A.N – I don't think many of you kinda liked the fact that Edward actually bit Bella at the end of last chapter. Which is fair enough. I'm defending it like this though: in the book, by the time Bella got all bloody in front of Edward, they'd been together a lot longer and he had the time to get used to the allure of her blood and stuff.

I've lost track of my timescale, to be honest, but I'm pretty sure they've only known each other for like a week or two? Not nearly enough time for Edward to compose himself. I guess it's just how I expected him to act under those circumstances.

I'm just trying to give you guys something you haven't read before. Hope you like. :)


He was ripped away from her seconds later.

Instinctively, he growled, and fought against the vampire that held him in a tight grip all whilst his eyes were centred on Bella. He caught sight of Carlisle heading over to tend to the savage bite he'd made in her pale throat, the vibrant scarlet of her blood making a sharp contrast against her ivory skin.

"You stupid boy." Aro spat at him, shoving Edward a few steps backwards and blocking his view. "Do you have any idea what you've done?"

Edward's eyes were painfully raw. "I'm all too aware of how I just helped to kill the girl I love." He spoke harshly, uncaring, now, of the proper decorum and respect that came when dealing with the Volturi. "And how it's your fault too. These were your terms Aro. Yours. And when I found her, you went back on your word." Edward glared at the elder vampire. "I'll never join your coven now."

Bella was deadly still. Carlisle was stemming the blood flow both from her neck and her wrist, wrapping cloths ripped from his shirt around the bleeding wounds. Even Edward knew there was no hope; Bella had lost too much blood and the scent of which had piqued every vampire's interest. Edward moved forward, wanting to go to her, wanting to help, but found his path blocked once again.

"Let me pass!" He roared.

"No!" The thunder of Aro's voice rang with authority and Edward was unable to do anything but agree. "You really have no idea. In biting that soul mate of yours," he spat the words out mockingly, before laughing a derisive laugh and continuing, "la tua cantante, you have turned her into something … else. Something inhuman."

Edward's hands tightened into fists. "She isn't one of us. I could never do that to her."

"Oh, we know," Caius' voice joined in, ambling idly over to them. "She is quite obviously still human. You have made something that all of us will envy, and as a result, the two of you will never be safe."

"What do you mean?" Edward's face was twisted into an expression of agonising torment. Bella, his love, his life, lay dying by his hand and all he wanted to do was go to her, spend her last moments with her before quite possibly joining her as soon as he could afterwards. He'd never be able to live with all the guilt that was building inside of him. "Bella is dead. We killed her."

"Bella," Aro's eyes flashed, "is not dead, she's –"

A rumble of growls echoed through the clearing and Edward fought the urge to laugh. The wolves had arrived – Jacob, and his pack. Too late, they'd arrived.

The laughter of the other vampires was cruel, mocking. "Werewolves?" Marcus laughed. "We outperform the werewolves by far; in strength and number." He shook his head in amusement. "Run along now, little dogs. This isn't your fight."

But one wolf, with russet fur, had caught sight of Bella and his eyes glinted. Turning his head, he saw Edward, fighting to reach Bella, her blood smeared along his mouth. Growling, he leaped and attacked the vampire.

Edward accepted every blow, knowing he deserved that and so much worse for what he'd done. Both Jacob – in wolf skin – and Edward ignored the melee going on around them, where the rest of the wolf pack had dived in the midst of the Volturi, ripping limb from limb some of the slower, younger vampires that made up the Volturi's army. They were both focused entirely on different things: Jacob on hurting, killing, the vampire who hurt Bella and Edward on the pain he felt. Edward focused on the sensation of dying, like Bella must be feeling at that moment.

Yet, somehow, both managed to hear her words when she spoke.

"Jake," she whispered, her voice faint and easily carried away by the breeze. "Don't." The ghost of a smile tainted her lips. "… Love him."

The wolf's growl clearly displayed his displeasure at that request, but he acceded anyway, leaving Edward bloody and bruised on the floor as he went to join in the bigger fight. Esme, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie all fought as well. Carlisle was focused on Bella, and Alice was hovering over Edward.

"Edward, come on," she pulled him up, ignoring his grunts of pain and his please to be left alone. "Edward you need to see this. It's what Aro was trying to tell you." Growling when he still ignored her, she continued. "Look."

And in his head, Edward saw the future, courtesy of Alice. There was Bella, smiling, happy, glowing, and healthy. But, most importantly, she was alive.

"How?" His word was quiet, fierce.

"Aro tried to tell you." She shook her head, her short, pixie haircut falling across her face. "I'll explain later. Right now, you need to go to her."

He was at her side in a flash, cradling her cold, pale hand in his own colder, paler ones. The gash in her wrist had stopped leaking blood, leaving an angry red line, while the marks on her throat were taking longer to close. Vampire venom.

"She'll die first, Edward." Carlisle muttered. "Are you sure you can handle that?"

He swallowed, his eyes never flickering away from Bella. Her breaths were getting shallower. "I can." He moved a hand to cup her cheek as he spoke to her. "I'm so sorry, Bella," he whispered. "This is all my fault."

"You're right bloodsucker," Jacob appeared, topless. His bottom half was covered in tatty jeans. "This is your fault. You killed her."

"No, he didn't." Carlisle insisted at the moment Bella took her last breath and her chest stopped moving. Her heart had stopped beating.

"Oh yeah?" The pain and grief was evident in Jacob's voice. "Then explain that."

"Her body's shutting down. She needs to heal, to rest. The transition is tough."

"Transition?" Jacob turned scathing eyes on Edward. "You made her into one of you? How could you do that? She hated you!"

"I didn't!" Edward objected. "I swear I didn't. Not enough of my venom entered her." The last part was said quietly.

"Bella's not dead, guys." Alice insisted. "Look."

Four pairs of eyes turned to watch as Bella's pale skin shifted to a still pale, yet healthier glow. The rush of blood through her veins was returning and the sound was a welcome one to Edward; the silence and her lack of smell had been horrific.

"What's happening?" Jacob asked, turning wild eyes on the vampires surrounding him. "What did you do to her?"

"It's what happened when she accepted your bite earlier, Edward." Alice explained. "She accepted you – the vampire you – and she must have agreed to spend forever with you too?"

Their earlier conversation drifted into his thoughts, and he nodded.

"I promise you that we'll have forever."

"Forever is a long time."

"It's not enough."

"What happened to her?" Jacob insisted, running his warm hands over her hair and across her cheekbones, heating up her already-warming skin.

"She accepted the pain of a vampire's bite. She made that sacrifice." Alice smiled. "You made her immortal, Edward."