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Mello lay immobilized in bed and Matt was kind of thankful for that. The one thing that he wasn't thankful was the blonde's constant need to use the restroom. His stomach started to show a bit, confirming that their child was soon to come.

" Maaatt… where's the breakfast!!" the blonde hollered. The door suddenly opened, revealing the white haired boy. Mello twitched,

" And what are you doing here?"

" Matt has entrusted me in taking care of you while he's out on errands," Near stated, walking over to the blonde's bedside and planting the plate of food on the blonde's lap.

" And what errands would that be?" the blonde wondered accusingly.

" The errands that you have entrusted him with," Near replied.

" Which would be?"

" Your eating habits. Clearly Matt had woken up at around four this morning, leaving your bedroom mumbling about egg rolls, dried persimmons, chocolate mousse and something incoherent," Near answered.

" Oh, I remember that part. He still hasn't retrieved those items yet?!" Mello growled.

" It's only been three hours since he last left. I believe the dried persimmons will be hard to get," Near stated leaving the room.


" What the hell..? Where the heck are the damn dried persimmons?!" (1) Matt stormed down the aisle of the grocery store searching for the dried persimmons. After a second of giving up, the red head headed towards the cashier and asked the lady for the best place to purchase dried persimmons,

" The best place to get dried persimmons would have to be Chinatown."

" Chinatown? Man?! Thank you, ma'am," Matt replied and left back into his red convertible and drove off towards the busy streets. He pulled up next to the dried foods building and got out. He walked into the oriental shop and a strong smell of incense hit his nostrils, making him scrunch his nose in distaste. Matt walked down the aisles and thankfully, found what he was looking for. He sighed and purchased a bagful of the dried fruit and left for the Orphanage.

Once he had arrived there, the house was quiet. He continued his way up to his room that he shared with his blonde. When he came upon the last step, Matt heard retching and he sighed. Knocking on the wooden door to his room, he opened to see Near holding the tin bucket up to Mello's mouth and looking away with black earmuffs on his head.

Matt nearly keeled over at the sight, " Oh my god Near."

" What's so funny, Matt?" Near stated, raising an eyebrow at the laughing gamer who was trying too hard to catch his breath.

" You…look like a panda!!" Matt doubled over in laughter once again.

" I'm glad I could be of amusement to you," Near stated dully. Instead of answering, Matt continued on with his laughter. Mello pushed away the tin bucket full of his disgusting stomach contents and Near left the room with it.

" So did you get the food I asked you to get for me 4 hours ago?" Mello stated, getting right to business. The gamer nodded and held up the grocery bag as confirmation,

" Yup!"


" Do those guys really think they could take advantage of me?" Near mumbled as he trudged outside of the Orphanage to dump away the nasty contents known as Mello's. He then walked over to the hose and washed away what was left, putting a clothespin on his nose before working.

" Still being a slave to Mello and Matt?"

" I'm not a slave. Just a friend who helps his friends out," Near answered. The old man chuckled,

" Okay."

Near took another look at the old man before he resumed his work.


" Good work, Matt. So tell me, where you got these dried persimmons?" the blonde asked, as he downed his milk and taking another bite of his dried fruit. Matt sat at the desk chair with his legs on both sides; placing his arms on the headrest,

" You would've never guessed," Matt smirked.

" Where?" the blonde wondered.

" Chinatown," Matt stated.

" Yup, never would've guessed it," Mello stated bluntly. Matt smirked,

" Well, so how's the baby Mello?"

" I don't know, Matt," the blonde patted his round belly. Matt's ear suddenly was at his stomach,

" Don't worry, little one. Once you're out, I promise you, your mom will take good care of you. Isn't that right, Mels?"

" You're an embarrassment, Matt. Why are you talking to my stomach?" Mello blushed. The red head looked up at the blonde and smiled,

" 'Cuz, our baby deserves attention too."


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