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Chicago, Illinois

"Uh, hello?" The man waved his hand in front of the woman's face in an attempt to regain her attention from whatever it was outside the window that had distracted her. He cupped one hand over his mouth and made a noise imitating static. "Earth to you copy? Come in. We're losing you..."

"Hmm...Huh?" Revecca Warren blinked rapidly as she came out of her daze. She looked questioningly at the man seated across from her. "I'm sorry, Evan. Did you say something?"

The man gave her a goofy grin. "I asked if you were finished..."

Rev tilted her head in confusion. "Finished?"

"Eating." Evan motioned to the plate situated in front of the woman.

"Eh...OH!" Rev looked down at her plate. They had been sitting in the restaurant for close to an hour and she had barely picked over her meal. Her face reddened slightly as she pushed the food away. "Yeah, I'm done."

Evan chuckled good naturedly. "Damn, honey, what in the world had gotten into you tonight? You're kinda distracted. You've hardly touched your dinner."

Revecca shook her head and smiled sadly. "It's nothing. I guess I'm just tired is all. It's been a really, really long day."

The man frowned sympathetically and reached across the table to clasp one of her hands. "Poor baby. You know, you work entirely too much. You just need to take a couple days off and cut loose and go have some fun somewhere."

Rev nodded and sighed tiredly as Evan rambled on about something or other. She took the opportunity and stole another glance out the window toward the thing that had caught her eye. She let her gaze roam longingly over the form. It wasn't as large. It certainly wasn't as intimidating. Hell, it wasn't even the right make and model, but the way the streetlights glinted off the black paint caused her heart to beat a bit faster and a tingling warmness to spread throughout her body.

She wasn't really surprised by the sudden urge that invaded her mind to run outside and embrace the vehicle and run her fingers over the hard, metal body. It wouldn't be the first time it occured to her. Not so very long ago, a thought such as this might have disturbed her and sent her running in the opposite direction screaming. In fact it had, quite literally. Now, the thing she found really disturbing was the idea that cold, inanimate, unliving steel would be the only thing to greet her hands if she carried out her impulse. She could only imagine what people would think of her if they only knew about the things that ran through her head and stirred in her body at the site of a mere truck. What surprised her the most is that she had reached the point where she couldn't have cared less what they would have said.

At that moment, Revecca was reminded, not for the first time, of what she had tried to leave behind her. She had spent well over a year telling herself that it was for the best. All this time she had been trying desperately to convince herself the kind of relationship Ironhide had desired to share with her was impossible between two such drastically different beings. There difference in species being the largest obstacle between them in Rev's eyes. Looking back, Revecca now felt that was a moot point, one she had been stupid enough to dwell on in the first place. She had been too hung up on her own misgivings to realize what a unique and wonderful gift she had standing right in front of her. It was something she would always regret. Damn the harsh puritanical values ingrained on society!

She remembered their parting as if it happened yesterday. He had tried so hard to get her to stay but she had pushed him away when he had tried to hold her and tell her that he loved her...and he really had loved her. She knew that without a doubt from the sinceritly in his words. Damn him for making her feel this way. If she wanted, she could easily blame him for the heartache she had endured since but she knew he was not truly the one at fault. She had been the one to draw the line and literally run away after telling herself she couldn't deal with the consequences. She had been so convinced it had been the right thing to do. Now she knew better. It felt so wrong to be without him. Unfortunately, one can not change the past. One can only march forward and hope to learn from their mistakes.

Revecca had tried her best to do just that. During the time they had been apart, she had worked hard to get some semblance of a life back. Professionally, she had done quite well for herself. She had left behind a criminal past as a car thief and now used the extensive knowledge she had gained through that experience as a car buyer for a well-known Chicago auto auction company that catered to wealthy automobile conessieurs. Paul McIntire, her boss, was a charming old gentleman who reminded her greatly of her late grandfather, a far cry from her former employer. Her coworkers had welcomed her with open arms despite her shady past and she felt right at home working with them. It was very good money and she could say in all truthfulness that she loved her job. For the first time in her life, she was making a decent, honest living. She wished her Daddy was alive to see her. He would have been so proud.

Her private life was another matter all together. It seemed that every time she thought she had gotten herself together, something would come along and remind her of the large, cannon-toting mech and she would fall apart all over again. She had tried so hard to put him behind her. No matter what she did, it seemed her thoughts always turned back to him. Ironhide was inescapable. She had finally been able to admit to herself that she loved him without feeling shame. She regretted the fact she had never said the words to his face. She had been afraid to. She had been afraid of what that would have meant; that it would have been admitting something was wrong with her for feeling that way about a being so completely different from herself. She had hoped distancing herself from him would have squashed her feelings. It obviously hadn't.

Revecca snapped back to reality and smiled politely as Evan paid the bill and helped her up from the table to escort her out the door of the restaurant to his car. She took a moment to really look at the man as he courteously opened the car door for her. He wasn't bad looking by any means. He was...cute, she supposed. He had short, messy brown hair, light brown eyes, a slim build...and dimples. He was the happy-go-lucky type, laid back and with a goofy sense of humor.

Revecca had went out with a few different guys off and on before she met Evan Kendall through a mutal acquaintence. He was the type of man Revecca thought could distract her from what she really wanted. For the past five and a half months they had been seeing each other and it was becoming painfully obvious that it wasn't working. She still longed for Ironhide just as much as she always had.

"So..." Evan smiled at her as he climbed behind the wheel and shut his door. "What do you want to do now?"

Rev realized she was again staring at the big, black truck sitting on the other side of the parking lot and had to pull her eyes away. "I don't know. It's getting kinda late..."

"Well..." Evan fidgeted with the ignition nervously and started the car. "Wanna go back to my place and hang out?" There was hopefulness in his words.

Revecca looked at him and tried to conceal her unease. There was no doubt that Evan had been extremely patient and understanding with her. The physical intimacy in their relationship was virtually nonexistent. It had taken her weeks just to force herself to kiss him. His lips had felt completely foreign against her own. It struck her as strange how kissing one of her own kind had seemed so alien, while kissing an alien had seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

She would by lying if she said she hadn't been consumed with guilt afterwards. The only thought in her head at the time was that she had betrayed the trust of the one she really loved by sharing an intimate moment with another. She believed she had a pretty good idea how someone caught in an affair felt. She wanted nothing more than to go home so she could brush her teeth and try to scrub off Evan's scent. Still, she felt compelled to keep seeing the man for the sake of her own sanity. She kept trying, in vain, to force herself to care about him 'in that way', as something more than a friend. So here she sat, still pretending that everything was well and good between them when in reality she felt like she was being eaten alive by regret.

She took one last glance out the window at the truck before turning her attention back to the man behind the wheel. She figured she owed herself to at least try. She mustered up her best smile before she spoke. "I'd like that."


Autobot Base

Optimus looked up from his reading when he heard a heavy knock on his door. "Enter." He smiled a bit to see Ironhide step into the room. The mech tended to make himself scarce, spending long hours alone on the weapon range or holed up in his quarters doing Primus knows what for cycles on end. "Ironhide."

The weapon specialist nodded a greeting to his Commander as he handed him the data pad he was carrying. "Me and Jazz just finished up. Here's the inventory numbers ya wanted."

Optimus thanked the mech and motioned toward the chair in front of his desk. He believed the mech would feel better if he talked about what was really bothering him, but getting Ironhide to open up about personal issues was, as the humans say, 'like pulling teeth'. "I'm not terribly busy at the moment. Would you like to have a seat, Ironhide? We haven't really had a chance to get together and talk in a while with all the activity around here recently."

Ironhide knew of Optimus' concern for him but waived off the offer. He was a grown mech. He didn't need his friend, who was several millenia his junior, fussing over him like an upset sparkling. Why couldn't everyone leave him be? They couldn't possibly know how he felt. He needed an excuse to get away so he could get back to the blessed solitude of his quarters. "Nah, I promised Jazz I'd grab some energon with 'im when we were done. He's waitin' on me. Maybe later."

"Ah...certainly." Prime nodded in slight disappointment but was happy his friend was at least going to do something sociable of his own accord. Recently Ratchet, concerned for the mech's wellbeing, had taken to physically forcing the mech to spend time in the rec room with the others just to get him out of his isolation. "I'll let you get going then. Tell Jazz I said thank you for getting this done so quickly."

"Will do." Mumbling a goodbye, Ironhide ambled out of Prime's office and let the door slide shut behind him.

Optimus opened a comm channel to his Lieutenant as soon as the door was closed. 'Jazz, you there?'

Jazz didn't hesitate to respond. 'I'm here. Whatcha need boss bot?'

Prime ran a hand over the back of his helm. 'Is Ironhide meeting you?'

' I asked him if he wanted to hang out and grab a drink. Said he had other stuff to do. We just finished up inventory. Ya need 'im for somethin'? He may be out on the practice range or back in his quarters. Want me to go find 'im?'

'No, Jazz, that's alright. Carry on with what you were doing.' Prime leaned back in his chair and sighed. He wasn't sure what to do with Ironhide anymore. The mech hadn't been himself since his human companion had decided it would be better if they weren't together and left to reside halfway across the country. It pained the Autobot leader to see one of his dearest friends so miserable.

Sure, Ironhide was still just as weapon obsessive as he'd always been. He continued to perform his duties to the very best of his ability without fail. He still traded insults with Ratchet on a regular basis and would play around with Bumblebee when the younger mech initiated it, but he just wasn't the same. He hadn't even seemed all that thrilled with the new arrivals to the base. Not that Ironhide hadn't been happy to see more Autobots arrive on Earth, but the joy of seeing their comrades after so long seemed tarnished by the absence of one tiny, human female. It was almost like Revecca had taken the best piece of him with her when she had left.

Shaking his head sadly, Optimus looked back to his reading material. He hoped Revecca was faring better than the weapon specialist. Despite everything, Optimus believed she was indeed a good person. She was perhaps a bit misguided at times, but a good person none the less. Optimus could understand how Ironhide felt. There wasn't a mech alive who hadn't had their spark broken at one point or another and there was nothing worse than loving someone that didn't love you back. Aside from praying for some sort of divine intervention to come along and put things right, all Optimus could do is hope Ironhide would sort himself out eventually.


Ironhide POV

A deep sigh escaped him as he made his way to his quarters. He paused briefly in front of the doors to the room that had once been hers. How many times had he gone in there and just stood as he tried to soak up whatever bit of her essence she had left behind? He'd lost count.

He reached toward the mech-sized door as he contemplated whether or not to go in. Growling, he pulled his hand away as if he had been burned and forced himself to continue in his trek to his room. It was easier said than done. His spark thrummed painfully as if begging him for just a glimpse of the space she had once occupied. He denied it the satisfaction it craved as he continued on, cursing himself and her and Primus and anyone else that came to mind.

Dragging himself into his quarters, he secured the door behind him and flung himself down onto his recharge berth. Time didn't seem to be helping to ease his pain. If nothing else, the absence of her in his life grated on him more and more with each passing cycle. He knew he was mourning in a sense and probably would be for much time to come.

When Chromia had died he had experienced similar feelings. In Chromia's case, however, there was also a sense of finality. He knew she was gone with no hope of ever seeing her again until his own life was over and he too met the Creator. He had trouble accepting her death, but had at the same time had been forced to acknowledge the fact that their time together had come to an end. How could he not with her lifeless form cradled in his arms?

With Revecca, the feeling was much the same but at the same time entirely different. She was very much alive. She simply wanted nothing to do with him. She had more or less informed him that she had no room for him in her life and had picked up and left. She was there, alive and breathing, but he couldn't have her. Not in the context he wanted her, anyway. In a way, he believed the pain he felt from her rejection hurt worse that it would have if she had perished at the hands of the Decepticons. At least that was a form of hurt he understood and could deal with.

Revecca, he knew, was still a young human. He was certain that she had many dreams and aspirations that she wished to fufill in her lifetime. He also knew there were many things a human male would be able to provide her with that he could never dream of. The simplest of things that composed everyday human life eluded him. The small things people took for granted were outside his grasp. He would never be able to give her what humans would consider a 'normal' home or a 'normal' life. He would never be able to give her offspring if she so desired to conceive. For that matter, he wasn't even entirely sure he would have been able to physically pleasure her the way human male was capable of as he had never been given a proper opportunity to test his skills, but by Primus he would have tried and enjoyed every second of it.

He had hoped against hope that what he had been able to give her would have been sufficient to make up for his shortcomings. He had offered her his unwaivering companionship, loyalty, devotion, and love. He would have given her the very spark in his chest if she would have accepted it. To his dismay, she had made it perfectly clear that she didn't want it. He had offered her everything he had and it hadn't been enough to make her stay. She had slipped out of his life as easily as she had slipped in.

As he lay on his berth staring at the ceiling he hoped she at least thought of him as fondly as he thought of her when she remembered the brief time they had spent together. He hoped that wherever she was at this very moment that she was content. He prayed that she could find someone out there that could give her the life she wanted and deserved. As much as it pained him, he hoped she was happy...even if it wasn't with him.



Revecca was glad Evan was too caught up in what he was doing to notice her lackluster response to his efforts. She actually felt bad for him. He always tried so hard to make her happy, to make her laugh, to make her feel good. It pained her to know that he was wasting his time on her when she would never really be able to return his feelings. The poor man was living in the shadow of someone he could never hope to measure up to and he didn't even know it.

Revecca's eyes widened and she jumped slightly when she felt a pair of warm hands slide up under her shirt to caress her back. "Evan..."

"Mmm, Rev..." Evan purred into her neck, "You're so warm."

Revecca shuddered, mostly out of guilt as she felt Evans hands move to glide across the skin of her abdomen. A groan escaped her and she let her eyes drift closed. Unconsciously, she arched up into his touch as she remembered. If she concentrated hard enough she could almost imagine herself being pinned under Ironhide's holoform in a hospital bed as he explored the contours of body with a heated curiosity. Almost... Evan's hands were too soft, his touch too light, and his weight not as substantial. There was no passion, at least on her part. There was

Rev's eyes shot open when the man kissed his way down her stomach to fumble with the zipper of her jeans. Her hands tangled in his hair in an attempt to stop him. She wasn't able to continue this. "Evan..."

"Hmm?" Evan looked up from where he was slowly sliding Revecca's jeans off her hips.

Rev let go of his hair and grasped at the waist of her pants, pulling them back up and quickly zipping them. "Stop...I-I can't...I'm sorry." She hurriedly scrambled out from beneath him to stand by the bed.

"Revecca..." Evan took a deep breath and blew it out slowly before looking at her. "Look, if you aren't feeling up to it, thats okay. I don't want to rush you...We don't have to do this right now if don't want to." He gave her a reassuring smile to let her know it was alright.

"No." Revecca put a hand to her forehead and sank down into a chair near the bed. "I-I can't do this with you...ever. I am so sorry. I wish I could give you a better explaination."

Evan hung his head and nodded sadly before meeting her gaze. "You don't have to explain. I know you have someone else."

Revecca's hand dropped limply to her lap at his simply stated words. She couldn't tear herself away from the hurt expression in his eyes. "I-I don't..."

Evan waived her off. "You don't have to deny it, Rev. I've known for a while now. I just...I don't know...I didn't want to acknowledge it."

Rev felt tears prickling at the corner of her eyes. If he only knew... "Evan, I'm not seeing anyone else."

Evan shook his head slightly. "I know he's not here physically..." He gestured around himself. "But he's still in here." He tapped himself on the chest. "You may be here with me but your head is somewhere else entirely." Evan lowered his eyes and sighed sadly. "I guess I was hoping I could change that."

Revecca sniffled as she felt a tear streak down her face. She swallowed hard. The proverbial cat was out of the bag. Her voice cracked when she spoke. "Me, too."

Evan looked back up at her with sorrow filled eyes. He really had been hoping he could be what Rev wanted him to be. "You know, I really do care about you , Rev."

"I know..." Revecca swiped at her cheeks with the back of a hand. "I know..."

"I'll tell you one thing, " Evan cleared the lump in his throat. "Whoever he is, he's a very lucky guy. I hope he appreciates what he has as much as I would have."

Revecca shook her head as another tear fell. Her voice was barely a whisper. "I'm the one who should have been appreciative..."


Revecca fumbled to get her key into the lock with shaking hands. She had cried her eyes out the entire cab ride home. Apparently, her appearance had been pitiful enough that the driver refused to accept her money in exchange for driving her home. Her break with Evan had been more emotionally draining than she thought it would be. She felt terrible for him. It wasn't like her to string someone along so heartlessly. She had been so callous. She had used the poor guy for her own comfort and she felt terrible about it. There was nothing she could say that could excuse her behavior. She didn't think it was humanly possible to hate herself more than she did right now.

She was exhausted and her head pounded in time to the thudding of her aching heart. She had messed everything up once again it seemed. Everything she touched seemed to turn to shit. She had blown Ironhide off heartlessly, screwed herself out of being truly happy, and managed to cruelly play with the feelings of someone that genuinely cared for her...the list could go on for days. She was miserable. She slammed the door shut to the large apartment she shared with her friend a bit harder than she intended.

"Hey, Rev! That you?"

"Yeah, Tisha, its me." Revecca threw her purse and keys down on the coffee table before collapsing on the sofa in a tragic heap.

Rev's roomate poked her head around the corner dressed in a fluffy, blue bathrobe with a toothbrush dangling out of her mouth. She had a towel wrapped around her wet hair and her caramel-colored skin had been scrubbed free of makeup. "You're home early. How'd your date with Evan go?"

Revecca groaned and threw and arm over her eyes. "We broke up."

"What?!" Tisha pulled the towel off her hair and tossed it on a chair. She came to sit by her friend. "Why? You guys were like perfect for each other."

Revecca struggled to sit up straight and shrugged off her jacket. "No...No, we weren't..."

"Oh hell to the no. I know exactly where this is goin'." Tisha shook her head and crossed her arms across her chest. "We are not gonna go through this shit again. This is getting ridiculous."

Revecca looked at the woman wearily. "What?"

Tisha stood and planted her hands firmly on her hips. "Everytime you meet a nice guy you do this. I thought you had finally gotten over this with Evan."

Rev looked away from the woman's accusing stare. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh, no? I think you know exactly what I'm talking about." Tisha smirked. "You spend all your time comparing the guys you meet to whoever that dude was you was hooking up with back home. What I don't understand is why you're wastin' so much energy dwelling on him since it obviously didn't work out or you wouldn't be here with me. Its been well over a year, Rev...It's time to move on."

"You don't understand, Tish..." Revecca stared at the floor. Just thinking about it made tears spring to her eyes. "It was all my fault. I am so freaking stupid..."

"Please don't start with the self pity..." Tisha thought for a moment, then snorted as an idea popped into her head. "Y'know what you need?"

Rev sighed as she rubbed her reddened eyes. "What?"

Tisha arched one eyebrow evilly. "You need to go out, get completely tore up, find yourself some random stud...or maybe two, and let 'em break your fuckin' back."

Rev visibly paled. "Excuse me?"

Tisha laughed hard at the appalled look that appeared on Revecca's face at her suggestion. She shrugged once she had regained her composure. "I'm just sayin'...Find someone to wear your ass out one good time and then see if you're still lustin' after what's his name. I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there willing to help you ease your sexual frustrations."

"You are disgusting..." Revecca shook her head and hauled herself to her feet. "That is absolutely NOT what I need, Tish...and I'm not sexually frustrated."

"Whatever...I'm just trying to help." Tisha followed her friend down the hall. "But y'know, you can't keep doing this to yourself. It ain't healthy."

"I realize this..." Rev stopped outside her bedroom door and rubbed her eyes. "I just need some time to think and get myself straightened out."

Tisha pursed her lips together. "Well, don't take too much longer or life is gonna pass you on by. If you ain't careful, before you realize what's happening you're gonna be that old, crazy bitch living in the creepy house on the corner with all the stray cats who scares the living bejesus out of all the neighborhood kids."

Rev couldn't help but chuckle even as her shoulders slumped tiredly. "Yeah, yeah...crazy cat lady..."

"Oh, hey! I almost forgot!" Tisha turned to go back down the hall. "Something came for you this afternoon. A courrier dropped it off. I had to sign for it and everything."

"A courrier?" Rev tried to think of what it might be. The only things she ever received via courrier were car titles and those always came to the office.

"Here ya go. Your envelope, madame." Tisha returned and thrust a manilla envelope into Rev's hands.

Rev turned the envelope over carefully. Her name and address were neatly typed on the front. Whatever it was, it looked official. Her carefully sculpted eyebrows scrunched together as she slipped one manicured nail under the flap to open it. Reaching inside, she pulled out the papers it contained. Her eyes widened as she read through the contents. "Oh, fuck me..."

Tisha watched Revecca with a concerned expression as the woman's eyes darted over the papers and the disturbed look on her face grew more pronounced. "Something wrong, Rev? What is it?"

"Life seems to be perfectly hellbent on screwing me over tonight..." Revecca looked back up at her friend with worry etched on her features. "Its a subpeona..."

End of Chapter 1

Well, it seems that those two have been completely miserable without one another. That's so sad. But, Revecca seems to have gotten herself into some kind of legal situation which means she'll probably end up having to head back that way to appear in court...HOPEFULLY she isn't the one in trouble but knowing her past occupation who knows...

I wonder what will happen if she and Ironhide do manage to cross paths again?? Will it still be the same?? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Hope you enjoyed! Till next time!