What do you do when you run out of ideas for your ongoing stories? You write oneshots. I felt the need for some angst. Anyway, enjoy!


Amy's POV


"Sonic, I know it usually is the other way around, but... will you go out with me?"

"Oh… Amy… I'm sorry… I thought you already knew…"

"Knew what?"

"I'm going out with Elise… I'm sorry…"

End flashback

I, Amy Rose, am a sucker at romance. Maybe it was just my odd habit of stalking my crush when I was twelve that made guys stay away from me. Or maybe it's just that they thought I was already his. Believe me, I did too… until his girlfriend lied!


"I think Sonic likes you, Elise."


"Yeah." Elise's face fell.

"That's too bad for him… I've always thought of him as a friend… nothing more…"

End flashback

The LIAR! I know it's not her fault I'm still single when practically everyone else has a boyfriend already… which included Rouge, Blaze, and even Cream.


Rouge walked up to me. "Amy, I need your help getting the Master Emerald," she said flatly.

"Why the hell would you… oh…" Rouge and I had a secret code when it came to crushes… her crushes. Shadow was once, 'Chaos Control'. Now Knuckles was 'Master Emerald'. "Strike up a conversation with him," I suggested. "Do something that will make him notice you." A wide smile spread across Rouge's face.

"Thanks Amy… and… sorry about Sonic…"

"It's ok…"

At Rouge's house…

The doorbell rang. Rouge opened the door and, you guessed it, there was Knuckles. "There's something I have to say," he said gruffly as his face turned redder than his dreadlocks. "I like you." Rouge 

seriously looked like she was about to faint… and she did… right into Knuckles' arms. When she finally came around, what else? She admitted her feelings for him and the two went out. Lucky them.

End flashback

That's just Rouge. There was also Blaze, who didn't have as much trouble with admitting her feelings to her crush. Of course, they were already best friends. What else was there to hide?


Silver marched right up to Blaze. "Blaze, I love you." My heart stung. Two days of nonstop horror movies had not gotten rid of my paranoia for romance.

"Aw Silver…" Blaze mumbled as she blushed. "How sweet… yet so naïve at the same time… I like you too…" You'll never guess what happened next. They went out, and the two became a couple.

End flashback

The thing that disturbed me most of all was Cream. How a girl her age managed to have an admirer already. In fact, she had two admirers.


"Cream, will you go out with me?" Tails and Charmy simultaneously asked. I slapped myself on the forehead. The two suddenly glared at each other.

"Cream's mine," Charmy sneered to Tails. "You gave me advice on asking her out."

"Don't you remember that I gave you advice?" Tails sneered right back. "Cream's mine!" Amidst all the chaos, Cream had fainted.

End flashback

In the end, Cream picked Tails over Charmy, breaking his tiny little heart in the process… I wonder if he was stuck at home watching horror movies, dreading any more romance like me. The movie I was watching (a horror movie, of course) ended as credits slowly crawled up the screen. I threw on my coat as I walked to the mall. I stopped off at my favorite store… only to see a guy kissing a girl inside. I walked off to another store… but another boy had his hand in a girl's back pocket. I tossed aside the idea of shopping and ran over to the food court, desperate to get away from all the romance. I ordered a plate of French fries and sat down at an empty table. I stared off into the distance… where I found Sonic and Elise sitting together, sipping a shared drink from two separate straws. I grit my teeth together and my hand balled up into a tight fist as I tried not to cry. Elise looked at me and threw me a smirk. I glared at her in return. "Amy?" I had definitely heard that voice somewhere before. I looked up at its owner: a black and red hedgehog with crimson eyes. I stared down at my uneaten fries.

"Hi Shadow…"

"You ok?" I nodded slowly.

"Why don't you sit down?" Shadow took a seat across from me and helped himself to a fry. I couldn't blame him; I wasn't that hungry anyway.

"Thanks… I heard what happened between you and Sonic."

"Hasn't everyone?" I asked sarcastically. Shadow looked slightly taken aback. I sighed. "Sorry… I just don't like talking about it that much."

"Sorry for bringing it up."

"It's ok…" The two of us sat in silence, quietly munching some fries.

"Um… Amy?" I looked up at Shadow. His face was as red as his quills. "Suppose… someone came up to you… and told you they loved you… would you go out with them… just to get Sonic out of your head?"

"I'd even go lesbian, if it means getting Sonic out of my head." Shadow's eyes widened in slight disbelief.

"Um… well… what would you say if… that person was… me?" My eyes widened in shock. Shadow's face was now a deeper shade of red. I tried to remember how to breathe.


"Ok… glad that's out of my system." To my surprise, Shadow seemed… well… relieved. Relieved that I listened to him. Relieved that I didn't burst into tears. Relieved that I didn't slap him. "So… Amy… will you go out with me?" I turned to look at Sonic. A wide smile was spread across his face. He was happy… and that was good enough for me…

"Yes…" I told Shadow. "Of course."


I absolutely HATE SonElise, but I just HAD to use it for this oneshot! So, basically all the pairings mentioned in this fic were Shadamy, SonElise, Knuxouge, TailsxCream, and SilverxBlaze. PLEASE REVIEW!