Never underestimate a girl

Never underestimate a girl

Story Summary: (2007 Movieverse) AU. What if Ron and Judy Witwicky had not just a daughter, but two? Chaos and a lot of fun. Watch out, Transformers!

Disclaimer: Everything that doesn't have an owner, belongs to me.

Rating: T.

Author's Note: Okay, this is the first fic I have ever posted. Tell me what you think. Please no flames. Beware: I am not English, so please, forgive any misspelling. Now, on with the story… enjoy! ;)

1-Happy birthday

Samantha Jade and Kimberly Anne were the daughters of Ron and Judy Witwicky. They were the ages of twenty. They had just graduated high school and gotten a house where they could live without their parents. Well, the house they lived in was the same one they were born in. Their parents bought an apartment in the center of Tranquillity. And they often paid them unwanted visits, just to take care of the lawn, as their father said.

Sam worked as a waitress in a small diner, but her real passion were cars. She was shyer than her sister and thought about things many times, before taking the final decision. Kim worked as a shop assistant in an electronics store. Computers were her love and she was very good when it came to technology.

Although they were twins, they had many differences. They were both brunettes, but Sam's hair was curly and long, while Kim's was straight and short. They both had brown eyes. Sam was taller than Kim. And their differences ended there.

They thought their lives were ordinary. That is, until their father bought them their first car.

Ring, ring, ring

In a pile of blankets on the bed a hand fumbled around for the phone and pulled it under.

"Hello?" Kim's voice answered, more like a sleepy groan than a voice.

"Kim! Tell me, is your present arrived?" her father practically screamed at the phone.

"Dad, it's not even nine yet. What are you talking about?" Kim stuck her head out of the blankets and yawned.

"Well," her father started, quite happy with himself, "Since it is your twentieth birthday… Your mom and I thought we'd spoil you two. We bought you a car so you don't have to walk everywhere." She took a moment for the information to sink in.

"WOW, dad, thanks!"

"So, since you don't have a licence, I bought a car that could satisfy Sam's need for speed and your good tastes." he said triumphantly. "Is your sister up already?"

"I…" she heard a scream from the yard. "…guess so."

Kim ran out of the house, reaching her sister outside. She found her standing with her mouth dropped and, after taking a glance at the 'car', Kim's mouth dropped as well. Sam stared at the beaten looking yellow Camaro, her shoulders low in defeat.

"What is that?!" Sam yelled at her sister, pointing her finger at the 'car'.

"Dad's idea of a girl's first car." Kim deadpanned.

"Car?! Are you kidding?"

Suddenly remembering her dad on the telephone, Kim snapped back from her trance and tried her best to sound grateful.

"Thanks, dad… but you shouldn't have…" Kim was glad she was speaking at the phone. And was more gladthat video phones didn't exist.

"Oh no, dad really shouldn't have!" Sam groaned.

"Yeah, mom said I should have taken Sam, but it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, then." Kim could feel him grinning. "So what does your sister think?"

"Dad wants to know what you think of the… car." Kim asked Sam, covering the phone with her hand.

"I think that nobody can call that thing a car!! I'm not gonna show myself in that piece of crap!!" Sam ranted.

"She doesn't know what to say." Kim was very good with words. Sam thought that she could put clothes on a fish.

"I thought that, since Sam is a very good mechanic, she'd be able to fix it up nicely, just the way you two want it."

"How? It's not like we have a workshop…"

"Oh, that's not a problem. There are 3 hundred bucks left…" Kim snorted at her father's endless cheapness, but knew that 300 was all they could get from him and wondered if they would be enough just to get all the rust off.

"Really? Thanks daddy!" Kim hung up the phone.

"What did he say?" Sam asked exasperated.

"He said that you have to drive us around in this cheap car, but gave you permission to fix it as you like it with 300." Kim stated. Sam took a moment for the information to sink in. She smiled wide.

Sam always loved going fast in shiny, sleek and streamlined vehicles. It was natural for her to like fast cars: she'd always been a fast-paced girl, like her sister. No wonder she always wanted a Ferrari for her first car. Since she had her licence, she always did cheap gaps with her friends, when her dad allowed her to take out his car. Sam just did that for fun. For feeling the danger and the rush of adrenaline running through her body.

Driving was a rush. There was no reason to stop until the roads stopped and the car ran out of gas. That was the reason they built roads: for pleasure. She had been looking forward to the day that she would finally be getting HER car.

That is, until she'd seen the dumpy looking Camaro in the drive. In the bright morning sunshine, that damn car seemed to smile at them. And that damn innocent smirk it had was becoming to get annoying…

"Oh, what a nice car you have, Sammy." An old lady commented, almost freaking the crap out of the two girls.

"Ms. Lain, good morning!" Kim spoke and Sam waved.

"Why did she call it a nice car?" Sam whispered to her sister.

"She's blind." Kim answered.

"What?" the old lady tilted her head and put her hand on her ear as to amplify its capacity.

"And deaf!" Kim added. Sam tried her best to quell the oncoming giggles.

"I have the seeds your father asked me." Ms. Lain said, handing a little bottle to Kim who had walked towards her.

"Thanks." She said.

"Say your mommy hi, ok, Kimmy? Bye." The old lady returned to her house.

Kim rolled her eyes to her pet name, but tried to be nice. "Bye, Ms. Lain."

Kim walked back to her sister and the car, tossing the bottle to Sam, telling her, "Give dad these."

As she neared the car again, their dog, Mojo, exited the open door of the house. For some odd reason, he started to bark at the car, like it was going to enter their house or threaten them somehow. Kim sighed and scooped Mojo in her hands, and, placing him back in the doorway, she closed the door behind her, muttering "stupid mouse" all the way.

Sam heaved a deep sigh as she examined the car again. Kim dismissively approached the front of the car and popped the hood up. Her eyes widened.

"Uh, Sam? I think you might wanna take a look at this." She said not moving her eyes from the engine.

"What is it? Someone stole the engine?" Sam commented sarcastically.

"WOW!" she stared wide-eyed like her sister. "This is a high rise double pump carburettor. That's... that's pretty impressive."

Kim nodded numbly. "Uh, Sam. For a moment, pretend I don't know anything about mechanics and translate!"

"It squirts the fuel in, so you can go faster." Sam explained.

Sam stood unmoving as her eyes locked onto the engine of the beaten up Camaro. "What is this incredible engine doing in this old piece of crap?" Sam asked more herself than her sister.

"Tuning?" Kim smiled and stepped back.

Closing the hood of the car very slowly Sam stepped back to where her sister was, before smirking mischievously at the yellow car in an evil way.

"Oh, you can bet, before we're through, little Chevy, I'll make a car out of you!"

Suddenly, that annoying smile seemed to flee from the car when Sam burst out in an evil laugher.

"HAHAHA… Oh sorry, what is it?" Sam stopped abruptly; she was sure she heard something.

"I didn't say anything." Kim started. "C'mon, we gotta go to work."

"Yeah, just a minute. Now where was I… oh yeah! HAHAHAHAHA!"

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