded to the honorary dignitaries, "Lord Onary, Lady Morlena –"Goodnight. I'm going back to bed and I," slightly irritated, he turned as his gaze met each one of his teammates,"Do NOT want to be disturbed."

All eyes were fixed on him as he headed out, the tapestry swaying all around him.

A hand brushed her, startling her thoughts. "Would you like me to accompany you for the rest of the night, Jennifer?" Teyla asked. "It seems that there are spirits haunting our dreams on our last night."

"You had a nightmare, too?"

"No," Teyla's eyes briefly gazed at the door.

"I had the weirdest dream about an old friend and it felt so real."

"Teyla!" Jennifer's eyes widened at the possessiveness of the voice coming from the hallway.

She turned to see Teyla's surprised expression.

"Well, I think you are needed elsewhere, but thank you for the offer."

She could hear Teyla slowly breathe in and out. Slightly smiling, she turned and faced Jennifer.

"You are not the only one suffering from that affliction, tonight." She closed her eyes, a soft whisper escaped her lips and she continued. "Yet, I believe all our dreams and nightmares have ceased for the remainder of our stay."

Jennifer gazed around the room and found Rodney stalking Lord Onary, Ronon pondering out the window with his sword clasped tightly in his hands, and Lady Ebony fixing her nightgown, admiring her own reflection in the mirror.

"Something tells me that you are right, Teyla."

They both smiled understanding each other's thoughts clearly.

"Then it is settled. I will stay here for the night."

Hesitatingly, Jennifer started, "I'm not sure, Teyla."

"I am capable of arranging other accommodations, Jennifer."


"Is that Sheppard?" an annoyed Rodney asked.

Undoubtedly, John's words filtered through the hall, straight pass the doors of Jennifer's quarters, and into Jennifer's heart.

He was calling for Teyla's presence. There was sweetness and more importantly, no regrets in his tone. That fact alone astonished Jennifer.

"Shut up, McKay!" Ronon growled.

"What's wrong with Sheppard and what's with you?" Rodney pointed at Ronon. "And what's the deal with everyone walking around half naked," his eyes strayed to Ronon wearing a black leather brief, with a red cape broached around his neck, and Lady Ebony with a sparkly, sheer nightgown. "At least I got dressed before I came here." Proudly, he swayed his leather skirt right in front of Teyla and Jennifer.

Some simply will never understand or see what is right in front of them, Jennifer thought. And at that moment, she rubbed the crown of the lion's head and wished never to have to see anymore-exposed flesh for the night.

Well, wait! Maybe I should rephrase that, she thought while rubbing the lion's head again when Teyla's puzzled gaze caught her attention.

"I'll be fine, Teyla." Gently, she touched the Athosians's hand reassuring her that all was well. Teyla smiled with a look of power mingled with searing excitement.

Right there and then, that's when Jennifer knew all would be well with Colonel Sheppard's team.

Heading towards the door, Teyla stopped briefly, carefully tucking the white linen blanket over her shoulders. With admiration, Jennifer followed Teyla's form, watching as she waltzed through the yellow light of the ornately arched doorway into the great hall, a long, white, linen train hiding her naked form, unveiling the naked truth.