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" Come on! Deeper! Faster! Ngh!"

" Heh, look at those dirty words coming out of your mouth," his lover chuckled, but complied giving his uke what he needed.

" Shut…Ugh…up...Ahh…Matt," Mello grounded at each thrust. After a few more thrusts from the red head, both bodies were spent.

" That was great, Mello," the red head replied panting, pulling out of his lower. He collapsed next to him and sighed.

" Whatever, Matt," Mello replied sleepily.


The next morning the birds were chirping happily and the two lovers slept peacefully behind closed curtains. The alarm clock on their bedside table rang and a pale arm snaked from under the covers and shut the noise off.

" Mello? Neh Mello, its morning. Wake up," Matt replied nudging the blond with his foot. Mello stirred but didn't wake.

" Come on, Mels. It's breakfast and I'm hungry! Now come on!"

" I'm tired…let me sleep for a few more minutes," the blond muttered into his pillow.

" Well, after what had happened last night, no wonder you're tired," Matt whispered and got out of bed. When he had finished changing clothes and getting himself sparkly clean, the blond was still in bed. The red head sighed and walked over to the blond, yanking the covers off and exposing pale flesh. Blood immediately rushed up his cheeks and burst out through his nose. The gamer quickly turned around after yanking the covers back over the blond,

" Mels, hey Mels. Wake up would you?"

" Mmmm…few more minutes…" Mello muttered,

" You had your few minutes, Mello. Now get up!" Matt argued. The blond got up painstakingly and picked up his discarded pants and pulled them on. Then he went into the bathroom where he showered and brushed his teeth. It had been 30 minutes and Mello didn't show up. Matt walked up to the bathroom door and knocked on it,

" Mel, you okay in there? You didn't fall in the toilet did you?" No response from the other side, the gamer let his instinct kick in and he burst through the door and there he was sitting on the potty with his pants at his ankles.

" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, MATT?!" Mello screeched, face burning with embarrassment.

" Sorry!" Matt closed the door and replied, " well it's your fault, Mels. You didn't answer me,"

" Screw you Matt. Who answers when they're doing their business?"

" Apparently I do?" Matt answered as he heard the flush and the sink water running.

" Well that's you, now get out of my way," the blond grunted opening the door and then pushing pass the gamer.


The Wammy kids gathered in the long dining room where the table was set with fine china. Students sat at the table when Mello and Matt entered the room. The kitchen staff brought in bacon and eggs sunny side up, some toast and orange juice. Mello wrinkled his nose,

" Where's the chocolate peoples?"

" Mello, you know as well as we do that chocolate and breakfast don't mix. Why don't you follow L's example?" Roger replied and the blond took a look at his successor. He was sitting on his chair at the head of the table, his knees to his chest. L was picking at the egg and eating his toast at the same time,

" Fine," Mello retorted and reached for some toast when bile rose in his throat, he made a little muffled sound. Roger almost immediately dropped the pitcher of orange juice,

" Oh, Kami-san…" Mello ran out of the room and to the toilet, where he hunched over the bowl and retched. Matt sat in his seat, stunned,

' Mels…?'


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