Never underestimate a girl

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So here we are. This is the end… or not?? I sure hope you liked this fic. My attempt at humur, and my own version of the movie. Enjoy!! ;)


It was odd. Everything was so peaceful now. There was no more fighting, no more fear, and everything returned to normal. As normal as could be spending time with a group of alien robots…

The remains of the Decepticons' corpses and parts had been disposed of by the Government, leaving no evidence that they had ever been on Earth. Their bodies were tossed into the Laurentian Abyss, where the intense pressure coupled with sub-zero temperatures would crush and entomb them.

Kim and Sam exited the Pentagon after Keller's speech with Will Lennox. They headed to five expecting vehicles: a red and blue semi, a green Hummer, a black Topkick, a yellow Camaro and a silver Pontiac.

"Sooo… everything comes back to normal, now?" Sam asked out loud.

Will paused, and turned to her. Both girls had been taken to the hospital: Kim had three shallow wounds on her back, gift of an angered Megatron, a cut on her eyebrow along with scattered bruises, 'pleasant' memory of the meeting with the Sector Seven agents. Sam had, aside cuts on her face and body, two fingers broken, proud recollection of when she returned the gentle way Sector Seven had treated them.

"Yeah. Sector Seven has been destroyed. Maggie and Glen were promoted, and Keller may just run for president in the future." Lennox paused again, his expression softened, "Not to mention that we must thank you if we still have a planet… If you need anything, just come find me. Or Epps."

Kim nodded, but Sam insisted, "But, by order of the United States Government, everyone involved is forbidden to speak of what happened today."

"So what?" Kim asked her.

"How are we going to explain these?" she asked, pointing at the two sports cars.

"You'll say that the Government gave them to you." Lennox said.

"Yeah, but I still don't trust the Sector Seven." Sam said.

"And who trusts them? But don't worry, I have our insurance, if they want to mess with us again." Kim exclaimed, waving her PDA.

"But I thought you didn't record him…" Sam started.

"I said I wouldn't record and post his video… I've never said I didn't record him at all!" the shorter girl winked, and, in response, her sister grinned evilly.

"Wow, I really don't want to mess with you two!" Lennox said, quite alarmed, as he stepped near Ironhide.

"We will never let anything happen to you!" Bumblebee smoother voice came from his altform.

"We noticed that Starscream and Barricade disappeared." Ratchet said.

"They are still out there, somewhere… and they can attack when we least expect it." Optimus said. "We can't go back to Cybertron. Maybe it's better if we stay here on Earth." He was greeted with the cheers from the girls.

Lennox nodded, and got into Ironhide, eager to finally get to hold his girls again. The girls got into Bumblebee and Jazz, and they drove to a lookout, to watch the last rays of daylight.

Humans and Autobots were staring at the wonderful twilight. Kim stretched her injured back, only to regret it a second later. The skin was silently and slowly healing up, but it wasn't ready for stretching.

As she tried to find a position in which her back would not kill her, she suddenly felt warm metal resting on the upper part of her back, her top left uncovered.

"OUCH!!" she screamed, jumping in the air, as a jolt of pain spread throughout her body.

"Stand still! How am I supposed to check your injuries, if you don't stop moving?" Ratchet admonished her, trying to scan Kim.

"Ratchet, really… I'm fine!" she babbled, trying to get away from the medic. "The doctors have already visited me! They said I'd be fine!!"

Ratchet snorted, "Your medicine is backward. I'm sure my knowledge will be useful."

She winched when she jerked to get away. "I'm alright!!" she put her arms up in defence.

"No, you're not! Come here!" Ratchet intervened, bringing out a tool that she had never seen, but that didn't look friendly.

"HELP!" Kim quickly hid behind one of Jazz's legs, looking up at him, pleading.

"Whoa, Doc! Give her a break! She'd been face ta face with an evil robot once, she doesn't need an encore!" Jazz put himself between the two.

"Why don't you check Sam first? She has two fingers broken: she needs your help more than I do!" Kim said, perking from behind Jazz's leg.

Sam, who was fighting the urge to burst out laughing, came suddenly back to Earth when she saw the medic nearing her.

"Traitor!!" she muttered, starting to run towards Bumblebee.

Bumblebee walked up to her, as she hid behind his now reattached and welded legs. Ratchet went to the yellow Autobot's side to get a better look. Sam hopped from one leg to the other, as the medic tried to get closer.

"Optimus!!" she screamed exasperated.

The leader decided to intervene, "Ratchet, I think that the girls've had enough stress. You can let them be." His calm, baritone voice was enough to make the medic desist.

"Now you know why we call him 'Hatchet'!" Ironhide snickered, hovering over the two still nervous girls.

"What was that?" Ratchet started, pointing his not-so-friendly tool to Ironhide. "Remember who repairs you when you get injured in battle…" the medic warned all of his comrades.

"They have good reasons…" Kim snickered with Sam. The doctor only glared at them, but stopped when Ironhide sat beside him.

Sam looked at Kim with a strange glee in her eyes.

"What?" Kim asked.

"You put the evil doctor after me…" Sam hissed.

"Well? You used my laptop again!" she hissed back.

"Girls," Optimus started, "You have saved the world together, winning your own fears. This experience must have made you appreciate each other more…"

The girls looked at each other, then said at unison a firm and convinced, "Nah!". Optimus shook his head. He couldn't help but think how similar to their twins these girls were.

Then Sam grasped the pillow they had brought there, along with blankets, and tossed it to Kim's still laughing face.

Kim got slowly on her feet and, pillow in hand, they both started a battle under the amazed optics of the five Autobot companions.

It seemed that, although they had just survived a war, they had still so much energy, and were so full of life…

Jazz and Bumblebee burst out laughing at the view of the two battling humans, as they sat to watch the show. There were so many dangers out there just waiting for them. But for now, they just wanted to enjoy the peace, and learn as much as they could about their new friends.

Ratchet snorted at the two humans' behaviour, while Ironhide smiled lightly next to him.

"Ah, the most joyful sound my audio sensors ever picked up." The black Autobot commented, and, after came another burst of laughter, Ratchet couldn't help, but agree with his comrade.

Ironhide and Ratchet looked at the two girls for a while, then they turned to the sun, setting down beyond the horizon, simply wanted to enjoy the calmness of it all…

Optimus was busy looking up at the sky as stars began to appear in the fading sunlight. The Decepticons didn't destroy the world, and they kinda won. But this was only half winning. The All Spark was gone; that meant that they couldn't return life to their planet.

Although, a tiny fragment of it was retrieved from Megatron's chest. This gave them hope that, maybe, it wasn't completely destroyed.

Not to mention that Fate did yielded its reward, by giving them a new world to call... home. The Decepticons weren't gone for good. Two of them were still out there, and others would come soon. The Autobots vowed that, since they lived among the people of their new world, nothing would happen to them.

Optimus promised to watch over them in secret... waiting... protecting, as they hid in plain sight. And, suddenly, Ironhide's words echoed in his CPU,

"Why are we fighting to save the humans? They're a primitive and violent race."

But then again, were they so different? No, they weren't. Although the humans are a young species, and they have much to learn, Optimus had witnessed their capacity for courage; he was able to see goodness in them.

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...

Glancing now at the two exhausted girls collapsed on the ground, panting and laughing along with his comrades, he couldn't help but think that, although they were worlds apart, like them, there's more to the humans than meets the eye.

Smiling, he turned his clear blue optics to the darkened sky, knowing there had to be others out there like themselves. So he sent a message full of his hopes and doubts throughout the universe, hoping that it would reach someone.

"…I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: we are here… We are waiting."

And with that, his optics registered the last ray of twilight that was fading away, leaving room for the bright stars, forecast of a peaceful night, promise of a new day.

The End

So it's over… aww, what am I saying?? This is just a new beginning!! Well, as we wait for TF2, I'll write some one-shots with Sam, Kim and the Autobots (or the Decepticons…). So look out for the one-shots and tell me if you have some requests! Until next time… c ya later!! ;)